What is the best electric chainsaw you can currently buy in 2024!

The use of chainsaw is nowadays not only restricted to professionals who specialize in cutting logs, branches, or even trees. Even amateurs and homeowners need those devices just to cut through pruning trees or cut building fences. That is why it is quite crucial to find a legitimate option that will be suitable for both amateur work as well as more demanding, professional jobs.

Sadly, picking a good electric chainsaw is not as easy as it may seem. It has to be selected based on our needs as well as the size of the garden and the number of green growth we wish to trim and cut. Only then will we be able to choose the most powerful electric chainsaw that is at the same time comfortable to use and, what is even more important, doesn’t break down so easily. For this reason, we prepared a list of the best rated electric chainsaw and we reviewed them thoroughly.

In today’s comparative analysis, we will see six different products with many positive things. However, these are not ideal options and some disadvantages are noticeable as well. To make sure we prepared as objective a list as possible, we asked specialists to consider only those products that can boast with great parameters, above-average battery capacity, and excellent cutting threshold.

The best electric chainsaw you can currently buy and the winner of today’s ranking is DEWALT 20V MAX XR Chainsaw Kit

• Very easy to use and maintenance thanks to tool-free chain tensioning;
• Capacious battery;
• Highly efficient;
• 90 cuts per charge.
• Pretty expensive;
• Quite heavy.

Just like all the other options presented in the ranking 2024, it is a cordless device. However, noteworthy is the fact that this particular option comes with a low kick back feature. Thanks to the introduction of an average, 12-inch bar, it is great for numerous work outside the house.

The authors present a highly efficient tool thanks to the introduction of a brushless motor that is powered by quite a capacious battery – it is 5 Ah. What is more, the efficiency of the product prepared by DeWalt allows us to cut up to 90 cuts per charge, which is quite an enormous number.

Another advantage of this option is that there is a tool-free chain tensioning as well as bar tightening knob thanks to which we can adjust the product and do all the necessary maintenance with ease.

Another option that also can be considered as the best electric chainsaw on the market is NEW HUING 4-INCH CORDLESS CHAINSAW

• Incredibly lightweight;
• Compact in size;
• Relatively cheap;
• Quite durable for the price and for the size.
• Average capacity of the battery;
• Not suitable for wood elements thicker than 3 inches.

This time we are focusing on a very small, tiny to say the least product. New Huing offers us a relatively small battery and the inability to cut through logs and branches that are thicker than 3 inches. However, this is a very small, compact in size, and lightweight device that is at the same time quite budget-friendly and will work perfectly in every amateur’s hand.

The option is equipped with a 3 Ah lithium battery, thanks to which we can work quite efficiently and without worrying about charging it again too often. Also, we don’t have to worry about the issue related to power fading or memory loss after charging. Since it is so small and lightweight, it can be used with the use of one hand just as well.

Also, let’s remember about the use of upgraded copper wire, which translates into better efficiency of the motor with higher torque and more power. Chain is high wear-resistant as well. Still, it is a very small option and won’t work with more demanding projects.

What is the most powerful electric chainsaw you can currently buy in a budget price range? WORX WG305.1 8 Amp 14 Electric Chainsaw with Auto-Tension seems like a perfect solution!

• Auto-tension feature;
• Incredibly powerful motor;
• Quite fast chain speed.
• Corded device, it requires a power outlet.

If you don’t mind using corded devices that require access to the power outlet, then you should think about the model WG305, which is one of the bestselling options prepared by WORX, a company known for legitimate and reliable products. The option is quite cheap for the power it offers and is available at many different sizes, so we can simply select a product that is most suitable for our requirements.

In the case of this 14-inch electric chainsaw, we receive an 8 Amp product that is capable of cutting through relatively large wood elements. One of the most important reasons for the selection of this product is its power – thanks to the introduction of an efficient motor, it guarantees 28 ft/s of chain speed, which is quite an important aspect for the effectiveness of the cuts.

Also, we should remember about the auto-tension feature as well as user-friendly montage thanks to which it is easy to assemble the product.

BLACK+DECKER 20V MAX Cordless Chainsaw is yet another alternative worth recommending

• 2 batteries included in the kit;
• 2-year warranty for batteries;
• Pretty powerful in use.
• Quite expensive.

If you are in need of a very powerful device that works smoothly at even more demanding jobs, then Black & Decker might be a perfect solution for you all. This option comes with two additional batteries, so in the case of longer work, we can safely change the batteries and carry on with garden cleaning without any unnecessary breaks! Also, the product is very well designed and sturdy, which is another essential element.

In the kit we can find not only an additional 2 Ah battery, but also some other additions. For example, there is even a special coverage made of plastic for the chainsaw. As far as other positive things are concerned, we should also remember about the fact that batteries are very easy to install and remove. What is more, they come with a 2-year warranty, which is more than enough for such a product.

The only disadvantage of this option is its price. This is by far the most expensive kit that was reviewed up to this moment.

