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by | Jan 17, 2023 | Hand Tools

Are you looking for the best adjustable wrench for plumbing? Here is the ranking of top 5 products in 2024!

While performing plumbing oriented tasks, quite often it happens that we have to use a tool that is not as often used because of its irregular shape or uncommon design. In order to make sure that you are capable of finishing all the jobs and that you have all appropriate options at your fingertips, we prepared for you a quick ranking of the best plumbers grips you can currently buy.

Obviously, many people wish to pick the product based on their own research. As a result, they are not interested in using lists or rankings made by others. Sadly, it is difficult to indicate which is the best quality adjustable wrench on the market because there are hundreds of them available. That is why if you are not interested in the list itself, we highly encourage to familiarize with the tutorial. There we present vital elements that have substantial impact on the quality of the product.

While preparing this ranking, we took into account the most important elements that allow you to use plumbers grips of the highest quality. It means that every single item is distinguished by an interesting package of products. Besides that, we put emphasis on the material used for the production as well as the comfort of use. Transport of the set was quite important as well, co weight of the set and its storage played a crucial role. Let’s also not forget about value for money, which is the combination of great price, sturdiness, and precision.

The best plumbers grips you can currently get is surely WR03 Adjustable Wrench Set

• Great quality;
• Three different lengths of wrenches at your disposal;
• Chrome plated surface of the wrenches.
• Required to pay extra for a 3-piece set.

This package offers everything you really need – and it is all at an adequate price. The package offers three different adjustable wrenches. The set offers us 150, 200, and 250 mm lengths, which is quite handy when it comes to working on firmly attached screws and caps.

Another thing important for the purchase of appropriate plumbing devices is the jaw capacity, namely its maximum width. In the case of this package, we can see from 17 mm in the case of the smallest wrench up to 27 mm.

In terms of materials, the entire wrench was coated with chrome. Such a technique guarantees increased resistance against corrosion and it eases the process of cleaning surfaces after the work is done. The option offers great quality of finishing and relatively low price. However, for a 3-piece set, we have to pay extra.

Another interesting offer that is considered to be one of the best if not the best adjustable wrench is OX-P324606 PRO Series Adjustable Wrench

• Very large jaw;
• Highly functional;
• Comfortable in use thanks to soft grip.
• Building material is not of the highest quality. 

Contrary to what we saw earlier on, this particular offer does not come with a number of pieces in the package. Instead of that, the authors from OX Tools store guarantees a multifunctional tool with plenty of adjustable features and possibilities. Together with soft grip handle and great finishing, the option guarantees problem free use and high versatility.

One of the most important features of this wrench is its extra wide jaw. It is huge when compared to others, because we can expand it up to 34 mm in width. As a result, we can not only use it in plumbing tasks, but also try to unscrew the oil filter and many other elements that require strong and steady grip.

The option distinguishes itself from others thanks to its interesting design. It is quite comfortable in use because it is slip. What is more, the tips are pointed and, as a result, we can use it in narrow spaces with ease. Let’s not forget about a measurement scale already engraved. Sadly, for such a price we receive just one tool and the material is not of the highest class.

MAXPOWER 8″/200mm Adjustable Wrench is another option worth recommending

• Incredibly durable;
• Scale on the head for improved accuracy;
• The combination of lightweight aluminum alloy with vanadium steel for the best construction.
• Handle covered with plastic that decreases the comfort of use.

This particular option is once again a single item. However, because of its superior finishing, the option guarantees much greater durability and the possibility to use the item in much more demandinag tasks.

Maxpower offers us a product made of vanadium steel. As you can guess, it is one of the most durable materials producers could use to produce the wrench. It guarantees durability for a prolonged period of time. Interestingly, the handle is made of lightweight aluminum alloy. Sadly, it is wrapped in plastic, so it is not as comfortable to hold as the product reviewed before.

In terms of other parameters, the maximum openin capacity of the jaw is 30 mm, which is more than enough for a wide range of plumbing works. There is also the scale on the head, which improves the accuracy and provides us with extra information while working.

