How to pick the best boots for chainsaw work? Here is the tutorial with extra tips and a chainsaw boots review with six options to choose from

Protective equipment is surely one of the most important things as far as heavy duty work is concerned. We need to make sure that every part of our body is safe and that there will be no harm done in the event of an accident. Obviously, we have to protect our hands, our torso and head, but also our legs – feet included. That is why we should know how to pick the best chainsaw boots.

It is unfortunate that usually we are not familiarized with all the features and characteristics the given chainsaw boots have got to offer. As a result, it is impossible to enjoy a good piece of equipment if we are not professionals or at least knowledgeable about the topic. If you too don’t know how to choose the best chainsaw boots on the market, then you should surely look at today’s chainsaw boots review.

This particular list gives you an in-sight into six different products. To make sure that you can choose out of the most appropriate gear, we picked only those pairs that offer great durability, are made of sturdy and high class materials, and at the same time they can boast with great characteristics and additional attributes. Another thing to notice was the comfort of use and, obviously, the protection standard.

The best boots for chainsaw work you can currently buy and the winner of this review is surely EVER BOOTS TANK work boot

• Attractive price; • Pretty lightweight; • Very versatile; • Pretty good quality nubuck leather.
• Poor safety precautions; • Cannot be used as chainsaw safety boots for heavy duty activities.

If you look for a perfect option for your first work boots, then you should definitely think about purchasing an offer from EVER Boots, which are available in two colors and guarantee great durability for its price. Another fact that is worth mentioning regards the weight of these boots. They are really lightweight and, therefore, we don’t feel the fatigue too much.

Let’s start from the most important question, which is durability. Though these aren’t the sturdiest and the most lightweight chainsaw boots on the market, we should remember about the quality leather material that was used during the production process. Thanks to that, we can hope for a great design that is backed with long-lasting protection. Obviously, these are not heavy duty chainsaw boots because there are no special stiffenings or metal covers inside.

As far as the comfort is concerned, these are great for even the longest days. It is mostly due to the fact that they are lightweight and to make things even more comfortable, made of soft nubuck leather with a steel shank that is best known for its alleviating purposes during climbing ladders or going down the stairs. As it was mentioned earlier on, these are no chainsaw safety boots you can use during very dangerous activities, but great all-rounders.

If you are not interested in lightweight chainsaw boots, but instead you care about protection, then Timberland PRO Men’s Boondock sounds like a great alternative!

• Great quality finishing; • Waterproof membrane; • Very sturdy; • Designed for heavy duty work; • Toe protectors.
• Large price; • Not as breathable as the competition.

This particular option is also made 100% of leather. However, it is important to mention that its sole is synthetic and there are several reinforced elements for greater durability and above average performance. Let’s also not forget about anti-fatigue technology and some other comfort-related issues that make the option quite interesting and well-recommended. Sadly, all these pros come with a pretty big disadvantage – huge price.

The pair we are reviewing at this moment guarantees reinforced toe protectors made of molded rubber. As a result, it increases the durability of the front of the boot and guarantees better protection of toes.

Let’s also remember about the introduction of a well thought-out comfort system that improves the absorption of shocks just to give us a much more comfortable solution than the competition. Interestingly, there is also a premium waterproof membrane that allows us to use these boots even in wet conditions.

Another interesting option seems to be KEEN Utility Men’s Lansing Work Boot 

• A lot of standards that prove the quality of finishing; • Highly durable; • Toe protectors; • Great for slippery surfaces.
• Not quite breathable; • Not waterproof enough to handle wet conditions.

If you think about a bit less expensive solution that is still made of leather and is waterproof to some degree, then this particular model will definitely appeal to your taste.We receive here steel toe finishing as well as improved traction. Let’s not forget about the fact that the authors met a number of protection standards for even greater safety.

The first thing that can be considered as an advantage is the introduction of a steel toe. It basically means that in the event of heavy duty work, our toes are much safer than in the case of regular work boots. Another important thing to notice regards the comfort. Because of the unsymmetrical finish of this element, it is much roomier for our toes. Obviously, the finishing meets or exceeds numerous standards such as C/75, ASTM F2412 and F2413 I/75.

Interestingly, these chainsaw boots uk are also great when we deal with slippery surfaces. There is one more thing to consider. They are oil and slip resistant thanks to rubber outsoles. They improve traction and it can be proved by, again, a number of standards that the authors meet or exceed. Two the most important ones are  ASTM F1677 MARK II and ASTM F2913 SATRA.

ROCKROOSTER Work Boots for Men may be quite an interesting option to consider just as well 

• Incredibly comfortable; • A lot of innovative techniques that reduce the fatigue; • Lightweight; • A lot of colors and designs to choose from.
• Not as sturdy as others; • No toe protection.

