The best drain auger currently available in 2021? See the list and pick the right option in 2024!

Problems with clogged pipes and drain lines are quite common. People struggle with constantly clogged bathtubs, sinks, as well as drains of other sanitary appliances in the household. The problem can be solved by calling a professional plumber. However, if you want to have the job done the right way and for longer than a month or two, then you should look for the best drain auger.

These snake-like long cables are finished with augers, special heads that can eliminate clogs in a very efficient way. Sadly, picking a drain auger in the UK is not as easy as you may think, especially if you are not the expert on the topic and you don’t know which products will occur to be the best drain snake. That is why we prepared a list of five attractive options.

In the list we took into account a number of different parameters. Later on, they have a large impact on the final efficiency. First of all, we remembered about the total length of the snake, the flexibility and the durability of the product, as well as other construction-based characteristics. We also put large emphasis on the size of these cables as well as the functionality.

The best best drain snake you can currently buy is surely MUSMU 12 in 1 Drain Auger

• Very light;
• 12 pieces in the package;
• Highly efficient in getting rid of minor objects;
• Very flexible.
• Not as durable as the competition.

This particular option is one of the bestselling drain augers available on the market. In spite of its simple design, the option is great due to the fact that it has 12 packs of drain augers. Thanks to that, we can effectively clear drain lines from hair, paper, and many other objects that could clog the sink or other sanitary equipment.

The option is highly flexible and as a result, it can get into all the pipelines at home with ease. One of the best advantages when it comes to using this auger is the fact that we receive here 12 pieces. They differ in terms of length – some of them are 50 cm, others are 60 cm.

Another benefit of using this piece of device is its lightweight and slim design. Because of that, it can smoothly get into all the sewers and dredge pipes, as well as toilets, sinks, and tubs in the house. Sadly, the use of ABS plastic made the product not that durable. In other words, we need to be careful while using the product so it doesn’t get stuck in the drainage.

Another option worth considering is Nirox Plumbers Snake

• Attractive price;
• Incredibly durable;
• Rotatable handle;
• Highly efficient with straight pipes.
• Not flexible enough to work great with elbowed pipes. 

If we need to remove obstacles from a much deeper section, then you should surely take a closer look at Nirox and the plumbers snake that they have got to offer. Though we do not receive here a number of substitutions and accessories in the package, we have access to a longer and much more durable option that is at the same time more efficient when it comes to removing all the contaminations.

The option can boast with a spire wire length at the level of 3 meters. In addition to that, it is much more durable than the predecessor because instead of using ABS plastic, we authors decided to construct the auger with the use of galvanized steel. The product is also equipped with a handle made of wood.

The first thing worth noting is obviously the high quality finishing and surprising flexibility of the product. As a result, we can insert the snake deep inside the drains and remove any obstacles located in there. The product has a rotatable handle thanks to which it is easier to hold the product and handle it later on. We need to remember; however, that because of the material, it will never be as flexible as the option presented above. Due to that, it is not a great option in the case of elbowed pipes.

Looking for something more flexible? Vastar 7.62M Snake Drain Auger is a thing that might be better for curved drains 

• Highly efficient in removing hair and dirt;
• Very long cable;
• Highly durable;
• Can bend over 90 degrees without breaking or kinking.
• Very expensive;
• Not suitable to use with equipment made of porcelain. 

Though it is much more expensive option than the options presented earlier on, the product is highly durable and at the same time much more flexible than one would imagine. Thanks to strengthen ABS roller shell and high quality carbon steel spring we are dealing here with a very efficient option.

The first thing that surprises us with this particular option is the total length of the snake. It is 7.62 meters long, which is approximately 300 inches! As mentioned earlier on, the product is made of high-class materials thanks to which it is as durable as these products can get. It regards both the shell as well as the spring itself.

Another thing worth noting is comfort of use. First of all, the dredget is equipped with a very ergonomic grip. As a result of that, it is very simple and comfortable in use. Another thing worth noting is obviously the most important advantage of the product – flexibility. Thanks to its design, it can bend more than 90 degrees without worrying that the option will break or kink.

Sadly, the price for this particular option is quite large. As a result of that, not everyone will be interested in spending so much on a traditional product. Still, it is quite effective if not the most effective alternatives out there.

Another plumbing auger worth noting is Silverline Tools 633025 6 mm x 7m Drain Auger

• Incredibly quick and efficient drain cleaning process;
• Very long;
• Safety clutch included;
• Very durable and at the same time quite flexible.
• Required power tool or air-powered tool to work. 

Made by one of the most prominent suppliers of budget-like tools in the UK, this particular drain auger is unlike any other presented in this ranking. First of all, it can be powered by any electric or air-powered drill in order to enhance its work. Secondly, the option introduces a safety clutch and some other attributes, making the product quite popular among the professional plumbers as well as in the case of amateur use.

This particular drain auger drill is 7 meters long, which is one of the largest length in the ranking. Noteworthy is the fact that its diameter is 6 mm, so it is ideal in the case of most home drainages like, for example, bathtubs, showers, sinks, and floor drains.

In terms of construction, the option is made of a heavy duty rotating steel wire coil, which is hidden inside the stationary plastic tube. As a result, we receive a rather flexible option. Obviously, it may have problems with elbowed pipes with larger angles than 80 degrees. Still, it is one of the easiest options to use if you have the right power tool.

