What is the best oscillating multi tool one can find? Check out today’s list!

Multi tools are quite handy when we wish to work on a variety of materials. It proves to be irreplaceable because of their great precision, handy use, and mostly lightweight. However, there are many different products available on the market. As a result, the final decision is quite difficult.

Unfortunately, the manufacturers themselves don’t help you out, because even if they present positive sides of their tools, it is quite easy to find even more powerful or more versatile options within the same price range. That is why we decided to create a list of the best oscillating multi tools in the uk you can currently find.

While preparing this ranking 2024, our specialists focused on the most important aspects we should take a look at, like for example the power of the motor, the minimum and maximum speed, the type of the oscillating multi tool as well as its functionalities and features that improve the comfort of use.

The best oscillating multi tool and the winner of this ranking is surely WORKPRO Oscillating Multi Tool, 300W

• Powerful motor;
• Speed adjustments from 10,000 up to 23,000 RPM;
• Rubber covered handle – comfortable in use;
• Large kit included.
• Quite heavy;
• Higher than average cost. 

WORKPRO offers us a very rich set of accessories and plenty of useful features that make the tool very functional and user-friendly. We receive 6 modes of adjustable speeds that provide us with the opportunity to choose from 10,000 up to 23,000 RPMs.

Let’s not forget about the fact that this is a 300-watt, high performance engine that works smoothly without worrying about overheating during longer tasks and larger projects. The authors guarantee a very rich set of accessories that are universal. It means that we can use them with many other brands.

In terms of comfort, the producers made sure to implement a soft handle with ergonomic shape. To make things even more comfortable, the handle is covered with rubber that not only improves the grip, but also reduces vibrations.

Unfortunately, it is a quite costly option. Moreover, it weighs approximately 1.8 kg, which some people may find quite a lot when compared with the competition. Still, it isn’t the heaviest option out there.

Another interesting option is Draper 20987 230V Oscillating Multi-Tool

• Great value for money;
• Decent additional kit included;
• Powerful motor;
• Heat-resistant.
• Heavy;
• Not suitable for very long tasks.

Another quality solution for most of the amateur workers include a device with a very powerful, 400 W motor and great speed range we can adjust. What is more, there is no load speed, and it is a great option for detailing and finishing a variety of tasks and projects. Interestingly, it is also quite budget-friendly oscillating multi-tool.

The authors prepared for us a product that is capable of completing many different tasks without any troubles whatsoever. There will be no heating issues or troublesome materials, excluding very hard and dense ones.

It is corded, and as a result we need to bear in mind while sanding, polishing, or cutting that the cable might not be long enough. However, Draper is a manufacturer that has been providing UK citizens with high quality power tools.

As you can guess, the MT400 model is yet another example of a highly rated alternative. Bear in mind; however, that the tool is quite heavy since it weighs 2.5 kg. It is roughly 5.5 lbs.

Which is the best oscillating multi tool you can get? DeWalt DCS355N-XJ 18V Li-Ion Cordless Brushless Oscillating Multi-Tool is also a good option 

• Incredibly high durability;
• Great finishing and sturdiness;
• Powerful motor and advanced speed regulation features;
• Comfortable grip and low weight.
• Very expensive;
• Batteries must be purchased separately. 

The thing that distinguishes this particular model from the others is cordless power source. It means that we are dealing with a compact solution that doesn’t limit our working conditions. Moreover, it is lightweight and gives us decent power. Still, keep in mind that due to its quality and the fact it is cordless, the price is extremely high.

The authors from Dewalt decided to give us quite advanced features responsible for speed adjustments. As a result, we can choose from 0 up to even 22.000 oscillations per minute. It allows us to speed up the process of polishing rough surfaces and slow down while making final oscillations.

Let’s not forget about the dual grip position that makes the product much more comfortable to use. It is also very light, what can surprise most of you due to the additional weight of the battery. Another important fact worth mentioning concerns a utility feature, which includes a soft start function. It is yet another indication that the product is greatly prepared for our use.

Unfortunately, the huge price for the tool as well as the fact that we need to purchase a lithium-ion battery separately makes DeWalt DCS355N-XJ a very expensive option that won’t be suitable for most of the users.

