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Do you wonder how to find high-end drill driver under £50 in 2024 year? Learn more about the key aspects of drills!

If you look for cordless drill that will work more than a month and it won’t cause any problematic situation, you need to be familiarized with the essential elements responsible for proper and effective work. When it comes to cordless drill, there are several functions that come in handy and in order to purchase cordless drill driver that will meet our expectations, we ought to know them all. The following article will provide you with a detailed information regarding aspects of drill drivers worth noting. In order to move even further and not limit ourselves to theory, we have managed to prepare a list of 6 recommendable tools that fulfil the requirements and their positive feedback is an additional reason you should take them into account while looking for legitimate product.
But before we provide you the elements worth noting, let us take a look at the list mentioned above.

Which tools are the best? The list of 6 suggested drills

Apollo 18 V Pro Combo Cordless Drill Driver – lightweight, powerful, power-saving.

best cordless drill under 50
Very rich accessory
High performance
Good battery life
Not the best quality drill

The first suggestion on our comes from Apollo producer. Apollo 18 V Pro Combo Cordless Drill Driver is provided with 1000 mAh Ni-Cad battery. This particular product distinguishes itself from other tools thanks to high performance and decent flexibility. The torque provides us with 18Nm power, what basically means we can drill in high effectiveness up to 22mm of wood and 9mm of steel. What’s more, 1000mAh provides us with the working time approximately 3-5 hours. Another excellent thing regarding this Apollo is that we have received here 17 keyless clutch positions. Along with variety of speeds, we can adjust the tool to the material. We cannot forget about rich accessory setup, where we receive 30 piece drills and many other things like countersink, and storage case. All of that is guaranteed for 2 years by the producer.
In this moment the tool is unavailable, but if it returns on sales, it will definitely find its price range under £50.

The suggestion number two is Black Decker 18V

best cordless drill for under 50
Very powerful
Small and compact shape
Poor effectiveness with masonry
This drill driver under £50 provides us with higher torque. In this model we receive 30Nm, what transfers into better max drilling capacity. When it comes to wood, we have got 25mm, and in case of steel, it’s 10mm. However, we receive smaller number of settings. We can adjust our screw driver in 10 settings. It is worth to note that we received here variable speeds. The choice is from 0 up to 650 RPMs. A very interesting addition is a forward and reverse switch. The weight of this drill is only 1.5 kilograms, what basically gives us 3.3 lbs. The customers appreciate Black Decker for its compact size and at the same time rather powerful performance. However, if you are planning to work longer with larger jobs, then it is recommended to think about second battery, since the battery life isn’t as good as in case of other tools.

Looking for the cheapest tool available? Try out VonHaus!

best cordless drill under 50 pound
Very cheap
Amazing power for light work
Very light and great grip
Poor quality charger, sometimes needs replacement

In the latest, updated version of VonHaus 18V Cordless Drill Driver, we received built-in spirit level and 32Nm of torque. What’s more, we also receive keyless chuck 13mm. Thanks to that we do not have to worry about difficult and time-consuming drill changing. Another great thing about this purchase is that we receive 13-piece accessory kit. In there, we receive 6 various drills, 6 screw-bits, and 1 adaptor. When it comes to other additions, we can see here LED working light next to afore-mentioned spirit level. The producers decided to give us a 2-year warranty, what should be enough for such cheap tool and for light work. The customers really enjoy using this tool, especially for light work in cramped spaces.

Neilsen CT1787 is another recommendation worth considering

best cordless drill for under fifty pound
Very cheap
Adjustable thanks to multi torque settings
Powerful against soft materials
Low battery life
If you look for equally cheap product that characterizes with its simplicity and effectiveness, then you should pay attention to CT1787. This particular model has got reverse switch, what provides us with the option to drill reversible. What’s more, we receive here 10mm keyless chuck. Except for that, this model of Neilsen cordless driver received two screwdriver bits in handle, making it much easier and faster to swap them. A thing that will surely surprise you is that it has got a hammer drill function. Sadly, it isn’t as effective as hammer drill function in more expensive and more powerful drills. That is why it may be effective against lighter materials, definitely not against hard brick. Another thing that people find poorly made is battery. The batteries break down in this particular model after 2-24 months, depending on the frequency of using.

