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How to make sure we pick the best chainsaw boots for climbing? Check out the recommendations and see the buying guide in 2024!

Every professional or even amateur mountaineer will tell you how important it is to pick the right boots for either climbing or hiking at very high mountain ranges. It is by far the most important thing as far as the equipment is concerned, since it keeps our feet safe and allows us to progress in our journey effortlessly. That is why we should always look for the best chainsaw boots for climbing we can buy.

Sadly, it is not as easy as it may seem. As you know, there are hundreds of producers who assure us that their products are of supreme quality when compared to the competition. Let’s also not forget about the fact that if we look for selected gear, like for example forestry boots in uk or even boots for tree climbing, then we may come across a number of troubles and difficulties because of an abundance of parameters and attributes we haven’t taken into account before.

That is the reason why we focused on preparing a review of five quite interesting options. These are both boots for climbing trees as well as mountaineering boots. To make sure that the recommendations are suitable for your expectations, the specialists put a lot of emphasis on such elements as breathability and waterproof ratings. What is more, the introduction of shock-absorbing materials, high quality finishing, and durability was of the highest significance in this equation.

The best chainsaw climbing boots and the winner of the ranking is surely Foxelli Women’s Hiking Boots

• Very comfortable and durable; • Additional ankle support; • Great quality to price ratio; • Quite comfortable.
• Only selected elements of the boots are waterproof. 

This particular pair may be designed for women only, but it is important to notice that the materials used for the production as well as a number of features make the option quite versatile and great for all types of hiking activities. Let’s also not forget about its great quality to price ratio and some other features worth mentioning.

The first thing to mention is the fact that both the collar and lining are waterproof. It is thanks to the use of higher class materials and the introduction of KingTex Membrane. As far as the comfort is concerned, the midsoles were fitted with a shock-absorbing EVA. There is even a removable foam in the insoles in the case we wish to replace it with a newer one.

The option is great since it guarantees slip-proof soles that translates into better traction. Obviously, it has an additional ankle support, and is relatively cheap. Bear in mind that there are only several waterproof components and not the entire gear. As a result, we can find ourselves in poor conditions with soaked feet.

What is a good alternative for these chainsaw climbing boots? Try out Bates Men’s Boot

• Fully waterproof; • Very high durability; • Great quality to price ratio; • High quality YKK zipper.
• Not as comfortable as competition.

If you look for a much more durable option that is at the same time relatively budget friendly, then you should surely think about the Bates Men’s boots that are both for military and tactical use. However, thanks to their great attributes, they can be used as mountaineering boots just as well.

The first thing to consider in this particular case is the materials used for the production of these boots. It is 70% leather and 30% nylon, providing us with great durability and at the same time slip resistant elements, especially when it comes to the outsole.

The authors used a high quality YKK zipper thanks to which it is very easy to take these boots off. Interestingly, it is a side zipper, namely it is safer and less exposed to dirt. Another advantage of wearing these boots is its breathable lining and moisture wicking. Interestingly, they are fully waterproof, so we don’t have to worry about getting soaked. Sadly, they are not as comfortable to wear than the predecessor.

Are you looking for the best forestry boots uk can offer? Georgia Work Boot Men’s is surely an interesting offer to consider

• 100% genuine leather; • Fully waterproof; • Anti-slip characteristics.
• Short warranty time.

If you work in humid conditions with mud and cold temperature all year round, then the purchase of Georgia boots is probably one of the best things you can do. This pair guarantees a waterproof system at a desirable level as well as many other features and keeps our feet safe and comfortable no matter the conditions.

Contrary to previous options, this footwear is made entirely of leather. To be more precise, it is full grain leather. As a result, it guarantees great durability and assurance that they will never fail us – no matter how difficult the terrain becomes. The sole is made of rubber, which improves the anti-slip characteristics of the pair. Let’s also remember about the fact that the shank is made of steel.

This particular product can boast with great renown and very positive feedback. A lot of people recommend using this footwear in almost every condition, making the option quite universal and versatile. The only issue one can notice is that the warranty period lasts only 1 year, which is relatively short.

If you are more interesting in purchasing boots for tree climbing, then here is Notch Gecko Aluminum Climbers

• Meets ASTM F887 Standard; • High quality climbers; • Very large maximum carrying capacity.
• Very pricy.

When it comes to climbing trees, we have to remember about the highest quality finishing and, therefore, the most secured pair that will keep us safe from the beginning to the very end. It is obvious to say that in this particular case, we have to look at other attributes. Gecko gaffs that we review provide us with an incredibly durable option that is not only comfortable and lightweight, but at the same time can withstand the weight of 350 pounds.

Notch is a manufacturer that provides us with a number of different gear used for outdoor recreation and sports in general. Making footwear for climbing for so many years allowed them to master the craft to the perfection. This particular pair is certainly highly recommended not only because of the maker’s renown but also because of the introduction of forged gaffs as well as using light aluminum of the highest class during the production process.

Let’s also not forget about the ASTM F887 Standard, which these climbers meet. The only problem with this particular item is its price – incredibly large. Still, we receive additional straps in the package, which should be taken into account while picking the product.

If you look budget boots for climbing trees, then TOMCHY Tree Climbing Spikes might just do the trick

TOMCHY Tree Climbing Spikes
• Very low price; • Sturdy and easy to use; • Mostly made of stainless steel.
• Leather straps can break easily. 