In the UK chainsaw boots are available at almost any color, design, and material. That is why it is worth checking out different options to see if that one suits us best. In the case of Rockrooster, the brand offers us quite an interesting option that was made of full grain tumbled leather. Interestingly, there is a gigantic number of colors to choose from, and as a result it is quite easy to pick the one that is the most suitable for you.

This particular pair may not guarantee reinforced toes, but it is important to draw our attention to the comfort. Unlike any other item in this review, this particular one ensures the most comfortable finish out of all as a result of the introduction of dual density, shock-absorbing footbed. Another important thing we should know about is the use of COOLMAX fiber technology that improves the comfort even more.

Interestingly, the option is quite lightweight for such a sturdy type of footwear. As a result, we don’t feel fatigue as much as in the case of competition. There is even an abrasion-resistant outsole just to make sure that we can move on a harsher terrain without worrying about damaging the tread.

Also, NORTIV 8 Men’s Work Boots seems like a very interesting option to consider

NORTIV 8 Mens Work Boots
• Very budget option; • A lot of safety precautions; • Breathable elements.
• Poor quality materials used for the production.

If you are interested in purchasing a budget product that will withstand most of the hardships of everyday life. This particular option offers us a rubber sole that is divided into four different layers. What is more, the entire construction of a boot is quite durable and at the same time waterproof to some degree.

The first thing to consider is the so-called 4-sole system that the authors of Nortiv 8 introduce in this model. It is basically the division of the entire sole into four parts that takes care of safety and comfort of the user. The insole, which is the first part of the boot, was made of aosolite, a material that absorbs sweat quite effectively and offers breathable characteristics. Steel plate inserted in the midsole works as a resistance to punctures.

Third layer is a flexible MD that can be found in the midsole and it reduces the foot fatigue since it absorbs shocks. The last layer, the outsole, is made of rubber for slip, oil, and abrasion resistance. Obviously, these are budget boots and, as a result, they are made of cheap and smelly materials that may not last the trial of time.

Irish Setter Men’s Wingshooter ST-83632 Work Boot is, on the other hand, quite an expensive solution for the most demanding ones

Irish Setter Mens Wingshooter ST 83632 Work Boot
• Great comfort; • Heavy duty work boots; • Non-metallic reinforced nose; • Meets several safety standards.
  • Very expensive.

If we care about purchasing a product that is made 100% of leather, and at the same time guarantees rubber sole with great attributes and additional characteristics, then you should most definitely take a closer look at Wingshooter ST-83632 work boot, which is basically top quality pair for the ones who demand the highest quality, great water resistance, and the best comfort out of all work boots available on the market.

For such a gigantic price we receive ultra dry technology thanks to the introduction of Irish Setter construction. It basically combines moisture management lining with several waterproof components. As a result, we receive long-lasting performance and the possibility to use this footwear in humid conditions for quite a long time.

Interestingly, though we don’t have a metallic safety toe here, the producers put a lot of effort into making a reinforced element at the front just to make sure we can cope with a variety of work hazards. Red Wing’s safety toe guarantees additional protection against impact and compression that meets ASTM F2413=11 and I/75C/75 standards.

Sadly, this is by far the most expensive option in this review and, as a result, it is only recommended for people who need heavy duty protection footwear with enhanced comfort level.

How to make sure that we pick a pair that is appropriate for the given job?

All the six presented work boots are suitable for a number of different professions and situations. Environments are quite varied and as a result, we need to choose a product that is the most suitable for a given location. It means that we have to take into account humidity, slipperiness, as well as a number of sharp objects that can be found on the ground.

To make sure that we choose the right one, we have to follow a number of tips. These advice are pretty simple and straightforward and some people, who actually but not first, but another pair of boots, may be not helpful. Still, there are quite interesting things and features we should all take into account while purchasing the right work boots besides the obvious elements such as safety issues and the material used for production.

When thinking about great protection boots, we should take a closer look at the design of the sole. Besides that, we should think about the comfort of use and additional characteristics. Once again, make sure that we pick a product that has great quality to price ratio. Obviously. not forget about the opinions as well. For more information we encourage to check out the data provided in the article below:

best chainsaw boots 2

Before you start, define the job

As it was already stated, the first thing to consider when picking the right chainsaw boots is, obviously, thinking about the job we are going to do. Will we be working with electrical devices where there is a high risk of getting electrocuted? Or perhaps we are going to work around surfaces with plenty of sharp objects laying everywhere? In other cases there might be a lot of cutting machines involved. All these things require different boots to protect our feet.

