How to choose the best drill for home use that is suitable for women? Here’s the list 2024!

In most situations it is a man who deals with DIY works and with any repairs. That is why manufacturers tend to focus on the parameters of the drills just to make sure we are capable of completing all the tasks we may want. As a result, they forget about compact size and lightweight, which is quite important for the comfort of work.

It is especially problematic for women that might want to use the drills themselves. For this reason, much harder it is to find the right corded or cordless drill for women. Luckily for you, in this ranking we prepared for you a list of great products, so you can pick the right drill for women.

While making this ranking 2024, we focused on the same parameters as usual to assure a powerful product that is equipped with the right amount of wattage and, in the case of cordless products, a capacious battery, high no-load speed, and appropriate maximum torque.

The winner of today’s ranking and the best lightweight drill for a woman uk is surely WAKYME 12.6V Power Drill

• A lot of features that ease the use of the product;
• Plenty of accessories included in the kit;
• Variable speed settings and stepless speed control;
• 2 batteries in the pack.
• Quite heavy.

The winner of the ranking provides us with an exceptionally good package, where besides a highly efficient product, we can also hope for two additional batteries and a great set of accessories that make it much easier to start projects right away.

The manufacturer provided us with a powerful device that is capable of achieving up to 23000 RPM. Such high no-load speed translates into a very efficient machine that can be used at a variety of tasks. It is all possible as a result of the introduction of a very broad range of regulations.

As far as the comfort is concerned, Wakyme gave us a LED light that illuminates the place where we work. What is more, we can also hope for an ergonomic handshake, which reduces the possible fatigue when we deal with more time-consuming projects.

There are also a lot of features that make the use of the product very intuitive and simple, such as stepless speed control for maximum variety, 2 speed settings to adjust the RPMs, and keyless auto chuck.

Also, BLACK+DECKER 18 V Cordless Drill Driver seems like a great solution

• Very light;
• Great value for money;
• Very comfortable grip;
• A lot of adjustable functions;
• Quite satisfactory torque for such a cheap solution.
• Poor maximum RPMs;
• High power consumption with more demanding work.

The product prepared by the manufacturer stands out with its 10 position clutch as well as the possibility to change the speed in quite advanced range. Though it is fairly limited in terms of maximum RPMs, it is definitely an interesting solution due to its very light weight as well as additional LED light that illuminates the area where we drill.

In terms of comfort, we receive here an anti-soft grip, which is designed in order to improve the comfort of the user. As far as the torque settings are concerned, we can choose 10 of them, which is a quite versatile possibility and allow us to work with different materials and surfaces.

Let’s also remember that the maximum capacity of this tool is only 25 mm into wood and 10 mm into steel. It is surely a perfect DIY tool, but won’t be able to work properly with more demanding projects. Let’s also remember that we might want to purchase an additional battery, because in the case of heavier jobs, it runs out of juice quite fast.

We cannot forget about HYCHIKA Electric Drill 30N·m Max Torque, yet another great drill for women

• A lot of options to choose from;
• Up to 21 different torque settings;
• LED light to improve the working conditions;
• Very rich package with 22 pieces of accessories included;
• Double speed settings with RPMs regulations.
• Poor battery life;
• The entire package is rather heavy.

The product prepared by Hychika guarantees quite advanced options. It is also equipped with double speeds and variable RPMs control just to make sure that we have a wide range of choice. It allows us to apply the machine at different projects without worrying about damaging the surface.

Torque settings are also quite advanced. Though the maximum torque is still 30 Nm, it can offer us up to 21 different settings, which basically let us adjust the tool to work with wood, plastic, or even metal. Obviously, let’s also remember about the LED light, which is quite useful, especially if we work in darker, confined spaces or at nights.

The package is also a positive surprise, because we receive here a 22-piece set, which is also supplemented with a tool wallet. Let’s not forget about a belt buckle and a carrying bag. The problem with this option is that it takes quite a lot of power while working, so we need to remember about charging the battery quite frequently.

Bosch Professional GSR 12 V-15 FC Cordless Drill Driver Set will definitely surprise you

• Robust, metal gear for prolonged life;
• Flexiclick system for different operating angles;
• Ergonomic handle and lightweight;
• Two batteries included;
• Long battery life. 
• Very expensive.

If you look for the best drill for home use, you should always consider Bosch, since the manufacturer deals with highly efficient and, what is even more important, reliable products. This particular model guarantees us a much more capacious battery, and quite rich set with plenty of accessories to choose from. Obviously, it all comes with a price.

