Are You Looking For The Best Drill Bits For Porcelain/Ceramic Tiles in 2024?

While porcelain tiles are mostly preferred by home owners, they are also the hardest to drill through. A newly tiled bathroom can start looking ugly in an instant if you happen to have one wrong move or one wrong slip while drilling through the tiles. Screwing into porcelain tile presents its own set of challenges because porcelain is dense, hard and much heavier than a ceramic tile. To be honest, drilling small holes in porcelain tiles could still be easier but if have to drill one for a pipe; it could very well be a Herculean task. The fact remains that porcelain tiles need proper tile bits that will efficiently drill through without breaking them. How and where to find the best drill bits for porcelain ceramic tiles? Let us find out!

Silverline 217584 Tile and Glass Drill Bit – Set Of 3

best drill bit for tile
Helps give you clean and precise cuts
Is versatile
Comes in three different sizes
With proper care, it can be highly durable
Highly affordable
They might wear out if they get overheated

When you are looking for a glass and tile bit that gives you perfectly shaped holes in your precious bathroom riles, Silverline 217584 could give you a ray of hope. The best feature of this drill bit is the fact that it is versatile enough to be used on glass, tiles as well as mirrors. This is yet another reason for woodworkers to prefer the product; the more versatile a drill bit is, the lesser expensive the whole process of woodworking becomes.

The drill bit comes in three sizes; 5mm, 6mm and 8mm. It will give you clean and precise cuts without damaging your tile surface. The drill bit is also compatible with 3-jaw chuck drills. If you can keep the drill pressure low and frequently lubricate the drill bits, you can expect optimal results and a longer life.

Draper Expert 48221 8-Piece Tile and Glass Drilling Set

best drill bit for tiles
Highly versatile drill bits that can be used on a number of surfaces
Great value for money
Quite affordable
High-quality product
These might not hold too well for very thick ceramic tiles

There is no denying the fact that Draper tools are made with the highest quality in mind and they are also regulated with strict quality control. This set contains 8 tile and glass drills ranging from 3mm to 10 mm and they can be used on mirrors, floor tiles as well as quarry tiles.

The best feature of these tiles is the fact that they are reasonably priced and provide good value for money. The drill bits can be used on very hard tiles and they are efficient enough to not damage adjoining tiles. They are also quite durable for the amount of money you pay to buy them. They seem to last even under a good amount of workload and will not show signs of wear and tear as other cheaper sets would.

Am-Tech Glass and Mirror Drill Bit (4 Pieces)

best drill bit for porcelain tile
Versatile product that can be used on glass as well as mirror
Inexpensive and affordable
Gives you neat and clean cuts
Tendency to overheat which is why you need to pause drilling in between to let them cool down
You certainly do not want your glass surface or your glass mirror to chip or break, do you? The Am-Tech Glass and Mirror Drill Bit has been manufactured to ensure that your glass surfaces end up with clean and neat-looking drilled holes. The carbide tipped drill bits drill through the glass with ease and are quite inexpensive for the quality that they offer. The only thing that you might need to remember while using them is to cool them down in between drilling sessions. This will add to their lifespan.

3 Piece Hex Drive Tile & Glass Drill Bit Set

3 Piece Hex Drive Tile Glass Drill Bit Set
Efficient drill bits that can drill through hard and dense surfaces
Can be used on a number of surfaces with ease
Great value for money
They tend to need a good deal of cooling down in between drilling sessions
This product at hand is equipped to be used on glass, tiles and mirrors and they are compatible with 3-jaw chuck drills. The drill bits are tungsten carbide tipped that will drill through dense and hard materials with ease and will give you neat holes. For best results, it is recommended to use them on low drill pressure and lubricate them frequently.

Bosch 2609255467 76mm Tile Drill Bit Diameter 6 mm

best drill bit for ceramic tiles
Gives you precise drilling with clean cuts
Especially designed to drill through glass and ceramic without any damage
Highly versatile
Some users have reported that the drill might not hold good for porcelain
This is the last product in our list of best drill for tile UK but certainly not the least. The best feature of this drill bit is its extreme versatility. It fits all brands and all drill types. You can use this drill bit on glass, ceramic tiles as well as porcelain and need not worry about chipping, breaking or damaging adjoining surfaces. This tip is especially designed to be able to drill through glass and ceramic tiles.

Understanding Porcelain Ceramic Tiles

Porcelain ceramic tiles have a very low rate of water absorption which makes them an ideal choice for bathrooms, kitchens and showers. They are also great choices for walls and floors because they are dense and durable. The manner in which they are manufactured in a kiln makes them even more difficult to drill through without breaking the adjoining tiles. There are particular types of drill bits that are essentially made to drill through porcelain and in this article; we will help you understand the difference and the need.

