What is the best angle grinder currently available on the market? Here is the angle grinder review as well as the purchasing guide

When it comes to purchasing power tools, one of the most important ones for home use and for DIY projects is angle grinder. It allows us to finish all the cutting and polishing tasks in a very comfortable way maintaining flawless quality and a guarantee of proper workmanship.

Sadly, top rated angle grinders are quite often very expensive. As a result, we are rather restricted in terms of options, especially in the case of a strict budget. So, what to do in order to get the best angle grinder for the least as it is possible? Well, in order to give you what you all need, we prepared a set of angle grinder reviews.

Here, we took into account only those angle grinders that can boast with a powerful motor capable of grinding and cutting through all the materials we want to use it with. Besides that, we also put emphasis on the functionality of the product, the safety of use, as well as its quality to price ratio and durability.

The best small angle grinder and the winner of this ranking is Makita GA4530R Angle Grinder, which is also one of the greatest value for money!

• A lot of safety features;
• Highly functional;
• 3-year warranty;
• Highly durable and heat-resistant’
• A very small angle grinder.
• Average power;
• Not suitable for more demanding projects.

Makita is a Japanese producer who deals with power tools and knows how to create highly efficient products that can safely work on a variety of projects without the risk of damage. This particular model of an angle grinder comes with a standard 115 mm diameter.

The authors decided to power the tool with a 720 W motor. Though it seems like not much, it has a great resistance to heat and robust components. As a result of that, we can hope for a very reliable product, which comes with a staggering 3-year warranty.

This option delivers 11,000 RPM, which is more than enough for most of the tasks we are willing to work on. It is one of the smallest options in terms of dimensions. As a result of its small gear housing and highly durable, yet light plastic additions, it is also rather light with the weight below 2 kg.

As it befits a Makita product, it features a lot of functions that take care of safety measures. For example, we can find here an anti-start function. Besides that, for the maximum security of ourselves as well as the motor components, this angle grinder comes with a soft start function. Unfortunately, the product offers relatively low power. Still, it is more than enough for most of the basic work we wish to perform.

If we don’t need to buy a cheap angle grinder, then take a closer look at Ryobi 0 R18AG-140S Angle Grinder

• Cordless option;
• A very rich starter kit;
• Several safety features included;
• 3-position handle.
• Quite expensive;
• Heavy. 

Another renowned brand guarantees a quite enormous starter kit with a product that is the part of One+ series. It means that once we purchase the tool, we will be able to buy a lot of additional accessories and packages as well as replaceable bits and pieces.

The most important benefit of using this particular model is its cordless feature. It means that we purchase here a battery thanks to which we can work without worrying about power supply. Another advantage of using this Ryobi power tool is its 3 position handle thanks to which we can adjust it for our own comfort and change the position while grinding or cutting.

There is also a non-lockable, two stage switch thanks to which we additionally protect ourselves from the accidental start up. Though it is quite a powerful product at a very high price, its no load speed is considerably lower than in the case of Makita, and it is 7500 RPM. Still, in the kit we receive a battery and a charger, but it is also possible to find a stand alone grinder.

The product has got quite a lot of technological advancements included, but it is fairly expensive, especially when compared to other products in the ranking 2024. What is more, it is the heaviest one due to its battery.

On the other hand, Bosch Professional GWS 7-115 is much less expensive, yet highly recommended option

• High durability;
• Long-lasting warranty;
• One of the greatest manoeuvrability on the market;
• Easy to use.
• The lack of basic components in the standard version;
• Fairly limited safety features. 

The German producer of power tools guarantee high efficiency and at the same time incredibly powerful products that won’t disappoint us at any point. That said, GWS 7-115 is a model rather affordable, especially when we take into account other grinders available on the market with similar power and performance.

The motor offers us 720 Watt, which is a rather average value. However, for the weight of 1.9 kg, it is surely quite a lot. As a result of its low weight, it can be used even in the case of longer projects and we will not complain about fatigue. Interestingly, a flat gear head and rather compact size allow us to use the tool in tight spaces.

Bosch is a synonym of durability and problem-free use of the product for more than the warranty provides, and it is all thanks to the application of a special cooling system that keeps the motor at the right temperature.

Sadly, we are not going to find here a soft-start feature or some other security precautions. Still, there is a special safety switch that increases the user protection. Sadly, it comes without a disc in its basic version, so it is required to pay extra for the most basic components.

If you are looking for a much more powerful option, then think about Angle Grinder 860W Tilswall

• Very powerful;
• High no-load speed;
• Very comfortable in use;
• A lot of accessories included;
• Small weight.
• Quite large;
• No casing or a storing box included for the additions or the tool itself.  

The manufacturer guarantees a product with a 820W motor. It translates into a no load speed of 12,000 RPM, which is one of the highest in this ranking 2024. The motor guarantees steady work even in the case of more demanding jobs. Interestingly, it also guarantees five different wheels – 2 for grinding and 3 for cutting.

One of the advantages of this product is its quick-change system. The product allows us to change the working system from utting to grinding without the use of additional tools. In terms of safety and control, the authors applied a lock switch thanks to which we don’t need to hold the button while working on longer projects.

Besides that, there is also a two-position side handle that can be adjusted for our own preference. Together with the additional front grip, we can reduce the fatigue caused by vibrations and enjoy increased comfort. It is also a very light product with the weight not exceeding 1.5 kg.

It is by far the best power to price ratio in the ranking 2024. However, the tool is much larger than others presented in the ranking. What is more, the entire package weighs quite a lot and takes much more space. Since there is no casing, we will have to find another way to store it.

