Battery powered chainsaw reviews – see which option is the most suitable for you and learn how to select the best battery chainsaw available in 2024!

If you think about great comfort and user-friendliness, then battery-powered machines are surely one of the most attractive options one can choose. These devices are easy to use, quite lightweight, and at the same time offer great power – especially if we pay quite a lot. However, in the case of chainsaws, we need to remember about a number of parameters. Only then will we be able to pick the best battery chainsaw on the market.

Sadly, it is not as easy as it may seem, since producers tend to ignore quite important issues and, as a result, they negatively affect the final productivity of the item and reduce the quality of work. Besides that, the price can vary drastically, so it is imperative to choose the most appropriate device that is at the same time great value for money. Luckily for you, we prepared battery chainsaw reviews with 6 different items to look at.

In the list you can find only options that are highly recommended due to their interesting cutting parameters and above average technicalities. In order to pick the most suitable solution, we made sure that all the battery chainsaw reviews focused on such elements as comfort of use, functionalities, battery compatibility, and the additional accessories we can find in the kit.

The best cordless chainsaw you can get is by far DEWALT 20V MAX XR Chainsaw

• Incredibly powerful • Great cutting parameters (up to 16-inch red wood); • Can be purchased with a large capacity battery in the kit; • Long-lasting battery.
• Incredibly expensive.

DeWalt is a German producer who takes care of every single detail as far as power tools are concerned. They make a number of different tools and this particular item is the representation of the high quality and reliability they have got to offer. This particular cordless chainsaw comes with a number of features that make the option interesting to use, relatively lightweight, and powerful for the compact size it offers.

Firstly, it is important to talk about the motor. It is a highly efficient brushless engine that can be powered by a 5 Ah battery from the 20V MAX system. As a result, it allows us to cut up to 90 trees on a single charge. Another advantage worth mentioning is the tool-free chain tensioning as well as bar tightening knob, which makes the tool even more versatile and easier to set up.

It is important to remember that we can choose the package either with a 20V battery or without one. The second option is, obviously, cheaper. However, it is good to know that we can save up some money and make a bigger purchase effortlessly.

Battery chainsaw reviews also present a budget-friendly solution, namely BLACK+DECKER 20V MAX Cordless Chainsaw

• Very inexpensive; • Great compatibility – 20V MAX; • Improved oiling system with transparent oil level indicator; • Comes with a battery.
• Average cutting parameters; • Low capacity battery. 

If you are not interested in purchasing a very expensive solution that has A gigantic battery, then you should think about a kit presented by Black and Decker. This particular chainsaw offers us almost twice as cheap A product as the competition, and it is even with extra battery included!

Let’s start from the parameters, because they are definitely worth paying attention to. This is a 20V MAX cordless chainsaw, which is equipped with a relatively powerful motor and improved oiling system for increased performance and greater durability. The product also comes with a clear window thanks to which we can keep an eye on the oil level at any time.

Just like the predecessor, this particular model features tool free blade tension system. As a result, we can adjust the tool with ease and customize it to our liking. Another important thing to remember is its very low weight. Compact size and lightweight design makes it easier to maneuver the product and, because of comfortable grip, we don’t have to worry about fatigue too much.

Greenworks 20262 12-Inch 40V Cordless Chainsaw is another option worth recommending

• Incredibly powerful, especially for its size; • Compact and lightweight; • Compatible with G-MAX 40V Lithium-Ion Battery; • Comes with a battery that lasts for 65 cuts.
• Very expensive; • Average cutting parameters. 

If we don’t mind purchasing a product for less demanding jobs, then this is clearly a winner. In this case, we are reviewing a 12-inch chainsaw that guarantees very high performance and incredibly small weight, thanks to which it is easy to use and at the same time very durable and efficient. The product is compatible with G-MAX 40V Lithium-Ion battery.

Firstly, let’s take a closer look at cutting parameters. Because of the introduction of a 12-inch steel chain, the product is designed for very thin trees or less demanding logs and branches. However, the compatibility with the 40V Li-Ion battery is the main reason why this particular model is so powerful.

At the same time it offers compact size and lightweight, and that is why it is great if we are to work for quite a long time and we don’t want to feel fatigue after a moment. Another advantage of this particular option is the fact that it offers automatic oiler and no-tool chain tensioning. Sadly, it is quite expensive for the size and cutting parameters it offers.

In some cases, we need mini chainsaws. That is why AUSHEN 4-Inch Cordless Battery Operated Chainsaw is also included in today’s battery powered chainsaw reviews

• Incredibly lightweight; • Very rich package; • Two batteries included in the kit; • Tiny size – almost pocket like.
• Average power; • Poor cutting parameters.