Are you looking for a budget proposition? Then plumbers grips at a low price are available from WORKPRO Adjustable Wrench Spanner

• Very inexpensive;
• Dual-head design;
• Pretty impressive jaw size regulation;
• Very lightweight.
• Poor quality finishing – can break easily.

Workpro guarantees not only an inexpensive solution, but also highly functional thanks to the introduction of two-heads design in the smaller wrench. As a result, this 2-piece package can be just as well considered as the three-piece. However, because of its low price, we have to remember about compromises – one of the biggest ones is the construction.

In terms of parameters, the larger wrench offers us a total length of 280 mm with the adjustable jaw size from 23 to 32 mm. In terms of smaller wrenches, it offers us a slightly larger range of jaw sizes, because it’s from 9 to 22 mm. However, it is all due to the introduction of two heads in one wrench.

In terms of materials, the main element used for the production of hooks and heads, as well as the inside of the hands is CR-V steel. However, there are also plastic elements and rubber cover on handles. It is far from ideal in terms of durability, but for most home plumbing projects should be fine.

If we look for the highest quality materials used for production of these plumbing tools, then we should definitely think about MAXPOWER Adjustable Wrench 300mm

MAXPOWER Adjustable Wrench 300mm
• The best class of materials used to produce the items;
• Gigantic jaw opening regulations with maximum jaw width at 41 mm;
• Possibility to use a larger wrench as a pipe wrench and a hammer thanks to its enhanced properties.
• Very expensive. 

Chrome Vanadium steel that is connected with large jaw opening and special design that guarantees smooth and easy operation? Maxpower offers yet another interesting option that guarantees one of the most durable options available on the market at a given price range.

The working parameters are quite surprising in this one. The package offers two adjustable wrenches – one is 12 inches and the other is 16 inches. The smaller one offers us maximum jaw opening at the level of 34 mm, which is already more than enough for most plumbing tasks.

In the case of the larger one, it is a reversible jaw adjustable spud wrench, which basically means it can be used as a pipe wrench. Thanks to its enhanced head, we can also use it as a hammer. In terms of jaw opening, it is even wider and the maximum width is 41 mm. The option is surely one of the most expensive ones, but the quality of finishing guarantees problem-free use of the product for many years to come.

Let’s not forget about Bahco 9031 Adjustable Wrench, which is yet another option worth recommending

Bahco 9031 Adjustable Wrench
• Slip free handle;
• Highly durable and stable;
• Accurate measurement scale included.
  • Quite costly, especially with additional pieces included.

Made of Metal, adjustable wrench by Bahco is one of the most interesting options one could get at the given price range. We need to remember; however, that purchasing 2-pack or even a 3-pack generates incredibly large costs. As a result, it is not the option designed for everyone – only for people who wish to supplement their already large equipment of wrenches and other plumbing tools.

The product can boast with a very accurate measurement and scale prepared in millimeters. What is more, the product guarantees ergonomic grip. Interestingly, its jaw opening is quite wide and offers 15 degrees angle for even better access in confined spaces.

Another important feature and advantage of this option is its construction. The material itself is high performance alloy steel, which is the reason behind its sturdiness and stability. As far as the grip is concerned, it is a thermoplastic option that is at the same time slip free.

How to pick the best adjustable wrench for plumbing? Learn all the tips with our guide!

All 6 positions presented in the ranking up above have something interesting to offer. Their attributes make them attractive for a specific group of recipients. However, finding the ideal product for all the possible jobs and situations is almost impossible, so we have to look for specific features in order to either complement our existing tool system or simply start creating it starting from the most essential things.

For this reason, we have to know how to pick the best quality adjustable wrench and which features play a crucial role. This is the reason why we decided to complete today’s list with a quick guide and 6 different tips. No matter the purpose of the tool, we all have to pay attention to the material used for the production process. Obviously, we have to remember about many other attributes like, for example, maximum width of the jaw as well as other adjustables and regulations.

