What is the best manual tile cutter on the market you can currently buy? Learn more about these devices before you make up your mind 2024!

Tile cutting is surely one of the most important things as far as preparing the floor in your kitchen or bathroom is concerned. Most often we use porcelain or ceramic tiles, but there are also the ones made of natural stone. Since every room has different dimensions and sometimes we need to adjust one column of tiles by several millimeters or less than an inch, we have to equip ourselves with the appropriate device.

At this moment, we can choose either a hand tile cutter or, if we are more interested in comfort and large projects, an electrical one. However, because of a number of advantages, a more appropriate option is the less expensive one, the manual. Still, there are many different tools and it is difficult to assess which the best manual tile cutters uk really is. In order to help you choose, we prepared a ranking and a list of tips that will help you pick the right option!

What is the best way to pick a hand tile cutter and enjoy all its attributes? Well, at first we will introduce you to several manual tile cutter reviews. There, you can find your favorite tool and see which one suits your expectations best. In the list, we took into account the most crucial aspects of the purchase, namely cutting parameters, the materials, accuracy of the cuts as well as functionality and durability.

The best manual tile cutter on the market and the winner of this ranking is definitely Faithfull FAITLC300 Tile Cutter 300 mm

• Very lightweight;
• Compact size;
• Quite durable;
• Great precision.
• Below average cutting parameters;
• Very narrow cutting width.

In the case of economy products that are incredibly light, Faithfull is a brand that offers a great model that distinguishes itself from the competition thanks to one of the smallest weights on the market. Besides that, the tool is very compact as a result of using a very small cutting width.

The product provides us with a dual rail and it guarantees a push action element. In terms of construction, the authors used tungsten carbide to construct a cutting wheel. As a result, the option is ideal for cutting ceramic tiles. Besides that, the quality of finishing is one of the nicest in this price range.

Still, we need to remember about the cutting width. It is only 300 mm, which is much less than in the case of other manual tile cutters available both on the market and in this ranking. Besides that, the maximum depth is also not the greatest.

Still, for such a low price, it is one of the most appropriate options. Let’s also remember about the weight, which is approximately 1.5 kg, making it great for amateur and DIY workers who need to travel with their tools a lot.

Vitrex 102371 600 mm Manual Flat Bed Tile Cutter is an alternative that may guarantee a bit better cutting parameters

• Great cutting width – 600 mm;
• Very durable construction;
• Maximum cutting thickness at the level of 12 mm;
• Relatively compact size.
• Pretty heavy – 4,2 kg;
• No equipment to improve the accuracy. 

For those who still look for a compact product with a larger cutting blade, Vitrex seems like a very good option. In this particular device, we lay our hands on a rigid construction that is made of steel. As a result, we can be sure of better durability than in the case of previous options. Let’s also remember about relatively compact size in spite of its much larger cutting blade.

The thing that makes this cutter great is its flexibility. We can use it in order to cut ceramic, terracotta, quarry, and even porcelain tiles. In terms of cutting parameters, it is possible to cut through material that is up to 12 mm thick. Another thing that is noteworthy regards the cutting wheel itself. It is made of tungsten carbide, which is quite light and at the same time durable material.

The option is quite heavier, because it weighs 4,2 kg. However, it is partially caused by a great width of the cutting product. It is 600 mm, so we can work with much larger projects and be sure of its effectiveness.

Another interesting option in the range of compact ones is VonHaus Manual Tile Cutter 430mm

• Great durability;
• Above average cutting parameters;
• Very ergonomic and easy to use design;
• Comfortable to use and relatively light.
• Low cutting width; 
• Relatively expensive. 

This particular device guarantees one of the best constructions in terms of sturdiness and resistance to damage due to the materials used during the production process and as a result of introducing ergonomic design. It is; however, a bit pricier than other options with similar cutting parameters.