Quite often producers specialize in making boots that are designed for specific purposes. As a result, they put a lot of effort in making sure that the pair will protect us against particular types of damage and dangers. For example, we can see a lot of producers that put special plates in the midsole that separates the foam and other comfort-related components from the outsole that is made of rubber just to make sure that nothing stabs us in the feet.

In the case of heavy duty work with large weights and danger of having our feet crushed, producers reinforce the boot nose in order to protect our toes. However, against cuts they apply a steel-based or other metallic-based boot nose for even greater toe protection.

NORTIV 8 Men's Work Boots

NORTIV 8 Mens Work Boots

Safety comes first

As mentioned earlier on, we have to think about safety first. It is by far the most important element when it comes to purchasing protection footwear. Obviously, from the paragraph above we can conclude that there are many aspects to consider when it comes to safety precautions. Although the things mentioned above are quite important, there is one more thing as far as our health is concerned, that we should remember about – standards.

KEEN Utility Men's Lansing Work Boot

KEEN Utility Mens Lansing Work Boot

Every producer needs to test their work boots in order to meet or exceed the protection standards. There are numerous tests that verify the durability of the boot during selected situations like, for example, crushing, cutting, and stepping on sharp objects. In order to make sure we pick a safe product, it has to fulfil a number of standards.

The most popular ones that we should be looking at are ASTM F2412 and F2413 I/75 as well as C/75 Standards, which are responsible for comfort and safety. Interestingly, there are also special non-slip testing standards like, for example, ASTM F1677 MARK II and ASTM F2913 SATRA that allows us to find the best boots for slippery surfaces.

Also, remember about the material

Depending on the price range we have at our disposal as well as the expectations regarding the comfort and other features, materials can be quite diverse. For example, there are a lot of work boots made purely out of leather. There are also mixtures of nylon and leather as well as some synthetic options that are designed for specialized use.

In most cases, we will be looking at 100% leather made footwear that has a sole made of rubber and several other elements included inside the boot made of different materials like, for example, aluminum or steel for toe protection or special plate for protection against sharp objects.

Timberland PRO Men's Boondock

Timberland PRO Mens Boondock

Leather is great, especially if the material is of the highest quality. Thanks to that, it is waterproof to some extent and, additionally, breathable. Obviously, we have to remember that sometimes it is acceptable to find the combination of leather and nylon or other synthetic material, especially if these are boots for amateurs or for a short use. If; however, we are going to spend a lot of time in these boots, then we better pick the ones that are durable and comfortable.

Comfort of use is quite important as well

Since we want to pick much more expensive, genuine leather as a material to increase the comfort of use, then we should most definitely look at other aspects that can also enhance the experience from wearing a particular part of work boots.

ROCKROOSTER Work Boots for Men

ROCKROOSTER Work Boots for Men

That is why we should make sure that the insole is covered with a layer of cushion that works as a shock-absorber. Besides that, there are special dual-density footbeds and innovative, uniquely engineered technologies that make the inside of the boot much more comfortable than one could think.

Another thing that can influence the comfort of the footwear is, interestingly, the weight. Though these boots are usually quite heavy because of their design and a number of additions and components that keep us safe, it is still possible to find lightweight items that reduce fatigue.

Think about the additional features

Once we take care of all the elements we just described, the time has come to look at additional features and attributes that are characteristic for specific types of work boots. As we all know, there are dozens of designs that may be of great interest to us. For example, we may look for specific elements that allow us to use footwear in very slippery or humid conditions.

That is the reason why each and every single pair of work boots should offer us waterproof. It is a very simple, yet incredibly important feature. Though it can be quite different from one maker to another (since there are different materials used), it is quite easy to find products with at least partial resistance to water.

Besides that, make sure that there was a system specifically designed to improve the breathability of the boot, so our feet don’t feel fatigue as much as in the case of regular boots or the ones available in the local store. Interestingly, some boots feature safety puncture or toe protection, and it all depends on the final choice that we make.

Irish Setter Men's Wingshooter ST-83632 Work Boot

Irish Setter Mens Wingshooter ST 83632 Work Boot

Summary and conclusion – best Chainsaw Boots in UK 2024

Today’s winner of the ranking is EVER BOOTS TANK work boot. This pair of footwear guarantees great quality at a relatively low price. Obviously, it is important to remember about its lightweight and great comfort. Obviously, there are not many safety precautions included, but if you look for a versatile footwear for a bit more demanding tasks, this is the best solution.

Alternatively, you can always search for your own, ideal pair of boots, especially if you know which things to consider. That is the reason why you can follow a number of guides and then pick the most preferable option. Also, there are quite interesting options besides the winner of the ranking, so go ahead and see if there is something worth trying out for you.