What is the best laser level for outdoor use? Here is the most common set of 2024 items!

The possibility to measure every single distance without worrying about bad weather conditions or, on the contrary, too nice day, requires from builders adding a brand new laser measure. It needs to work in a variety of situations. However, what is the best laser level for outdoor use?

It is difficult to indicate a product that will work well in all the situations. Manufacturers surprise us with parameters and functionality of laser levels. Due to huge price discrepancies, there are simple products used for not so demanding jobs and measuring tasks. However, if we are looking for an item to measure something outside, then we should surely think about outdoor laser level. This is why we created this ranking 2024.

Here, we present the best outdoor laser level out of several different products. The manufacturers focused on different aspects of the items and, therefore, they are all quite interesting options, especially if we don’t particularly know how to select the most appropriate device. We followed such aspects as measuring distance and the accuracy, the color of the leser, the functionality, and, what is of utmost importance in such products, the protection class.

The winner of the ranking and the best line laser for outdoor use in our opinions is HANMATEK LV1 Red Beam Laser Level

• Attractive price;
• Very durable housing;
• IP54 protection class;
• Long-lasting operation.
• Average measuring distance.

Prepared by RockSeed, this particular laser level guarantees a dual mode system, which guarantees a self-leveling or a manual control. Thanks to that, we are able to set two different modes and adjust the product to our requirements.

Noteworthy is the fact that this particular option guarantees accuracy at the level of 2.5 mm. It isn’t the best accuracy one can find, but is more than enough, especially for semi-advanced works.

The authors made sure that this option is as reliable as it can be for such a decent price range. The product offers IP54 protection class, which guarantees security against splash and dust. The housing itself is also shockproof, and as a result, we can surely use it on construction sites.

The maximum measuring range isn’t the greatest, because it is 15 metres. Though the color of the laser is red, it is still quite visible indoors and outdoors if it is not too bright.

Another great outdoor laser level is HYCHIKA 15M Self-Leveling Line Laser

• Very long battery life;
• Quite visibel laser;
• Very good accuracy;
• Self-leveling feature.
• No IP protection class data;
• Average measuring distance.

If we look for a similar product, then we should also think about Hychika. This is a great piece of device that works quite well due to its double laser module and the self-leveling feature. This is also a long-lasting product due to great energy saving additions.

The authors presented a very similar option that also has a measuring range of 15 metres. The product provides us with a similar accuracy, which is approximately 1/8 inch per 33 ft. It translates into 0.3 mm per metre.

Just like the winner of the ranking 2024, we are dealing here with a red-colored laser that guarantees two lines – vertical and horizontal. It is also important to notice that in spite of that color, the producers made sure that the laser is very visible, even in the case of brighter days.

A very positive thing about this particular product is its battery life. On average, it is 20 hours. This is surely one of the most surprising numbers in the ranking. It is also a very small in size and lightweight solution that will surely appeal to most of your tastes.

Sadly, it does not have an IP protection class. What is more, the authors did not test the product in many different conditions and, therefore, it is unknown whether the product is shockproof or even dustproof.

Outside laser level that will also surprise us with its functionality is Laser Level, Tilswall 20m

• Three lines available;
• IP54 rating;
• Additional rubber cover for increased durability;
• Large measuring distance.
• Quite heavy;
• Average battery life. 

Much heavier but at the same time much more advanced option that you should all think about comes from Tilswall. This particul;ar product is available in dual mode system. Interestingly, besides standard horizontal and vertical lines, this one also guarantees a cross line, making the product a bit more advanced than the competition.

Tilswall that we are reviewing today guarantees a very durable housing. It is IP54 rates and, as a result of that, we can hope for additional protection against water and dust. Interestingly, the authors declare that the product is shockproof thanks to the use of TPF soft rubber.

One of the disadvantages as far as purchasing this particular option is concerned, is its weight. This is one of the largest and heaviest options in the ranking. However, due to its large functionality, great protection, and at the same time high accuracy (which is approximately 1/8 inch at 32 ft), this is by far the best option if we look for much more distant measurements.

If we look for the best outdoor laser level that comes from the renowned company, choose Bosch 0603663C00 Quigo Green Beam Cross Line Laser

• Green laser for the best visibility;
• Very durable;
• Long-lasting warranty;
• Small size and lightweight.
• Poor measuring distance;
• Bad accuracy.

Most outdoor measurements require a very clear and visible laser due additional difficulty in the form of bright lights, bad weather, etc. That is why it is recommended to look for products that offer a green laser. Known for its greater visibility, such an option is available in the case of this particular Bosch model.

With a very small weight, incredibly limited size and, at the same time, the requirement of inserting smaller batteries, Bosch laser level is a great option for everyone who needs outdoor measurements at the average distance.

In quite an expensive package, we receive the best visibility in the ranking 2024, which is almost four times better than in the case of red laser lines. The product offers a very durable casing. Interestingly the product is quite universal due to the installation of a special MM2 universal holder. Thanks to that, we can use it even with additional equipment.

Sadly, the working range is fairly limited and it is about 12 meters. What is more, its levelling accuracy is around 0.8 mm per metre. It means that the margin of error is twice as large as in the case of the winner of the ranking. Still, it is enough for most of the amateur and semi-professional measurements.