The authors provide us with a cutting blade that is 430 mm long. Interestingly, it can work very well against tiles that are up to 12 mm thick. The blade was made of tungsten carbide, which is exactly the same material as in the case of all other options. However, because of that, we can cut through a number of surfaces without risking a damage to either the tile or the tool.

Another thing worth considering regards the ergonomic design. Thanks to a comfortable handle that is covered with a rubber surface, we don’t risk sliding the hand and, therefore, hurting ourselves or the product we are currently working on. It is even lighter than the option before, but it still weighs approximately 3 kg.

The problem with this particular option is its relatively low cutting width. Because of the fairly limited blade length, we can’t work on much more demanding projects in terms of size. Another thing to consider is its price – much larger than the average for compact options.

Sfeomi Manual Tile Cutter 1000MM is another option you should take into account, especially when we look for cutters for larger projects

• Highly durable;
• One of the most accurate manual tile cutters;
• Great cutting parameters;
• Easy to use.
• Large weight;
• Very expensive.

If you are looking for a much more complex solution that is at the same time highly precise and provides us with greater cutting parameters, then Sfeomi will surely appeal to your taste. The option provided by the maker is much more advanced and it can be used in order to work on a range of professional and highly specialized projects.

The first thing that catches our eyes is, obviously, the maximum cutting length. With 1000 mm, the product is prepared for the most demanding options on the market. Another thing to consider is the cutting width that is 35 mm. Let’s also remember about the maximum thickness of the material that can be cut, which is from 6 up to even 15 mm.

In terms of accuracy, the option is equipped with an infrared ray tool. Besides that, we can find here a special linear bearing block. As a result, cutting tiles is now much more precise than before and, because of that, we can hope for convenient use for quite a long time.

Sadly, such a large and well equipped hand tool needs to cost a lot. In addition to the large price, we should also remember about dimensions. In other words, it is not a compact tool that can be easily transported due to its 10 kg weight.

Another professional and highly-specialized product is CO-Z Manual Tile Cutter

CO Z Manual Tile Cutter
• Highly functional;
• Very precise;
• One of the most durable options on the market;
• Great cutting parameters.
• Very large and heavy;
• Quite expensive. 

Similarly to the previous option that we reviewed, an offer by CO-Z is one of the most effective options available on the market. Its cutting length is, once again, gigantic – at the level of 1000 mm. We should also consider the thickness of cuts that is as small as 6 mm and as large as 15 mm.

The option guarantees the same equipment for increased accuracy as the previous product. It means that in order to receive much more precise cutting, the authors introduced an infrared ray device. Together with laser positioning, we also receive a special linear bearing block thanks to which it is much easier to cut even parts.

One of the problems related to this tile cutter is its size. This is by far one of the largest options on the market. It is at the same time one of the heaviest (10 kg gross weight). We should bear in mind; however, that there are plenty of highly functional solutions like, for example, multi-function cutting angle, the possibility to cut holes, special non-slip coverages on handles and other elements to increase stability.

How to pick the best manual tile cutter for your use? Here is a list of tips and advices

The manual tile cutter reviews presented up above showed how seemingly easy it is to find the perfect option. Sadly, the situation gets tougher the moment we realize there are plenty of different things we did not take into account. What is more, not everyone knows which parameters are crucial for their own projects. That is why it is mandatory to familiarize ourselves with a tutorial.

The best manual tile cutters uk can offer needs to be as precise as it can get. Obviously, we should always have accuracy of the product in our mind in order to prepare even tiles without wasting the material. Since we are talking about that, let’s also put emphasis on the material used to produce the blade and the hand tool itself.

Another thing worth considering regards the functionality of a product. How easy it is to use it and what features ease the entire process of cutting? The comfort of use is quite crucial and that is why we should always think about the size of a product and its weight. More information regarding the purchase of the product can be found here: https://www.tilemountain.co.uk/blog/choosing-the-right-tile-cutter-for-the-job/

Remember about the material

When choosing the most appropriate tile cutters, most of us should focus on the design and the construction. As we all know, producers quite often use a range of different materials to create a blade or the frame of the tile cutter itself. For this reason, we need to be cautious with the option and make sure that it is as durable as it can get.

