What is the best blade for cutting porcelain tile? Check out the latest porcelain tile saw blade reviews and read the purchasing guide! 

If you equip yourself with a powerful tool that is capable of cutting through every material with ease, you still need to pick the right blade. One of the most important things in terms of preparing floors to your home or outdoor area is trimming as well as cutting porcelain tiles. To do such a thing, it is necessary to pick the best blade for cutting porcelain tile in order to enjoy precision, quality, and obviously problem-free work.

Sadly, it is not as easy as it may see at the first glance. Before we pick the right blade, we have to take into account a number of different parameters and aspects. Only then will it be possible to acquire an appropriate porcelain tile cutting blade. To make sure that everyone knows how to pick a suitable option for your device, we prepared a number of porcelain tile saw blade reviews as well as a guide.

In the first section of the article, we present five incredibly good and popular options that are at the same time highly compatible. While choosing products to be considered as the best tile saw blade for porcelain, we focused on its cutting characteristics and durability. An incredibly important thing to consider was material, that’s for sure. In addition to that, we put emphasis on a diameter as well as thinness of the blade. Another important thing to note was opinions of others and compatibility with dry and wet use.

The best tile saw blade for porcelain and the winner of today’s ranking is surely GoYonder 4 Inch Super Thin Diamond Saw Blade for Cutting Porcelain Tiles

• Highly universal;
• Precise cuts;
• Moderate price;
• A lot of size options and colors to choose from.
• Not that great when cutting through granite or marble.

One of the most popular options available on the market belongs to GoYonder. It is a standard, 4.5 inch super thin saw blade made of diamond. Thanks to its characteristics, it is great if you wish to cut through not only porcelain tiles, but also granite and marble ceramics.

One of the first advantages that we can say about this particular option is that its use is universal. As a result, we can use it for dry or wet cutting. Also, an important thing to remember is its X teeth standard, which offers an improved cutting process.

Another reason why the product won this ranking 2024 is its diverse size and, also, the possibility to be used with washers. Noteworthy is the fact that we can also choose one out of several colors.

The only problem is… the universality of the product. Though the producer claims it works well with more difficult surfaces, the blades will wear down quite fast if we use it on marble and granite. In other words, though it works fine with them, it is not recommended if we look for much more demanding projects.

Your’s Bath Diamond Saw Blade Cutting Discs 115mm/4.5 in is yet another offer worth checking out

• Highly durable;
• Great precision;
• Available in two diameters and two colors;
• Can be used with harder materials.
• A bit too flexible with granite cutting. 

The option offers us a 155 mm, ultra thin blade. Once again, the cutting disc is made of diamond. Interestingly, it has a reinforced flange. The positive thing about this particular option is that we can choose either 115 or 125 mm diameter, depending on our angle grinder and other power tools.

The product includes a turbo segment which is responsible for fast, lot chip action. Interestingly, the stiffening flange located in the centre makes sure that the product is more durable than its competition.

It also improves the precision of cuts. The main use of this blade is for porcelain. However, it is also possible to use it in order to cut through ceramic, sandstone, and granite tiles. Bear in mind that this option is available for wet and dry use.

The only disadvantage of this product is connected to its thinness. Because of that, it is a bit flexible, especially when we deal with more durable objects.

Another option worth noting comes from Bosch 2608602201 Ceramic Diamond Cutting Disc

• Highly durable;
• Great value for money;
• Can cut through very thick tiles;
• Low weight.
• Only one size and color at our disposal. 

Just like two previous options, this particular offer prepared by Bosch is great if we wish to cut through a number of different tiles. The ceramic diamond cutting disc can boast with great compatibility as well as universal use due to its characteristic construction.

One of the most important advantages of this Bosch disc is its toughness. The product can cut through porcelain tiles that are even 11 mm thick without any troubles. Let’s also take money into account. This is a relatively cheap option, especially if we take into account the brand and its worldwide renown. As a result, we receive here the best value for money overall.

Still, this ceramic diamond cutting disc will blunt quite frequently if we use it on already glued tiles. If we avoid this type of behaviour, then the option will work smoothly for quite a long time. Sadly, this is only 115 mm cutting disc. As a result, we are not going to be able to choose another size. Nor can we choose the color of the blade.

Still, for such a low price, it is by far one of the best options on the market, especially if we take into account the warranty and the renown of the producer.

Besides that, Welcomefee 115mm 4.5″ Super Thin Diamond Saw Blade is another great option to consider

• Highly durable;
• Super thin – 1 mm at the cutting edge;
• Highly universal;
• Two diameters to choose from.
• Quite expensive.

If we are comfortable with spending a bit more than usual on a blade, then think about the option made by KEYOHOME. This particular diamond cutting blade is available in two different diameters, namely 115 mm and 125 mm. Sadly, both of them are quite expensive, when we compare it to the competition.

Still, they are very thin and guarantee a diamond rim thanks to which it has a universal, dry and wet use. With bore at 22.23 mm, the product is also equipped with a turbo mesh rim. Thanks to that, we can hope for very precise, smooth, and fast cutting that is free from chipping. Interestingly, the center of the blade is thicker in order to reduce the potential vibrations and wobbling.

The product works great against tiles such as porcelain, natural stone, marble, ceramics, or granite. As a result, it is one of the most universal options available out there. Bear in mind that it costs quite a lot and, therefore, is not recommended for people who are interested in an amateur use.