Though we are not gaining such a quality of finishing, we can hope for great comfort of use, a number of interesting attributes, and obviously way lower price that makes the option a great solution for amateurs and people who deal with high-altitude logging or fruit picking from time to time.

This particular option is made of stainless steel. As far as the gaffs are concerned, they are sharp and durable enough to withstand normal use without heavy-duty actions. Another interesting thing to notice is that the producer guarantees claws that will not deform during use.

Though it is extremely cheap for tree climbing footwear, we need to remember that the straps are made of leather and they are not as thick as they should be. As a result, their maximum carrying capacity is significantly lower than one would expect.

How to make sure we pick the right boots for our own use?

Though it seems like very mountaineer boots should do the job, there are dozens of different materials, designs, sizes, and other elements that can vary from one product to another. As a result, it is difficult to choose the best option, since you are going to pick different boots for hiking, another type of items for rock climbing, and yet another footwear for tree climbing. Therefore, it is much better to know the parameters and attributes worth mentioning before making the final purchase.

To make sure you are familiarized with all the necessary features, we created a purchasing guide that focuses on the most important elements we have to remember before we buy the right pair of climbing boots. Obviously, the most important element we should take into account is the material used for the production. After that, it is mandatory to look at other components and parts of the boot.

Once we take care of the durability and quality of material, now the time has come for additional characteristics and comfort. There can be several different features that influence the final usability of the item, and we have to consider them all. It is obvious to say that next to these crucial elements, opinions and price will play quite a crucial role. More information can also be found in the following article:

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First of all, look at the material

Producers tend to use a wide range of different materials to construct a perfect pair of boots. Depending on the price of the product and the type of hiking or climbing we are going to do, we can choose out of leather and nylon, or in the case of tree climbers, stainless steel. Let’s also remember about additive materials used for a wide range of purposes such as comfort, safety, or anti-slip characteristics.

The best option for hiking is either the right composition of leather and nylon or, in the case of more expensive footwear, an option purely made of leather. The first one is usually cheaper because of the synthetic elements, which may adversely affect the comfort of use in spite of the chance of improving the durability of the equipment. Leather boots are also very durable and if we find a perfect quality leather, they are even more durable than nylon-leather mix. However, these solutions are much more expensive.

In terms of additions, look at EVA foams that are there to absorb shocks and improve comfort or rubber that has one goal to achieve – to improve the traction and eliminate slipping.

Georgia Work Boot Men's

chainsaw boots for climbing

Foxelli Women’s Hiking Boots

forestry boots uk

Now, see the additional components

Once we choose the right material for our gear, we have to take care of other elements. As we all know, boots for hiking or other more demanding activities are made in a more thorough and careful way than the standard shoes. It is all due to the fact that this equipment has to protect the foot and guarantee the comfort it deserves.

As a result, there is the sole unit that we have to take into account, the inside of the boot, as well as the other elements. All of them have to fulfil a wide range of parameters and attributes just in order to secure safety during mountain hiking or climbing. That is why the goal of the sole is to guarantee a better grip and improve the comfort, the inside of the boot has to protect the ankle, and the other part has to guarantee a number of different characteristics.

Obviously, remember about comfort and additional characteristics

As mentioned before, there are particular elements more important than others in terms of additional boot construction. Even if we look at the additional components, we have to put even larger emphasis on the comfort of the boot as well as our safety. That is the reason why besides looking at the general parts of the footwear, we should also learn more about the selected parts.

For example, it is important to ensure that outsoles are made of anti-slip rubber just to make sure that we don’t fall down. Midsoles should be responsible for absorbing shock, so there should be EVA foam to improve the comfort. In terms of the insoles, we can see that some producers apply an additional layer of foam that is removable and can be exchanged if it wears down.

Bates Men's Boot

boots for climbing trees

Safety is also of utmost importance

It doesn’t matter if we pick typical tree climbers or boots for mountain hiking, we should always put safety as high in the priority list as it is possible. Footwear of this kind has a primary goal to protect our feet, and, in the case of tree climbers, the safety of ourselves in general. For this reason, look at the precautions and safety elements introduced in the given product.

In terms of hiking boots, we should remember to purchase boots with good arch and ankle support. Stiffening the ankle is a very important aspect of every mountain hike, because one wrong step and we can twist it, making it very difficult if not impossible to carry on the journey. If it happens up above at the highest mountain peak, we may be in real trouble.

Notch Gecko Aluminum Climbers

best chainsaw boots for climbing

As far as climbers are concerned, we should look at options that have a very large maximum carrying capacity. Depending on the measurement unit you use, it should be around 350 pounds or 160 kilos. Such a large value guarantees safety and, of course, the certainty that you will not have to worry about an accident while climbing.

Summary and conclusion – best chainsaw boots for climbing in UK 2024

It is surely quite difficult to indicate the best hiking boots because there are many different levels of difficulty and, as a result, different boots that we have to take into account. Once we take care of that, we will know which option is the most suitable for your expectations. You can use the buying tutorial to see the most suitable option out of them all.

Obviously, if you look at a budget friendly solution that will not fail you at any situation to a certain degree, then in that situation we highly recommend Foxelli Women’s Hiking Boots, which may be a product made for women, but the producer certainly offers a male counterpart with all these great attributes.

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