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What is the one thing that a DIY woodworker needs the most for the successful execution of his tasks? The answer is clearly masonry drill bits that are specifically designed to make drilling into stone, concrete and brick a lot easier. However, a DIY enthusiast would invariably run out of patience finding the best masonry drill bits because masonry involves the usage of various types of drills and as many types of bits. This article hopes to find the right gear for a DIY by providing relevant information to help choose the best masonry drill bits.

DEWALT DW5207 7-Piece Masonry Set: Is It Good Enough For Concrete?

How to choose best masonry drill bit
Sizing options available.
Durable carbide tips for maximum contact.
Precise drilling without breakage.
Enlarged flute design makes cleaning of debris easier and also makes for efficient drilling.
The product does not come along with a storage option where the bits can be stored when not in use.
Drilling into concrete requires a good deal of precision, easy penetration and a strong hold for neat and clean holes as the end result. If your area of work includes concrete, rocks and artificial stone, you could expect the DEWALT DW5207 to make it easier for your drilling applications. Consisting of 7 different drill bits that differ in sizes ranging from 3/16 inches to ½ an inch, these could prove to be enough for concrete drilling tasks and common masonry. It features No-Spin Shank that eliminates bit slippage. With rock-solid carbide tips, you can make maximum contact without worrying about their durability. You can use these bits with your electric as well as cordless hammer drill.

Black & Decker 16748 Bullet Rotary Masonry Drill Bit Set, 5-Piece: What is this preferred for?

best drill bit for masonry

Speed tip is specifically designed for faster, easier and efficient drilling.


Flute design eases removal of material.


Drills 2 times faster than its competitors.


Can be used in almost all masonry applications.

Some users have reported that the smallest bit tends to burn out too quickly.

Easy penetration of surfaces often becomes a priority for woodworkers because it is less time-consuming and gives you neat results. The Black & Decker Bullet Masonry bits are highly preferred by most because of its patented speed tip design that not only penetrates quickly but also drills 2 times faster than your regular drill bit. When it comes to being used with cordless drills, it can drill up to 6 times faster with every battery charge. The product features a flute design that gives you easier, faster and more precise drilling.

This drill bit is generally used to drill anchor holes while installing mail boxes, flag poles and almost all masonry applications.

Bosch TI9IM 9 Pc. Impact Tough Titanium Drill Bit Set: Which surfaces does it cater to?

where you can find the best drill bits for masonry

Titanium bits are two times more durable than standard drill bits.


Cooling shield reduces friction by minimizing the heat generated.


Gives you clean cuts in impact mode as well.


The shank is impact-rated to enable high torque drilling.

The product does not come along with a holder so you might need to buy one later.

High torque drilling requires a different technology altogether. This is where Bosch TI9IM comes into play. Featuring tough titanium drill bits, this set is designed to meet the needs of rough and heavy-duty surfaces. Featuring a no-skate tip, it significantly reduces bit walking and completely does away with the need for a centre punch. High torque drilling generates a considerable amount of heat that is reduced in this case with a cooling shield that helps minimize friction. To ensure effective removal of debris, it comes designed in the form of a long flute.

DEWALT DWA 1240 Pilot Point Industrial Cobalt Drill Bit Set: What do the features help with?

best masonry drill bits for concrete

Comes along with 14 pieces that can be used in various applications.


Effective in high-performance drilling on challenging surfaces.


High durability.


No-spin shanks prevent slipping of the bit.


Comes along with a convenient carrying case.

The bits might take some time to get accustomed to cordless drills or drivers.

DIY enthusiasts often deal with hard metal surfaces that require high speed and durability of drilling. The DEWALT DWA1240 is specifically designed to withstand the need for maximum speed while being highly durable at the same time. The pilot point tip reduces bit walking and helps drill clean holes efficiently. These bits are ideal to be used for drill presses and power drills. The titanium coated drill bits come along with a thick core design.

