What is the best concrete drill bit? Find out which to choose from today’s ranking 2024!

Drilling through a tile, concrete, or a piece of wood requires not only the appropriate technique in order to not ruin the material in question, but also the right device. It is also very important to choose the right type of drill bits, because their tips can vary. The more we work on particular materials, the more we know about the right bits to choose.

Unfortunately, it is not an easy task to pick the right one, because besides the fact we can choose out of many different manufacturers, the construction as well as the right building method is crucial as well. That is why we decided to show you which is the best drill for concrete walls, woodwork pieces, or other materials.

The following article consists of two parts. The first one presents five incredibly interesting and highly recommended options that are great for different tasks. Another section provides you with all the necessary information required for the right preparation before we decide on the best drill bits for concrete, wood or steel.

The best drill for concrete walls and the most recommended offer in this ranking is Hilti Hammer Drill Te CX

• Highly durable solution;
• 30% more durable than the competition;
• Brand new design that improves efficiency;
• X-Geometry for quicker removal.
• Extremely expensive;
• Only 12 pieces in the kit. 

The winner of the ranking and surely the best option if you are looking for highly durable and advanced options for the hardest materials. Hilti provides us with only 12 pieces in the kit. Nevertheless, we don’t have to worry about quick wear, because these are elements made of carbide.

Heads made with the use of this material are extremely robust. Interestingly they have got four carbide cutting edges. When combined with a unique and innovative X-Geometry technology, we receive a solution that can be easily removed.

The product can boast with high thermal resistance. What is more, the producers decided to produce the drill bits with the use of gradient technology that is responsible for much better impact absorption. Let’s not forget about the fact that the efficiency of drilling is improved thanks to the brand new design. All these features make the product even 30% more durable than the competition, and plenty of positive reviews only confirm it.

This is incredibly expensive solution, but if you want to buy the best drill bits for concrete specifically, this is your option.

Interesting solution is certainly Makita B-53811 Drill & Screwdriver Bit Accessory Set

• A large package;
• Highly durable;
• Can be used with a variety of materials
• Versatile use.
• Can break easily when used with impact drivers.

This is surely a much more interesting option if you don’t want to drill through concrete and you look for a product to go through wood. Makita offers us a package of 100 pieces, which is one of the biggest in this list.

The products were made of alloy steel, which is still incredibly durable material and recommended in most of the cases. We should also remember that the set was designed for many different machines, including standard drill drivers, combi drills, and, in theory, impact drivers.

The interesting thing is that as it befits Makita products, we are receiving a product that is extremely robust and equipped with many different elements that make it as comfortable as it gets. Let’s also remember about the fact that these drill bits can be used for not only wood, but also masonry and steel works.There are even holesaws to make wood cutting easier.

Obviously, we need to remember that this set is not only for Makita machines. They are generic and can be used with almost any device we have. Though it is said they work well with impact drivers, we need to be careful with using them because they may break easily.

If you want a cheaper option, look at Dewalt SDS Plus Drill Bit Set

• Different lengths to choose from;
• Small price;
• High quality – no sign of attrition even after a while.
• Not suitable for more demanding work than masonry.

Although it is a much cheaper solution than previous products described in the list, we should be aware of its small number of pieces included in the kit. It is; however, a Dewalt’s doings, and as a result of that, we can hope for high quality and assurance that it works well, even in the case of longer tasks.

This 8-piece set includes 2×6 mm, 2×7 mm, 2×8 mm, 2 x 10 mm drill bits. As a result, we can use them in many different situations – to either drill through thin walls or work with much more demanding projects.

We need to remember; however, that they are not going to do well against steel surfaces, because they were designed only for masonry work. Still, high quality finishing and long-lasting offer makes it a great alternative for previously mentioned pieces.

Sealey AK5708 Tungsten Carbide Tipped Masonry Drill Bit Set is also a great option for masonry works

• Made of tungsten carbide;
• Prolonged life due to great quality of material used and special design;
• Original package with 8 different lengths;
• One of the best options for masonry projects.
• Cannot be used with hammer features;
• Can break up easily if used inappropriately. 

If we are looking for the most durable options for masonry, then let’s not forget about the ones produced with the use of tungsten carbide. It guarantees a prolonged life and the assurance that we are not going to notice any wear after a use or two.

This is yet another option that was designed with the use of special construction that guarantees quick removal of dust and other waste. Sealey offers us an original packaging. Let’s remember that in spite of a very small package, we can choose 8 different lengths, which translates into quite large versatility in terms of drilling surfaces.

It is; however, unwise to use the bits with hammer features. Besides that, let’s also remember about the recommendations like, for example, drilling the smaller hope before we drill with the final size just to make sure we do not damage the bits.

