The best cordless hammer drill? Take a look at our list from 2024 year!

Do you want to lay your hands on the most efficient and at the same time the most durable cordless hammer drill available on the market? Or maybe you are just looking for decent-operating tool that can perform all the work on the sufficient level and will cost half the price of other recommendations? No matter what your goal is – in a moment we will share the knowledge regarding hammer drills that will aid you in the choice, helping you with choosing the most suitable device for your needs. The whole article was prepared based on the knowledge and experience of using variety of cordless hammer drills. Before you receive any data on the crucial elements of every single drill, we strongly encourage to familiarize yourself with our list of suggestions, starting from the winner!

Makita DHR202Z 18 V Body Only Cordless Li-ion SDS Plus Rotary Hammer Drill – the winner on our list!

best cordless hammer drill
Very effective drilling
Very comfortable
Power consuming
Makita is the Japanese producer, who provided us with numerous tools for electronic, mechanical, or garden works. In this particular example, they followed tested and proved to be legitimate method of creating hammer drills. Thanks to that we received variety of features including 3-mode switch, where we can choose: rotation only mode, hammering with rotation, and hammering only. Except for that, DHR202Z included special drilling systems that increased the efficiency of drilling thanks to synchronization of RPM and BPM. Thanks to that, we also received two times faster drilling than usual. Makita couldn’t forget about comfort. In here, we got rather light and compact tool thanks to which we do not feel exhausted after a long period of drilling. Of course there are lighter tools than this model of Makita (it weights approximately 3kg), but the combination of efficiency, power, and compactness provides everything the regular customer is looking for. As for the price, this is probably the most important advantage of this tool. It doesn’t cost hundreds of dollars, so we can surely afford that.

What else can be recommended? Check out DeWalt 18V XR Lithium-Ion SDS Plus Body Only Rotary Hammer Drill!

best cordless hammer drills
Very effective with variety of materials
Long-lasting battery
Quite expensive.
It is more expensive alternative, but in case of this tool, we receive a product destined for particular materials and types of jobs. DeWalt is ideal for drilling anchors in such materials as brick and masonry. It can reach up to 24mm into them. Another feature worth mentioning is that we got here rotation stop mode, which can be used for light chiselling. Another drilling mode is impact stop mode, which basically is rotary only drilling – great for wood and metal drilling. With great power should come great batteries. This is where previous Makita didn’t do very good. However, in here we’ve got 4.0Ah 18 Volt Li-on battery, ensuring the highest performance for long period of time. What’s more, the stability of this hammer drill is by far one of the best from the available ones. As mentioned above, the cost is a bit higher, but it is still average price for high-end tool with such amazing performance.

Recommendation from Bosch? Only Bosch Professional GBH 18 V-EC Cordless Rotary Hammer Drill with Two 18 V 4.0 Ah Lithium-Ion Batteries!

best cordless sds hammer drill
One of the best performances in its class
Light, comfortable and compact
Increased lifetime and great durability
Very expensive
This rather expensive tool provides us with very long runtime, where we can drill 153 holes of the size 6 x 40 mm in concrete. It is all available on one batter charge because of special authorship system developed by Bosch (Bosch EC motor). Another advantage of this product is that it is great option for chiselling removal, since it has the highest rate in its class (12 kilograms per hour). Thanks to special CoolPack batteries introduced in this model, we can see increased lifetime by 100% and better effectiveness thanks to optimal heat dissipation. Because of that, there is a very small chance our tool will ever overheat. In addition to that, we should also notice how light and compact this model of Bosch is. All in all, the product guarantees high-end hammer drill that will work without any problems all the time. The only disadvantage this product seems to have is the price. It costs almost three times as much as the winner of our recommendation list.

Looking for something cheap? Take a look at BLACK+DECKER 18 V Lithium Ion 2 Gear Hammer Drill

best cordless hammer drill 2017
Very cheap
Effective with lighter DIY work
Poor quality pieces
Despite its low price, it provides us with very effective power and plenty of functional options. We got here the possibility to choose two gears, what increases the number of materials we can use. First gear can be used in order to drill through more demanding materials. The second one provides us with better speed, increasing the effectiveness against wood and other lighter materials. Other features worth mentioning is the choice of various speed if we desire fingertip control for all types of drilling or screw driving. The application of spring loaded battery system is also worth noting. It basically lets you charge the battery quicker in a secured way. If we decide to pay few pounds more, we may also receive piece accessory set with 16 or even 70 pieces for our use. However, they are quite poorly-constructed and they will not last long. This is the best recommendation for everyone, who wants to save some cash and get all the equipment very cheaply.