Just like all other products in the ranking 2024, we receive here a one-click interface that allows us to change the attachments quite easily, without using any additional tools. Let’s not forget about the fact that there are a lot of different bits included in the package, which basically means we are free to work with many different surfaces and materials.

One of the best options that make this product as comfortable as it gets is the rotatable chuck. It lets us work in very tight conditions. Obviously, the weight of the product is quite low, the handle is very ergonomic and user-friendly. Still, it is an incredibly expensive solution, even if we take into account two batteries and the entire set of other accessories.

Nordstrand Pink Cordless Drill Set is another interesting option worth choosing

Nordstrand Pink Cordless Drill Set
• Pink color;
• Whole package with a lot of extras included;
• Good adjustments that allow us to use the product in a variety of situations.
• Average torque;
• A bit heavier than other lightweight solutions.

If you are one of those people, who love design and focus much more on the colorositic fit than the parameters, then you should definitely think about a nordstrand pink cordless drill set. It guarantees very small weight and an engine that is powerful enough for most DIY projects.

This is a battery powered machine that provides us with the maximum no load speed of 1450 RPM. Obviously, we can hope for a comfortable grip that makes the product much more attractive for projects that require much more work.

Let’s bear in mind that we still receive a lot of adjustables, like for example 18 torque settings. Thanks to that, we can pick the right torque for different surfaces and materials. It isn’t; however, the lightest option to choose from. It weighs more than 1.1 kg, which is quite a lot if we compare it with other lightweight devices.

Still, it guarantees a lot of attractive options and accessories. Let’s not forget about the fact that it is pink, which is probably the most important aspect for most women looking for a tool to do some basic work around the house.

What is the best lightweight drill for a woman? Here is a quick guide!

Choosing a very good drill is quite difficult, let alone picking the one that will suit the expectations of a woman. Still, we should always remember about the parameters in order to guarantee a convenient work with all the utilities and functionalities. That is why it is crucial to remember about many different elements just to ensure we are choosing the best lightweight drill for a woman.

First of all, let’s remember about the power of the product, which is also quite important for the torque and the speed. Besides that, products designed for women should guarantee compact size and small weight!

Another important factor that most people forget regards the users’ experience as far as the use of the product is concerned. Still, the best way is to familiarize yourself with the content below or look at the additional article in the following link:

Remember about torque!

One of the first things that comes to our mind as far as the power is concerned is torque. It is basically the strength with which the drill can go through a material. Different surfaces require different torque in order to effectively work on them.

In most cases, the products offer us a variable torque thanks to which we can easily adjust the power and the strength of the drill. Obviously, we have to remember that there is a maximum torque, which should be at least 30 Nm.

WAKYME 12.6V Power Drill

best lightweight drill for a woman

HYCHIKA Electric Drill 30N·m Max Torque

drill for women

Make sure to pay attention to no-load speed

Another indication of a good device is high no load speed. It is presented in RPMs, namely revolutions per minute. The higher the no-load speed, the better for the versatility of your machine. Just like in the case of the torque, different speed is required for different materials, their thickness.

Make sure to pick the one that offers at least 1500 RPM. Interestingly, there are many different drilling machines that can offer us two different speed ranges for even more precise work.

Compact size and lightweight is crucial

Comfortable use of the tool is necessary, especially if we look for a tool that will work perfectly in the hands of a woman. That is why take under consideration only those options that weigh less than 1 kg. In this way, we are certain they won’t cause any fatigue.

Besides that, make sure that we take into account the grip as well as the size of the product. Interestingly, there are special drill tips that can be changeable and rotatable. Due to that, products such as that are much better in drilling and screwdriving at confined, limited spaces.

Bosch Professional GSR 12 V-15 FC Cordless Drill Driver Set

best drill for women

Nordstrand Pink Cordless Drill Set

nordstrand pink cordless drill set

Let’s also remember about opinions

Every piece of additional information is quite crucial, especially if you want to buy a product without any detailed knowledge regarding the particular aspects. That is why take a look at comments, see what feedback really is about the effectiveness and the comfort of the product.

Summary and conclusion – best lightweight drill for a woman in UK 2024

Now you know how to choose the best cordless drill for women. These tips are quite essential if we want to buy the product without looking at the recommendations. Obviously, you can always see the alternatives and then decide on what exact features you care the most.

If; however, you just want a generally very good drill that fits the requirements of most women, you should definitely think about WAKYME 12.6V Power Drill. The winner of the ranking 2024 offers quite large additional equipment. We can also count on high no load speed and appropriate maximum torque with all the adjustable settings there are.