The last but surely not least option that can be considered as the best concrete drill bit guarantees Draper EBS15MAS Masonry Drill Bit Set

Draper EBS15MAS Masonry Drill Bit Set
• Very cheap;
• Great quantity to price ratio;
• Can be used for many different materials; 
• High quality finishing.
• Only 15 pieces included;
• Bits may struggle with more demanding surfaces.

This is by far the cheapest option available in this market and can work with brick-like surfaces and other masonry projects. The product guarantees us 15 pieces at a very low price. Due to that, it is the best quantity to price ratio in this ranking 2024.

Interestingly, the product was made of carbide, which is highly durable material used even for drill bits prepared for much stronger surfaces like, for example, concrete. The bits are suitable to work with harder substances than brick such as concrete as a result of tungsten carbide tip covers.

The products are also featured with fluted parts that make it much easier to remove dust and other waste. We need to bear in mind that this is a limited package, especially when we compare it to some of the competition.

An interesting positive is that the 15-piece set is put in a robust case that is covered with rubber. It also gives us a soft grip and plenty of different lengths for adjusted drilling. The disadvantage of this product is that when we do not prepare the surface properly, the bits may struggle.

What drill bit to use for concrete and what for other material? Here is a quick guide that helps you choose the right one!

It is impossible to purchase a versatile drill bit and use it for many different surfaces. It is all due to the fact that we need appropriate tip and its design for the efficient removal of waste and dust, and the appropriate durability. What is more, it is definitely unwise to spend hundreds of pounds on a drill package for such soft materials like, for example, wood.

That is why when searching for drill bits, make sure to pay attention to their type and the material which they were made of. What is more, it is also necessary to look at their size. Definitely, we should also pay attention to the price and the quantity.

Opinions of others are also a great indicator that we are dealing with a good or bad item. Let’s not forget about the product compatibility, which might also be the case if we decide on a budget-friendly kit that comes from a not renown source. A lot of information can also be found here: https://www.zoro.com/resourcehub/how-to-select-the-right-drill-bit-or-set/

Materials used are surely very important

When picking the right drill bits, we should firstly look at the material, which was used to produce them. These elements need to be sturdy and robust in order to withhold incredibly high temperature and the impact itself. That is why we should always think about picking the right material that is dependent on the project we want to work on.

Hilti Hammer Drill Te CX

bosch concrete drill bits uk

If we are going to drill through wood, then it is possible to choose steel bits. A bit more expensive but a much more durable option concerns alloy steel products. In the case of more demanding masonry tasks, we should be looking at carbide. The same thing concerns the best concrete drill bit, but for the latter it is also imperative to look at coating.

Make sure to pay attention to drill bit point type and coating

When you decide on a medium in which the drill bits will be used and you picked the material, it is finally the time to look at the tips, because they also vary. For example, wood drill bits have a pointed tip at the very end. What is more, there are spurs on each side thanks to which they pull the material away. Masonry drill bits are equipped with a gently sloping tip. The components prepared for the hardest materials are usually provided with a wide-angled point.

Sealey AK5708 Tungsten Carbide Tipped Masonry Drill Bit Set

best concrete drill bit

The coating is also incredibly popular, because it prolongs the life of the bits and make it much more versatile and more durable as well as heat and wear resistant. There are plenty of different coatings you can find and it all depends on the medium. Still, look at tungsten covered tips for masonry works or the combination of tungsten carbide, or even pure carbide for concrete works.

Price to quality and quantity ratio is also quite essential

Even if we find a very interesting option that is highly durable and recommended by others, we should also compare the price and check how many pieces we receive in the package. It is definitely a good idea, especially if we find two equally interesting offers that are at the similar price range.

The kits can have 8, 12, or 15 pieces, and these are considered small packages. Obviously, the producers tend to give us a variety of lengths in order to improve the versatility of the kit. Still, we can find manufacturers that can offer up to 100 pieces.

Makita B-53811 Drill

bosch concrete drill bits makita

Dewalt SDS Plus Drill Bit Set

drill bits for concrete uk

Opinions of others

Another way of verifying whether the option you are interested with is attractive in terms of production quality is by looking at opinions. A lot of people tend to share their thoughts and their experience on a particular set, giving you additional information about the specific item.

If you look at the offers with very positive feedback, they can give you all you need. Still, it is a subjective source of knowledge and, therefore, we do not recommend relying solely on comments provided by other customers.

Summary and conclusion – best concrete drill bit in UK 2024

Now you know what drill bit to use for concrete, what option is great for masonry, and what is best for less demanding projects that concern wood-based tasks. Still, if you look for the best drill bits for concrete, you should think about Hilti Hammer Drill Te CX. This is a durable product that costs quite a lot, but provides you with prolonged life and acceptable versatility.

If, however, you look for bosch concrete drill bits or you just want to purchase any other product, make sure to check the alternatives or familiarize yourself with the shopping guide. Thanks to that you will know what drill bit to use for concrete and what drill bit use for other materials.