Also, think about Bosch Professional cross line laser GCL 2-15 as another alternative

Bosch Professional cross line laser GCL 2 15 1
• Very rich kit included;
• The possibility to attach it to a multifunctional mount;
• High precision;
• Great visibility for a red laser;
• Highly durable.
• Very expensive;
• Poor battery life. 

In this particular case we receive a much more expensive Bosch product. However, besides the line laser itself, we also receive a lot of additions and, also, much better in terms of performance product. Though it is equipped with a red laser, this particular Bosch model guarantees better levelling accuracy that is similar to what we receive in the winner of the ranking 2024.

Another advantage of using the GCL 2-15 is its protection class. it is IP 54 rated and, therefore, we can use it outdoors at any weather without any worries. The maximum temperature range of the product is very high and it ranges from -10 to 50 Celsius degrees. This outside laser level also guarantees an above average visibility because of its applied technology and despite being simply a red colored laser.

The product is quite versatile and it has a special attachment module thanks to which we can attach it to a multifunctional mount. A very important thing to note is its tripod mountage that is available in the kit. What is more, we also receive a target plate.

Sadly, the battery life is extremely short. Though it lasts around 5 hours, it is said that in some of the cases, poor batteries can last only 2 hours of continuous use when we apply it at its maximum efficiency.

How to pick the best line laser for outdoor use? Here is a quick tutorial!

The ranking presented five very interesting and highly recommended options. All of them guarantee efficiency and appropriate measurement quality for their price range. However, what to do if we expect something else or some other features from the laser level?

In order to be satisfied with a laser level for outdoor use of your own choosing, make sure that it guarantees measuring distance that you are interested in. In addition to that, remember about accuracy, especially in the case of products with greater measurement ranges.

Other things worth considering are, for example, the measuring modes as well as the number of lines the laser has got to offer. Also, remember about the color of the laser and its visibility. Some other important features include the comfort of use, its versatility, and also the opinions of others. More information can also be found here: https://www.laserlevelhub.net/how-to-choose-best-laser-level/

Remember about measuring distance

If we care about the best laser level for outdoor use, then we should surely remember about the maximum distance which it can work on. The laser level from the average level can boast with a maximum measuring distance of 10-15 metres.

In our view, the minimum we should find interesting is 15 metres, but we highly encourage to look for laser levels with 20 or even 25-30 metres of effective measuring range.

Laser Level, Tilswall 20m

laser level for outdoor use

Red or green? The color of the laser and its visibility

One of the most important things that make laser levels for indoor and outdoor use different is the visibility. Most of the rooms and locations inside the buildings guarantee above average visibility and, as a result, they do not require a strong laser because we are going to see it anyway.

In the case of outdoor measurements, there are many other factors we have to take under consideration such as the weather conditions (fog or rain) or simply a very bright cloudless day. These things make the laser less visible. That is why we need to either choose a very strong red laser or think about the green one.

Bosch 0603663C00 Quigo

best outdoor laser level uk

Green lasers are much more visible than their red counterparts. As a result, they are more often picked for outdoor use. However, they are much more expensive and, as a result, producers who offer the average-priced green lasers need to search for compromises.

Accuracy of the measurement

Another vital part of the purchasing process of outdoor laser levels is, obviously, the accuracy. It is usually presented in one of the two forms – inches per feet or millimeters per meters. It simply represents the possible margin of error during the measurements.

The best recommendation is, obviously, to pick as precise laser levels as possible. In the case of numbers, the levelling accuracy that we should be interested in is at the level of 0.8 mm per metre, and it is a maximum margin of error we should take into account. There are, obviously, much more precise options that guarantee the levelling accuracy of 0.3 mm per metre, which is around 1/8 of an inch per 32 ft.

HANMATEK LV1 Red Beam Laser Level

outside laser level

HYCHIKA 15M Self-Leveling Line Laser

best line laser for outdoor use

Battery life is also important

The longer the product can work on one package of batteries, the better for us and our wallet. The average time for such a laser level to work on one pack of batteries is at around 12 hours. Everything beyond that number is great and everything below, not so much.

Try to avoid products with working time below 4 hours. Much better option is to look for self-leveling line lasers that can work on 2x AA batteries for even 20 hours and those we recommend.

Let’s also remember about the comfort of use

There are several things we should consider when it comes to picking products that are as comfortable as it is possible. One of them is the possibility to set auto-levelling or lock the manual leveling in order to make measurements at the given angle.

Also, make sure that the dimensions and the weight of the product is rather low, so we can use it without any fatigue after hours of measurements. It is also quite important to remember about the possibility to attach universal tripods.

Bosch Professional cross line laser GCL 2-15

best rotary laser level reviews

Summary and conclusion – best outdoor laser level in UK 2024

One of the best options, if not the best, is surely HANMATEK LV1 Red Beam Laser Level. It is currently an option with the best quality to price ratio on the market. With great battery life, superior precision and acceptable measuring distances, the option will suit the expectations of most people.

However, there are dozens of different products available on the market. The alternatives presented up above guarantee comparable quality, but they differ in terms of measurement range, the laser visibility, and some other elements. That is why make sure you pick the right option for your needs.