What is the best plastering trowel for beginners? Pick the right option thanks to a plastering trowel review list in 2024!

Plastering for beginners may feel like a difficult job. It is especially true for those who never had been dealing with such an activity before. However, once you get the hang of it, you will understand the basics regarding plastering and how to do it effectively. But before you acquire necessary experience and knowledge, it is important to find the best plastering trowel for beginners.

Unfortunately, if you are a beginner, you probably know nothing about the construction of these products, how they differ in terms of design and what shapes they usually have. What is more, the lack of knowledge means that parameters and attributes of selected options say nothing. For this reason, we prepared a complete tutorial as well as several plastering trowel reviews thanks to which you will be able to pick the most appropriate option out of them all.

While picking the right option, we focused on the size of the product as well as its design. An important thing to notice is also the grip as well as the weight. Comfort and also construction material are of utmost importance. Bear in mind that we took into account other, less important aspects such as opinions and price, which may be also considered before the final selection of the product.

The best plastering trowel you can currently buy for beginners is surely Blue Spot 24201 11-inch Plastering Trowel

• Relatively low price;
• Blade made of hardened steel;
• Very light;
• Compact size.
• Poor quality handle.

The option that took the first place in today’s standings is obviously a lightweight offer that can be used in versatile situations. With the weight of only 281 g, it is great for amateurs mainly because it does not cause any additional fatigue. In terms of comfort, a soft grip  handle is yet another noteworthy benefit.

The advantage of today’s winner is obviously its construction. In spite of having a very light product, it was still made of hardened steel. It was also riveted 8 times and, because of that, the option guarantees great parameters and durability like no other in this price range. An interesting thing to say is that there is also an anti-slip plastic handle thanks to which we receive a strong and firm grip.

Sadly, the plastic used for the creation of the handle is not the greatest quality. In spite of that, this particular option guarantees above average finishing and rather low price. This is why it’s one of the best values for money.

Another aid that will ease plastering for beginners comes from Silverline 457009 Economy Plastering Trowel

• Very sturdy finishing;
• Extremely lightweight;
• Budget-friendly;
• Made of hardened and tempered carbon steel.
• Very small;
• Poor quality handle. 

This particular option is definitely one of the least expensive devices you can currently buy. However, as a result of that, we need to remember about a number of solutions that were mainly caused by the economy and reduced expenditure on construction. Still, we receive here a relatively durable option with great area coverage and above average level of comfort.

The option prepared by the Silverline company, a renowned producer of budget-friendly power tools and many other tools, including construction oriented ones, prepared a piece that has an area of 230 x 100 mm. It seems like not much, because it translates into 9 inches, but in the case of detailed works or for amateur use, it is surely enough.

An interesting fact about this particular option is that the blade was made of hardened and tempered carbon steel. As a result, we can freely use the product without worrying about damaging it or bending it permanently. Of course, it means that the flexibility is not as great as in the case of other options, especially plastic ones, but it makes up for it in workmanship and stability.

OX-P530114 Pro Ultra Flex Finishing Trowel is yet another option worth checking out

• Great quality of materials;
• Well constructed;
• Pretty flexible option;
• Modern technology for improved quality.
• Very expensive;
• Rather heavy. 

If you don’t mind spending much more than in the case of previous offers, then OX provides us with a product that is surely much better constructed in terms of the quality itself. The materials are also of the higher class, but because of that, we can see the increased price and higher weight of the finishing trowel.

The blade of the product is made of stainless steel, which is the reason for its sturdiness. However, to make sure the option is more flexible than other steel-based products, the authors made sure that the thickness of the blade is very small. It is only 0.3 mm, which guarantees quite good flexibility and perfect quality in one.

The authors also used a special, unique technology of twin blades. Because of that, they improved flexibility and guarantee a much better smoothening process while using concrete and plaster. Let’s also remember about the handle itself, which is quite ergonomic and improved the comfort. Since it is a non-slip type of handle, the grip is much better and, because of that, reduces the fatigue during longer work.

Sadly, the option is one of the most expensive ones, especially when we talk about beginner friendly options. It is also heavier than others, but because of the previously described comfort features, we will not witness any difference.

Another interesting offer comes from Spear & Jackson 10613SF/14 13 inch Stainless Steel Plastering Trowel

• Quite large blade;
• Very sturdy;
• Resistant to large pressure;
• Stainless steel blade.
• Relatively expensive;
• Pretty heavy. 

Spear and Jackson was one of the best minor companies that dealt with producing hand tools a few years ago. And this particular model just proves how efficient they are in creating well constructed, highly durable, and great value for money products. 10613DF guarantees 13 inches of blade made of high class materials, which results in sturdiness that is one of the best in this class of products.

In terms of parameters, the blade itself has 13 inches and is made of polished and lacquered stainless steel. As a result, it is very solid material that will last for quite a long time. During work, we don’t have to worry about bending the product due to its high resistance to force and pressure.

Interesting fact is that the product has a bit lower weight because of the introduction of die cast aluminium tang. As far as the handle is concerned, it guarantees soft feel grip. However, to make sure the product will be in the average price range, they had to use poorer materials.

In spite of that, the quality of the product is mostly inpacable and guarantees longevity we are not going to find in the case of other products. We should take into account the weight. Though not the highest, this piece of device is definitely not the lightest in the market.

Let’s also take a look at AUSONIA – 42611 Plastering Trowel with Carbon Steel Blade, which is surely surely great, yet little piece of device 

AUSONIA 42611 Plastering Trowel with Carbon Steel Blade
• Highly resistant;
• Compact size, yet quite wide blade;
• Very light;
• Attractive price.
• Not as flexible as others. 

