The best cordless circular saw in 2019? Here’s a quick review!

If you wish to find one of the best cordless circular saw 18v that is nowadays available on the market, you ought to know several things concerning the product. It is quite easy to purchase recommended tool and hope that everything is going to be alright. Nevertheless, the most recommended doesn’t mean the best. A lot of people claim the tool they received fulfils all their requirements. If we want the tool to meet our expectations, we need to remember about focusing on crucial aspects. The list you are going to see below consists of five products that, in our eyes, are the best option for the beginner, who at the same time wants to use the tool for longer than several weeks or months. Have a look at them and see if the winner of our ranking, together with four other plausible variants, suit you!

The winner, one of the best cordless circular saw uk – Makita DHS680Z Brushless

best cordless circular saw

Incredible performance


Low consumption of power


Fast charging




While looking for home and garden tools, Makita is the manufacturer we should always take under consideration. The quality of finishing, the performance – this reputable company is well-known for creating high-quality products that can astonish us with its results. The blade is equipped with robust teeth, capable of cutting 165mm deep. Other interesting functions featured in this tool is the possibility to set speed control automatically. Another important element you should bear in mind is electric brake. It improves the safety and facilitates the use of the product. In here we can also find soft start as well as overload protection systems (among other thing, electronic current limiter). The tool can boast with reduced friction. Thanks to that the motor can work for a longer time, without any overheating. Another benefit of using Makita DHS680Z is the fact that it takes less than 30 minutes to charge the Li-Ion battery.

The issue with this product is its price. We will have to prepare twice as much money if we are going to purchase this product. However, we are 100% certain to get what we pay for!

Another interesting offer that is, according to reviews, best cordless circular saw – DeWalt 18V 165mm XR Lithium-Ion Body Only Circular Saw

Ranking of the best cordless circular saw 18v

Comfortable in use


Modern Technology


Highly functional

A bit expensive choice

DeWalt is yet another respected company that always ensures the customers receive only checked and trusted tools. As in case of Makita, we once again receive 18V 165mm product based on Lithium-Ion battery – much more reliable and effective type of battery. However, the thing that distinguishes this model from other recommendations is its XR technology. It is the application of batteries in much easier and more convenient way. Another interesting fact is that DeWalt also provides us with fan that cools the motor. Even though its action goes up to only 3700 RPMs, it doesn’t mean that the effectiveness is any worse than in the case of our winner (where it was even 5000 revolutions per minute). It is also worth to add that DeWalt gives us very comfortable grip handle covered with rubber thanks to which we are sure to work in a comfort.

The price for this product is a bit lower than in case of the first suggestion, but it is still higher than average.

Third suggestion is Bosch PKS 18 LI

best cordless circular saw for the money



Effective with light materials


Comfortable and precise

Not powerful enough against thick materials

What features define the best cordless circular saw? Some people claim it is the power of the motor, some other people claim manufacturer is almost half of what is truly important. Well, in case of Bosch PKS 18 LI, it is safe to say that the effectiveness of the tool is provided by many other things, not just the powerful motor. While looking for circular saws, we want our tool to be as precise as it is possible. That is why we will be glad to hear that amazing handling guarantees straight and precise cuts. Another element worth noticing is of course the use of Lithium-Ion batteries, which prevent our tool from discharging. Bosch PKS 18 LI is also very easy and safe to use! The warranty of safety is ensured by spindle lock. Of course there are some disadvantages, there are with all the tools. In case of this one, it is recommended to cut through thin and lightweight materials.

Contrary to appearances, the cost for this tool is rather small, making the tool an excellent choice for small and amateur DIY workers and one of the best cordless circular saw for the money.

What else can we find in the average to low price range? Here’s Ryobi R18CS-0 ONE+ 18 V Cordless Circular Saw!

How choose the best circular saw with laser

Very functional






Easy to set and use

Poor battery life

Cordless drill should also be light. This particular aspect hasn’t been mentioned up to this moment. Why? Because all the suggestions mentioned above were neither heavy nor light. Dordless circular saw by Ryobi fits this particular aspect perfectly. Less than 3 kg (5.5 pounds), precise and ideal for any type of wood. Ryobi R18CS-0 ONE+ guarantees us multifunctional sawing applications as well as very easy to set options, giving us the chance to adjust each and every element (including bevel adjustments). The thing that stands out compared to other tools is amazing cut capacity. At 90 degrees we’ve got 52mm and 36mm at 45 degrees. We need to bear in mind that there are other functions hiding behind the tool. One of them is Auto-shift, and the second one is Touch start button. They make it very easy to use the tool. Sadly, people are complaining about battery life.

