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Best Chop Saw in 2024 year

Whether you are a DIY enthusiast who loves creating different objects or even if you are a professional with woodwork or other materials, there are some tools that you simply cannot do without. A good chop saw is one of those. Used for creating long cuts in wood, a chop saw is a ‘must have’ in every DIY enthusiast’s warehouse. However, when looking for the best chop saw on the market, you will notice there are numerous options available. Because of the lack of information, choosing the best chop saw the UK is a challenge. This is where we come to play. We will highlight the features of some of the best chop saws for the money and help you make your final choice.

Best Chow Saw Review

Let us now have a look at some of the best chop saw review that will throw more light on what features one need to look out for.

Evolution RAGE2 Multi-Purpose Chop Saw, 355 mm (230V)2

best chop saw stand
It is a multipurpose chop saw, used to cut through wood, wood with nails, steel as well as aluminum with only a single blade
Outperforms the task of an abrasive saw, makes use of a competent TCT blade
Using the patented RAGE technology giving superior quality and high performance. It has a robust body
The cuts made are clean, and fast and free of burr or sparks
Includes a fast action swivel and V-clamp to make clamping the box section easier
Includes a 3-year long warranty
Some amount of sparks do fly while cutting
The blades blunt out too easily
This chop saw is an excellent option that gives you your money’s worth. It has been made sturdy and robust to suit the use of various materials including metal application. It makes use of the patented RAGE technology, giving you superior quality and finish. This chop saw makes use of TCT blades as opposed to the use of an abrasive field. The impressive cuts of this chop saw can competently outdo the performance of an abrasive saw. And so it saves you the expense and effort of buying one. The RAGE 2 will cut through various materials like wood, wood with nails, steel as well as aluminum. It creates all these incredible cuts using just one single blade. The cuts made by the RAGE 2 are clean; one can make these cuts fast and efficiently without any burr and practically no sparks too. Additionally, it includes features like a fast action swivel that has a range of 0-45 degree work clamp. To ease out the clamping of the box section, this chop saw comes with a V-clamp. Useful for making cuts as deep as 120 mm, his chop saw is multipurpose. To add to its advantages, it also comes with a whopping 3-year warranty.

Makita 240V TCT Metal Cutting Chop Saw

the best review of chop saws
Makes cuts that are clean in less amount of time with great accuracy. This is possible because of the 305mm cut off saw with carbide tipped blade
Does not require any additional tools to adjust the angle of the fence, it can be done by loosening the lever
Has a quick VISE and a sturdy aluminum base
Removable dust tray
Anti-vibration helps reduce noise while working and maintain the life of the battery
The price is on the higher side
When looking out for a chop saw that lasts longer than abrasive discs, this one is a good option. Among its many advantages is the fact that its cuts are clean and fast. They are accurate as well, all of this owing to the fact that it is a 305mm cut off saw that comes with a carbide tipped blade. One also does not need any additional tools to adjust the angle of the fence as it can be done by simply loosening the lever. Along with a quick VISE, the chop saw also comes with a sturdy aluminum base. It also has a dust tray to collect all the dust particles which can be easily dismounted from the chop saw. The chop saw comes with an additional feature of anti-vibration which helps reduce the noise while working and can help in maintaining the life of the saw blade.

DeWalt D28710-GB 355mm Abrasive Chop Saw 240V

best chop saw on the market
Ergonomically designed ‘D’ shaped handle for ease of use
Quick release clamp to reduce the time taken to change the workpiece
The motor has been designed to provide protection against overload, abrasion protected, with superior performance and durability
The 45 degree pivoting fence allows accurate cuts in various angels at a faster pace
The spindle lock can speed up the process to change the wheel
Struggles to cut through thicker bars or sheets
This metal cut off saw comes with an ergonomically designed ‘D’ shaped handle that is horizontal. This comes handy and makes the tool easier to use. It reduces the fatigue while using the tool. The chop saw is also known to reduce the working time especially taken for changing the workpiece with its quick release clamp. This unique chow saw motor provide some exceptional protection against overload. The motor has also been especially designed to be abrasion protected. It also has superior performance and durability. The chop saw has been especially engineered with a 45 degree pivoting fence; this facilitates more accurate angle cuts with a faster speed. The wheel can also be changed easily saving time due to the spindle lock that has been installed.

Evolution EVOSAW355 Industrial Steel Chop Saw, 355 mm (230V)

How to choose best chop saw metal
TCT metal cut saw, facilitates clean cuts at accurate angels
Can easily cut through stainless steel, aluminum as well
The motor is designed to cut through pipes, squares, rectangle at a high speed with clean cuts
The cuts are made without any heat, burrs or sparks
The in-built powerful battery of 2200 watt that provides a speed of 1300 rpm.
Can cut through a material of 2-inch thickness
The quality of the product seems to be a bit lower
The blade does not cut at an angel
This is an excellent product that can be used efficiently to have clean accurate cuts at a faster pace. This chop saw has been empowered with a TCT metal cut off saw. It has been known to effectively cut through pipes, round, square, rectangular with a stunning speed and very clear cuts too. The motor has been designed to impressively cut through stainless steel and aluminum as well. While it cuts through there is practically no burrs, vibrations or sparks. The chop saw enables to get clean cuts at a fast speed with its high-speed carbide blade tip. The machine has been engineered with a power packed 2200 W motor that provides an excellent speed of 1300 rpm. The chop saw provides an average of 800 cuts and can easily slice through a material of 2inch by 2inch thickness. If this chop saw is purchased in the UK, you can also take advantage of its 3-year warranty as well.