Best Drill Bits For Hard Porcelain Tile

Three different types of drill bits are ideally used to drill through porcelain tile and they are listed below:

• Diamond tipped drill bits
• Tile bit
• Masonry bit

Diamond drill bit for porcelain tile is what you ideally need. You can also manage to do your task with masonry drill bits but when it is a matter of perfection, you simply cannot do without diamond tipped drill bits. Drilling through high grade of porcelain is difficult but you can trust diamond tipped bits to make their way through.

The only concern with diamond drill bits is the fact that they need cooling down. It is thus important to use water while drilling with these bits. Spraying water on to the drilling surface helps cool it down to an extent and also adds to its lifespan. Apart from this aspect, diamond drill bits will lead to precise, neat and clean holes that you might have been waiting for all this while.

How To Drill Through Porcelain?

While using diamond drill bits to drill through the perfect porcelain wall, then remembering the following steps will help you perform better.

1. The first step is to mark the centre of your hole.
2. The second step is to cover that centre with a strip of masking tape and mark the hole again. The step ensures that the bit does not slip away even when you apply pressure to it. In the worst situation, if the bit does slip, the masking tape will keep the tile safe.
3. If you are using a variable drill, it is recommended to start slowly and go slow till at least the surface is broken.
4. The fourth step is to spray the drilling surface with coolant or water.
5. The final step is to use only as much force as is required to keep the process going. It is wiser to avoid exerting too much pressure because there is always the fear of the tile cracking or splitting.

While following these steps, the most important thing to remember is to never use the hammer drill setting while starting off because you might end up cracking the tile even before you can start drilling.

Using Diamond Drill Bit For Porcelain Tile

Once the above steps are covered, the most important task at hand is to ensure that the porcelain tile does not break. The only two tricks that are required at this step are patience and accuracy. Once the diamond drill bit breaks through the tile surface, you need to use the drill at a consistent speed until the desired depth is attained.

Always ensure that the wall you are drilling does not have electrical or water cable lines running behind them. Diamond tipped drill bits are prone to overheating so frequent pausing is recommended and dipping the drill bit into water is also suggested by professional woodworkers.

Once the drilling is over and the task is nearly done, you must ensure that you decrease the speed and pressure of the drill to slowly remove the drill bit from the tile’s surface. Once this done, you might have hopefully drilled through the surface without causing damage to the adjoining surfaces.

Why are Masonry Drill Bits not as effective as diamond tipped drill bits?

There is always an option of picking the less expensive product but when you pick it up, do consider the pros and cons of your choice. When it comes to drilling through porcelain tile, using a masonry drill bit could very well be a sub-standard alternative to a tungsten carbide tip or a diamond tipped bit.

A masonry tip might work but it will not give you a neat hole. If you happen to examine a hole drilled in a porcelain tile that has been drilled by a masonry bit, you will realize how the edges and the surface around the hole are chipped. It looks untidy and fails the whole point of buying it in the first place.

At the end of day, it all comes down to deciding the amount of drilling that is required to do. If you have to drill a few holes that will have the same diameter, then a masonry drill might work but if you are a DIY enthusiast and porcelain tiles happen to you often, then a diamond tipped drill bit could be your only solution.

Common Questions Answered

  • What is the best masonry drill bit for porcelain tile?

The best masonry drill bit for porcelain tile is the one that has a tungsten carbide tip because the ordinary ones will lead to untidy holes.

  • Which drill bit do professionals recommend?

Most professionals seem to recommend diamond tipped drill bits because of their efficiency and clean cuts.

  • Do Diamond Tipped Bits need additional care?

Yes, diamond tipped drill bits need to be dipped in water in between drilling to avoid overheating.

  • Is there any other precaution to be taken?

Diamond tipped drill bits need pauses in between drilling so that they do not overheat and last longer.

Reviewing The Best Drill Bits For Hard Porcelain Tile

While there are a hundred drill bits that you could choose to buy for your tiles, we are here to recommend you that could be the best drill bit for ceramic tiles. We believe in products that give you your desired finish, which is why we have come up with best drill bit for tile reviews in this article.

Summary and conclusion – what to choose – 2024 edition?

Now that we have a fair idea of the top products on the market, it gets slightly easier to choose the best drill bit for tiles. Owing to the fact that we have constantly harped on affordability, ease of use and precise cuts, the Silverline 217584 Tile and Glass Drill Bit seems to march ahead of the other 4 in line. With sturdy tungsten carbide tipped bits, it is capable of giving you precise cuts while making your drilling task as simple as it gets. It is also quite affordable that makes it a favourite among DIY woodworkers. It is the clear winner among the others and we hope that it can assist as efficiently in your tasks as well!