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Would you like to find effective cordless drill under 200? Learn more about crucial aspects of drills right in 2024 now!

There are plenty of interesting picks when it comes to cordless combi drills. However, if you want to find the best product that will fulfil all your demands and meet your expectations, then you need to know what aspects of such drills are the most important and what things should be avoided. In the following article we will focus on presenting elements that should always be taken under consideration when it comes to searching for a tool that will work for years without even the slightest failures. However, before we proceed any further, we would like to suggest a several combi drills under 200, which fulfil all the requirements and can appeal to your taste. Later on we will move forward and see what kind of crucial elements each and every drill should possess in order to fulfil its function as its best.

The suggestion number one is Ryobi ONE+

best cordless drill under 200
A lot of controlling options
Very fast recharge
Two batteries
Some batteries discharge too quickly

This cordless drill is characterized by two batteries, which is quite interesting and very functional feature. Each of them can be fully charged within 45 minutes, what makes the use of this tool very handy, especially when we are in need of fast drilling or screw driving. As for basic characteristics, we receive here a rather heavy drill that weights almost 4kg. Each battery has 1.3A, which is decent capacity considering the price we have to pay. A very advantageous benefit of Ryobi ONE + is its enormous control of almost every aspect. We receive here electronic settings for speed, the function to choose reverse drilling direction, and of course brake option. As for Chuck, we receive here 13mm keyless chuck, which is a standard addition to all combi drills newly produced. We cannot forget about two gears, thanks to which we have even bigger adjustable features. Little above £100 – this is the price we are going to pay for Ryobi ONE+. However, we can pay extra and receive an additional set of 22 piece bits.

The second option is DeWalt 18V XR!

best cordless drill for under 200
Very durable, solid
Small and light
Variety of control settings
Issues with charger
This particular tool is provided with a Lithium-Ion battery with 4Ah capacity. Unfortunately, we do not receive the second battery that can be used while the other is recharged. Nevertheless, the problem with poor batter life is not often in this particular model. Thanks to that we do not feel the need to purchasing another one and the lack of that isn’t as huge disadvantage as in case of other cases. When we take a look at the weight, then we will be positively surprised. In here we receive super lightweight, very compact drill with a two-speed gearbox. What is more, adjustable torque control with 14 positions is also very interesting and incredibly useful option. It lets you adjust the power and the speed of the drill. DeWalt 18V XR is also characterized by metal transmission, what increases the lifespan of this tool even longer. DeWalt is a rather expensive drill to choose since it costs little below £200 + additional shipping costs. However, it is still under £200.

Makita 18 V Cordless Combi Drill – yet another choice worth noting

best cordless drill under 200 pound
Very rich accessory kit
Two batteries
Very stable and durable
In this particular model, we can hope for extremely rich additional gear. Except for the drill itself, we get here 2 batteries, accessory kit, and case with 70 pieces. As it was in case of previous suggestion, Makita’s gearbox is also made of metal. Thanks to that durability stand on the highest possible level. Along with keyless chuck and a great number of accessories, we receive a tool that is ready to use quickly and free of problems. Sadly, the tool weights 5 kg, what is one of the highest numbers in our suggestion. The only positive side of such high weight is that Makita is stable and we will without any problems drill through any material. The case itself isn’t made of high-quality materials. Nevertheless, it is a great beginner’s set that should be changed for something better once you get learn a thing or two about DIY and professional work. Makita costs between £100 and £200, which is an average among the tools we are describing today.

Fourth recommendation is Bosch Professional GSB L-Box

best cordless drill for under 200 pound
Modern batteries protection
Electronic motor protection
LED additions
Light, compact, modern grip
Sometimes problems with delivering two batteries
As for this particular tool, we should surely draw our attention to two batteries with higher capacity than the average. We receive here 18 V 2.0 Ah Lithium-Ion batteries, what is a standard element in almost every drill produced nowadays. The thing that distinguishes this particular cordless combi drill is its compact shape and ergonomic handling made based on an innovative and modern design. What’s more, this product has got Bosch Electronic Cell Protection system. It basically protects the batteries from overloading, discharging, or overheating. It ensures the battery to be kept safe and protected from any threats, what simply results in higher performance. We can see here 13mm keyless chuck, what is the most common option, compatible with variety of bits. Another amazing advantage of using Bosch Professional GSB is that it also includes EMP. Electronic Motor Protection keeps our tool from overloading, what prolong its lifetime. It is truly one of the best solutions under £200. The bare tool costs even less because below £100, but when we want to purchase it with two batteries, we will have to spend above £100 while on sale.

