Ranking of the best drill bit for wood – 2024

Finding the right drill bit is quite difficult since there are so many different species of trees and wood materials. That is why people tend to criticize wood bits due to their poor performance. To avoid such situation and obtain bits that work and don’t wear off after a single use, it is good to find websites that specialize in this specific area of expertise. The ranking you can see below lists five interesting choices you should take into account while looking for the best drill bit set for wood.

What is the best type of drill bit for wood? See our winner – Irwin Blue Groove Drill Bit 6 Piece Set!

best drill bit for wood
Very durable
Versatile sizes
Easy to use
Minimal break out
Very expensive

This particular set is very interesting offer for everyone, who doesn’t pay much attention to the price. In here, we receive one of the most durable bits for wood on the market. Thanks to cutting spurs we don’t have to worry about problems with break outs. These drills guarantee clean holes and minimum break out. Another interesting feature of this creation is that it guarantees very fast ejection due to the Tru-Flute Design. Another advantage of these drills is tapered flute. It reduces binding and makes it easier to use. Together with 6 pieces of varied size, we also receive carry case in quite interesting design.

The problem for many of you may be the price. It costs much more than any other recommendation you are going to see on our list.

Looking for something different? See Bosch 2607017034 3/4/5/6/7/8/10 mm X-Pro Wood Drill Bit Set

best drill bit set for wood

Very precise


Sharp and tough



For soft wood only

In the case of this particular set the most important advantage of using Bosch wood drilling bits is their precision. We don’t need to worry about clumsy drilling effects or something like that. Everything in here is created in very precise and thorough manner. Therefore, we don’t need to worry about any break downs or anything like that. For a low price the producer guarantees that these bits maintain their sharpness and toughness for a long time. We don’t have to worry that the heads will deform in any way. It’s worth to mention that thanks to an A energy class ratings, these bits do not need much pressure to work effectively. The problem with this set is that they tend to overheat, making them very prone to break. That is why it is recommended to use it with soft wood and be careful with harder wood.

Mannesmann Professional Wood Drill Set in Plastic Box – third recommendation on our list

best type of drill bit for wood

Extremely tough


Very long warranty


Sharp, great with hard wood

Rather brittle

If you are looking for one of the best drill bits for woodworking, then this set should definitely be taken under consideration. Bruder Mannesmann is well-known and respectable manufacturer that provides us with accessories and tools for DIY work. In case of these drills, we can be sure they are long-term solution since the manufacturer provide us with TEN YEARS of warranty. It only shows how durable and how excellent products they create. Some of the customers believe that these are the best wood drill bits in uk! What makes them so special? It is all thanks to the material used during production. Alloyed chromium steel makes these drills almost indestructible when used properly. What’s more, we also see here milled grooves and centre. An interesting addition is authorship plastic box that lets us storage the pieces.

The price for this set is also small and it makes them even more interesting choice.

Fourth suggestion is Draper 18560 Titanium Nitride Coated Flat Wood Bit Set

best drill bits for woodworking

Large, for drilling bigger holes


Long-lasting thanks to hardened carbon steel and coating


Very secured and soft plastic case

Ideal for woodworking, perform poorly with heavier materials

If we are looking for larger sizes, then this should be a great option for us. The smallest bit in this set is 10 mm, and the largest 32 mm. It makes these bits very interesting choice for everyone, who is looking for larger holes. They can be used to drill holes needed for pipes and wires. Of course because of their size and their application, the manufacturer has coated them with Titanium Nitride. Except for that, their durability is bigger than we think thanks to the use of carbon steel, which was also hardened. That is why you should think about this set while looking for the best drill bit for wood in UK. Except for 7 pieces variant, you can also choose 15 pieces HSS Drill Bit set, which is very powerful, yet contains smaller bits.

The price for flat Wood Bit Set is approximately the same as in case of Mannessman or Bosch offer.

The last offer is Mohoo 50PCS 1/1.5/2/2.5/3mm HSS Shank Drill Bit Set Tools Titanium For Wood Plastic and Aluminum Copper Steel

best wood drill bits uk



A lot of pieces in one set


Easy to storage since they are flat

They easily snap with pressure

If you don’t want to spend so much money on bits, you can always choose Mohoo offer, where you receive 50 pieces of small bits from 1mm up to 3mm. These bits are made with care, therefore you should not have any problems with durability. They are resistant to wear. These drill bits are made of titanium, which is a suitable material for smooth drilling. Since they can also be used for cast iron, copper, and even aluminium die steel alloy steel, they are one of the best drill bits for hardwood.

Their price is also very attractive, and should be taken into account while searching for great wood drill bits.

So, who makes the best woodworking bits? How to find the ones that will suit me the most?

Drilling in wood is a bit different than drilling in other materials. It doesn’t require so much strength and pressure for the job. Nevertheless, as it happens in other DIY products, we need to take several things into account when looking for the right drill bits. We have to take into account coating, the material of which drill bits are made of, the manufacturer himself and of course warranty.


There are several materials used for manufacturing woodworking drill bits. First one, the most popular one, is steel and its variations. We can find here Alloy Steel, Carbon Steel, Stainless Steel, and High-Speed Steel, which is also known as HSS. Of course some of them can also be used for drilling steel and heavier materials. However, keep in mind that heavier materials that are tougher than wood require special coatings.


In terms of wood bits, we do not need to purchase specially coated drill bits for wood. Nevertheless, if we are going to use our power tool with more demanding materials, it is recommended to buy drill bits that are covered with highly-specialized materials. Good thing is to choose durable and resistant to heat material. The most common coating is Titanium nitride. A great combination of durability, resistance, and of course long lifespan.


Bosch, Irwin, Makita, Dewalt, or Wera – these are few of many interesting choices. Why is it important to take manufacturer into account? It’s because in addition to effective drill bits, they also provide us with very high quality power tools. Some of these tools may not be compatible with universal bits. That is why you need to bear in mind choosing drills that will fit your power tool. Of course legitimate manufacturer equals durability, sharpness, and toughness.

Summary – what are the best drill bit for wood reviews in 2024 year?

If you look for more information regarding wood drill bits, you can also take a look at: https://dengarden.com/home-improvement/What-Drill-Bit-To-Use

The choice of drill bits for wood is quite difficult, especially if we want to use these drills for heavier jobs. There are so many different products. We can choose short or long drill bits for wood, coatings, and of course different materials. All in all, every choice comes down to one particular thing – to what kind of these drills will be destined to? Once you answered that questions and once you know how to drill large holes in wood with the use of large drills, you will never had any issues with woodworking drill bits!