What are the best plumbing tools a brand can offer? Look at the most interesting models that are at your disposal in 2024!

When it comes to plumbing, we all need to have high quality equipment thanks to which there will be no problems with unscrewing broken or stirpped screws. What is more, sometimes we might have to deal with unforeseen situations, and that means the necessity of having universal tools that can be used in almost every case. That is why it is recommended to look for the best plumbing tools.

However, how to make sure that the gadget we choose will offer everything we really need in the situation of unclogging the sanitary equipment? There are hundreds of makers and most of their tools seem to look fine. In order to help you pick the best plumbing tools brand, we prepared a list of several sets that have different accessories and are made of different materials – just to show you the best way to pick quality options.

In the ranking 2024 we prepared the list of five sets of plumbing tools and equipment of other kinds that we can use in a wide range of projects that concern plumbing. To make sure you are capable of selecting the most suitable one, we focused on the key factors affecting the final usefulness of the device and its performance. That is why we put a lot of emphasis on products made of durable materials, with soft grip, and with a rich package of products included in the kit.

The best plumbing tools and equipment that one can purchase is WORKPRO 4-Piece Pliers Set, a budget-friendly solution!

• Very comfortable in use – lightweight;
• 4 pieces in the kit;
• Very inexpensive;
• High quality finish.
• Not as sturdy as more professional products.

If you don’t want to spend much on the package that will help you in most of your plumbing work, then you should definitely look for a Workpro set such as the one reviewed in today’s ranking. At a very low price you receive access to four different pieces with great quality and ergonomic design.

The first thing to remember is that it offers several different pliers. The biggest one is a groove joint plier, which is 244 mm long. Besides that, we can hope for three 160 mm pliers of different kinds, including combination, diagonal, and long nose ones.

The option is made of heat-treated forge steel. To ensure its durability, the authors also included nickel-finish. Another thing to remember is that the steel used for production is high quality carbon steel. There, you can see a measuring scale that eases many situations and jobs. In terms of comfort, the set offers ergonomic and soft grip.

Much more professional solution that is at the same time more expensive is Presch Water Pump Pliers Set

• Very durable;
• Great finishing;
• Great roll-out bag as storage included;
• Quite large set – designed for more demanding tasks.
• Quite expensive.

This particular set of pliers is surely more expensive. However, higher price is dictated by better workmanship and, more importantly, much more convenient use in the case of often application. Let’s not forget about a great roll-up bag that is not only highly durable, but it is also characterized by its great look.

In the kit we can find three different pieces that are very often used in plumbing works. We’ve got 170 mm, 240 mm, and 295 mm pliers at our disposal. As you can see, they are a bit larger than in the previous set. Because of that, we can use them in a bit more difficult tasks. We need to remember that these are water pump pliers and should be used as such.

In terms of material, they are made of chrome vanadium steel. It translates into high stability and the possibility to grip surfaces precisely and effortlessly. Another thing to remember is the durability of such finishing. Still, the set costs quite a lot.

KNIPEX Alligator Set 00 20 09 V03 is another kit of must have plumbing tools that we highly recommend

• Lightweight;
• Very robust and durable;
• Non-slip plastic coating.
• Very expensive.

If you are not afraid of purchasing quite expensive products, then make sure to familiarize yourself with the offer made by Knipex. The brand guarantees three pliers of different size and, as a result, different use. Just like in the previous options, this set guarantees robust and durable use.

The product comes with an Euro standard perforation, which basically guarantees that the set will not corrode after a while. Another important thing to consider is that their heads are polished and handles made from non-slip plastic coating. Because of that, they are relatively light.

Besides great quality and the possibility to use these in many different situations, the set can also boast with the anti-slip jaws that make the work much more comfortable. Obviously, they cost quite a lot, but this is certainly money well spent!

Another set of tools for plumbing work to consider is Rothenberger SO5.2204 3 X SPK Water Pump Pliers

• Three different sizes to choose from;
• Hardened teeth for universal use;
• Thinner and longer head that is great for tight spaces.
• A bit heavy;
• The lack of a bag or case for storage. 

This set introduces three very popular and quite often used sizes of water pump pliers, namely 7, 10, and 12 inches. The option that comes from Rothenberger is surely one of the best on the market due to its hardened jaws and handles that are covered with non-slip material.

The option consists of 3 different pliers – each of them is made of sturdy materials and, because of that, we can expect to get a prolonged use. Another thing that makes the product interesting is the introduction of different heads thanks to which it is possible to use these hand tools in many different situations. The heads are thinner and longer, and as a result it is easy to reach places that are in confined space.

The teeth are hardened and because of that, we can work on a variety of objects and grip not only squared or hexagonal screws, but also pipes and flat elements. As far as the price is concerned, it is relatively large.

Dickie Dyer 825885 18.035 is yet another option worth recommending 

Dickie Dyer 825885 18.035
• High quality finishing;
• Very robust and resistant to corrosion;
• Comfortable grip.
• Quite heavy. 