Fifth recommendation concerns Terratek 70 Piece 18V Cordless Drill

best cordless drill under 50 £
A lot of functions
Rich accessory kit
Fast charger
Poorly made bits
As the name suggests, the main this particular group is recommended not only because of its versatility, handiness, and quite high power, but also thanks to its very rich equipment and accessory set. In here we receive 70 pieces in Carry Case with Accessory Set. What’s more, this particular model is characterized by fast charger. It only takes one hour to recharge the battery, whereas other tools require from 3 to 5 hours. Another advantage the product provides is versatility. In here we received 21 torque settings, what lets us choose the perfect strength for drilling. In addition to that, we can also see turbocharged 18V that will take care of almost any type of material. Of course, there are some problems with this tool like for example the lack of hammer function or poorly made bits.
Nevertheless, if we pay that price for such well-equipped tool we cannot hope for flawless device.

The last but surely not least offer is from Mylek!

best cordless drill for under 50 £
Very versatile
Adjustable torque settings
Works lightly, powerful enough for most of materials
Very poor battery life
MYLEK 18V Cordless NiCd Drill Driver with LED Work Light – this is a description of this tool in a nutshell. We can see here additional accessory, which is not as rich as in the recommendation number five, but it is still nice to see 13 additional pieces in carry case. The options introduced in this product are forward – reverse switch, variable speed, and quite interesting and surely unusual option Quick Stop. When it comes to power, we can see here two speed gearbox thanks to which we can notice higher power and better efficiency. It drills through wood, metal, and other materials without any problems. As for design, the customers appreciate Mylek for its compact size and very nice, soft in touch grip handle. We will also acknowledge the torque settings and the number of them.
Mylek costs quite small amounth of money, what is rather low number for such set in general.

How to find ideal Drill Driver under £50? See which elements need the most attention!

As you can see, the products you saw above provide us with quite interesting advantages. Nonetheless, you probably noticed several disadvantages that come up more frequent than another. It is due to the low price for them. Unfortunately, we cannot expect for low-end products to be the highest quality and work for years. Some of the presented products have got two-year warranty, which is rather positive indicator of the durability. Others provide us with essential adjustable settings, which is also very important when it comes to versatility. In order to not be disappointed with the choice, first thing we need to do is answer the question: What kind of work will this drill do? Once you know the answer, you will know where to focus!


First thing we should always pay attention to is the durability of the drill itself. In most cases, we can see drills made of metal and plastic. Thanks to that they are light and rather solid. However, cordless drills under £50 are in most cases made of poor materials. That is why it is recommended to look for opinions of other customers and see how long they used particular model. Another element that proves the durability is the guarantee. People that are looking for drills to hard materials should decide on more expensive drills because in most cases, under 50 drills are for light DIY work.
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Another important thing we need to pay attention is the number of additional options. If we are looking for a drill that can be used with various materials, then this particular factor is very important. Adjustable torque settings, 2 speed gearbox, and of course the keyless chuck are things of the highest importance. It is because they let us adjust everything to the proper material and there won’t be problems with balancing between sturdy wood or poor quality steel. Adjustable RPMs will also be a great addition if we really look for versatility and the possibility to drill more than one type of material.


It is one of the most important element that gives you the power to drill through anything without a problem. When it comes to cheap drills, the torque varies from dozen of Nm up to several dozens. The exact number is rather hard to point, since in our list we mentioned a tool with such torque as 18 Nm and the highest was 32Nm if we recall correctly. Nevertheless, 18V proved to be quite powerful for light work and there were no problems whatsoever with wood up to 25mm and steel up to 10mm.


When we take into account the weight and size of cordless drills, we cannot forget about their weight and size. As you know, the whole point of purchasing such cheap and mobile drill is to save space and to have an easy and problem free operation for DIY work. From the list above we can name such weighs as 1kg up to 2.5 kg. It is relatively low number and no one should have any problems with using such drill. However, if we look outside of the list, we can see drills that weigh up to 4, 4.5 kg. Another important element is size. When we search for compact device, it is advisable to pay attention to plastic coverage. The case needs to be small, so we can fit it in many cases.

Additional accessory

Even if we notice dozens of pieces included to almost every drill, they are mostly made of poor quality material. Because of that they last one or two drills and they are rubbish. Therefore, we shouldn’t pay attention to this particular element, since it is better to find better drill driver without additional equipment, than look for cases, special covers, and numerous pieces like bits because they are poor quality and after a month, you are not going to use them any longer.

Summary – which one is the best from 2024 point of view?

Once you answer the question what materials and work you are going to do with your drill, then you are not going to need a help with purchasing the best cordless drill. All the data mentioned above were based on the experience of customers as well as the opinions and critics of people, who spent a lot of their time on DIY work and they know what to expect from every single tool.

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