Perhaps you are more into electric drain auger products? Then do not wait any longer and use TACKLIFE HGDDC1A automatic cordless drain auger

TACKLIFE HGDDC1A automatic cordless drain auger
• Very efficient;
• Cordless power supply;
• Power tool with very efficient clog removal;
• Compact size – easy to transport and use outdoors.
• Quite expensive when compared to other traditional plumbing auger tools.

This is by far the most expensive option out of all presented in the standings. Nevertheless, this is also the only electric drain auger worth mentioning at such a relatively low price when compared to other electric devices of this kind. The product guarantees quite large power and the possibility to effectively clean clogged drain lines with different diameters at our disposal.

The thing that surprises the users the most is its flexible shaft. It can clean drains from 19 up to 51 mm in diameter. It also offers a quite flexible cleaning tip for steel. Interestingly, the product also offers segmented design. As a result, we can always replace the shaft if it wears down.

Besides the fact that it is electric powered, it also offers cordless power supply. Thanks to rechargeable batteries, the possible transport as well as use of the product outside is much easier. In terms of rotary speed that is responsible for speed of cleaning, it is at around 560 RPM. When compared to other plumbing power tools, this is more than enough.

How to pick the right drain auger uk? Here is the buying tutorial you need!

There are dozens of different devices that can help you with your clogging problem. Sadly, not everyone can be the right option for you because it all depends on the amount of hair, dirt, and other contaminants inside the drain as well as the type of pipes you have. That is why it is important to take into account a lot of features before making a final decision.

First thing to consider is, obviously, the construction of the snake itself. The augers can be quite long and, in order to be effective, they have to be durable. This is why you should always think about the material that was used to build the wire. Another thing worth noting is the length. Crucial part of every option, especially if we are dealing with clogging that happened much deeper than usual.

Another thing worth noting is the flexibility, which is of utmost importance in the case of many elbow shaped pipelines. Let’s also remember that besides traditional options, there are also electric and even cordless ones. Moreover, we can find special drain augers that can be powered by drill power tools or air-powered devices for increased efficiency. More information can be also found here:

What is the level of contamination?

The first thing to consider while picking the right drain auger is, obviously, the level of contamination. If you used a lot of chemical compounds made for unclogging and it did not help, and additionally you used the help of professional help in order to be free of clogged sanitary equipment for just a moment, then you are probably dealing with a very large problem.

In such situations, it is much more important to spend more for a very long and durable product. A thing that may additionally improve the effectiveness of cleaning such heavily contaminated drains is the possibility to mount the wire to a drill or other power tool thanks to which we receive an incredibly large number of revolutions per minute.

If however, the problem is not that high and you don’t want to waste your time and money on hiring plumbers, then you should think about less expensive and much less demanding in  terms of use products such as small drain augers available in larger packages.

MUSMU 12 in 1 Drain Auger

best drain snake

Vastar 7.62M Snake Drain Auger

plumbing auger uk

How many elbow-shaped pipelines are you dealing with?

If you happen to have a large amount of pipelines that are heavily curved, then you need to remember about the flexibility of the drain auger. As you know, steel is not as flexible as plastic or rubber. However, it is much more durable. That is why you should think about the best compromise you can afford.

Sometimes it is possible to find special steel wires that are rather thin. However, because of the additional cover made of, let’s say, ABS plastic or rubber, they are quite durable. This is a great option, especially if you need to deal with many elbow-shaped pipes.

What about durability?

Another thing to consider is related to the durability of the product. As mentioned above, you have to think about the right material which the drain auger was made from. In the case of simple and long drainages, you can surely pick a very sturdy and less flexible option that will withstand even the most difficult works.

Bear in mind that such an option is not recommended for people with many curved drainages. Because of that, you won’t be able to get into many places as easy as in the case of flexible snakes. Besides the design of the drain auger itself, let’s also remember about handles and special casings – these need to be durable as well!

Nirox Plumbers Snake

electric drain auger

TACKLIFE HGDDC1A automatic cordless drain auger

plumbing auger

Do you care about choosing a highly functional option or not?

All these things discussed above are of greatest significance when it comes to the effectiveness and usefulness of the product. However, we should also remember about the comfort of use, especially if we think that there will be a lot of unclogging in the future. That is why think whether you want a standard, hand-operated option or something more expensive.

The market is full of automatic drain augers that are powered by electricity. There are even cordless options for the best comfort and transport simplicity. Obviously, they are not as attractive in terms of price as the standard drain snakes, but they offer many interesting features like, for example, automated rotations and the possibility to adjust the rotation speed to the work.

Summary and conclusion – best drain auger in UK 2024

If you need a relative cheap option that is great for smaller clogs, then you should definitely think about picking the winner of the ranking. MUSMU 12 in 1 Drain Auger guarantees a very rich package of different drain augers that can be picked depending on the length and size you need. In terms of more durable and longer options, you should see alternatives.

Obviously, the best option will be the one that suits all your expectations. That is why make sure you read the following article and learn about all the possible tips and tricks. This is the best way to lay your hands on a highly functional and, what is even more important, designed for your needs product.