Aushen offers us a very small, almost tiny chainsaw that works perfectly as far as trimming hedges and removing branches is concerned. It is a 4-inch chainsaw and, as a result, can’t be used to cut down trees or even larger logs. However, thanks to its incredibly compact size and rich package, it is surely an option worth trying out.

The package provided by Aushen offers us quite a lot of accessories. For example, besides the tool itself, we receive not one, but two 24V Lithium batteries, thanks to which we can work twice as long without worrying about charging. Besides that, we also have two chains here, so there is always one for spare. The kit also includes the charger as well as tools required for the mountage, namely a wrench and a screwdriver.

In terms of efficiency, one battery lasts for approximately 30-40 minutes, so it is possible to work smoothly and without any breaks for more than 1 hour. Obviously, its efficiency and cutting parameters are poor, but the fact that it weighs only 3 pounds and its size is comparable to pocket knives make the option an outstanding alternative for very small works.

In search of a bit bigger chainsaw? Here comes EGO Power+ CS1401 14-Inch 56-Volt Lithium-Ion Cordless Chain Saw

EGO Power CS1401 14 Inch 56 Volt Lithium Ion Cordless Chain Saw
• Very powerful engine; • Battery lasts up to 130 cuts; • Great cutting parameters; • Brushless motor improves the robustness of the tool.
• Very expensive.

Large weight is something the EGO brand is not proud of. However, we need to remember that we are dealing here with a 14-inch chainsaw that is quite a powerful device and, interestingly, free from any failures due to the application of brand new and advanced technology.

EGO Power+ is a system that guarantees full compatibility with 56V ARC Lithium batteries. As a result, we can work smoothly and without any breaks for quite a long time. As far as the motor itself is concerned, this is a brushless engine and, as a result, provides all the users with long run time and reduced vibrations. Also, brushless technology makes the product less susceptible to engine failures and other types of damage.

In terms of cutting parameters, this option is certainly one of the best out of all the options that appeared in today’s battery operated chainsaw reviews. Thanks to 14-inch bar and chain and the maximum rotary speed at the level of 6800 RPM, we can safely use the product to remove such elements as branches and softwood, or even cut through logs, trees, and other hardwood.

If you believe that the tinier the better, then ZNP Mini Battery Chainsaw is surely one of the best cordless chainsaw options you can get

ZNP Mini Battery Chainsaw
• Very tiny; • A bit better cutting parameters than other mini chainsaws; • Two batteries included in the kit.
  • Slightly heavier than other mini chainsaws.

This is once again a solution designed for people that wish to cut through very small and non-demanding wood elements such as very small logs and branches. It is surely great if you think about a small, light, and very easy to use tool against branches that are too hard to pull away from the tree with the use of our own strength.

When compared to the other mini chainsaw presented in the ranking, this particular option is a bit heavier. It is still incredibly light when compared to a typical battery-powered chainsaw, but its weight is around 4 pounds. However, the authors introduced a bit larger chain, because it has 5 inches, and as a result its cutting parameters are also a bit better.

Just like the previous option, it also comes with two additional batteries, which is great if we want to work for quite a long period of time and don’t take breaks after 30 or 40 minutes (since this is the approximate time for a battery to work).

How to make sure we pick a top rated cordless chainsaw? Here is a buying guide!

We all know how difficult it is to find the perfect solution. That is why you could see six different products on the list. Interestingly, they differed quite a lot from each other. As a result, they appeared to be great for many different types of projects and, also, requirements. That is why if you want to find a perfect device for your use, make sure to see the guide below!

In this section we thoroughly described the most important elements that are crucial for the proper operation of the product. We took into account the power and reliability of the motor as well as other technical parameters that influence the final efficiency. What is more, we also draw our attention to the issue of batteries, their capacities and compatibility. Not without a reason we focused on the comfort of use as well.

Let’s not forget about cutting parameters, which also play quite an important role in the final choice of any chainsaw – not only the one powered by batteries. Obviously, every top rated cordless chainsaw needs to be as functional as it is possible, so regulations and clear use is of utmost importance. More information can also be found here:

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Reliability as the most crucial part of every power tool

We all want to buy a product that lasts forever. For this reason, we can’t forget about looking at the materials used during the production process of a chainsaw. It goes without saying that we can’t assess the quality from the pictures, but if we are to buy quite an expensive product, we should definitely take it in our hands and see how it fits.

Another thing that can indicate the quality of the materials and the product in general is the warranty. The longer the protection period provided by the producer, the more probable it is that even after many years we will be satisfied with the performance of the product as well as its cutting capabilities.

