A review of five of the best drill sets for metal in 2024

Are you at your tether’s end because of your drill won’t drill and even if does the edges are rough and the hole is never accurate? Your drill bits are the cause of your misery. Dull poor-quality drill bits break under the slightest pressure ruining your DIY project. You need the best drill bit set for metal to overcome these issues.

Review of 5 of the best drill bit for metal

The best drill bit for cutting metal

best drill bit for metal

All the bits are compatible with all brand drillers


Suitable for a lot of materials which include iron, plastic, non-alloyed steel and non-ferrous metals


Reasonably priced


Comes in 13 sizes covering almost all diameters needed for DIY projects


Well-constructed from high-speed steel making them withstand the pressure of drilling without breaking


The cuts are clean and accurate

Flimsy storage case that won’t keep the elements from attacking the bits reducing their efficiency in due course of time

Tends to snap and chip

Bosch HSS-R-Drill 13-piece bit set is one of the best type of drill bit for metal. It is built well and is priced reasonably. It has 13 bits with drilling diameters ranging from 1mm to 13mm, making it the preferred choice for most DIY projects. Made of high-speed steel these bits are suitable for all materials. The set is value for money and comes within the budget of almost all DIY enthusiasts.

The best high-quality metal drill bits that produce accurate results every time

best drill bit set for metal

Durable and not susceptible to easy breakage


Sharp bits that produce clean cuts with no ugly rough edges


Suitable for wood, plastic, and metal


Ideal for all home projects




Protective sturdy plastic case provided

Range of size is limited

The slide catch on the protective case is flimsy

Manufactured from high-quality material these drill bits from DeWalt DT7920B Extreme Drill Bit Set are built for tough work. You can look forward to burr-free holes in all materials right from plastic to wood to metal. The bits can be protected from dust and moisture in a rugged plastic case. 13 bits of varying diameter ensure that all your DIY projects are covered.

The budget-friendly one set solution for all your needs

best type of drill bit for metal

Manufactured by one of the oldest companies dealing in hardware tools


A great price considering the large number of drill bits


Varying diameters ensure that you can drill all size holes


Lightweight carry case provided


Suitable for all materials

Breaks under pressure

The nitride coating wears off after initial use

The ends become blunt after a few uses

Draper 18549 Drill Bit Set is a durable, multipurpose drill bit set for those on a tight budget. The bits are coated with titanium nitride which increasing their resistant. This set is suitable to be used on aluminum, steel, carbon, and plastic. Store them away conveniently in a plastic case.

The best multipurpose drill bit set for cutting metal

best drill bit material for metal

Several bits have duplicates so there are easy replacements in case of misplacement or the ends turning blunt


Suitable for drilling on a wide variety of material


216 bits of various shapes and sizes to cover all kinds of DIY work


A T-shaped screwdriver and 1-bit driver provided. Both have magnetic tips ensuring you will not go astray


The bits are made of steel and the tips of tungsten carbide


A sturdy case provided for protection

The bits tend to rust

Not all bits will ever be needed

The internal clips are flimsy and tend to break

No drilling bits provided

One set that has it all – Makita P-44046 set has 216 pieces in it; so, it basically covers any kind of diameter and any size hole you wish to drill. The set includes not just the standard long series but also hex, Torx, and square bits. You have everything that you need in this one box which includes Philips bits, Pozi, flat screwdriver bits and even tape measure and spirit level. You need not fear losing any small bit because a sturdy case is provided with a place for each single bit.

Best metal drill set for metal for professionals

Sealey AK4701

Comes with 19 different diameters


Made with high-speed steel making them more durable than the rest


Sturdy tips that can withstand high temperatures without losing their efficacy


You can re-sharpen the bits without deforming them improving their longevity


A protective case helps you keep the bits organized and safe from exposure to elements.


Can be used on a wide variety of materials with varying thickness

Expensive for the limited number of drill bits provided.

According to several best drill bit for metal reviews, the Sealey is the best-suited drill bit set for professionals and those indulging in tough DIY. Manufactured by one of the largest tools and equipment suppliers in the UK you can be confident about the quality of the product and its value to your DIY kit. The Sealy AK4701 Cobalt Drill Bit Set comes with 19 bits. These cobalt bits can retain their rigidity even at high temperatures and against hard materials.

What are drill bits?

The best drilling machine is no surety that you can drill clean accurate holes unless accompanied by suitable drill bits. Drill bits are tiny bits of metal pieces in a range of sizes with tips molded for a specific type of drilling.