Although people had problems with battery life, the low price of the tool lets you choose better, more expensive battery to get rid of that issue!

The last but definitely not least offer is yet another Makita. Makita DSS611Z LXT

cordless circular saw

Very effective


Long lasting


Fast charging



The lack of additional functions

This tool is one of the best cordless circular saw for the money and amazing budget alternative for the winner of the ranking. It offers quite similar technology that is wrapped in durable and reliable body. If we look at reviews of cordless circular saws, we will notice that one of the most important elements is their ability to withstand the same power throughout longer period of time. DSS611Z LXT model of Makita guarantees that thanks to the use of Makstar Optimum Charging System. It is an authorship air-cooled technology that not only takes care of heat channelling, but also makes sure that the battery life is longer than in the competition. We can’t forget about lightweight body that improves the comfort of using the tool. However, with cheaper settings come some disadvantages. Despite the fact it is equally powerful and effective, there are no additional functions.

If you don’t care about additional functions like LED light, electric brake, or blower function, then you will be surely satisfied with this budget cordless circular saw!

How to find the right tool? What are the most important features we need to take into account?

Even though there are a lot of interesting products like circular saw with laser or incredibly powerful saw with outstanding motor, there are other things we should bear in mind. If we look at , we can clearly see that the crucial elements are, among other things, cutting capacity, batteries, depth of cut, speed control, and RPMs. However, if we want to take a closer look at all the factors, we should also bear in mind the power of the motor as well as additional functions like the connection to dust cleaner or bag that will let us carry on with the work without any pauses on cleaning up the dirt after sawing.

How powerful motor is?

One of the most important elements, giving us the glimpse of what to expect from the tool. There are a lot of options we can choose. The power motor for circular saws start even with 500W and go up to 1400W or even more. However, we do not recommend choosing the lowest, not the highest option. Why? 500W won’t be powerful enough for woodworking and you will soon regret purchasing such poor motor. When it comes to 1400W or more powerful, they will just consume too much power for your work. Of course if we wish to buy the tool for more demanding materials, then we should look for the most powerful motors on the market. However, keep in mind to buy respective battery, so we can work with the tool for longer than several minutes

Where find circular saw with laser

How many revolutions per minute there are?

RPMs are equally important as the power of the tool. The more rpms the tool has, the bigger chance that our material will not be shredded by the blade’s teeth. It’s quite important to remember about that because if we care about precision, we should always for the biggest number of RPMs. The standard number is 3700 RPMs. It’s not great nor bad score. You can find tools with 5000 revolutions per minutes, but there are of course those with lower quantity. Obviously, we recommend the ones with 3700 RPMs or higher.

What about cutting capacity and depth of cut?

These two elements are connected to each other, so we suggest to look for tools that boast with great cutting capacity and depth of cut. It basically gives us the chance to cut through variety of materials not only deeper, but also in various angles. That’s why some circular saws are also equipped with bowel adjustments.

How capacious battery is?

Most of modern cordless circular saws use Lithium-Ion batteries, which guarantee much better performance than the older solutions. Very important aspect of batteries is their capacity. There are 3Ah or 4Ah products. Usually, the more capacious, the better. Nevertheless, there are special, authorship technologies that offer 3Ah batteries with the effectiveness of 4Ah capacities. Don’t forget to choose battery that will correspond to the power of your motor!

What about additional features?

There are some interesting features that we can hope to get in cordless circular saws. One of the most important ones regarding safety are electric brake or soft start. We can also hope for special lasers to improve accuracy and of course dust collectors that will get rid of all the dirt without any problems!

Reviews regarding cordless circular saws from 2019

If you want to purchase cordless circular saw for woodworking only, then it should be pretty fast and clear process. You don’t need to worry about wrong type of blade or not enough motor. It’s because most of wood you are going to work on will not cause any troubles to one of the circular saws described above. If; however, you ought to choose your own, take a look at opinions of other customers. See if people used the tool in the same way you are going to use and check out its performance. Thanks to that you will not only be sure that your cordless circular saw is one of the best choices, but at the same time you will learn what is the maximum loading it can maintain!

Best Cordless Circular Saw in UK 2019 – Reviews
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