How to make sure we choose the best budget chainsaw uk can offer? Here is a buying guide and six budget chainsaw reviews in 2024!

We all know how difficult it is to find the right cutting machine, especially if we don’t have to cut many branches, hedges, or trees. Some people may simply borrow a tool, but it is certain that if you are going to work from time to time, a better idea is to look at the best inexpensive chainsaw and make sure that you will always be able to get rid of elements that annoy us.

Interestingly, picking the right option that will be at the same time budget friendly is much more difficult than it seems at first glance. We have to remember that products from the low price range are usually less durable and do not offer such great parameters as in the case of more expensive, professional chainsaws. What is more, they are usually electric, so it reduces their maximum performance even further. However, if you are not going to work a lot and you just need a simple, yet effective tool to cut some thinner trees or logs, then you have to pick the best budget chainsaw on the market. And this is what these budget chainsaw reviews offer.

To make sure you select the right option, we picked a number of different devices – all at a similar, very attractive price. However, while looking for such a cheap item, we still had to look at the most important elements such as the efficiency of the tool, its power and its cutting parameters. Besides that, we also focused on the comfort-related features as well as the battery package and its working time. Though it is difficult to expect such, we also looked at the most reliable options out there.

The best budget chainsaw you can now buy is surely Sun Joe SWJ599E

• Great power to price ratio; • Featured with auto-oiler; • Safety switch included. • Great price.
• No additional accessories included in the kit.

Great price, incredibly low weight, pretty powerful engine and at the same time some features that improve the use of the tool. This is how one can shortly describe one of the chainsaws made by Sun Joe. It is at the same time quite a versatile solution with plenty of additions that surely make this item interesting for most people.

This is a 14-inch chainsaw that guarantees quite a versatile use thanks to its great design and user-friendly shape. Obviously, the appropriate materials used for the production allows us to use it both as trimmer and pruner for limbs and branches. In terms of pure efficiency, this corded handheld chainsaw guarantees 9 amps, which is more than enough for light cutting.

The authors included here a safety switch that reduces the risk of starting the device accidentally. What is more, there is also a feature known as auto-oiler, which basically oils the bar and the chain automatically, so we just need to fulfil it from time to time. For such a low price we couldn’t expect anything more, yet we don’t receive much gadgets and accessories in the kit.

Another option worth recommending is WEN 4017 Electric Chainsaw

• Very powerful; • Large size (16 inches); • Auto-oiling system; • Tool-free chain change.
• Quite heavy.

If we look for a bit more powerful device that is at the same time larger, then WEN 4017 is a great solution because it provides us with a bigger motor. Interestingly, it also translates into faster chain rotation and, as we can guess, it additionally improves the performance. And all of that with a very interesting and competitive price!

First thing to consider is the power of the device. It offers 12 amps, which guarantees much better efficiency when cutting more demanding branches, logs, or even smaller trees. Obviously, it will not work as efficiently as large and expensive chainsaws, but thanks to additional power and larger size, it can be used in a slightly bigger range of activities.

Other advantages worth mentioning is the introduction of an auto-oiling system. This technique is quite similar to what we saw in the previous option. Thanks to that, we elongate the lifespan of the chain and, therefore, the saw itself. Another benefit of choosing this option is tool-free chain change. Sadly, the weight of the device is significantly larger.

WORX WG305 is also considered one of the best inexpensive chainsaw tools you can purchase

• Very lightweight; • A lot of features that improve the comfort of use; • The possibility to pick larger chainsaws; • Oil-level indicator with auto-tension chain system for maximum durability.
• Not as powerful as competition.

Another option is slightly smaller, because it is a 14-inch electric chainsaw. The power it offers is also smaller, because 8 amps. However, we should take WORX into account due to its above average reliability and great quality to price ratio. Also, let’s bear in mind that it is quite a light option and, because of that, the comfort of use is greater than in the previously reviewed chainsaw.

WORX provides us with a 14-inch electric chainsaw that works based on an 8-amp motor. Interestingly, it is possible to pick a 16-inch electric chainsaw with a much larger power or even an 18-inch chainsaw with an even greater engine. Nonetheless, these two alternatives are no longer budget-friendly.

As far as this particular option is concerned, we receive a tool that weighs less than 8 pounds, so it is easy to use it for as long as we want without feeling much of a fatigue. The option is also equipped with quite interesting options such as an auto-tension chain system. Also, we can find here an oil-level indicator. However, chain lubrication is not as easy and problem free as in the case of other options. Sadly, it is relatively low on power.

