The Best Cordless Drill in the UK (2024) edition

Cordless drills are a lifesaver for the DIY enthusiasts. They have become quite popular due to their versatility, portability, and power. Whether you want to carry out kitchen remodeling or furniture assembly, cordless drills are the go-to tools. Initially, these drills used to be heavy and cumbersome because of their bulky nickel-cadmium batteries. However, the adoption of the smaller and more powerful lithium-ion batteries has led to the production of lighter and stronger cordless drills ( There being numerous cordless drills in the market, we understand just how hard it can be to find the best cordless drill UK. That’s why we have tackled the hard part for you and reviewed some great products worth considering.

The Best Cordless Drill UK Reviews

Bosch PSB 1800 LI-2 Cordless Combi Drill

best cordless drill uk
It comes with two powerful Lithium-ion batteries for steady power supply
The Bosch Syneon chip allows regulation of power depending on the job at hand
It offers excellent value for money
Bosch PSB 1800 comes with variable speed and 20 torque settings for better control
It has a remarkably quick charging time (1 hour)
It lacks a side handle which I would have preferred for some projects

The Bosch PSB 1800 Li-2 might just be the best cordless drill in UK based on online ratings and customer reviews. It is competitively priced and offers top-class functionality. Upon purchase, you get two 18V Lithium-ion batteries. I usually leave one charging as I use the other to ensure that I don’t run out of juice while working on a project. Bosch delivers a sturdy build quality to prevent breakdown when performing heavy drilling duties.

Since it is a hammer drill, you can cut through brick and most types of masonry with ease.

Apollo 18 V Pro Combo Cordless Drill Driver

best cordless drill uk reviews
It comes with 17 torque settings, which is quite remarkable for its price range
This drill delivers a set of Apollo precision tools which include screwdriver bits and drill bits.
It is quite compact, lightweight, and portable to help you perform basic drilling and driving jobs around your house
The warranty and support of the Apollo 18V drill is exceptional
It also has a magnetic tab where you can store bits that you will need urgently
The 18-volt Ni-Cd battery can only hold for 2-3 days; hence you need to recharge frequently or buy a second battery
The battery charges slowly – takes around five hours
The cordless drill is rather basic making it suitable for small jobs only

If you need the best value cordless drill UK, this 18-volt drill from Apollo might be a good option. Despite its low price, it is a powerful drill with a 30-piece screwdriver and drill bit set. I would recommend this drill to someone who needs a basic tool for occasional drilling or driving. Since it lacks a hammer function, it might not be able to drill into masonry or concrete. However, it has enough power to drill through plasterboard style walls, wood, plastic, and metals.

It is also important to mention that it is one of the least priced cordless drills in the UK. But with the low price, you still get some handy features. The Apollo 18V is suitable for both men and women.

Ryobi LLCDI18022 ONE+ Best Rated Ryobi Cordless Drill

best 18v cordless drill uk
The two free 18v batteries are long-lasting and take only forty-five minutes to charge
It has a broad range of bits that can apply for hammering, drilling, and driving
It is ergonomic – you can easily manipulate its controls and the chuck with one hand
It is great if you have other Ryobi complementary tools
Even though this cordless drill has good features, it is rather expensive. Bosch offers similar features for almost half the price.
If you don’t have other Ryobi gadgets, you might not enjoy some of its features

The Ryobi LLCDI18022 ONE+ is a great cordless drill that is preferred by many people in the UK. It can perform numerous tasks ranging from difficult to basic drilling and driving. This drill might be the best 18v cordless drill UK. Just like the Bosch PSB 1800, it comes with two fast-charging batteries.

The Ryobi ONE also delivers a 13mm keyless chuck which ensures that you swap bits quickly. When you are working on a particular product, you can use the magnetic bit holder to carry screws and other accessories conveniently. In my experience, this model gets a high rating because of the metal gearbox that is very durable. It is also compatible with numerous other Ryobi tools. In fact, the two 18v batteries are usable with most of the Ryobi accessories that you might have already.

DeWalt 18V Cordless Lithium LXT for Contractors

best cordless drill uk 2017
The drill is quite compact and lightweight
It is sturdy and durable enough for robust drilling and driving duties
Its 13mm single sleeveless chuck with automatic spindle lock allows for one-handed bit change
It has a convenient reverse setting which is controlled by the 2-speed gearbox
One thing I noticed is that the battery drains faster when drilling into ceramic tiles or masonry
The use of a single battery might prove rather impractical especially for heavy use. This forces you to purchase a second one.

The sturdy Dewalt 18V is a reliable cordless drill that you might want to add to your DIY tools collection. It is capable of performing three functions, which are drilling, hammer drilling, and screw driving. This premium cordless drill boasts of a 2-speed variable gearbox. The feature allows you to regulate its torque and speed settings depending on the intensity of the work to be done.

Dewalt 18V is designed to be durable and functional, making it a useful tool for contractors. Also, if you like taking your DIY projects seriously, you might find that it is the best cordless drill for DIY UK.