Let’s not forget about renowned producer, namely Bosch PMF 220 CE Multi-Tool

• Great durability;
• Highly reliable motor;
• Very lightweight;
• High comfort of work.
• Not as powerful motor as in the case of competition;
• Very hard to buy accessories. 

Though it is cheaper than the previously reviewed multi-tool, it is still quite an expensive choice. However, Bosch is a brand that offers a long-lasting warranty, great durability and versatility thanks to which it is possible to use in many different situations without worrying about efficiency.

The disadvantage of this tool, when compared with the others, is a less powerful motor. Here, we receive 220 W. Needless to say, it is quite a significant difference when compared to competition that guarantees 300 W or 400 W power input. Interestingly, such low power translates into sufficient strength against any type of soft material you would like to polish, sand, or cut.

Let’s not forget about the fact that it is easily one of the most convenient tools to use. The comfort is guaranteed by the ergonomic handle and rubber that covers it. Thanks to that, we have a strong grip, and the product itself is very lightweight. Combined with low vibrations while working, this is certainly one of the best options currently available on the market.

However, large price and the fact that the access to additional accessories is limited makes Bosch quite limited and not as versatile as the producer claims.

VonHaus 280W Oscillating Multitool is also a great alternative 

VonHaus 280W Oscillating Multitool
• A very rich additional kit included;
• Dust extraction unit to keep the workplace clean;
• A lot of features to adjust the culture of work;
• Very comfortable in use.
• Average quality finishing;
• Can overheat if used inappropriately.

Another light tool that you can find in the ranking 2024 comes from VonHaus, a manufacturer that provides us with a highly precise product with plenty of features and advanced options to regulate the speed and to control vibrations. It is very easy to use and have all the things we would love to find on our oscillating multi-tool device.

First of all, it is imperative to compare the attributes of the tool. The engine of 280 W allows us to use the product as a sander, cutter, scraper or grinder. The VonHaus device consists of many features that are to adjust the working conditions. We can, for example, change the speed of the oscillations from 10,000 up to 21,000 RPMs.

What is more, there is even a vibration control feature to increase the comfort of the work on longer projects.Besides that, we should remember about a very rich set of accessories. There are 15 pieces of endings that we can choose and use, and we can also hope for a dust extraction unit!

It is a product of an average price, but we should remember about not the highest quality of finishing. The on/off button seems flimsy and the housing is not the most durable out there. What is more we should remember about the possibility of overheating the tool.

Bear in mind that BLUE RIDGE Cordless 18V Oscillating Multi-Tool with 2.0 Ah Li-ion Battery will definitely appeal to your taste

BLUE RIDGE Cordless 18V Oscillating Multi Tool with 2.0 Ah Li ion Battery
• Very large no-load speed;
• A lot of functions to adjust the tool for our own preferences;
• Fast charging feature that enables 1-hour load to full;
• Battery included in the kit;
• Cordless use.
• Quite expensive;
• Heavy.

A bit heavier but at the same time a very powerful device comes from Blue Ridge company. They guarantee a tool with plenty of features and large versatility. The multi-purpose tool allows us to saw, cut, grind, sand, and detail many surfaces and many different materials.

The product comes with a 2-year warranty, which is quite handy and proves that the authors are quite sure of the reliability of their product. Interestingly, we don’t have to register to activate the warranty, so it’s another positive.

The most important thing regarding this tool is its parameters. Its motor offers us a quite high no-load speed that is up to 20000 RPMs. Obviously, it is adjustable, so we can easily change it in 6 different positions. Its general range is from 5000 up to 20000 oscillations per minute.

A very important aspect of this oscillating multi tool is the fact that it is cordless. The battery offers us 2 Ah of capacity, which is quite a lot. What is more, the fast charging feature allows us to prepare a tool within one hour to work. Still, it is a quite heavy and expensive solution.

If you look for a cheap oscillating multi tool, then be sure to see LOMVUM 220W Multi-Oscillating Tool

LOMVUM 220W Multi Oscillating Tool
• Great functionality;
• High no-load speed;
• Rich kit included;
• Quick accessory change feature.
• Average power of the motor;
• Quite heavy.

If you are not interested in spending a lot on your oscillating multi tool, then you should definitely take a closer look at a LOMVUM device, which guarantees 220 W motor and a lot of practicality features. Interestingly, there are options that allow us to control vibrations.