Choosing Masonry Drill Bits: The Type Of Job

The type of masonry drill bit that you ought to buy largely depends upon the job at hand. If you are drilling a smaller hole, a regular drill bit will work but if you need longer holes, there are lengths up to 400mm to drill their way through masonry walls. It is essential to use sharp masonry drill bits if you are drilling into concrete and other challenging surfaces and while the blunt bits can be sharpened, it is wiser to replace them when they are dull.

The Three Different Types Of Masonry Drill Bits

There are three different types of masonry drill bits that we will discuss here. They are Standard Drill Bits, Multi-Material Drill Bits and Hammer Drill Bits.

Standard Drill Bits

The best part about using standard drill bits is the fact that they can be used in any type of drill. However, if you are using them in a hammer or SDS, using a normal drill chuck is essential. This would imply that the hammer action of the drill cannot be completely utilized and hence is not an ideal fit. It is thus recommended to use standard drill bits in a standard drill, keep it on low power and rotate the bit slowly.
what is the best masonry drill bit

Multi-Material Bits

Unlike standard drill bits, multi-material bits can be used in all types of drills, including the likes of hammer and standard without compromising on the capacity of the drill. These bits can also be used for smaller jobs but they would be more justified in tougher masonry jobs.

Hammer Drill Bits

Hammer drills are also known as SDS drills. These drills work only in SDS drills. These are your best bet for all types of masonry jobs, irrespective of job type and difficulty level. A masonry drill-bit that is carbide or durium-tipped will always be more effective and efficient.
Hammer drill bits also last longer which makes them a more preferable option for anyone who indulges in larger amounts of masonry drilling.

Drill Bit Types: Material And Finish

Yet another factor to consider is the material of your masonry drill bits and what surface a particular material would cater to.

  • Steel Bits

Steel bits are perfectly suited to bore into softwood but lose their sharpness while being used on hardwood.

  • High-speed steel bits

These are harder than steel bits and are more efficient at resisting heat and thus stay sharper for longer. These can be used to drill into wood, fibreglass, aluminum and PVC.

  • Cobalt bits

Cobalt bits are very hard and can dissipate heat effectively. They can be used to bore into tough materials like aluminum and stainless steel.

  • Titanium-coated bits

These bits are popular for the fact that they produce less friction. They are tougher than standard HSS bits and also last longer. They are ideal for being drilled into wood, fibreglass, metal and PVC.

  • Carbide-tipped bits

Carbide-tipped bits stay sharper for longer and are efficient at being drilled into tiles and masonry.

The Common Bit Types

  1. Twist Bit

This is the commonest bit type used for drilling at home. These are perfect for general drilling into plastic, wood and other light metals.

  1. Brand-point Bit

A brad-point bit is specifically designed to bore into wood. Their design helps to position the bit accurately and they are also extra wide to help remove the chips and dust more effectively.

  1. Hole saw Bit

A hole saw bit is used to drill large holes and they are perfect for installing door hardware etc. A hole saw with a carbide edge works more efficiently on ceramic and masonry.

  1. Masonry Bit

A masonry bit is designed to drill into tough materials like brick, concrete etc. Some drill bits are designed to work with standard cordless or corded rotary drills. Some others are specifically designed to be used with hammer drill or rotary drill. This enables them to drill into masonry more effectively.

Here is a list of the Top 4 Masonry Drill Bits on the market and why they ought to be on your bucket list today!

Conclusion 2024 edition

According to our review, the Dewalt DW5207 emerges as the clear winner among the Top 4 products because of its versatility and its functionality. As we have mentioned how an ideal masonry drill bit should be able to cater to common masonry tasks as well as concrete drilling, this product at hand efficiently does both. It can drill though rough and challenging surfaces without any hassle and you end up clean, precise and neat cuts. It can also be used with electric as well as corded hammer drills that further enhance its versatility. Here’s hoping that the Dewalt DW5207 can take up your upcoming DIY task with absolute ease.

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