The best mig welder under £500 uk – 2024 comparison!

Most of the amateur welders or semi-professionals look for a product that does not exceed the 500-pounds range. Such products are much more powerful and capable of working way longer than solutions under 300. Although we all know how to operate them, not many of us realize how many different parameters have a meaningful impact on the product.

Unfortunately, the manufacturers don’t make it easy for us because there are hundreds of different models available. To make things worse, they seem to be pretty similar in terms of the appearance. Still, there is a way to see which one is better than the other, and it is by simply looking at mig welder reviews.

This is what makes this comparison so important. Here, we took into account five products of astonishing design and powerful engines. Each item is characterized by decent power and adjustable features. What is more, we also remembered about safety and reliability, and comfort of use. If you want to see one of the best mig welders under 500, then make sure to familiarize yourself with these five tools!

The winner of the ranking is surely R-Tech MIG180, which is the best mig welder under 500 you can currently buy 

• Quite high maximum amperage capacity;
• Large output range;
• The possibility to weld aluminium;
• 3-year warranty;
• A lot of functions to ease the process of welding;
• Very rich package included.
• Unclear interface;
• Average duty cycle at the maximum amperage. 

And incredibly reliable product with robust housing and high quality finishing. This is what we can say about today’s winner of the ranking. It is also quite a powerful solution with maximum amperage of 180 Amps.

The producer guarantees 3M MIG torch as well as gas hose and classic regular together with earth lead. Interestingly, it is possible to weld aluminium thanks to an optional spool gun that is available together with the product.

The product we are currently reviewing offers a high quality construction thanks to the use of Siemens’ IGBT. The output range is quite satisfactory, because we can choose from 25 up to 180 amps. It means that it is possible to weld both very thin and thick materials.

As far as the duty cycle is concerned, it is 60% at 150 amps and 35% at 180 amps. As you can see, it is above average. In the package we can see a lot of accessories that are mandatory for the proper launch and use of the tool. However, we can also find some extra add-ons. Sadly, R-Tech does not offer as simple and clear interface as others.

Let’s not forget about a bit less powerful, but still very good GYS 031876 EASYMIG

• Highly durable housing;
• Both gas and gasless modes to choose from;
• Very low weight;
• Compact size.
• Small output range;
• Low maximum amperage capacity. 

This is a 3 in 1 semi-automatic welder that allows us to work with or without gas. We can choose different welding options that depend on the thickness of the material as well as its density.

This product is one of the lightest not only in this ranking 2024, but also in the entire market of average-priced welders. Besides that, GYS offers high quality and special pads that absorb shock and even vibrations.

The product allows us to work with a bit low maximum amperage that is 140 Amps. As a result, we may struggle with the thickest and the hardest materials out there. However, we should be able to weld stainless steel and regular steel effortlessly.

What is more, the product does not offer a very low starting amperage. As a result, we may not find it as the best option for very thin materials and projects that require incredibly steady hands.

Still, this machine works perfectly in both gas and gasless modes that it has got to offer as well as other welding options. Its reliability and robustness is yet another reason why a lot of people think this is a great alternative.

What is more, Sealey SUPERMIG180 should also meet our expectations 

• Quite high maximum amperage capacity;
• Great duty cycle thanks to air-cooled system;
• Binzel non-live Euro torch;
• Highly effective with a variety of materials.
• Extremely heavy.

This particular model comes from the line of many different products that can guarantee up to 270 Amps, which is an incredibly high number that will surely help in the most demanding works.

This particular model guarantees maximum amperage capacity of 180 Amps. It is still quite a lot. The number is sufficient for most of the amateur and semi-professional work, especially if we combine it with high performance and with great duty.

For the maximum performance, the authors introduced a Forced-Air Cooling System that translates into a higher duty cycle than some of the competition. What is more, to ensure a stable weld bread, the manufacturer introduced a Binzel non-live Euro torch. Thanks to that, the accidental arcing is reduced to minimum.

It is not an ideal solution. To provide us with such high performance, it was necessary to install a lot of additional systems and features that make it one of the heaviest welding machines you can currently find.

MAGNUM MIG 208 ALU is very powerful and hence great for most of the work

• 100% duty cycle at 120 Amps;
• Very high amperage capacity;
• Incredibly light;
• Can be stored almost anywhere due to its small size.
• Fairly limited utility options.

If you are one of those people who care about compatibility, then the purchase of a Magnum product with very high maximum amperage and even better duty cycle will surely be a good solution.

Thanks to the right construction and appropriate accessories, the product is capable of welding steel and aluminum. The biggest advantage, when compared to other offers, is its extremely low weight.

Let’s not forget about the fact that the compact size makes it much easier to transport from one place to another. It is also much easier to find the right place to store it. The amperage capacity of the product is up to 200 Amps, which is surely more than enough for most of the tasks and projects we come up with.