If you look for an even lighter solution, then CRAFTSMAN Chainsaw is certainly worth trying out!

• Very lightweight; • Long-lasting warranty; • Very compact in size; • A lot of features that facilitate the use of the product.
• Can overheat pretty easily.

Craftsman offers us a 7-pound chainsaw, which is by far the lightest device reviewed in today’s list. Thanks to that, we can use it without any troubles for as long as we want – even if we haven’t worked with a chainsaw of any type before. Obviously, it is not a powerful device, but will work smoothly while cutting through logs, branches or tiny trees.

The reason for such a low weight is relatively simple to indicate. The 8-amp motor is nothing to be amazed by. Combined with 14-inch compact design, it gives us very small and, obviously, light construction that can be used by literally every adult person.

Interestingly, the producers are so certain of the device, they provide us with quite a long warranty. It is obvious to say that there are many different aspects that influence the final reliability like, for example, auto-oiling feature or bolt lock chain tensioning. Sadly, its low power makes it easy to overheat and reduces the performance of the chainsaw.

Though it is not as budget-friendly as others, but GreenWorks 20292 Chainsaw should also be taken under consideration

GreenWorks 20292 Chainsaw
• Cordless device; • Very powerful for its weight; • A lot of functional features; • Great comfort of use.
• Relatively expensive; • We need to purchase a battery and a charger for it to work. 

If you are not interested in purchasing corded products and you wish to have much more freedom while using chainsaw, then you should be thinking about a GreenWorks product, namely G-MAX. This particular device is not as cheap as others, but because of great parameters and lightweight design, it surely fits the review.

One of the biggest advantages this particular model has over previously described ones is the fact that it is cordless, battery-powered chainsaw. For such a category, it is relatively inexpensive. It can be powered by 40-volt Li-Ion battery that is also compatible with many different tools of this producer. As a result, we can use one battery for many different power tools.

The product guarantees automatic oiler thanks to which we don’t have to worry about oiling the chain. Another feature that increases the comfort of use of the product is a translucent oil tank. It simply indicates when to refill the tank. Chain tensioning is toolless, and the power to weight ratio is one of the best in this price range. Sadly, we have to remember that the price concerns the sole tool, so we still have to purchase a battery and a charger.

If you look for the most powerful device in this price range, then think about CRAFTSMAN Electric Chainsaw

CRAFTSMAN Electric Chainsaw
• Very reliable; • 3-year warranty; • Powerful motor; • Very lightweight; • Great cutting parameters.
• Very expensive; • Several plastic elements that can break down easily.

Just like the previous option, this particular chainsaw is not the cheapest around. However, there are several features and attributes that make this option one of the most suitable for a bit more demanding users, namely the previously mentioned powerful motor, a lot of interesting additions, and great cutting parameters with several easements.

Let’s start from the most basic parameters, namely the motor. We can find here a 12-amp engine that is powered by a cord. Obviously, it reduces the usefulness of the product, but thanks to such a large amperage we can expect great performance at almost any project we choose.

There are, obviously, several functionalities that make the product very interesting to use. For example, we can find here an auto-oiling feature, tool-free chain tensioning, and a low kickback option. Thanks to that, we don’t have to worry that this 16-inch chain will cause troubles while working. One of the best things regarding this particular Craftsman model is 3-year warranty. Though it is limited, it guarantees up to 3 years free service in the event of the damage.

How to make sure we choose the best budget chainsaw uk can offer? Here are a number of tips that may occur to be useful during your search!

The list presented 6 quite interesting options. There were many different parameters taken under consideration. As a result, every single machine mentioned up above could be considered as the best cheap chainsaw. We could find there powerful motors with greater price, cordless devices quite cheap for its product category, as well as small and compact all-rounders. But what if we look for something else?

In the event of other requirements or expectations, we should for our own best cheap chainsaw. But to do that, it is necessary to include a number of parameters and attributes. That is why we have to take into account the power source of the device as well as its overall power. To assess its performance, we also have to look at the size and verify the cutting parameters.

Obviously, to pick a good cheap chainsaw, it is necessary to look at the comfort of use and also the functions it offers. Let’s not forget about the price for the tool and additional accessories you may find in the kit that improve the value of the entire package. More information can also be found in the article below:

best budget chainsaw 2

Every good cheap chainsaw should be powerful enough for the selected work

One of the first things to consider while picking an ideal chainsaw that is at a budget price range is, obviously, the power source and the numbers. Obviously, we can’t expect great performance out of inexpensive machines, but we still should pick as powerful a tool as it is possible just to make sure that during more demanding work there will be no problems with overheating or, simply, with underperformance.

