What is the best laser measure you can currently buy? Check the laser measure review for 2024! 

Measuring tapes were surely one of the most important tools an architect could use. Nevertheless, due to its fairly limited application, nowadays most of the builders tend to look at much more accurate, faster, and what is even more important – much more functional laser measures.

Obviously, naming the best laser measuring tool in the world is quite difficult because of many reasons. First of all, everyone has different expectations and different requirements as far as the use of the product. Furthermore, the limitations regarding budget might also restrict our choices. That is why today we present a ranking that guarantees the best cheap laser measure you can buy as well as more complex, and more expensive solutions for professionals.

The list offers five highly operationable and very well constructed products. They were all prepared in such a way, they meet a number of requirements in terms of their parameters as well as functionality. Also, we took into account their durability, battery life, and many other crucial points.

The best laser measure in a budget price and the winner of the ranking is ARAS Laser Distance Meter 40m

• Very cheap;
• Very easy to use and read;
• Durable – IP54;
• Compact size and lightweight.
• Poor measuring distance;
• Average accuracy. 

This laser measure review begins with a product quite cheap and quite useful for its price. The authors from Shinydeal prepared for us a very easy to use and user-friendly product that is equipped with a 4 line LCD display. This particular option guarantees a multi init selection thanks to which we can change from meters, to inches and even to feet.

Though the maximum measuring distance is said to be only 40 meters, it is more than enough for most of the in-house measuring projects. What is more, there is a double injection laser distance meter thanks to which the entire coverage is durable and well-built. It even received an IP54 rating.

With its protection auto/manual power off, we can even save some battery. Sadly, with such a low price, we receive a short warranty time. What is more, only average accuracy at the margin error of 2 mm might be disappointing.

If we are looking for a more complex solution, then Mileseey IP54 Laser Measure will suit us perfectly

• Very accurate;
• IP54 classified;
• A lot of measuring applications;
• Long measuring range.
• Quite expensive.

This particular option is much more expensive than before. However, we are dealing here with a large distance of 100 meters and many other additions like for example 2 bubble levels.

The product can boast with a very high accuracy, especially when we take into account its measuring range of 100 meters. The margin of error is 1/16 of an inch, which is basically 1.5 millimeters. Besides that, it is possible to mute settings and change the measuring scale to a large degree.

Let’s also remember about the fact that thanks to its large LCD screen with backlight technology, it is very easy to use it and read all the data effortlessly. In terms of application, we can measure not only distance or area, but also the volume of a place or even get a Pythagoras measurement.

This is; however, quite an expensive option – the second most expensive in today’s ranking 2024. However, thanks to its durable case and plenty of measuring features, it is more than enough to satisfy most of yours needs.

A bit less expensive option is DTAPE DT50 Laser Measure Meter

• Very durable and resistant to damages;
• Great accuracy;
• Up to 6 display effects and measuring options;
• A lot of measuring units to choose from;
• Can store up to 20 data sets.
• Average measuring distance;
• Not as light as others. 

If we don’t want to spend that much on a measuring device but we still care about its functionality, then we highly encourage to think about one of the most popular laser measures available on the market, namely a product made by Vorstik.

It is a very small, portable, and very easy to read product with a pretty sizable LCD screen with a backlight feature included. Interestingly, it is possible to change the measuring units by simply pressing one button. There are meters, inches, feet, and feet + inches at our disposal.

In addition to that, the product is capable of providing us up to 6 display effects. It means that we can measure distance from one point to another, the total area, volume, continuous measurement, and even a Pythagoras measurement. What is more, there are also options for addition and subtraction, as well as maximum and minimum values.

The authors made sure that we can even store up to 20 data sets. IP54 classification means it is a splash-proof and dust-proof product. However, it is not as light as other products. Moreover, its maximum measuring distance is at the average level.

The best laser measuring tool without a doubt is Bosch Professional laser measure GLM 250 VF, but it is the most expensive one by far

• Very rich package included;
• Gigantic maximum measuring distance;
• Highly functional;
• Very precise and advanced.
• Horrendously expensive;
• “Only” IP54 protection classification. 

If we don’t care about spending horrendous amounts of money on a professional product, then we should definitely think about purchasing a Bosch product. This laser measure guarantees a gigantic maximum measuring range at the level of 250 meters. Interestingly, it is also very precise even on the greatest distances due to the introduction of highly advanced technology.

The authors installed here glass lens as well as ceramic optics carrier. These two are responsible for great precision. What is more, it is also very easy to operate due to the clear interface and large screen. We can also use it in order to perform calculations of lengths, areas, volumes, and many other options.

It is; however, quite a heavy product with a gigantic price tag. In addition to that, it received “only” IP54 protection classification, which might be not enough for such an expensive tool. Still, we receive a full package, including batteries and a special protective bag with a carrying strap.

