The best circular saw uk? Have a look at our ranking from 2024!

Would you like to find the best circular saw there is on the market? In order to have a tool that will suit your demands, it is required to acquire enough knowledge to differentiate poorly-made tools from the best ones. Of course you can do that by looking for reviews of the best circular saw. However, except for the feedback of others, we should also seek for aid from professionals. You see, specialists in carpentry will surely know which is the best circular saw for the money in uk. The article you are about to read in a moment sums up the most important elements that lets you choose not only the best circular saw blade or the best circular saw accessories, but also the tool itself. Except for that, we have prepared for you short ranking of 7 most recommendable circular saws.

One of the best circular saw of all time, the winner of our ranking, Evolution FURY1-B Multi-Purpose Circular Saw

How to choose best circular saw uk
Very accurate and effective blade
Balanced, pretty light
Long warranty
Made of quality materials
The lack of additional features or functions
The reason why many users believe it is the best circular saw on the market is pretty clear. It combines a lot of crucial aspects that each and every tool needs to fulfil. For example, Evolution FURY1-B provides us with RAGE technology, which is one of the unique and most interesting offers now available. Thanks to that we are able to not only cut through soft materials like wood or plastic, but also through steel and aluminium! What’s more, we can hope for 0-45 degree bevel cuts. Another excellent feature that will surely increase its rating among users is multi-functional blade. As for durability, the manufacturer is pretty sure of its lifetime and it’s all because of three-year warranty. Of course some of you might find this tool not suitable for your work. It may be due to the lack of additional features and accessories that could ease sawing.

As for the price, it is cheaper than other circular saws. So, it definitely a product worth its price.

If this model doesn’t suit you, take a look at Makita DHS680Z Brushless 18 V Li-ion Circular Saw Bare Unit

best circular saw
A lot of functional additions
Very handy, compact, and lightweight
Durable and protected from overloads
Japanese producer known as Makita doesn’t need to be introduced. These guys offer us variety of equipment for our garden and home hobbies. In this case, we can hope for a bit smaller, yet very powerful and durable production that is equipped with several functions you may appreciate. One of them is electric brake that, as the name suggests, stops the tool electrically. Except for that, we also receive soft start button as well as electronic limiter, which is the guarantee of long-standing and indestructible circular saw. Why? Because it prevents our tool from overloading, making it very secure and protected all the time. As for utility of the tool, it is great tool for compact use thanks to soft, ergonomic grip. The product is also installed with tool hanger as well as LED lights. As if it wasn’t enough, we also get dust extractor and battery fuel gauge.

Unfortunately, we will need to pay quite a lot for all these easements.

If we feel like hundreds of pounds is too much, we recommend one of the best circular saw corded solutions – affordable WORX WX423 85mm 400W Compact Circular Saw

Where you can find the best circular saw
Pretty cheap
Compact and small size
Powerful for its size
Up to 3 years of warranty
Poor cutting depth
Not strong enough for more demanding jobs
In this particular model we cannot adjust speed, but it doesn’t mean we won’t receive tool that is strong enough to take care of every material we choose. Of course we won’t be able to cut through the hardest materials or the ones that are thick, because it is very small model that won’t be strong enough and won’t offer us sufficient cutting depth. So what exactly makes this tool very interesting choice? First of all, it is its weight. It weighs approximately 2 pounds, making it very easy to carry and use tool. Except for that, it is very small device with 85mm blade and 27mm cutting depth. WORX also offers 2 years of warranty, which can be also extended for one more year. It is quite nice addition when we take into account the fact that it is the tool that costs almost three times less than Makita.

As mentioned above, the price is very important aspect of this product. We can save a lot of money by purchasing WORX WX423!

If this device isn’t for you, check out the best circular saw cordless DeWalt 18V 165mm XR Lithium-Ion

best circular saw for the money uk
Very comfortable in use
Compact size
Poor results with thicker materials
While looking at this particular model, we need to remember that this device is cordless. It means that we don’t need to plug it in to the power socket. However, we can meet cheaper offers that are almost half the price we can regularly see on the Internet. That is because cheaper DeWalt 17V 165mm Circular Saw can be purchased as body-only and together with batteries. There are two Li-Ion batteries, 4Ah each. Thanks to that we have enough power for comfortable and problem-free carpentering for quite a long time. The latest generation of this model can offer up to 3700 RPMs, what surely maximize the effectiveness of this tool. DeWalt is well-known company that doesn’t produce unchecked tools. Everything is tested and protected with one-year warranty. There is also an option for 3-year warranty when purchased and registered online.

As mentioned above, the price of this product can vary drastically. Remember that cheaper options are without batteries!

If you are looking for circular saw for woodworking, then Silverline 845135 Circular Saw 185 mm should do the job

summary of the best circular saw blade
Very cheap
Dust extractor
45 degree bevel angle adjustment
Issues with safety guard
As you can guess, this is not a product made by well-known company. Because of that, we are not going to spend fortune on one of the best circular saw for cutting metal. Its powerful motor with 1200W as well as quite deep cutting depth makes this choice quite obvious. Except for that, Silverline also guarantees 45-degree adjustment cutting. As for additional features, we receive here dust extraction point that serves as an ideal spot cleaner. Another feature worth mentioning is parallel fence and soft-grip handle. Sadly, there is pretty major drawback of this product. In some cases there are huge issues with safety guard faulty. As a result, we may experience large kick back that can be tragic in consequences for beginners. Therefore, this product is not recommended for the amateurs.

The price for this product is one of the cheapest from our list, so it’s great solution for quick and affordable purchase!

