Best Impact Driver of 2023 – Reviews

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Best Impact Driver – Buyer’s Guide from 2024

Impact drivers are alternatives to cordless drills. These small tools can handle tough jobs. They use clutching impact mechanism to deliver more torque than cordless drills. You can use these tools when taking nuts off large metal pieces or when building a deck. While a few years ago impact drivers were rare tools, now you can buy them anywhere, and they are necessities in different projects. Choosing the best impact driver UK in the sea of brands and models is a challenge for most consumers; this guide shows you how.

Best Impact Driver Reviews

Makita DTD152Z Impact Driver

best impact driver
High rotation speed lets you work fast
Lightweight, compact and ergonomically designed for comfortable use
Designed with LED work lights
Produces less noise
Not offered with the battery and charger
Accessories have to be bought separately

The improved DTD152Z Impact Driver comes light in weight and versatile. It has also been shortened making it more compact while still retaining its power to do tough jobs. With a length of only 137mm, the DTD152Z Impact Driver comes with an ergonomic design and a soft grip handle that makes it easy and comfortable to use. It is a full featured impact driver with features such as electric brake and variable speed control button. These two features give you control over the drilling or screw driving task you are undertaking.

Other features include forward and reverse rotation, high rotation speed, and belt clip; these enable you to take up different tasks such as drilling wood, steel, and other materials. Twin LED lights fitted on the driver allow you to work in dimly lit conditions. It also features a battery protection circuit keeping your battery safe from overcharge and over-discharge. At only 1.5 kg, you can use this tool all day and not feel fatigued.

Ryobi One+ Impact Driver

best impact driver uk
Bits storage on-board for easy access
Lightweight and comfortable to use
GripZone overmould technology makes the driver more comfortable
Enough speed and torque to handle all household tasks
Not powerful enough to handle professional projects
Ryobi is an even lighter impact driver loved by consumers for its compactness as seen on best impact driver reviews. It is designed with a keyless hex drive, making it easier for you to change bits and keeping the bits in position while you work. With variable speed, the impact driver lets you drill with precision by starting with a low speed and increasing the speed as you progress. It is a forward and reverse rotation offered with electric brake for more precision. You can store your bits on-board for ease of access. Though this adds to the overall size of the driver, the driver remains compact and lightweight. The 1.2 kg impact driver sports GripZone overmould technology, making the grip comfortable for the user. Ryobi One Plus is created for any home driving needs thanks to its high speed and high torque. This 18-Volt unit can run on Lithium Ion batteries, which are bought separately. It is available in a yellow coat.

DeWalt 18V XR Li-Ion Body-Only Impact Driver

best value impact driver
Created with new XR Li-Ion technology for more efficiency
Easy bit changing with drop-in keyless hex
Steel belt with magnetic quality holds bits in position
Compact and ideal for confined spaces
Heat dispersion protects motor
Accessories have to be bought separately
The magnetic steel belt not strong enough to keep bits tight
The DeWalt DCF885N is a cordless impact driver that sports the upgraded XR Li-Ion batteries. These batteries were designed to enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of tools and as such, you can expect reduced charging time with more runtime. The tool is lightweight and compact and comfortable to use in confined spaces. It is built with an aluminium front housing that disperses heat, keeping your motor functional for longer. For ease of use, the driver features an intelligent trigger ergonomically fitted on the handle, giving you control over all the driving projects you carry. With this trigger, you can control the speed and direction of rotation. You can work in dim light thanks to the LED work light with an afterglow. Your bits are held securely thanks to the steel belt clip with a strong magnetic quality, The 250W impact driver weighs 1.3 kg and produces a maximum torque of 155Nm. It is designed with a keyless hex, allowing you to easily switch bits.

Bosch Professional GDR 18 V-LI Body Only Cordless Impact Driver

the best impact driver
Great price-performance ratio
High torque; ideal for professional use
Switch between three modes with an easy trigger button
Lightweight and with comfortable grip
Trigger button ergonomically fitted
The unit produces relatively higher noise
Bosch professional falls in the category of best impact driver for home use UK thanks to its high speed and high torque, ease of use and lightweight nature. This is a compact driver, one of the smallest impact driver, yet powerful enough to be used for all household DIY projects. The 18-volt cordless driver runs on Li-Ion battery, which promises the users enough power to last through a day’s work. The Bosch Professional GDR sports all the standard impact driver features including forward/reverse rotation, speed control trigger and a soft grip for comfort. When this driver is in operation, you can choose between impact driving, high speed, and low speed drilling. It is designed with the highest torque in its class, 160Nm, giving it enough power to drill through different surfaces.