Kielder is the fifth recommendation we have prepared for you!

best cordless drill under 200 £
Very good performance with variety of materials
High quality at low price
Two batteries
Very useful features
The lack of extra accessories
When we are looking for a cheap product that can provide us effective drilling, then we should take a look at Kielder KWT-001-12 18V. It is a brushless cordless combi drill, where we receive 2 batteries, 1.5Ah each. Li-ion batteries were created by Samsung, what gives us the assurance of highly efficient batteries. The tool is designed in a very solid and robust method, making the tool very durable. Another advantage of using Kielder KWT-001-12 is its lightweight. Together with battery, the whole product weighs 1.8kg, what is one of the lightest options available not only in our list but also on the market. In here we can adjust the power of the drill thanks to 16 torque settings. What’s more, we can choose drilling modes, including hammer mode. Except for that, we can choose revolutions per minute in two ranges: 400rpm and 1450rpm. The price of Kielder KWT-001-12 18V Brushless Cordless Combi Drill is only above £100 .

Find your own cordless combi drill under 200 right now!

In order to know which particular models are better than others, it is recommended to become familiarized with the following instruction. In here we will take a closer look at the suggested items and see why they are one of the best models available under £200. You see, the most important elements when we look for cordless combi drill is of course the price. But in order to make sure that our under 200 product is effective and won’t break down after a month of using, it is necessary to look at durability, versatility, functionality, safety, and of course the weight and size. Once we are sure all these aspects fulfil the basics, we can take a look at the price.


It is very important to make sure that the tool we are going to use is safe. Of course each and every legitimate company ensures that combi drills are safe, it is always good idea to check out protection measures and how everything was made, including the right, constant voltage level. Once you do that, you can move on to more specific topic.
best cordless drill for under 200 £


While looking for combi drill that costs approximately £200, we should always make sure it was designed in a solid, robust way. Durability of the tool as well as its lifespan is very important, especially when we look for more demanding DIY work. That is why it is always good point to look at adjustable torque settings, which will prolong the life of your tool. However, the best idea will be to find a tool with special protection systems like for example Bosch from the suggested list above. Right there, we can see two systems that keep our tool from overheating, discharging, and generally from destroying. This value range lets us demand more from the tool, so do not forget about this particular aspect!


Such expensive tools should be as versatile as it is possible. That is why we recommend searching for multi-functional drills with numerous settings and additional options. The must-have element is the possibility to change torque settings. It lets us adjust the power to the material we will be drilling. Another important element is checking out whether we can choose one of several drilling modes. We should have access to at least screw driving mode, hammer mode, and regular drill mode. In addition to that, pay attention to the maximum drilling capacity of the tools in various materials. Moreover, 2-speed box with different RPMs is also a great option you should remember about.


As it was mentioned above, functionality is very crucial element of each drill. The importance is even higher when we want to use our tool for versatile work. That is why extra features and accessories will be a great addition to the drill. What kind of elements you should look for? Case that will help you hide all the equipment is always a great addition. But the most important addition you should always look for is the second battery. Thanks to that we can change that and continue the work while the other one is being recharged. Except for that, we can also see accessories like set of bits. However, they are mostly poorly made and it’s much better to purchase them not in the set. LED indicators will definitely help you while working at night or in the rooms with poor light level.

Size and weight

We atre choosing best combi drills
The last but definitely not least feature you need to pay attention to. When looking for compact drill, it is obvious we need to look for drills that weighs less than two kilograms. Lightweight drills are very easy to use and we can perform any work while holding them one-handedly. Except for the weight, we should also see in which way grip was designed. If it was made in a modern, innovative way, then we can hope for stable, covered with non-slipping material that will ensure stability and certainty while holding the item. The right balance is also very important, but in that case we may look for a bit larger and more massive device. Of course that is not always the case and there are lightweight cordless combi drills with great grip and at the same time they are very stable.

Summary and conclusion – 2024 edition

Drilling tools that cost approximately 200 pounds should always be chosen with the greatest care. Each and every element that was mentioned above should be taken into account. Of course if you look for basic tool that will be used only from time to time, then you don’t need to get into all these details. Nevertheless, it is highly recommendable to know some basics, so we can avoid situations, where poorly designed device will be purchased by us. Do not forget to check out the reviews of everyday users, who bought the tool before you. They are one of the best sources of legitimate opinions that will surely help you choose the right product. If you have any questions regarding these tools or you wish to know more about under £200 drills, we are here to help you!

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