Materials used to manufacture drill bits

• Low and high Carbon Steel – Low carbon steel is softer and is most suited for softwoods and metal. But drill bits made from them require frequent sharpening. On the brighter side, they are cheap. The high carbon steel is harder and better suited for hardwood, requires less maintenance and is more expensive.
• High-Speed Steel (HSS) – This is the best drill bit material for metal because it is designed to withstand high temperatures without losing its shape or efficiency. These bits are expensive but are durable and worth the money if you are a professional. They are used normally to drill wood, PVC, Fiberglass besides metals like aluminum.
• Cobalt – It is a substance harder than HSS and with an ability to handle high temperatures, cobalt is used to drill into a hard substance like stainless steel. The only drawback with these cobalt drill bits for metal is that they tend to break fast and do not last long.
• Titanium – Like hard carbon steel in nature, titanium has the advantage of lasting much longer and the ability to withstand high temperatures well.
• Solid Carbide – One of the hardest substances used to make drill bits, carbide is predominantly used only with high-quality equipment. Because of its brittle nature, it should not be used with hand drills and drill presses. They are used for drilling holes in the hardest of substances.

Coatings on drill bits

High quality metal drill bits often come with additional coating to increase their longevity and performance.
• Black Oxide: It is an economical solution to most of your drill bit issues. Tips coated with black oxide reduces galling, chip welding, friction thus improving penetration. The coating also protects the tips from corrosion and retains the lubricants used for drilling. It is best suited for all HSS bits used for drilling iron and steel. But it is not suitable for aluminum, magnesium and other non-ferrous materials.
• Titanium nitride: This is an expensive option in comparison but it improves the productivity as it increases the speed of the drill bit when compared to other coated and uncoated bits. The titanium nitride increases the hardness of the bit and creates a thermal barrier thereby improving the lifespan of the tool. This coating is suitable for both ferrous and non-ferrous metals like aluminum and magnesium, etc. The coating is in gold color.
• Titanium Carbide: Blue gray in color this coating is ideal for stainless steel, cast iron, and aluminum materials. The tips stay sharper longer and can be used even in masonry and tile drilling.
• Titanium Aluminum nitride: This coating is violet colored and used for carbon steels. It cannot be used for aluminum materials.

Drill Bit types for metals

Not all drill bit heads for metals have the same points. Each bit is designed with a specific purpose. Here we have listed the various types:
1. Twist Drill Bits: The most commonly used drill bits. They are suited for drilling small holes, are economical and can be used on a wide range of materials.
2. Auger: For large deep holes, you must use auger drill bits as they have extra flutes that remove the chips from the hole. These drill bits can’t be used with power drills.
3. Hole Saw: These tips literally saw through the wood to make provision for hardware installation for doors and windows. The holes are wide and appear cylindrical in shape.
4. Spur point: For clean precise holes, use these drill bits which come with two raised spurs to maintain the accuracy during drilling.

What does a metal drill bit look like?

Different drill bits are meant for different purposes and materials and hence they appear different too. If you wish to choose a drill bit for metal look out for the following features:

  • Color of tip: usually they are black, blue or gold depending on the coating
  • Angle of the tip: The flutes of the drill bit taper between 118 degrees and 135 degrees
  • Diameter: It ranges between 1/16th inch to ½ inch.

Conclusion – 2024 time

Drill bits are very specific in nature and not all bits can be used for all kinds of repairs, DIY projects or masonry. You must pay attention to the material used, different types of drill bits and drill bit sizes before buying to ascertain its suitability to your needs. It is advantageous to buy a set because you will have varying diameters to choose from when working with a wide variety of objects and surfaces.

For a DIY enthusiast, the best buy in the above list would be the Makita, which has an exhaustive list of bits with a generous number of duplicates thrown it. The only thing that you should do is to spray the bits regularly with anti-rust to keep them in good order. But if you are looking for one set that can handle all kinds of home repairs and projects our choice will be Draper and here’s why:

  • Manufactured by a reputed company with long-lasting excellence in tools
  • Has the basic required bits suited for all purposes
  • Suitable for all kinds of material
  • Convenient to use and store comfortably in a protective case
  • Reasonably priced.

Remember that your drill bits must always be compatible with the drilling material and the machine you plan to use. It is advisable to always follow the manufacturer’s instructions to ensure the product performs as claimed by the makers and for safety reasons.