Sixth suggestion is Bosch GKS 190 Professional Hand-Held Circular Saw

best circular saw accessories
One of the best cutting depths and bevel degree adjustments
Very powerful
Can be difficult to handle for beginners
If you wonder how dependable can circular saws review be, then this particular tool will serve as great example. It is very common and popular choice for both beginner users as well as professionals, who specialize in carpentry and have years of experience behind them. Because of that, we can notice plenty of feedback and opinions that show how well Bosch GKS 190 operates with different materials. The manufacturer assures it is good circular saw for any type of wood – no matter how thick and how durable it may be. Another fact we should surely take into account is its motor. 1400W gives this tool one of the most powerful tools in its class. We can’t forget about the vastest bevel capability with up to 56 degrees as well as cutting depth that can go up to 70mm. Don’t forget about compact design that makes this tool even more appealing!

It is obvious we have to pay considering how many amazing features there are. Still, it is cheaper solution than Makita.

The suggestion number seven is VonHaus 1050W Circular Saw 110mm 240V Multi-Purpose Plunge 28mm with Track Guides Jig Accessory Set

The best review of circular saws
Safe to use
Great for wood and soft materials
Effective dust extractor
Poor results when sued with more demanding jobs
VonHaus offers us 5000 revolutions per minute, which is higher number than we saw before. Other characteristic specifications are close to the average. We receive here 1200 Watt motor, which is enough for cutting through soft materials and hard wood. What’s more, 65mm cutting depth guarantees that we can hope for precise cutting in case of even thicker materials. The whole process of changing blades is altered, which is quite unique and innovative solution. Because of that, we don’t need to bother with spindle wrench. Compared to other cheap suggestions, in here we got 2 years of warranty that may be quite important aspect when we take under consideration durability. Safety measures are taken care of thanks to special safety lock system. Unfortunately, even though the product is depicted as lightweight, its almost 9 pounds can be quite exhausting to carry.

This suggestion is much cheaper than Bosch and if we were to compare it to other suggestions from the list, it is closer to Evolution FURY’s price.

Who makes the best circular saw? See how to find the best one!

If you take a look at the article below, you may notice how many aspects one needs to take into account while choosing the best circular saw. Looking for lightest circular saw? Or maybe your focus is on the best budget circular saw? Well, these are only two aspects that are worth noting. See others here:

Of course you can also carry on with our article and see what we have got to say about circular saws and how to pick the best one!

Durability and lifetime

First and surely the most important element of each and every home & garden tool. It is required for the tool to last longer than a year or two. For instance, there are manufacturers that grant warranty for several years. Thanks to that we can come to conclusion the tool we have chosen will fit our requirements. Of course there are other aspects that influence the hardiness of the product. For example, we should look for high quality materials. We should also take a look at the power of the saw.
best budget circular saw

How large your saw is?

While looking for circular saws we should also take a look at the size of it as well as the size of the blade. These two parameters can often determine whether the saw we chose is destined for materials with higher density. Therefore, we should look for big saws. They usually provide us also with bigger cutting depth than usual, hence we can hope for professional tool for more demanding jobs.

What is the power of your saw?

Once you choose whether your circular saw will be on batteries or on cable, you should take into account the power. When it comes to circular saw, there is a vast range of motors we can choose from. Because of that, we should focus on the ones that will meet our requirements. That is to say, choose more powerful motors for more demanding carpentry. If; however, your goal is to get compact size, small circular saw, then you can order almost any product you desire, without worrying about that aspect. Of course power may also have significant impact on the durability of the tool. The more power we have, the lesser chance our tool will be overloaded.

Blade specifications

When it comes to blade specifications, we should remember about two very important elements: adjustments as well as cutting depth. The latter was already described, but as for adjustments, this is quite important function we should always have in mind. The possibility to choose different angles or even to adjust the cutting depth – these will definitely help us match the right measurement. We shouldn’t forget about bevel of the cut, which can also occur in the form of lever-type controls. However, in most cases we can see small add-on that will serve as control panel.

Additional functions

Have you ever looked for circular saw with laser? Well, there are some interesting options with built-in laser, more precise saw adjustments, and many other interesting features that will improve the experience of using the tool. If you wish to spend more than usual on your circular saw, make sure to look saws that contain complete set of additional features. There is special anti-locking clutch, which will serve as the mean of protecting the motor and the drive mechanism itself. Except for that, you can also lay your hands on previously-mentioned lasers for better accuracy or additional safety measures.


Yes, this particular aspect is also quite important for your own safety. Obviously, it is difficult to find a tool without any safety means. Nonetheless, you should look for those that guarantee the best protection measures. Don’t forget about checking out the instruction. This may be silly to state, but even professionals can miss-use the tool, endangering themselves on injuries.

Opinions of others

This is an additional factor we don’t need to pay attention to. Nevertheless, it is a good idea to see what others think about our purchase. You see, there are a lot of people, who have their own opinion on the product we may or may not pick. Of course not every feedback should be taken seriously. There are some hate-spreaders, who are just trying to lower the general ratings of the product. Of course we need to watch out on positive comments that are made by fake accounts. That is why look for verified purchasers from legitimate shops, not from blogs that recommend one particular product.

Summary – how to pick the best circular saw in 2024?

To be honest, it is rather difficult choice for someone, who has never looked for such device. Of course if you want to purchase beginner-friendly device, we strongly recommend cheaper product that is filled with more than one protection measures. Safety guard is the must for everyone, even specialists. We can only suggest to choose the product with regards of blade size, saw size, power, durability, warranty, saw adjustments, blade adjustments, and of course additional features like laser and many other things like that.

That would be all for today. We hope that right now the choice will be much simpler and much clearer. In case of any questions or issues, contact with us through e-mail!