A very good laser measure as alternative is Tooltoo Laser Measure 40M

• Rechargable with the use of a USB cable;
• A lot of measuring options to choose from;
• Compact in size;
• Long-lasting battery.
• Average accuracy;
• Poor maximum measuring range.

The last but surely not least option you should be thinking about is a laser measure prepared by Tooltoo. It is a handy, highly precise product that distinguishes from its competition thanks to its lithium battery that can be charged with the use of a USB cable.

The product does not guarantee the possibility to measure large distances because its maximum range is 40 meters. Its accuracy is also average, because on such a low range the margin of error is approximately 2 mm. However, it is an option worth considering due to its multiple measurement features.

We can use the product by Tooltoo in order to verify the distance, area, volume, and indirect Pythagorean measurements. What is more, we can also make addition and subtraction measurements. The product is very slim and compact in size. It also exceeds other options with its long-lasting battery, which is additionally rechargeable.

What is the best cheap laser measure and the expensive laser measure? Here is a purchasing tutorial!

There are several significant factors we should all pay attention to while picking the right laser measure. All the previously reviewed products surprised us with their great parameters and durability. But what exact features determine the usefulness of the product?

First of all, make sure to remember about the maximum measuring distance of the product. Together with that parameter, draw your attention to accuracy and the maximum margin of error. Another crucial point regards the functionality and measuring options.

Besides these options, noteworthy is the comfort of use, which is influenced by the size as well as readability of the product. Another crucial thing to remember is durability. More interesting information can also be found here: https://www.e-architect.com/articles/guide-to-buying-the-best-laser-measure

What characteristics does a good laser measure have? Surely measuring distance

The maximum distance on which the measuring device can work is surely essential for most of the architects and builders. This particular parameter indicates the efficiency as well as the maximum product operability.

The minimum distance which should be measured by a product is considered to be 40 meters. However, we strongly encourage you to choose devices with the range of 50-100 meters. The best ones on the market can offer us a very precise measurement up to 250 meters.

Mileseey IP54 Laser Measure

best laser measure uk

Bosch Professional laser measure GLM 250 VF

best cheap laser measure

Accuracy is of utmost importance as well

As the measuring distance grows, so is the possibility of inaccurate measurement. That is the reason why more powerful and more operational products are equipped with much more advanced optical systems – just to maintain or even improve the precision of measurements.

Professional laser measures can have special glass lenses that are combined with the ceramic optics carrier. Thanks to that, we can hope for great accuracy at distances that exceed 100 meters.

The standard margin of error that is acceptable for such products is at the level of 2 millimeters. However, a lot of producers reduce the margin of error to 1/16 of an inch, which is approximately 1.5 millimeter.

Also, remember about functionality

The possibility to measure a variety of different surfaces and objects is quite crucial, that’s for sure. That is why we should remember about picking products that besides measuring lengths and areas or volumes, can also provide us with indirect Pythagorean measurements or addition and subtraction measurements.

Obviously, the functionality of the product is much more than just a multi-purpose measurement. We should also remember about the auto-off feature that extends the battery life. There are even special indicators that show how many measurements we can do.

DTAPE DT50 Laser Measure Meter

best laser measuring tool

Tooltoo Laser Measure 40M

best laser measure

Comfort of use – readability and size

Laser measures are usually small and, therefore compact and comfortable in use. However, the more professional product we choose, the more advanced it is and has more components inside. As a result, it weighs more and cannot be operated single-handedly without any efforts.

That is why we should consider picking products that are quite lightweight with an acceptable size. Together with special covers made of rubbers for improved grip, we can enjoy a very easy and comfortable product.

Obviously, we should also remember about the screen. The introduction of large displays is one thing, but we should also remember about a special feature known as backlight that makes screens very easy to read.

Durability is crucial too

Though most laser distance meters offer a warranty for 2 years, there are several options that can guarantee even longer warranty. It is an additional assurance made by producers that their product is legitimately durable and can withstand the trial of time.

Obviously, make sure that our option has some basic protection like for example additional casing made of rubber. Also, remember that such products are most often classified with the use of IP ratings. IP54 is the least we should be interested in.

ARAS Laser Distance Meter 40m

good laser measure

Summary and conclusion – best laser measure in UK 2024

Though not as powerful as some other products, ARAS Laser Distance Meter 40m is the clear winner of the ranking. It is by far the best value for money, especially if we take into account its functionalities. It may not be as efficient at larger distances, but for most of the amateur and semi-professional workers it should be enough.

In the case of much more demanding projects, we should look for more advanced solutions. That is why we provide you with some additional alternatives. If; however, if you don’t find them interesting, you can always look for your own product thanks to the tutorial!