The package itself is quite large, so it will surely appeal to your taste. As far as the variable speed is concerned, we can choose 6 different levels that start at 15,000 RPM and end at 22,000 RPM. It shows that the maximum no-load speed is quite high and gives us a lot of flexibility while cutting, sanding, grinding, or finishing any item we wish.

Besides that, the package is quite large because besides the tool itself, we also receive a lot of saw blades, different gran sandpapers, knives, and also pads. The product weighs 1.8 kg, so it is quite a lot for a corded multi-tool. What is more, its power may seem not enough.

In spite of these drawbacks, the robust finishing and many other features that improve the comfort of use, like for example quick accessory changing, make the tool very useful and attractive, especially while working with soft materials.

Another cheap oscillating multi tool was prepared by DAY PLUS Oscillating Tool Multi Tools 21000 RPM

DAY PLUS Oscillating Tool Multi Tools 21000 RPM
• A lot of accessories included in the kit;
• Lightweight;
• Low price;
• High no-load speed.
• Low power;
• Can overheat easily. 

The product is as cheap as the previously reviewed oscillating multi tool, making it a quite efficient solution for a variety of jobs. It guarantees high no-load speed and very comfortable grip. Nonetheless, bear in mind that it offers a low power engine. Although a rich kit may be a positive side.

The tool offers us a 180 W motor, which is the lowest power input in the entire ranking 2024. Nonetheless, the technology applied guarantees a quite high max speed, which is 21,000 RPMs. As a result, we can safely use it in many different projects. Just bear in mind that in case of longer working periods, we need to watch out to not overheat it.

Interestingly, the product has got its vibrations reduced due to the introduction of a soft-grip handle. Moreover, it is a very lightweight option. These features make the tool very comfortable to watch. Let’s not forget about a low price.

Silverline Tools 430787 DIY Multi Tool is the best budget oscillating multi tool that is at the same the cheapest

Silverline Tools 430787 DIY Multi Tool
• The cheapest in the ranking;
• Lightweight;
• Comfortable in use;
• A lot of positive feedback. 
• Pretty limited features;
• Very delicate housing.

Another budget-friendly option comes from Silverline Tools. The model we are currently describing has got several interesting features and many comfort-oriented traits that make the product easy to use. What is more, its great quality to price ratio and basic functionalities make the Silverline Tools device a great bargain.

In terms of comfort, the production offers us a soft-grip handle that reduces the vibration. What is more, it is possible to use the tool in such activities as cutting, sanding and grinding, meaning it is a quite versatile solution.

Let’s not forget about the fact that there are regulations. Due to them, we can adjust the oscillation speed to the type of surface and its condition.
A 300 W motor gives us enough power to safely work for quite a long time, and it will not overheat as easy as some other products. Let’s bear in mind that it is also very well rated by others.

Unfortunately, there are no other advanced functions to choose from, and the maximum no-load speed is just average. What is more, the housing itself is very delicate. Therefore, it is important to be careful while using the tool.

WORX WX686.1 250W Sonicrafter Oscillating Multi-Tool can definitely meet most of your expectations

WORX WX686.1 250W Sonicrafter Oscillating Multi Tool
• Huge versatility thanks to variable speed;
• The possibility to adjust the angle of the work;
• Very rich, 19-piece accessory kit;
• Slim design.
• Higher than average price;
• Quite low power input. 

Another versatile device that will definitely appeal to your taste was prepared by Worx. A company offers us not only a great piece of tool that has got a lot of functionalities, but also a very rich, 19-piece accessory kit. The product is great for cutting, sanding, scraping, grinding, and for many other working activities.

The bigger projects can be safely finished because of a durable motor equipped in the tool. However, we should remember about the fact that it provides us with 250 W of power input. As a result, it may be not enough for more demanding tasks.

In terms of functionalities, we receive here a variable speed control and, interestingly, an adjustment for multiple angles. It provides us with a unique opportunity to adapt the tool to different applications.

It isn’t an ideal solution. Besides an average power input, we should also remember about a quite high price. It is still much cheaper than the most expensive tools presented in the ranking, but surely Worx doesn’t offer such a budget-friendly solutions as presented earlier on.