Silverstorm 263302 Impact Driver

best impact wrench uk
Designed with a vibration reducing soft grip for comfort
Offered compact and lightweight for all-day use
Relatively lower priced
Offered with an accessory kit and carrying bag
Ergonomic design
Low torque and thus not ideal for professional projects
Bit holder a little loose
Unlike other impact drivers on this best impact driver for the money review, the Silverstorm 263302 Impact Driver is offered with an accessory kit and a carrying case. This is an advantage especially if you plan on carrying your driver with you. It is also advantageous that you do not have to buy bits and basic accessories as they are provided. Surprisingly, the driver and the accessories are even cheaper than other drivers here. This places the Silverstorm 263302 Impact Driver on the list of best budget impact driver. The unit runs on 1.3Ah Lithium Ion battery; users can expect longer runtime with reduced charging time. This forward/reverse impact driver comes with all metal gears, allowing you to take up different projects at home. You can control the speed of rotation with a variable speed trigger fitted on the handle. The soft grip is easy on your hands, and you can use this tool all day without developing blisters and without feeling fatigued. Its grip reduces vibrations for more comfort. This is a 10.8-volt and produces 90NM TORQUE.

Impact Driver Buyer’s Guide

The Basics

There is only one thing that distinguishes impact drivers from drills, the enormous torque. While drill will have a torque of up to 50Nm, impact drivers will have up to 170Nm; this is enough power for professional heavy duty use. These tools use concussive force to up the rotation power and take up heavy duty driving and drilling with ease. The best impact drivers will hammer more than 50 times a second; this is about five times the power of a conventional cordless drill. You can use these tools to drill through hardwood, drive large lag screws, drill masonry and to remove overly tight bolts among other heavy duty tasks. Due to their high torque, the tools are used by auto mechanics. Unlike other tools, they produce less reactionary force, making them comfortable to use.
best impact driver review

Corded vs. Cordless Impact Drivers

The best impact driver is one that meets all your needs. If you need a driver with high power to operate near an electrical power outlet, a corded impact driver will work just fine. Cordless impact drivers are ideal for use outdoors and where there is no electrical outlet nearby. Corded drivers are more powerful than their cordless counterparts. Corded and cordless drivers are both advantageous. With a corded impact driver, you have the convenience of working continuously without stopping for recharges and you do not have to incur the cost of replacing batteries once they spoil. With a cordless battery, you can work from anywhere and without the obstruction of a power cable.

Features to Consider when Shopping for an Impact Driver

When shopping for an impact driver, just like shopping for any other tool, you need to have the tasks you will use the driver on in your mind. This will help you determine which features best suits you. The best impact drivers brands come in different sizes, torque, voltage and speed.


Torque is the most important aspect of impact drivers. Torque, which refers to the rotational power of your impact driver, determines where you use your tool; on heavy, medium or light duty tasks. The good thing with impact drivers is that they all have high torque. However, torque varies significantly with some models having as low as 70Nm torque and others having as high as 170Nm. The torque level you choose will depend on your driving needs; light duty household projects are comfortably run on 70Nm torque while automotive work will need the highest torque available.


Impact drivers are designed with high speed. However, some drivers are faster than others. If you are engaged in repetitive drilling and driving work, a fast driver will be ideal. A best value impact driver for repetitive work will have more than 2200 rpm speed.


Most impact drives are cordless. They are offered in different voltages and this is related to their size and their power. Drivers running on 10.4 or 12 V batteries are light duty and produce less torque and consequently less speed. Heavy duty impact drivers run on 14.4V or 18V batteries. The latter produces the highest torque. There are many heavy duty drivers, and all you have to do is choose the best 18v impact driver, putting all factors in this guide into consideration.

Size and Weight

You will need a driver that feels comfortable on your hands. Impact drivers are created light in weight and also compact. However, there are still variations where some are heavier and smaller than others. When shopping, consider a driver that you can hold for prolonged periods and not complain of fatigue.


The highest number of impact drivers runs on Lithium Ion batteries. Li-Ion batteries are lightweight, take relatively less time to charge and are offered with more runtime. There are drivers that run on NiCad batteries. NiCad is good on battery runtime, but it takes relatively longer to charge. Those home use, battery life does not matter much; the battery will last long enough for your project. However, for professional use, the quality of the battery matters a lot as the driver is constantly in use.

Summary and conclusion of edition 2024

While you can choose the best impact driver UK based on consumer reviews, it is important that you understand what to look for and match that with your needs to get the best driver for the task. The fact that an impact driver fits the needs of one person does not mean it will fit the needs of another. Makita DTD152Z Impact Driver is the winner in this roundup and for one simple reason; versatility. This impact driver meets the needs of professionals, DIYers at home and anyone else in need of the best impact wrench UK. How? It is offered with the highest torque in its category, 165Nm and a high speed of 2900 rpm. This torque is enough to drill through certain metals, hardwood, concrete and masonry among other surfaces. Its speed is on a unique level and can be used by those who need the driver each minute as well those who do not need it often. At only 1.5 kg, there is no doubt this driver will not get you fatigued. Though not offered with accessories, it is created compatible with many accessories on the market.

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