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Drilling through concrete or masonry surfaces is definitely quite demanding. It requires strong accessories that will not break down after a minute or two of drilling. However, every surface requires a bit different construction of the drilling bit and, what is even more important, a bit different material.

This is why most people look for a drill bit for aluminum. It is all due to the fact that contrary to soft metals, aluminum requires much more durable tips in order to successfully drill through the surfaces without damaging the material. Since drilling through aluminum is difficult without appropriate bits, we decided to prepare an in-depth instruction of how to choose the best drill bit for aluminum.

In the ranking 2024, you can find 5 interesting kits that consist of highly durable products prepared for most of the heavy metal surfaces, including aluminum. While preparing the list, we put emphasis not only on the material of the bits, but also their tips, the coating, and the versatility of the kit.

The best drill bit for aluminum sheet and the winner of the ranking is Box of 10 x HSS Gold Cobalt Jobber Drill Bit

• Low price;
• Large package of 10 pieces;
• Can be used to drill through aluminum;
• Heat resistant.
• Can easily break down when used for a longer period of time. 

The product that won today’s list is surely one of the best options because of its highly durable finishing and very rich package for quite a low price. Rennie Tool Company prepared for us the product that was made of High Speed Steel.

In order to improve the durability and increase wear-resistance, the authors included 5% cobalt content thanks to which the product is much more durable than the competition. It is also high heat resistance and guarantees precise work.

Let’s not forget about the fact that these premium quality bits are gold-finished, making their design much more appealing. Another advantage of the product is that we receive up to 10 pieces in the kit for a very low price.

Unfortunately, high durability and heat-resistant did not prolong the life of the bits, making them rather squishy after a long period of time.

Another attractive, yet quite expensive solution, is Bosch 2609255000 Metal Drill Bits HSS-R

• Highly durable;
• Can be sued in a number of different surfaces;
• Wear-resistant;
• Can be used with heavy metals, including aluminum.
• Not enriched with cobalt;
• Quite expensive.

Bosch offers us an incredibly popular option that has been purchased quite a lot of times already. It proves that the product meets the expectations of people and guarantees durability for many different surfaces, including iron, alloyed and non-alloyed steel, cast iron, or hard plastic.

The product was made of high speed steel, which is the same material as the previously described offer. We should bear in mind; however, that in this particular metal drill bit the manufacturer did not enrich it with cobalt. It means that it is not going to be as durable and heat-resistant as the winner of the ranking 2024.

However, a lot of people proved that this bit is capable of drilling through thick pieces of surfaces without any efforts. Still, we need to remember that it is quite expensive, since the price concerns one piece and not the entire kit.

Let’s also remember about  much cheaper 1mm HSS Gold Cobalt Jobber Drill Bit

• Made to DIN338 Standards;
• High quality finishing with the use of HSS and the addition of Cobalt;
• Great value for money.
• Poor longevity. 

If the product presented above did not meet our expectations and we really want to equip ourselves with a drill bit for an aluminum sheet that is supplemented with cobalt, then make sure to look at yet another offer from Rennie Tool Company. As it befits the products from this manufacturer, they provide us with great quality and reasonable price.

Once again we see here a product made of HSS, which is high speed steel with the addition of cobalt. As a result, we can easily use it in order to drill through stainless steel and many other hard steels, including aluminum.

What is more, the product was made to DIN 338 standards in order to give us the highest quality it is possible. In the kit we receive only one cobalt jobber drill, but it is still an interesting option as a result of low price for a piece.

Its thickness and sheerness is definitely worth recommending. It is also great value for money, but we need to bear in mind that its longevity leaves some to be desired.

13.5mm HSS Blacksmith Drill Bit is definitely a drill bit for aluminium worth checking out

• Highly versatile solution;
• Reduced shank drill;
• Highly efficient.
• Not as heat-resistant as the competition. 

If we are not afraid of much more expensive options, then we should think about purchasing yet another drill bit by Rennie Tool Company, namely 13.5 mm HSS Blacksmith Drill Bit. It provides us with well thought-out construction and great parameters, making it great for a variety of materials – starting from plastic, through wood, and ending on steel and aluminum.

The product has a reduced shank drill, which is quite handy as well. Bear in mind that the product offers us flute length of 78 mm. The authors made sure that this solution works well with many different surfaces. As a result, it won’t be the best for the heaviest projects.

Obviously, it is also made of high speed steel, which is a very popular option, especially when we look at versatile drill bits. However, such a solution is not recommended for heavy works and for much more demanding projects.