If you really need a product that is slightly different from others, then this particular producer will surely give you an offer worth checking out. This solution is rather small. However, it is made of carbon steel and, as a result, offers above than average quality. The option prepared by Ausonia is quite interesting because of its large handle and, therefore, the possibility to find the right grip.

In terms of parameters, we can find here a blade that is 280 mm in width. As a result of that, it is a mediocre product that will work both in terms of detailed jobs as well as a bit more demanding projects. In terms of inches, the blade is about 11 inches wide.

Another thing worth noting is the weight. The authors made sure that we will be able to use the option with one hand only free from problems as a result of weight that is only 340 g. In this respect, this is one of the lightest options on the market, especially when we consider its size.

Sadly, it is not as thin as the competition and, because of that, we will not be able to flex the blade. Therefore, the smoothness of work and the right distribution of plaster might be worse than in other plastering trowels. However, the option makes up for it thanks to its incredibly high durability.

How to pick up the best plastering finisher on the market? Here is a quick guide!

Beginners need to purchase a product that will prove efficient and at the same time easy to use. That is why we prepared the above standings. There, you could see the best options in a relatively low price range. Thanks to them, you do not have to be afraid of first plastering projects. Obviously, you can look for renowned brands and think about options such as homebase plastering trowel or go for other hand tools. Still, you need to remember that the more prestigious the producer, the more expensive tool gets.

If you want to pick the option that is a bit more affordable and at the same time still very good in terms of construction and comfort, you have to know which parameters are responsible for such a state of affairs. That is why always remember to have materials in mind while picking the right plastering tower for beginners. Another thing to remember is the size of the product.

Quite crucial for the operability of the tool is its weight, since it is the main indicator of the comfort level. However, bear in mind that handle and its design is of crucial significance as well. Another thing to consider is the number of opinions as well as their general tone. Some more information regarding the perfect choice can also be found here: https://www.thisoldhouse.com/21097234/how-to-choose-a-masonry-trowel

Remember about the materials

In most cases, we are dealing with three different ways of building these hand tools. The first option is plastic, which is not recommended because of the lack of sturdiness, and steel. As for the two steel options, the first one is stainless steel, and the second is carbon steel.

It really doesn’t matter which type of steel-base blade you pick because in both cases you might enjoy high durability and assurance that even in the case of high pressure, your product will not bend permanently nor it will break. However, it is important to look at products made of still that was additionally hardened and secured in one of many ways.


best plastering trowel uk

Spear & Jackson 10613SF/14

top skimming trowel

What is more, pay attention to size

At the very beginning, you don’t need to buy plastering trowels larger than 14 inches. It is approximately 350 millimeters and such a width is more than enough for the detailing and regular DIY or amateur projects. Also, the larger the size, the more we pay and the heavier the product becomes.

As far as the smallest finishers are concerned, the minimum we really recommend is 9 inches, which translates into approximately 230 mm. Such a solution guarantees a product that is compact in size and, because of its low weight, great in use.

Weight and its influence on the comfort

Another thing to consider in terms of usefulness of the product is its weight. As it was already mentioned, large trowels are usually quite heavy and therefore recommended only for highly specialised builders and people who have advanced knowledge regarding plastering. If we want to feel comfortable during longer than 1-hour jobs, then we should look for options that weigh no more than 400 g.

You will definitely find options that are even below 300 g, but the most important thing is to avoid plastering trowels that are heavier than that. It is obvious to say that in the case of purchasing a pretty big finisher, you may pass that threshold and find products with weight around 500 g. It is acceptable only in the case of products that are 14-16 inches or larger.

Blue Spot 24201

best plastering trowel for beginners

Also, handles are quite crucial

Another important element of well-though and verified buy is the handle. Is it made of hard plastic? Or perhaps it is a much more refined option that has a wooden handle? There are so many options available out there. The producers, depending on the quality of the product, choose either very soft and durable options or, if they wish to save some money on design, tend to pick the lowest quality plastic they can find.

OX-P530114 Pro Ultra Flex Finishing Trowel

best plastering trowel for beginners uk

It is important to either find a wooden handle or a higher class plastic that has soft characteristics. The first option is sturdy and probably the most durable out of all the handles available. If we care about greater ergonomics and wonderful grip, then soft plastic sounds like a good option. Let’s also keep in mind that sometimes the authors introduce an anti-slip surface for even firmer grip.

Opinions of others and the price in 2024

If you take a closer look at the comments of verified buyers, then you can see how great the given product really is. Obviously, this is a subjective source of information. However, the point of view of other buyers let you see the probable pros and cons of the product. We can also see whether the producers’ declarations are legitimate.

It isn’t necessary to do that, but we also encourage you to compare the price of many different products. If, for example, we find two similar models that have the same size and are made of the same materials, then you should see their price. Sometimes we overpay for renowned brands. If we pick the less popular option, we may be able to save some money.

Silverline 457009

plastering trowel review

Summary and conclusion – best plastering trowel for beginners in UK 2024

The winner of the ranking is certainly Blue Spot 24201 11-inch Plastering Trowel due to its polished and durable blade. Besides that, let’s also remember about the adequate size of the trowel and weight, which is one of the lowest in the entire ranking. All of that available at a very attractive price.

Surely, you can find something different that is either larger or smaller, or offers more comfortable grip than the number one in the list. Bear in mind that before you make a final decision, you need to think about all the pros and cons. Once you know the parameters and attributes and they are on your mind, you will be able to pick the best option available.