DEWALT 20V MAX XR Chainsaw

battery chainsaw reviews

Obviously, we can’t forget about the performance

Once we make sure that the product is robust and won’t fail us too early, the time has come to look at the performance. This particular aspect revolves around the maximum power it offers as well as the technology used during the production. As we all know, while picking an electric device, we have to remember about its power that can be presented in wattage or, in the case of cordless devices, amperage and voltage. Interestingly, it is very easy to calculate the maximum wattage of the product – we just need to take amps and multiply them by volts.

EGO Power+ CS1401

battery powered chainsaw reviews

Obviously, the precise numbers can’t tell us much, especially if producers decide to use different values or present them in an ambiguous way, which makes the product comparison a bit more difficult. That is why it is much better to look for products that have a brushless motor, which is by far more efficient than the standard solution. It also gives us a more reliable tool and better comfort of work because of reduced vibrations.

Batteries – compatibility and capacity

Since we are talking about cordless devices, we can’t forget to say a few words about batteries. In order to enjoy the tool for as long as you want, we have to pick a capacious battery that is capable of withstanding more than 30 minutes of continuous use. Sometimes producers tend to give us the number of cuts we can do on a one charge.

Interestingly, this value can be quite different, because sometimes we are dealing with a very small, only 2 Ah battery. If we choose such an option for a large chainsaw that is going to deal with heavy-duty cuts, then it is highly likely that after 20 minutes, the battery will be drained out.

BLACK+DECKER 20V Max Cordless

battery operated chainsaw reviews

That is why we have to adjust the size of the battery to the chainsaw we pick. It is obvious to say that besides the capacity, it is also important to adjust the voltage. Sometimes it is possible to use only those batteries that come from the same power tools system. This is why we should verify it before we make a purchase.

Greenworks 20262 12-Inch 40V Cordless Chainsaw

best cordless chainsaw

Comfort of use and functionalities

A huge and very easy to use LCD screen is an obvious element that makes a product much more attractive than it really is. Thanks to that, we can simply check the pressure of the tyre or change it. Some other inflators are also equipped with a preset setting. It means that we can choose one of several values types before.

Functionality also refers to the option to change the pressure units to the ones that suit us best. Obviously, you can also think about a product with additional LED lights that indicate the current state of the product.

In terms of comfort, we cannot forget about the culture of work. Presented in decibels, it shows us how loud the motor of the product really is. Though it seems that small products will be quieter to use, in most cases they are poorly constructed and, as a result, they do not quieten the engine as well as those more advanced constructions.

Cutting parameters also matter

Are we going to cut wood elements that are 14 inches or 16 inches in diameter? Then we better look at the cutting parameters the given chainsaw has got to offer. We can’t use a small-sized tool for such large and dense logs because we will simply damage the tool without having anything done.

Producers usually change the quality of components as well as the sturdiness of the tool with accordance to the size of the chain. The larger the chain, the more durable the option is and, as you can guess, it becomes suitable for even more demanding projects. That is the reason we should always look at the size of the chainsaw and adjust it to the logs, trees, and other branches we are going to cut just to make sure we can work as smoothly as the producer declares.

EGO Power+ CS1401

battery powered chainsaw reviews

Obviously, remember about functions and comfort

It’s not difficult to see that the more functions and options we have, the more enjoyable a product is for us. Interestingly, we mean here not only the performance aspects, but also the comfort-related issues. That is why we should always look at the options and make sure that there are many of them featured.

The simplest and most common system that will surely appeal to everyone’s taste is auto oiler. As you can guess, it simply takes care of the oiling part in an automated way. Obviously, we can’t forget about the fact that to make sure the system works smoothly, we have to refill the tank every now and then. To make sure we don’t forget about that, we should look at power tools that have a visible and transparent oil level indicator.

AUSHEN 4-Inch Cordless


Other things that can ease the work is the introduction of a LED lightning that illuminates the area around the saw for those who like to work at night. Another thing to consider is chain tensioning that does not require any tools for even more precise use of the product.

Summary and conclusion – best battery chainsaw in UK 2024

As you can see, there are dozens of issues we have to take into account just to make sure that the product we pick is of the highest quality. Don’t forget about additional features that can prioritize one tool over another or special features and comfort-related easements thanks to which a power tool of our choosing will be very easy to use. Once you take these issues out of the equation and look at technicalities, you will surely find an ideal solution.

Alternatively, you can choose one of the reviewed products. They are quite diverse in terms of parameters and working parameters. However, you can also pick a pretty versatile device, namely DEWALT 20V MAX XR Chainsaw. This is a winner of the ranking that guarantees all the necessities for a simple and non-complicated work.