If we don’t mind purchasing a slightly heavier set, then we should definitely think about the option made by Dickie Dyer, a brand known for highly durable and legitimate products for plumbing and many other similar tasks. This particular offer consists of three different water pump pliers that are made of high quality material responsible for long-lasting suitability for use.

Made of Chrome vanadium steel, the options provided by Dickie Dyer are not only durable on their own, but also resistant to corrosion. The coating keeps them safe for quite a long time. It is quite important because in the case of plumbing, contact with water – one of the first factors that hasten corrosion – could lead to premature damage of the tool.

Another interesting fact regarding these tools is the grip. It is ergonomic and covered in rubber. It basically provides us with higher comfort than in the case of plastic-based handles. Let’s not forget about the price, which is surely more attractive than in some of the competitive brands.

What must have plumbing tools you need to buy and how to choose them? Here is a quick guide!

It doesn’t matter how many tools for plumbing work you wish to buy – in some time in your life, you are going to use them no matter how well you will take care of the sanitary facilities located in your house. As a result, it is mandatory to find the most appropriate product and then purchase it. But what to do if we have no clue regarding this particular area of expertise? If you don’t want to trust the ranking, you can always look for the best plumbing tools on your own.

The first thing to consider when buying tools for plumbing is, obviously, the design. It translates into better versatility of the product. Another thing to consider is the quality of finishing and materials used for the creation of the tool. Let’s also not forget about the comfort of use and, obviously, the package itself.

Though it is not important, we should also take into account the opinions of others. Together with price, these two can occur to be significant factors when selecting the set that is most appropriate for us. More information regarding the choice of the right plumbing tool can be also found in the following article: https://www.servicetitan.com/blog/best-plumbing-tools

The tools’ material is of utmost importance

When it comes to choosing the best hand tools, we should definitely look at their sturdiness and robustness. These two elements are largely dependent on the material used during the production. It is possible to divide this particular section on two parts – the construction of the tool itself as well as the handle. For the former, we can see the use of two popular materials, namely carbon steel (high quality steel) or chrome vanadium steel (another type of steel that is even tougher).

As far as the handle is concerned, the authors try to implement many different production methods – most of them have one goal in mind – to minimize the costs of making these plumbing tools. As a result, quite often we encounter tools that have handles made of plastic. Much better option would be the rubber covered handle that may be a bit heavier, but ensures comfort at the highest level.

Dickie Dyer 825885 18.035

Dickie Dyer 825885 18.035

Rothenberger SO5.2204 3 X SPK Water Pump Pliers

plumbing tools

Let’s also remember about the design

Another important thing that most of us seem to consider as something less important is the design and the type of construction. In many situations we have to deal with confined spaces and locations that are quite hard to get. That is why there are dozens of different accessories that allow us to place irregular shapes as extensions. What if we tell you that in some cases you don’t have to use them because you can simply buy pliers of a different design?

Look for products that are longer and thinner, and at the same time their heads are flatter. Thanks to that, you don’t have to worry about purchasing additional accessories to simply fit the device in a given space.

The package and its content is yet another thing to consider

When purchasing water pump pliers or other tools for plumbing, we also have to put a lot of emphasis on the number of pieces included in the kit. Sometimes we may receive a set of quite useful and varied in size products. In some other cases, we have to pay extra for every single additional element.

That is why make sure that in the given price you receive more than just one or two pieces. Sometimes you may get a package of 4 different tools. In some other cases, the price includes a well-build, high quality case that can be used for storage.

Presch Water Pump Pliers Set

tools for plumbing work

KNIPEX Alligator Set 00 20 09 V03

KNIPEX Alligator Set 00 20 09 V03

Also, don’t forget about opinions and price

Positive feedback is one of the first things most of us look at. And it is a rather good indicator whether the product of our choosing is good or not. However, we have to remember about the subjective nature of comments. Users base their opinions on the gadget from their experience and it can be dependent on the plumbing knowledge (or lack of it) or simply on the particular copy that may be defective.

Another less important, yet quite often considered factor is the price. We all have some budget we have to follow and in the case of plumbing tools, it can be quite diverse and dependent on how rich the equipment we want to buy. Obviously, we have to remember about the price to quality ratio, which is much more important than the price itself.

Summary and conclusion – best plumbing tools in UK 2024

One of the best options one can buy is surely WORKPRO 4-Piece Pliers Set. It offers us more than just one or two pieces. At a very attractive price we receive up to 4 different pliers, which is quite a significant difference when compared to the competition. Obviously, it isn’t the best in terms of quality, but for home use and semi-professional work, these plumbing tools will be enough.

If you think there are better options at a given price or you simply look for better quality no matter the cost, you can always see the tutorial guide prepared by our group. There, you can familiarize yourself with all the factors that have substantial impact on the quality of the tool – from its construction, used materials and design, through the comfort of use, and ending on the feedback from users.