Also, Oregon CS1500 Self-Sharpening Chainsaw should be taken into account

Oregon CS1500 Self Sharpening Chainsaw
• Great efficiency;
• Self-sharpening feature;
• Very large guide bar;
• Optional kit with a number of additional gadgets and accessories.
• Very heavy.

This is definitely a product prepared for the most demanding jobs. The 18-inch electric chainsaw has got quite a powerful motor to offer and since it also has some interesting features, it will work flawlessly for quite a long time with the highest comfort possible.

The first thing to consider is that we can choose either a bare tool or think about a pretty rich additional package. The other option guarantees bar and chain oil, extension cord, or even special PowerSharp Chain and Stone. As far as the tool itself, it features a self-sharpening option that keeps the product relatively sharp throughout its entire longevity.

It is obvious to state that this 18-inch guide bar with PowerSharp chain guarantees incredibly efficient work. However, more than 12 pounds of weight is something we have to take into account while purchasing.

If you care for opinions and positive feedback, then one of the best if not the best rated electric chainsaw currently available on the market is WEN 4017 Electric Chainsaw

WEN 4017 Electric Chainsaw
• Quite lightweight for the power and size;
• Very powerful;
• Easy to use and maintain in the good shape;
• Auto-oiling system with tool-free chain change.
• Requires a power outlet;
• Quite expensive.

When we compare this corded electric tool to previous options, we can definitely see some advantages in the field of weight as well as the speed of the chain. This is a 12A motor, which rotates the Oregon chain with the speed of up to 44 feet per second.

Wen prepared for us a relatively lightweight solution, since it weighs 10 pounds. Though it seems like quite a lot, it is a 16-inch option, which is a crucial factor for the overall weight of the product. Also, there are some other things worth taking into account, including the auto-oiling system thanks to which we don’t have to worry about shortened lifespan of the saw.

There is also a tool-free chain replacement, which facilitates the process of taking care of the product. Besides the easy maintenance, we should also think about great power. Still, it is a corded option and pretty expensive one.

How to select the best electric chainsaw? Here are some tips!

All the products presented up above are surely quite interesting to see. They offer us above-average efficiency and can be used without any troubles whatsoever by everyone – even amateurs. However, some devices are better suited for women, some other are much more efficient when it comes to cutting smaller logs and branches, and others will work smoothly even in the case of thick trees. That is why it is crucial to choose a good electric chainsaw for your needs.

The first thing to consider is, obviously, the power of the product. Obviously, we have to consider both corded options and cordless ones. Another thing to notice is the comfort of use – here we mean not only the functionalities, but also the weight and size of the product. In the case of cordless options, choose offers with capacious batteries and quick charging time. More information can be also found here: https://www.dreamlandsdesign.com/things-consider-before-choosing-electrical-chainsaw/

Corded or cordless option?

The first thing to consider while picking a high quality product is determining whether it is supposed to be corded or cordless. As we all know, corded devices are usually a bit cheaper and in the same price range can offer a bit more power. What is more, they can be a bit larger and, therefore, work smoothly even in the case of thicker logs or trees.

Sadly, they are not as comfortable in use as cordless options because we are fairly limited by the power cable. What is more, it cannot be used anywhere – we have to have a power source nearby. Even if we find an extension cord, it causes trouble. Cordless options are much more comfortable and, usually, a bit lighter.

WEN 4017 Electric Chainsaw

most powerful electric chainsaw

Oregon CS1500 Self-Sharpening Chainsaw

the best electric chainsaw

Now make sure you pick a powerful tool

If you want to work on details, then you don’t have to worry about that particular aspect. Nevertheless, you have to always remember that the more power you have, the more versatile the product becomes and can work flawlessly even at more demanding situations. What is more, we reduce the risk of overheating and, as a result of that, increase its durability.

That is why we should always pay attention to the amperage, in the case of corded options, or voltage for cordless devices. The higher the value, the more probable it is that the electric chainsaw will work at high efficiency. Also, we should look for brushless motors, which distinguish themselves from competition by their improved effectiveness.

Size matters, so does the comfort of use

Another thing to mention is the weight of the product, their size, and functionalities that improve the general comfort of use. As we all know, the lighter the product, the easier it is to control and use – especially for women or amateurs who haven’t used such a product for a while.

However, we have to find a perfect compromise between small and large tools, so the working parameters, including cutting depth, is at the right level. Together with these attributes, we should also think about functions like, for example, auto-oiling to extend the life of the chainsaw or an auto-sharpening feature.


best rated electric chainsaw

Now you know which option to pick!

To sum up, there are a lot of different chainsaws at your disposal. You can either pick a cordless tool or decide on a corded one. What is more, it is important to choose the option that is of the right weight for you and other users that will work in the garden. Functions that improve the comfort as well as long-term durability of the product are crucial just as well.

If you don’t want to look for your own perfect solution, there is nothing standing in your way to pick one of the presented and recommended products. The list is quite rich and diverse, so everyone will find something interesting. Alternatively, we encourage you to pick the winner of the ranking 2024, namely DEWALT 20V MAX XR Chainsaw Kit, due to its huge versatility, adequate price, and many other advantages it has over competition.