The Makita DHP458Z 18V Cordless Compact 2-Speed Combi Drill

best value cordless drill uk
Unlike the other drills on this list, it has a twin LED light with pre-glow and after-glow functions
It has a gauge that shows you the amount of charge left
It is designed to be dust proof and drip-proof to allow use in harsh environments
The Makita batteries are not included in the purchase, forcing you to buy them separately
For its price, we expect more accessories and features

The Makita DHP458Z 18 V is an all-round cordless drill from the reputable electric power tools company – Makita Corp ( Measuring only 225 mm, it allows you to maneuver and access screws in tight places. It also brings with it unique features such as a depth stop and a side handle. The side handle provides you with stability as you drill through hard surfaces.

This cordless drill is among the few products which are weather- and dust-proofed for reliable operation. The powerful DC motor drives its drill to deliver a robust drilling capability.

Factors To Consider When Finding the Best Cordless Drill UK

A powerful and reliable cordless drill is an essential tool for DIY home projects. You need to consider several aspects when purchasing a cordless drill ( For instance, if you need an electric drill for basic in-house DIY projects, a subtle cordless drill driver would suffice. On the other hand, heavy drilling and driving require a robust drill with hammer functions. Therefore, here are some factors that you should consider even before you start looking into best cordless drill UK reviews online.

The Design and Weight of the Cordless Drill

Well-balanced and portable drills are more efficient and comfortable to use than heavier ones. You also need to choose a drill with good grip to avoid inaccuracies when making holes on hard surfaces. In tight spaces, a compact, lightweight and ergonomic cordless drill is more appropriate.

When drilling holes into masonry walls and bricks, a combi drill with a hammer is more appropriate. You may also need a side handle to allow you to prop the drill with both hands when making holes on hard surfaces.

best cordless drill in uk

Battery Life of your Cordless Drill

Lithium-ion batteries are the most preferred for use in cordless drills. They offer long lasting power, are extremely lightweight, and take a shorter time to charge. However, they are more expensive than Nickel-Cadmium alternatives, which deliver a slightly shorter lifespan. Also, note that higher battery voltages (18v +) provide more drilling power and torque. Therefore, when you need to drill into hard surfaces, you should look for the best 18v cordless drill UK. A quick tip to note is that the higher the Ah of the battery, the longer it will store power. Consequently, the battery will require less frequent charging, meaning it will last longer.

Is the Cordless Drill Budget-friendly?

Cost is undoubtedly a critical factor to consider when purchasing a cordless drill. The main reason for DIY solutions is to avoid premium grade products which are highly priced. Therefore, it only makes sense to use affordable tools for DIY projects. Compare the prices of cordless drills in the market before settling on one. However, note that some may be cheap because they deliver subpar functionality. Check to ensure that the drilling power, battery life, and driving capability are adequate for the job you have in mind.

A Combi Drill or a Driver Drill?

Cordless drills can be categorized into two based on their functionality- the combi drills and the drill driver. A combi drill has three primary functions. These include drilling holes through wood and metal, driving screws, and drilling holes into concrete and masonry through a hammer function. Combi drills usually offer at least two drilling speeds. The most common ones are the low speed for high-torque screw driving and high speed for hole-drilling in metal or wood. You should note that since these types of cordless drills perform difficult tasks, they need to be sturdily built for longevity.

The drill drivers, on the other hand, deliver only two functions which include hole-drilling and screw driving. Also, they offer only two speeds for torque and power. Their torque is usually lower because they are made for lighter duties. Always consider the capacity of the holes you plan on drilling before purchasing a cordless drill driver.

What are the Advantages of a Cordless Drill?


One of the most apparent advantages of a cordless drill is convenience. You won’t have to trail a long electric cable dangerously across a building site. You are also not limited to a particular work radius dictated by the length of an electrical cable.

Torque Control

Cordless drills allow you to control the amount of torque produced by the drill when driving screws. This allows you to maintain the correct depth to prevent damages to the screw head or work surface.

In conclusion, the winner of this best cordless drill UK contest is the Bosch PSB 1800 LI-2 Cordless Combi Drill. It provides the three functions of a combi drill – drilling holes, driving screws, and hammer drilling of concrete and bricks. It also addresses the issue of power because it comes with two powerful 18V lithium-ion batteries. These batteries require only an hour to charge, and they store their charge for long. Therefore, whether you are looking for a powerful cordless drill or a robust hammer drill, Bosch PSB 1800 might be a good place to start.

What are the Disadvantages of a Cordless Drill compare to others in 2024?

Contemporary cordless drills have often received criticism for their massive and heavy batteries. Even though the lithium-ion batteries have addressed this controversy, they are rather expensive and are not provided by some brands.

Consequently, when you run out of charge in the middle of a particular job, you have to wait for the battery to charge. Alternatively, you can choose to incur an extra cost by purchasing an additional battery.