Another porcelain tile cutting blade that will astonish you is KANOSON  Diamond Saw Blade Cutting Disc

KANOSON Diamond Saw Blade Cutting Disc
• Very thin thickness;
• Prolonged service life due to its construction;
• Highly universal;
• Can be used with dry and wet methods.
• Expensive;
• Only 1 size and color to choose from. 

The offer from Kanoson is available in only one color and in one size. Nevertheless, its construction and bore size makes the product suitable for a number of different tile saws and other power tools that may use such products. Made of high quality steel and diamond sheet, the plade offers great hardness and sharpness. Together with reduced wear resistance, we are dealing with a product that has a prolonged service life.

A very important thing to remember is that the product can boast with ultra-thin thickness. Near the cutting edge, the rim is 1 mm thin, which improves the performance and guarantees chip-free cutting experience. Besides that, remember about improved precision.

If you choose the KANOSON option, you can hope for quite an universal option. This cutting blade is capable of cutting through such materials as bricks, gypsum paving slabs, sandstone, concrete slabs, ceramics, marble, stone, and granite. All of that can be done with the use of dry and wet methods.

Similarly to the previous option, the blade produced by this company is quite expensive, especially if we take into account its small diameter. There are no alternatives available in terms of size or color, which is considered as another disadvantage.

Learn how to pick the best tool for cutting porcelain tile with our purchasing guide!

As we all know, power tools require appropriate components in order to be as effective as producers declare. That is the sole reason why most people decide to look for alternatives. Instead of using standard equipment provided with the package, they rather choose something by themselves.

To make sure that you know how to choose the right disk for the particular type of project you have got for you, we prepared a full list of all crucial elements worth considering. First thing to remember is the appropriate centre hole. Another thing to consider is the diameter of the blade and its thickness. Once we take care of the basic dimensions, we have to make sure that the option is made of durable and heat-resistant material.

Functionality and universality – two crucial points we cannot forget in order to pick the right option. Let’s also not forget about opinions of others, the warranty manufacturer offers and the price of the product. More can be found here: https://www.wehausa.com/procelain-blade-types-s/2622.htm

The best tool for cutting porcelain tile needs to of the right size

The centre hole, known also as a bore hole needs to have the right diameter in order to be fitted in most of the power tools. That is probably the most important thing to consider because without that, you will not be able to fit the blade on your tool.

22.23 mm, which is basically 0.87 inch is the most common diameter of the centre hole nowadays used. That is why if you find a saw blade with such a size, you might be buying a very versatile product that can be used with any device.

KANOSON Diamond Saw Blade Cutting Disc

porcelain tile cutting blade

Your's Bath Diamond Saw Blade Cutting Discs 115mm/4.5in

best tool for cutting porcelain tile

Diameters crucial as well

Besides the centre hole, we should also remember about the diameter of the entire cutting disc. 115 mm and 125 mm – these two values are quite often encountered. Interestingly, in both cases the centre hole stays the same (in most situations that is). As a result, we can use them both depending on the type of material we are going to cut through.

Another thing to consider is the thinness of the blade. If we want to obtain the highest quality cutting and great precision, then we should look for blades that are incredibly thin – with a 1 mm thickness, such blades offer chip-free work without worrying about any troubles. Obviously, such a thinness guarantees clearer cuts as well.

Can it be used with dry and wet cutting 2024?

Another important thing to note is the use of the product. As we all know, some materials need additional help in the form of water to cut through tiles with precision and with security. Some others on the contrary – need a dry environment to work as efficiently as it is possible.

That is why always think about the material you are about to cut and the material of the blade. Then, verify whether the manufacturer recommends one type of cutting or whether it is possible to use the blade with dry and wet methods.

GoYonder 4 Inch Super Thin Diamond Saw Blade for Cutting Porcelain Tiles

porcelain tile saw blade reviews

Welcomefee 115mm 4.5" Super Thin Diamond Saw Blade

porcelain tile cutting blade uk

How universal the blade really is?

Though most of us search for blades to cut through porcelain tile with ease, it is much better to think about other projects and other possible applications of the blade. If you spend money on a product, make sure that it is as universal as possible without risking fastened wear.

Super thin diamond saw blades can be used to efficiently cut through granite, marble, and ceramic tiles. We just need to make sure that its parameters are appropriate. Only then will we be able to work for quite a long time without risking too fast wear of the blade.

Opinions of others and price

Feedback from other users can be quite useful, especially if we find people who are verified buyers and who spent the last months on testing out the blades. Thanks to their help, we can check the lifetime of the product and its possible wear. What is more, it is also a great option to see if the blade cuts through porcelain tiles with ease.

Obviously, it is a subjective source of knowledge. It means that the experience of people can vary because they may receive a flawed unit that does not represent the entire model. Still, we can use some of the information and base our future picks on that.

Also, make sure that we compare the quality of the products to their price. See if we pay extra for the manufacturer’s reputation, or maybe for a longer warranty or greater resistance and versatility.

Bosch 2608602201 Ceramic Diamond Cutting Disc

best tile saw blade for porcelain Bosch

Summary and conclusion – best blade for cutting porcelain tile in UK 2024

The tutorial sums up the most important things to consider while choosing the best blade for cutting porcelain tiles. All these things will help us pick the most appropriate option and, thanks to that, we are not going to buy a pig in a poke or an unverified product.

If you don’t want to waste your time on searching for the ideal option, then make sure to try out GoYonder 4 Inch Super Thin Diamond Saw Blade for Cutting Porcelain Tiles. This particular solution is great due to its low price, high versatility, and universal use. It is also quite resistant to heat.