Here comes bow saw reviews together with a buying guide – learn more about these items to choose the most suitable one

Bow saws are one of those tools that have been in use for many centuries. The main reason why they are still so popular is because they are simple, yet very effective for the price. No wonder – it can be used to not only trim smaller logs or branches, but also as a tool to cut larger logs for, e.g. firewood. That is why you should look for the best bow saw uk can offer.

Sadly, the choice is not small, and there are plenty of different aspects to consider before making the final decision. For this reason, you have to think about the most suitable option that will be the best for your own preferences. In this ranking, we focused on products that are as sturdy as possible and can offer great efficiency. Also, the specialists put a lot of effort into making sure that these options are as comfortable to use as possible and can boast with increased durability.

The winner of the ranking and the best bow saw available at this moment is AB Tools-Toolzone Heavy Duty Bow Saw

• Very safe to use;
• Large – adopted for heavy duty projects;
• 2 additional blades included in the kit;
• Great value for money.
• Quite heavy.

If you look for a professional bow saw or a product that is suited for the most demanding jobs, this is exactly the product worth considering. The option prepared by AB Tools Toolzone guarantees incredibly large size and strengthened finishing. Thanks to the introduction of knuckle guard and cushioned grip, it is at the same time very comfortable and safe while still offering great performance for its relatively budget price.

The option weighs less than 1 kg (approximately 2 pounds), which is definitely a small number. However, there are products that are even 4-5 times lighter than the option offered by AB Tools, therefore the authors had to take care of comfort issues to make sure we don’t feel fatigue after an hour of work. As a result, they introduced cushioned grup. Besides that, there is a knuckle guard that increases the safety of the product.

Looking for an alternative? Another option that is also considered the best bow saw on the market is Stanley Dynagrip Heavy Duty Hacksaw

• Two different cutting angles to choose from;
• Quite efficient for heavy duty work;
• The possibility to adjust blade tension;
• Lightweight and comfortable in use.
• Not as sturdy and reliable as the competition.

This is another device prepared for heavy duty work due to its relatively big size and a lot of functionalities that keep the product sturdy and resilient to any possible damages. This is definitely a professional bow saw that can be used for quite intense jobs without worrying about any troubles and issues whatsoever. The option is at the same time much lighter than the competition, even if it offers a slightly smaller cutting area.

The option prepared by Stanley guarantees a tool that we can use for heavy duty cutting of not only wood, but also some other materials such plastic or even metal elements. The tool is equipped with an adjustable blade tension thanks to which it is possible to set up the tension up to 136 kg to increase cutting efficiency even more. The frame of the product is made of sturdy, yet comfortable materials that guarantee great grip. There are also two positions of use – 90 degrees vertical and 45 angled cutting.

Bow saw reviews also include Bahco 10-21-51 Bowsaw

• Heavy duty;
• Very efficient;
• Quite light for the size;
• Snap-on/off tooth guard.
• Only 1 blade included in the kit;
• Can be used for dry wood only.

If we want a relatively large product that is also great at working with larger logs, then we should definitely think about the offer from Bahco that is specifically designed to handle dry wood and lumber. The option guarantees a construction that is solid enough to work in tough environments without any breaks or possible troubles.

This device weighs approximately 400g, which is less than one pound. Therefore, it is definitely considered as lightweight tool, especially for its size and possibility. It is important to remember that there is a handy snap-on/off tooth guard thanks to which we don’t have to worry about the sharpness of teeth. It is also an additional protection against injuries while transporting or storing the tool. Bear in mind that the design of the product indicates it is a device great only for dry wood. Wet wood should be cut with the use of a different blade, which is not available in the kit.

Perhaps we look for a small bow saw? In that case, Amtech M1000 Junior Hacksaw seems like an ideal product!

• Very lightweight;
• Inexpensive;
• Great for trimming bushes and cutting tiny logs;
• Easy to find new blades.
• Inefficient against slightly more demanding work;
• Not as reliable as the competition.

This particular product is designed with the use of a chrome plated frame, which guarantees incredibly low weight and resistant to rust or other issues that could be the result of weather conditions.The tool prepared by Amtech is great, especially if we want to trim bushes and hedges, or even smaller logs without using gigantic and relatively heavy bow saws.

The option is equipped with 6 additional blades for our use. Since the frame is 6-inch and it guarantees quite common, standard fastening, we can use almost any frame that is 150 mm long that is equipped with fine teeth. The device weighs approximately 100 g, which feels like nothing when compared to other options. There is also a finger guard for increased safety.

Spear and Jackson – Razorsharp offers great alternative, but this time for heavy duty needs

Spear and Jackson Razorsharp
• Very sturdy and reliable;
• Large size for cutting big logs and trees;
• Lever tension for easey blade changing;
• Great tooth design – can stay sharp longer than the competition.
• Quite expensive;
• No additional blades included in the kit.