The last but surely not least drill is Milwaukee M18BPD-0 18V Li-ion M18 Heavy Duty Hammer Combi Drill

best cordless rotary hammer drill
Low price
Very powerful for its size
Small, portable, and compact
The lack of additional accessory or basic equipment
Milwaukee isn’t as popular company as the ones we described at the beginning, but it is still very effective production. The length of this drill is only 198mm, what makes this model excellent choice for working in small, confined spaces. What’s more, these models are equipped with flexible battery system. Thanks to that you can take almost any Milwaukee battery and use it with this model. Another benefit of using this tool is its metal chuck. Thanks to that you can change bits very quickly and seamlessly. Moreover, 13 mm size is very common, what makes it ideal for additional pieces purchased individually. The most important aspect that made Milwaukee M18BPD on this list is full metal gear box. It increases the lifetime and provides maximum performance. We were reviewing the body only version, which does not contain battery, therefore its price is lowered.

How to distinguish good cordless hammer drill from the bad one?

There are numerous aspects regarding hammer drills we need to take into account when it comes to finding the legitimate tool that will serve to all our goals and purposes. We have to make sure that the product is durable, it contains all the extras and additions, as well as it is multifunctional and can be used with various materials. We cannot forget about the power and the battery life – two aspects that are connected to each other. Once we learn more about these factors, we will be able to choose drill that will fit our requirements the most accurate. Let’s now describe each element a bit more in order to understand why they are so important!


There are two very good ways of finding out whether the tool we’ve chosen is robust or poorly designed. The first, most obvious one, is the duration of guarantee. There are producers that do not offer warranty on their product at all. These types of cordless hammer drills should be crossed out from our list in a second we notice that. They are poorly-created, the materials used for manufacturing are weak and will break very quickly. It’s good to find 2 or 3 years of warranty. Another good way of finding the durability is simply by checking materials. If we receive body made of metal, there is a high chance we will get long-lasting product.
what is the best cordless hammer drill to buy


The possibility to choose one of several drilling modes is a must when it comes to drilling, screw driving, or performing any other action with the use of hammer drill. It is the crucial aspect that you should always have in mind while looking for cordless drill. What’s more, it is good to find the tool with special indicators regarding battery status. You should also choose those drills, where you can choose speed, RPM, and the power of the drill, making it very universal drilling tool.

Extras and additional accessories

If we pick very rich in additions tool over highly effective, body only choice, then extras and additional accessories will be very significant element or the tool. There are of course special versions of popular and respectable hammer drills, where we can choose accessory kit including from 14 up to 70 pieces, but in these cases we will have to prepare more money. Of course you can also decide to purchase less popular and less recommendable product that gives you all-in package. However, keep in mind that the design of pieces will be much worse hence they will stand only several uses.

Size and impact

This particular aspect hasn’t been mentioned up to this moment but for many people cordless devices should be light, compact, and comfortable in use. That is why we recommend to look for ergonomic handles made of rubber that will not only provide you with very attractive and wanted grip, but it will also reduce the vibrations while using the tool. Of course there is a risk that smaller and lighter tool will have more plastic elements, thus its durability can be questionable. All in all, you need to decide if you want light and compact tool with the possibility to use it with one hand, or if you prefer heavier, but more stable and more durable drill.

Power and battery life

To be honest, these elements are two separate things but since they are connected, it is worth to focus these two at the same time. You see, when choosing tool that consumes a lot of energy that is very effective, you need to make sure that the battery included there will maintain great performance for longer than several minutes. That is why you should always look for high capacity lithium-ion batteries if you look for more powerful tools.

Conclusion – what to choose in 2024?

As you can see, there are plenty of things you have to take under consideration, but it is essential when picking legitimate, highly-effective tool. If; however, you don’t want to spend time on searching the tool that will perfectly fit your expectations, then use the list we are providing!