If you look for a cheap angle grinder that is at the same time cordless, DEWINNER 20V Cordless Angle Grinder seems like a great option

DEWINNER 20V Cordless Angle Grinder
• Very attractive price;
• Battery included in the kit;
• Auxiliary handle that can be attached to either side; 
• Cordless design. 
• Not as powerful as competition;
• Reasonably heavy. 

With additional discounts and promotions, this particular model can be acquired in a very interesting and attractive price – at the level of standard, corded products. In this case, we are dealing with a full package, namely the battery and the charger included.

The product offers us relatively good performance. However, it is available only with a 20V, 3 Ah battery. As a result, it won’t be as powerful as standard corded angle grinders or more powerful cordless options.

Still, the product can boast with an auxiliary handle, which improves the balance, control and comfort of use by reducing the vibration and increasing the accuracy of grinding and cutting. The handle can be attached to either side and, as a result, it is much comfortable to use for left-handers.

It is also a relatively heavier option than other top rated angle grinders presented in the ranking. However, if we compare the weight to other cordless options, then we can notice a slight improvement. Still, for such a low price, it is a great piece of device.

Angle Grinder Meterk 750W is yet another offer you may want to try out

Angle Grinder Meterk 750W
• Relatively low price;
• High functionality; 
• Safety and comfort features;
• A lot of wheels included in the kit;
• Highly efficient heat dissipation system.
• Poor culture of work;
• Very difficult to install wheels. 

At a relatively low cost we can receive a 720W motor, which is more than enough to produce a no load speed of 12,000 RPM. It is then great for grinding and  for cutting, and because of 6 additional wheels, we can do both without worrying about these wearables.

The offer is rather small and comfortable to use because of its ergonomic shape. What is more, we should mention the left-mounted slide that is also equipped with the product. It guarantees a very easy use for left-hand and right-hand users. There is also a trigger lock-on. Due to that, we can use it without holding the button. It simply reduces the fatigue.

The product comes with several comfort and safety features like, for example, the possibility to change the position of support handle. Besides that, we also have a 2 stage safety trigger. Together with above average no load speed and very efficient fast heat dissipation, we can hope for both efficiency and durability.

Sadly, the installation of wheels included in the kit is quite difficult and it requires additional tools. What is more, it is important to take care of the motor due to its average quality.

How to choose the right angle grinder? Here is a list of tips and tricks!

The list presented above guarantees a great piece of equipment, that’s for sure. However, what to do if we look for a product to perform specific projects? How to pick the most appropriate angle grinder for our job? In order to do that, you have to put emphasis on those aspects that you care the most.

To make sure you are dealing with a highly recommended and efficient tool, it needs to have a powerful motor that produces the desired no-load speed. Besides these two parameters, we should also remember about the durability of the system, its technology and finishing.

Obviously, the functionality and safety precautions play a crucial role while picking the right power tool of any kind. Let’s also not forget about accessories that can be included and the comfort of use. More information can also be found here: https://blog.constructionmarketingassociation.org/3-tips-choosing-angle-grinder/

Power of the tool and its no load speed

The power of the angle grinder is of utmost importance in the case of performance. The higher the power, the bigger possibility that the product of our choosing will be suitable for the most demanding projects.

We should look for a motor that offers more than 700 W, but it is recommended to look at angle grinders with power in the range from 750-900W. Another thing that might seem crucial is the no-load speed, which is another indication of its plausible performance. It should be at the level of at least 8,000 RPM.

Angle Grinder 860W Tilswall

top angle grinders uk

Makita GA4530R Angle Grinder

small angle grinder

Safety comes first

Most of the DIY workers are beginner or semi-professionals. As we all know, everyone can make a mistake, but novice users are more likely to make a mistake, which can lead to a very dangerous situation or even harm.

That is why our angle grinder should be as safe as it is possible. It can be achieved by applying a number of safety measures like, for example, anti-restart function. Also, make sure to pick a product with a soft start feature and with a lock-on switch for reduction of user’s fatigue.

Functionality is quite crucial as well

The afore-mentioned options such as lock-on switch is also quite an important feature in terms of functionality. Thanks to that, it is easier to use the product, which is ideal for beginners. However, bear in mind that functionality can be improved by many other additions.

Make sure that you are dealing with a highly functional option that has tool-less wheel guard. Besides that, you can also think about buying a cordless product if you can spare some extra money.

Ryobi 0 R18AG-140S Angle Grinder

best angle grinder

Bosch Professional GWS 7-115

angle grinder review

Durability of the tool

If you look for a durable product, then make sure that it is quite advanced as far as the applied technology is concerned. We mean here a special heat dissipation system for improved cooling. Another thing that can improve the durability of the product by greater cooling is the introduction of air inlets.

Soft start is a feature that also changes the longevity of the product because it reduces the maximum torque at the initial stage of the launch and, as a result, it is not as strenuous as other devices without this feature.

Additional equipment and the comfort of use

You can always look at the amount of additional wheels, wrenches, or other necessary equipment that the producer provides us with in order to enjoy the increased value of the kit. Obviously, make sure that you receive separate wheels for grinding and cutting, because they differ.

Also, make sure that there are special additions in the form of auxiliary handles. Thanks to them, we can improve the grip and reduce the fatigue. A very important aspect we should also have in mind is the tool box to store the angle grinder and all the accessories.

Angle Grinder Meterk 750W

angle grinders uk

Summary and conclusion – best angle grinder in UK 2024

The best option you can currently buy is surely Makita GA4530R Angle Grinder. It is one of the most durable products on the market due to its safety options. They also improve the comfort of use and guarantee better control of the product.

If; however, you need a more powerful option, then make sure that you remember about other crucial characteristics and parameters. Thanks to that, this option will surely be the best one in the world.