This is yet another option people like to call as the best bow saw uk can offer, mainly due to its large size and, therefore, the possibility to cut through larger logs without a sweat. This product has 24 inches, which is one of the largest options available in the ranking. However, due to its great finish and sturdiness, it is at the same time one of the most expensive ones.

The authors from Spear and Jackson prepared for us a product that is equipped with a hard point blade. As a result, it doesn’t need any additional treatment and can be as sharp as other tools for a significantly longer period – even 3-5 times longer! The option is additionally characterized by thorough and well-thought out design of teeth thanks to which we can work forward and backward without any issues. The cutting angle is 90 degrees, and that’s about it. As far as comfort features are concerned, there is a lever tension that eases the process of blade changing. However, we have to buy additional blades on our own since the kit doesn’t include any spare ones.

Roughneck ROU66812 is, on the other hand, a substitute suggestion if we want to buy a small bow saw

• A lot of safety and comfort-related features;
• Lightweight;
• Sturdy and reliable;
• Highly efficient for its size.
  • Quite expensive for the cutting efficiency it offers. 

The last but certainly not least interesting option recommended in today’s review is the one provided by Roughneck. This manufacturer guarantees a much more durable option as far as small and lightweight devices are concerned. Because of the introduction of a large steel frame as well as some other additional comfort-related elements, this particular model deserves its recognition in spite of its larger price.

The tool costs quite a lot, especially if we take into account its low size. However, when compared to other small bow saws, it is definitely much more efficient in its work thanks to the introduction of the highest class materials. Another thing to mention is the use of a blade tensioner, thanks to which we can change the blade more easily. There is also a soft-grip handle and a knuckle protection that improves our safety.

How to make sure we pick the most appropriate bow saw? Here are some tips!

It is certainly difficult to pick the best option out of them all. As we can see, there are dozens of different products worth recommending and the perfect one is solely dependent on our own personal preferences as well as materials we wish to cut. Still, we have to know a thing or two about bow saws to make sure our selection is appropriate.

For this reason, it is imperative to look for tools made of higher class materials. We should also include the size of the baw saw, the number of teeth and their design. Let’s also not forget about the comfort related features as well as utilities. Things that improve the attractiveness of the product are also related to the safety of the product and its weight. More information can be also found in the following article:

bow saw 1

We should take into account material

One of the most important things – no matter the item – is figuring out the right material. It is the base for many things, but especially for hand tools. As we know, these products need to be sturdy and withstand a lot of forces as well as a number of uses. To make sure that the product can do such a thing, it has to be reliable and this is what great quality material guarantees.

There are several options available on the market. The sturdy option that is at the same time quite cheap is simply solid steel. It is basically the most common material that can be used to produce frames. Obviously, it weighs quite a lot. However, it is a much more reliable and robust option than, for example, a lightweight chrome plated frame.

Roughneck ROU66812

best bow saw uk

Spear and Jackson - Razorsharp

small bow saw

Also, think about the size of the saw

Before we make a final decision regarding the exact tool, we have to determine the size of the bow saw. This particular element is entirely dependent on our expectations and demands. Are we going to cut large logs? Or perhaps this hand tool will help us with trimming bushes and hedges?

Bow saws that are larger than 20 inches should be picked only for professionals and people who need to cut logs of large diameter. Thick elements require much bigger tools. However, a 6-12-inch product is more than enough for trimming and other slight projects.

Comfort is of utmost importance just as well

This particular aspect can be influenced by either the design of the product or its weight. If the authors decided to use high quality materials and we are dealing with a heavy duty bow saw, then we can expect it to be quite heavy. Though the numbers are still quite low (the heaviest bow saws weigh up to 2kg), we have to remember that the more we work, the more tired we are, and then even the smallest differences matter.

That is why we suggest picking options with the maximum weight of 1 kg in the case of large bow saws and, 100-700 g with tools that are designed for much more demanding work.

Stanley Dynagrip Heavy Duty Hacksaw

Stanley Dynagrip Heavy Duty Hacksaw

Summary and conclusion – best Bow Saw in UK 2024

Choosing an ideal solution is definitely demanding. We have to take into account a number of variables. Only then will we be able to choose the most interesting proposals from the available catalog. Obviously, the comfort of use is important, so is the material used for the construction purposes and the size of the product.

One of the best devices for heavy duty work is surely AB Tools-Toolzone Heavy Duty Bow Saw. Its large size and great finishing with a number of comfort-related features and some other utilities make the option one of the most interesting ones in today’s market. What is more, it is the winner of the ranking of bow saws.