It is also one of the best products in terms of duty cycle, because at 120 Amps, we can continuously work without any breaks due to a highly efficient cooling system. In terms of maximum current, it is possible to work at 40% duty cycle, which is still quite a high number.

In spite of very advanced cooling systems as well as sturdy construction, the product does not offer many utility options that make it easier for less advanced welders to weld properly.

If purchasing a bit cheaper product does not bother us, then Clarke MIG130EN 240V should do just fine

Clarke MIG130EN 240V
• Low current threshold for welding thin items;
• Turbo fan cooling option for increased duty cycle;
• Variable electronic wire speed control;
• Hinged doors;
• Easy access to a number of regulatory options.
• Low amperage capacity;
• Can’t be used for thick materials. 

This is a much less powerful option with the amperage capacity peaking at 130 Amps. However, we should surely remember that there is a low current threshold, which is only 30 Amps. It basically allows us to work with very thin materials.

The option provided by Clarke brand has got a turbo fan cooling option in order to improve the duty cycle. Let’s also bear in mind that there is a variable electronic wire speed control as well as hinged doors that allow us to quickly change the wire.

This is surely a product that fits people who wish to have a lot of regulations and power settings in a user-friendly interface. However, we should remember that this is not the most powerful solution, and hence you are not going to be able to weld more demanding projects.

Which mig welder under 500 seems to be the best? Learn which option to pick with our guide?

Everyone wants to buy an item that will work smoothly throughout many years. It is quite obvious that we have to pick a sturdy option that comes from a renown manufacturer. Did you know that it is possible to find a mig welder under 500 that wasn’t prepared by such a company? You just need to pay attention to details and to some parameters.

When we were preparing these mig welder reviews, we paid attention to such aspects as amperage capacity as well as its range. What is more, it was crucial to choose products with an appropriate duty cycle.

A lot of people forget that in order to enjoy the best mig welder under 500, you also have to remember about functionality and reliability. That is why extra options we can utilize or long-lasting warranty is quite important. More information about essentials can be also found in this article:

What is the maximum and minimum amperage?

In order to assure a highly powerful machine, we need to find the one that is powered by a 220-240 volt outlet. It translates into quite high output amperage and, if we pick correctly, the range guarantees the possibility to work with either very thin or very thick materials.

The more amps our product has got to offer, the more heat and power the product will provide for our welding arc.

As you can guess, it corresponds to the possibility to work with a variety of materials no matter how thick or dense they are.

Obviously, this is the measurement of the amount of output voltage and, of course, electrical power. Deciding on the perfect welder, we should always look for devices with an amperage capacity of at least 160 Amps, but we recommend 180-200 Amps for the quality welding experience.


best mig welders under 500

The best mig welder under £500 uk can boast with great duty cycle

To put it as clear as possible, the percentages of a duty cycle allow us to measure how durable the product is and for how long we can work on the given amp output. Obviously, the larger amperage we choose, the lower duty cycle becomes, because it is much more demanding and, also, produces much more heat.

For example, if we purchase the product with an amperage capacity of 180 amps, its duty cycle can be rated at 45% at such high amps output.

Sealey SUPERMIG180

mig welder under 500

However, the lower the amps, the higher the duty cycle, extending the welding period.

It is possible to find a product with 100% rated duty cycle. It means that out of a 10-minute period, we can weld for the entire 10 minutes. It means that it is possible to weld continuously without breaks.

Warranty and how it corresponds to the reliability

We all want to buy a product that is sturdy and can last for at least 3-5 years. That is why we look for sturdy housings and fully metal products that do not have any plastic elements or the amount of it is marginal.

It is certainly the right thing to do, but we should take into account one more aspect that can tell us a lot about the robustness of the product, which is the warranty. It is basically the assurance we receive from a manufacturer that the chosen product is capable of working flawlessly for a given time.

R-Tech MIG180

best mig welder under 500

The longer the guarantee period, the less likely it is that the welding machine will break down. We should therefore look for offers with 3-years warranty periods, which is certainly the best indicator of high quality finishing.

Let’s also remember about the size and the weight of the product

Although it is not the most important aspect of the right purchase, it is surely very useful to buy a product that is very small and still offers highly advanced features and regulations just like the heavier counterparts.


best mig welder under £500 uk

We can simply transport it easier and even store it in small areas without any troubles. Obviously, this is also a great option if we travel a lot. We just need to remember that compact size and lightweight cannot be more important than the welding capabilities.

Summary and conclusion – best mig welder under 500 in UK 2024

The article provided above shows the most important features we all should take into account while picking the right welding tool. If we choose the device based on that, we can be sure of a quality product with sufficient power to weld most of our projects.

Truth to be told, there is no need to look by yourself, because you can simply take the advantage of today’s list. The winner of the ranking 2024 is surely R-Tech MIG180 due to its reliability, high amperage capacity, and one of the greatest output ranges available for versatile work.