Which is the best oscillating multi tool you can currently buy in 2024? Here is a shopping guide!

Oscillating multi tool reviews uk presented above gave you quite a lot of products to choose from. As you can guess, it is not easy to indicate the best product in the entire market, but we can surely narrow the choice down by simply eliminating these devices that do not meet the suggested parameters.

We should always look for tools that have high power input and large no-load speed. The possibility to change the oscillation speed is of utmost importance in order for an oscillating multi-tool to really be a multi tool. What is more, we should draw our attention to the comfort aspects.

In addition to previously indicated elements, make sure that your tool guarantees robustness and reliability. Besides that, great tools are versatile, and therefore offer a rich kit. Let’s make sure we read this article for further information: https://bettertoolz.com/oscillating-tool-buying-guide/


Remember about the power

One of the first attributes of the selected oscillating multi tool we wish to check is its power. Motors can vary in a power input, which basically tells us how powerful the tool is. The more powerful the tool is, the more probably it is that it will work smoothly without any overheating problems.

It is crucial to remember that the minimum power a tool has is incredibly essential for the tool to flawlessly work with any material we wish. When combined with the right blade, it is not going to cause any troubles whatsoever.

Draper 20987 230V

best budget oscillating multi tool

The speed and its regulation

Another feature that indicates we are dealing with a very good product is the oscillation speed. The minimum and maximum number of revolutions per minute show us how versatile the tool is. In that way we can adjust the speed of the tool to a particular task. It’s incredibly helpful if we wish to use it in a variety of situations.

Usually, the products guarantee us from 4 to 6 different speed levels and they can go from 10,000 up to 20,000 RPM. Obviously, we should remember about the fact that selected models may offer us different speed ranges. The most important thing is to find as big an oscillation speed range as it is possible for the most adjusted settings.

What about other functionalities?

The producers tend to surprise us with plenty of other features and solutions that improve comfort. As a result, we can hope for special technology that reduces vibrations or the possibility to adjust the angle of the work to make it even more convenient.

DeWalt DCS355N-XJ 18V

oscillating multi tool

Bosch PMF 220 CE

Best oscillating tool

Reliability and warranty

One of the greatest ways of assessing the robustness of the product is to see the manufacturer’s warranty. If the authors offer us long-lasting warranty, for at least two years, then we have the assurance that their product won’t malfunction during this time.

The kit – accessories

Every device requires a saw, knife, blade, or sanding paper of any sort. It is a mandatory addition that we need to have while performing particular action. Depending on our desired type of work, it is necessary to pick the appropriate piece of the accessory that is appropriately designed and made of the right material.

That is why consider choosing a product that offers a very rich kit with all the necessary bits and pieces. In this way, we can save a lot of money on purchasing them separately.

BLUE RIDGE Cordless 18V

Best budget oscillating Multi tool

Is it a corded or cordless device?

Another thing we need to consider is the type of the tool itself. We can choose either cordless oscillating multi tools that can distinguish with simplicity and the possibility to use them anywhere we want or, in the corded ones.

They are powered by a cable and, as you can guess, require a power outlet. Bear in mind that in order to run cordless devices, you need to buy a battery, which is in most situations available separately. They are also heavier, but the comfort is much greater.

The comfort of use and weight

Another important part when it comes to purchasing the tool is looking at the solutions that improve our comfort while using it. In the case of prolonging work, it is necessary to equip ourselves with a lightweight tool that won’t cause any excessive strains.

Another important element is the handle. Sometimes the manufacturers give us additional one, thanks to which it is easier to hold the device stable. The rubber covered handle will also help in providing better grip and it will slightly reduce vibrations.

Silverline Tools 430787

oscillating multi tool reviews uk

Summary and conclusion – best oscillating multi tool in UK 2024

The winner of this ranking is surely WORKPRO Oscillating Multi Tool, 300W. It offers a great motor with versatile functionalities and above average comfort thanks to great design of the handle. What is more, it is equipped with plenty of accessories, which provides us versatility.

If you look for the best budget oscillating multi tool or you don’t care how much you spend on your future purchase, then make sure to familiarize yourself with the rest products in the standings.

Additionally, we encourage you to read the following tutorial. It shows the most common attributes we all have to take into account in order to enjoy a piece of device that meets all our requirements.