Milwaukee CHS 355 Metal Chop Saw 355mm (14in) 240 Volt

best chop saw for the money
The chop saw has been made with a powerful motor of as much as 2300W
It has been added with an integrated metal fan that helps in keeping the engine cool and keeping the working area clean
The cuts made through this are clean and accurate
It has been added to a stamped steel base along with rips added along. This prevents the chop saw from any kind of deformation
Quick release vice adjustment allows the adjustment of fences right from -45 to +45 degrees
The lock pin function helps to keep the saw in a closed position during transportation
Cannot be effectively used to cut through other metals
This is a powerful chop saw that has been designed with a powerful engine that is as high as 2300 W. This makes sure the cutting performance of this chop saw is state of the art. The chop saw comes along with an integrated metal fan that allows the tool to last long and make it more durable. The machine has been prevented from any kind of deformation with the help of stamped steel base that comes with additional rips. It has also been fortified with a quick release vice adjustment that allows speedy adjustment of fences right from -45 to +45 degrees. It also has a quick release miter clamp that improves its performance to a great extent. The chop saw has a lock pin function that helps to keep the saw in a closed position each time the chop saw is being moved from one place to another. The spindle lock in the chop saw allows the discs to be changed at a fast pace. The external brush doors allow one to complete the brush changing at a much faster pace.

The Chop Saw purchase guide

You have now seen some of the features of the best chop saw on the market. Each of their salient features, as well as their limitations, have been highlighted. If you are well versed with such work you probably have decided which of these to choose for your warehouse. However, for all those who are not sure of the features to look out for, we have the perfect guide for you. Firstly, we need to understand exactly what a chop saw is used for. It is a tool that is used to make clear cuts through various materials like wood, metals etc. Their best features are their speed and accurate cuts. This makes a chop saw an inevitable part of every woodworking or metalworking house.

The different names for a chop saw

One factor that can confuse most users is the different names of this one single tool. It has different names depending on the different functions it performs. To elaborate this further, a chop saw that is used to cut through wood is known as a ‘miter saw’. The chop saw that can be used to cut through various metals like stainless steel, aluminum etc is known as an abrasive saw, a metal chop saw, or even a cut-off saw. There is yet another variant in these options and that is the ‘mini-chop saw’ this is best for all those who wish to use it simply for hobby purposes or to cut through simpler materials like plastic or ceramic. These terms are very often interchanged and so while purchasing a chop saw; one must essentially read the features of the tool, as the one that is used to cut metal is quite different as compared to the one used to cut through wood.

Care before using a chop saw

As the name suggests, a chop saw comes along with a sharp blade no matter whether you are using it for cutting through wood or metal. So first and foremost the tools have to be kept away from children at all times. Using of chop saws involves a lot of noise, it is best to protective gear for the ears. Then again there is a lot of debris that flies out during the use which could cause harm to the eyes, so never forget to wear safety glasses before use. While using the chop saw for metalworking, it is best to wear a dusk mask and protect your hands from metal splinters by using gloves while working. If you are a hobbyist or a DIY enthusiast who will use the chop saw for light work you can opt for the ‘mini-chop saw’. As this can also be used to cut through ceramic and plastic as well. If you plan on using it professionally or for heavy works, then a heavier option may be preferable.

The Metal chop saws

These can make 90-degree angles with ease. They are usually carbide tipped blades that are best for making clean and accurate cuts. The better metal chop saws are the ones that create minimum noise with lesser vibration, heat or burrs. When looking for a chop saw for metal works look for maximum cutting capacity for tubing, squares, and rectangles. Also, check for different blades used to cut through different materials.

Wood Chop Saws

These are best used for cutting through sheets of wood. They often have miter saws with blades to that can tilt to make beveled angles. They are most commonly used when cutting door and window casings a well as frames. One thing to bear in mind while choosing the chop saw for wood is the kind of wood you are planning on cutting, as different types of wood require different blades.
abrasive chop saw

Mini Chop Saws

These are smaller variants that are best for hobby ideas as a simple DIY project. The advantages of these chop saws are that they are lightweight, portable and not very expensive too.

Conclusion – 2024 edition

We just saw the different types of chop saws, what they are used for and what are the typical features of different types of chop saws. We have also seen the main features and limitations of some of the best chop saw variants in the market. A chop saw is an important investment when working with wood or metal as they are great to make clean cuts that are straight. It easily becomes an asset to any workstation whether metal or woodwork. From all the products that were reviewed above, the best from them all seems to be the ‘Evolution RAGE2 multi-purpose chop saw’. It seems to be a great choice owing to its multi-purpose that can be used to cut through steel, aluminum as well as wood and wood with nails. It makes use of a patented RAGE2 technology and a TCT blade that makes it a far better choice than abrasion saws. The cuts it makes a clean and accurate with little or no heat, burrs or sparks. Cost wise also is an affordable option. And so it is the best option among the rest.

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