Things to consider include such important elements as, for example, comfort of use, the weight of the product and its size, the design of the head and its thinnes, or the amount of pieces included in the package as well as the price for the entire kit or one unit. It is obvious to say that opinions of others can come in handy on top of other parameters. Let’s not forget about other articles with substantial information, including:

Material as the first thing to consider

Everyone wants to purchase a product that can withstand huge forces being applied on the pliers or wrenches. There is nothing more frustrating than purchasing a quite costly product that breaks down after a week or two of constant use. If we wish to avoid such situations, make sure we pay attention to the material.

There are several things to remember when picking the right wrench. The least interesting option is a typical steel or many counterparts. Another thing to consider is the thickness of the wrench and the amount of material used to create the head and the handle. If it is low, then even sturdy materials will give up after a while.

Quite reliable option is a drop-forged carbon steel. However, the strongest tools are made of chrome vanadium steel, which is of the highest class and the highest quality. Obviously, don’t forget about the material of a handle. If it is covered with plastic and the steel construct is thin, then it may not be as durable as other options with more massive handles.

MAXPOWER 8"/200mm Adjustable Wrench

best plumbers grips

MAXPOWER Adjustable Wrench 300mm

MAXPOWER Adjustable Wrench 300mm

The maximum width of the jaw is also important

What kind of caps, valves or other components of such kind will we unscrew? Are we going to use the tool mostly at home or, perhaps, we wish to purchase a bit more universal solution? Make sure that the option you choose has the possibility to unscrew larger elements, like for example oil filters.

The so-called opening capacity indicates the maximum width of the valve, cap, or other screw we are going to work around. The larger the opening capacity, the more versatile option we choose. Obviously, we cannot pick the largest jaw width we find, because in such cases its minimum width may be too vast for smaller tasks.

Apart from these two, have regulations in mind

In order to fully enjoy adjustable wrench, we have to pick an option with the largest regulations there are available. For example, we should always think about the possibility of changing the width of the jaw from small (tiny valves) into a medium or even large one. It allows us to work at a wide range of tasks and fix many different sanitary equipments.

Obviously, in order to not lose the durability and the hardness of the device for the sake of functionality, every manufacturer limits the jaw opening regulations to some extent. Our goal is to find the one with a range that will suit our expectations perfectly.

Interestingly, if we purchase a rich kit with many different wrenches, then we can expect to get many different heads that offer versatile jaw openings that come from 0 to even 45 mm. Sadly, such a wide range is not going to be available at one hand tool.

WORKPRO Adjustable Wrench Spanner

best adjustable wrench

WR03 Adjustable Wrench Set

best plumbers grips

Obviously, remember about the package and the number of pieces

If we find a tool for everything, then we can be quite certain that it won’t be as efficient in many different works as a wide range of different wrenches. Finding a versatile tool at a considerable price is never easy, so sometimes it is better to look at products that are great at a limited range of works, but they do the job perfectly.

In other words, look for offers that provide us with something more than just 1-piece. Sometimes you can find a set of wrenches or other tools that can come in handy doing plumbing jobs. These packages are quite often at the similar price range as one-piece options. As a result, we can get more for less.

Comfort is a feature of utmost importance just as well

How handy the tool really is? Does it feel firm in the hand while you are holding it? Once you answer yes to these questions, you will know that the ergonomic grip and the design in general plays quite an important role in picking the best plumbers grips for your projects. But how to make sure that it is comfortable to hold?

First of all, look at the materials used to cover a handle. We can find thermoplastic or simply plastic-covered options. However, the one with the best comfort has a handle covered with rubber thanks to which it has an improved and steadier grip, and at the same time it is soft in touch.

OX-P324606 PRO Series Adjustable Wrench

plumbers grips

Summary and conclusion – best plumbers grips in UK 2024

It is surely difficult to indicate the best plumbers grips you can buy. Actually, there are dozens of brands and products they offer that can be considered as best in a given price range or in a given useability. That is why you have to look at an option that suits you best – an option that guarantees perfect adjustments for the range of work you are going to do.

If, of course, you don’t want to spend hours on doing some research, you can always look at the ranking and its winner – WR03 Adjustable Wrench Set. It offers 3 pieces in the kit, which guarantees many different applications. What is more, its durability is above average and, because of the average price, we can afford the set effortlessly.

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