Let’s not forget about UK Drills 1/2 Cobalt Drill Bit Jobber M35, yet another kit of gold drill bits

UK Drills 1 2 Cobalt Drill Bit Jobber M35
• Highly durable;
• Fitted for heavy work;
• DIN 338 and BS 328 Standards;
• 135 degrees split points for faster start. 
• Very expensive.

The last but surely not least interesting option was prepared by the UK Drills company. It offers us a maximum drilling power as a result of using hss with the combination of cobalt. Due to that, it can be used in many different heavy jobs like for example stainless steel, alloy, hardened steel, cast iron, or aluminum.

The producers made sure that the product offers DIN 338 and BS 328 standards. Together with 135 degrees split point that enables fast start, we are receiving a great quality of the component.

Just like other products in the ranking, we cannot hope for a rich package. If we decide on that offer, we receive only 1 piece. Due to that, it is quite expensive solution, since the winner of the ranking provides the entire kit for the price of this one bit.

What do we have to take into account while picking the right drill bit for aluminum?

The market guarantees access to hundreds of different drill bits that vary in terms of their design as well as material. However, there is much more to consider when picking the right option, especially if we are going to work with quite demanding surfaces.

Drilling through aluminum is difficult, especially if you are not equipped with the right accessories. For this reason, it is crucial to think twice before purchasing the bits just to make sure we ease the process and make it much more friendly. That is why always think about the material of the bit as well as its coating.

What is more, we should remember about the type of drill bit we use and, interestingly the flute design. Obviously, the price and the number of pieces included in the kit also indicates whether this is the right product or not. More information can be found here:

What is the material of the drill bit?

If we are going to work with a very hard surface, then it is necessary to equip ourselves with highly specialized drill bits that can not only drill through the material with ease, but also they will withstand the trial of time and maintain its quality throughout many months or years to come. That is why it is very important to pick the right material of these components.

There are four different options we can choose from, namely Cobalt, Carbide, Diamond, or High-Speed Steel. The least common is, obviously, diamond, because of their high cost and very limited use. They are, however, great when drilling through hard materials.

More popular option, used in most cases for masonry tasks, is carbide. This is definitely a one of the hardest and one of the most brittle drill bit materials we use. For this reason, it is also great when drilling through concrete.

In terms of drilling through aluminum surfaces, the most often option is high-speed steel, known as HSS. It is a great option because of their heat resistance and very high cutting speed. However, if we are going to use the drill accessories in demanding projects, it is substantial to enrich HSS with Cobalt.

These bits are ideal when we deal with harder steel and plenty of stainless steel grades. Still, they are a bit more expensive than pure HSS bits.

UK Drills 1/2 Cobalt Drill Bit Jobber M35

drill bit for aluminium

13.5mm HSS Blacksmith Drill Bit

drilling through aluminum

How does the flute design influence the choice?

Special grooves we can find in the body of the drill bit is what we call flute. These elements allow us to cut through a variety of surfaces and, if designed correctly, improve the chips removal and guarantee the possibility to work more efficiently.

The price and the quantity

If we look at the products presented above, we can notice quite a large discrepancy when it comes to the cost of a single piece. It is all due to the fact that the value of a selected item can be increased by the material used, the diameter, and obviously the additional technologies that were featured during the production process.

It is; however, very important to compare the products and look at their parameters, and then see how their prices vary. In this way we can simply assess whether we are overpaying for the renown name of the company. Let’s also remember that some prices might be lower, but the package might also be significantly less interesting for most of you.

1mm HSS Gold Cobalt Jobber Drill Bit

drilling through aluminum uk

Box of 10 x HSS Gold Cobalt Jobber Drill Bit

best drill bit for aluminium

Obviously, diameters are really important

While working on a specific surface, we have to remember that the appropriate diameter and the length of the bit is of utmost importance. If we choose wrongly, we can not only damage the bit, but also jeopardize the material which we were working on.

For this reason, it is a good option to learn the dimensions of the material and see its density. Once we find the right size, we will be able to look for the appropriate drill bit. Bear in mind that the larger diameter, the higher the price. We can, obviously, purchase the kit with different drill bits sizes, to ease the work.

Summary and conclusion – best drill bit for aluminium in UK 2024

In today’s ranking 2024 we took into account several important elements that will surely help you choose the most appropriate drill bit for your aluminum surfaces. The guide included not only the material and the design of the bits, but also some other important things that are also very important for the process of drilling.

Still, if you do not want to waste any more of your time on searching and learning how to pick the right option, familiarize yourself with the winner of the list, namely Box of 10 x HSS Gold Cobalt Jobber Drill Bit. This set guarantees everything you really need, and it is also the best value for money.

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