The cutting wheel itself is in most cases made of tungsten carbide. It is a durable option and in most cases the best one that we can choose. As far as the construction itself, then in most of the cases we should look for steel ones. Though it seems like not the lightest, it is an assurance that we will be able to use the product for years to come.

Another thing we should pay attention to is the universality of the product. When we talk about materials, we don’t mean just the way the product is constructed. Sometimes the producers guarantee their cutters can be used to cut many different tiles. That is why make sure that you can use it while working on two most important things, namely porcelain and ceramic. An interesting addition will be the option to cut through terracotta and quarry.

Vitrex 102371 600 mm

best manual tile cutter on the market uk

Cutting parameters are of utmost significance

There are three different things we have to remember about. The first one is the maximum cutting length. It basically shows how big tiles we can really cut. Another thing to consider is the thickness. Sturdies constructions are at the same time thicker, so cutting through them requires large cutting depth. Third thing to consider is blade size or maximum cutting width.

Sfeomi Manual Tile Cutter 1000M

best manual tile cutter

In terms of the length, the options start from 300 mm and can be up to 1000 mm. As a result, there is a huge discrepancy in this respect. We encourage picking options with at least 450-500 mm of cutting length, because it allows us to cut larger tiles or make cuts at a different angle.

As far as thickness is concerned, the absolute minimum is 10 mm. However, we should remember that there are several budget-friendly options with a maximum cutting depth at the level of 12 mm.

Another important thing to consider is functionality

The introduction of a special laser equipment just to improve the precision of cuts is surely the most important thing one can think of. However, besides that, we should also remember about numerous functions that ease the process of cutting. If we are to cut at different angles quite often, then we should look for the multi-function cutting angle options or the possibility to set straight cuts. There are also special solutions for you to cut holes.

Besides that, it is also quite important to equip yourself with a non-slip coverage on the handles as well as in the case of stands. Thanks to that, we increase stability. Also, special adjustable measures or anti-skid feet should be the mandatory equipment of our hand tool.

CO-Z Manual Tile Cutter

best manual tile cutters uk

The comfort of use and the size of the product

When we say comfort, we mean here the general user-friendliness that is connected to the operation of the product. Cutting tiles can be quite a demanding task. As a result, we should think about facilitating that process as much as we can. That is why the first thing that comes to our mind when comfort is concerned, is related to the introduction of many features that facilitate cutting.

Make sure that the product you choose is very simple in use. Adjustable measuring guide will definitely help you in picking the most appropriate settings for your work. What is more, we should remember about the ergonomic design. If we are to work for the first time, then we should definitely make sure that the surface that we touch is covered with an anti-sliding rubber for better grip and reduced chance of accident.

Faithfull FAITLC300 Tile Cutter 300 mm

hand tile cutter

The weight of the product itself is quite important as well. Hand tools are generally lightweight and, therefore, easy to transport. However, the most advanced and the largest hand tools can weigh more than 10 kg. It is more than we recommend for DIY workers or amateurs. Compact size is another benefit that makes it easier to use the product in the long run.

Summary and conclusion – best manual tile cutter in UK 2024

The most appropriate device for beginners and people who use tile cutters from time to time is surely Faithfull FAITLC300 Tile Cutter 300 mm. The winner of the ranking can boast with an extremely lightweight and above average construction quality. The cutting wheel itself is made of tungsten carbide and, therefore, will withstand more than enough.

If; however, we look for much better cutting parameters and we wish to buy a product to use a bit more often, then don’t be afraid to look for alternatives. The tutorial presented up above is a great thing, especially if you follow the tips and recommendations, and choose a product with accordance to them.