There are three different chainsaw types we can pick, namely gasoline powered, corded electric, and cordless electric. Because of the larger price and, obviously, much larger power, we can’t expect to buy a gasoline chainsaw. However, it is still possible to find a good product that is powered by electricity and it comes with many benefits just as well!

First of all, electric solutions offer a much better culture of work because there is no gasoline engine to produce such gigantic and annoying noise. What is more, it is also an eco-friendly solution, because we do not produce dangerous substances.

The biggest choice of electric chainsaws regards the ones that are corded. In terms of their power, which is measured in amperes, it can go as low as 8 amps and as high as 14-16 amps. Obviously , the bigger the amperage, the more powerful the tool can be. However, the price goes higher and, at the same time, the size of the chainsaw as well.

That is why for very minor work like, for example, cutting branches or logs, it is recommended to pick a small tool with 8-10 amps. Larger power, 14-16 amps, is great if you are going to use the product in a bit more demanding situations.

CRAFTSMAN Electric Chainsaw

good cheap chainsaw

WEN 4017 Electric Chainsaw

budget chainsaw

Obviously, we can’t forget about the size of the chainsaw

As we partially mentioned in the section above, the size of the chainsaw plays quite a crucial role while selecting the right device. We have to take into account a few different aspects before we make a decision, but generally it all revolves around the things we are going to cut. We can’t pick too small a device because it won’t be fitted to cut thicker elements. Larger chainsaws, on the other hand, will be too heavy and too long to use them smoothly.

If you think about removing branches that are up to 10-inch thick, you should be looking at a chainsaw that has up to 12 inches. However, small trees require a 12 to 14-inch chainsaw. Obviously, the bigger the logs and trunks, the larger the chainsaw. That is why medium trees that are up to 16 inches should be removed with a 16-18-inch chainsaw.

Also, pay attention to functions

Functionality is yet another aspect to consider. We have to pick a product that is easy to use and guarantees automation to some degree, so we don’t have to worry about things related to the service of the product. Thanks to that, we can focus on the use without any extended periodic inspections, which could additionally cost us a lot.

One of the most basic features that can be found in almost every chainsaw – including the ones from the budget price range, is an automated oiler. It basically keeps the chain properly lubricated at all times. Interestingly, some chainsaws also feature an oil level indicator that is quite transparent and easy to get.

GreenWorks 20292 ChainsaW

best budget chainsaw uk

Also, there are special safety features that reduce the risk of accidental start of the device or special designs that improve the grip and, therefore, the comfort of use. However, the comfort issue is further explained in the separate section.

Comfort of use is of high significance as well

Just like in every other type of device, we have to make sure that the chainsaw we choose is as comfortable in use as possible. We have to take into account a number of different parameters that later on combine into one and create a very convenient tool in many different respects.


budget chainsaw uk

For example, we should always look at products that weigh less than 8 pounds. These are relatively inexpensive devices with small motors and, thus, small power. In other words, there aren’t many additional components that could increase the weight. If you find a compact tool, then it should weigh even less than 7 pounds.
Another comfort feature that we should include is the grip. Comfortable use of the product means that we can hold it firmly and don’t feel fatigue after a while, even if we are not professionals and our garden duties have been pretty limited so far.

Besides that, take into account reliability

We don’t want to change the saw after a season or two, right? That is why we should always think about purchasing chainsaws that are sturdy and reliable. Though it is difficult to indicate that particular aspect visually, we should look for information regarding the material used for the production of inner components, handles, and covers.

Another way of verifying the durability of the product is by checking the warranty that the producers offer. If it is long and without any limitations, then it is a clear indication that the maker is quite certain of the sturdiness of their choice. Standard warranty lasts 2 years, but it is easy to find options with a warranty that lasts three or even more years.

CRAFTSMAN Electric Chainsaw

good cheap chainsaw

Summary and conclusion – best Budget chainsaw in UK 2024

Choosing the right chainsaw if we have a fairly limited budget is not as easy as it may seem. As we can see from the tips above, there are many different aspects and features that need to be taken under consideration. Let’s also not forget about parameters and their values, which vary depending on the type of job we will be doing.

If you don’t want to spend your free time on your own research, you can look at the list and pick one of the reviewed products. Particularly interesting is the winner of today’s ranking, namely Sun Joe SWJ599E. It is by far the most universal solution. Even if it isn’t as sizable as others or its power is “only” average, it should be enough for most garden work.