What are the top rated pole saws worth recommending? Learn which options suit you the most with today’s pole saw reviews in 2024

We all want to buy a product that will guarantee efficiency at the highest level – that’s for sure. Nonetheless, quite often it happens that we forget about several other aspects. These factors, though seem like of a lesser importance, play quite crucial roles and decide on a final usefulness of the product. For this reason, it is important to choose the best electric pole saws or the ones controlled manually.

But to do that, we have to possess some kind of knowledge about these tools. Sadly, it means that we have to reach a bit further than just our own experience to make sure that the option we choose suits not only our expectations, but is also sturdy enough for a bit more demanding projects just in case. So, what is the best pole saw you can buy?

To help you with that issue, we created today’s list. There, we presented pole saw reviews of 6 products in total. Despite the fact they differ quite drastically, they all offer us above average efficiency and interesting functions. Still, our specialists focus on those products that can boast with appropriate cutting parameters, great additional attributes, robustness and reliability, as well as high power and comfort.

Sun Joe SWJ806E 8-Inch is the winner of the ranking and the best electric pole saw you can buy at this moment

• Powerful motor;
• Wide range of pole regulation;
• Great value for money;
• Lightweight.
• Corded device – requires a power outlet.

SWOJ 806E is a model that guarantees a motor with the amperage at the level of 8 amps. It also offers pretty efficient work even at a bit more demanding jobs. Deciding on the number one in today’s review we also receive a lightweight device with a pretty good total length of the device.

The first thing to notice is the fact that the telescopic pole installed in this device offers us the regulation from 6.3 ft up to 8.6 ft. It is quite good and surely enough for most home use and all the amateurs. As far as maximum cutting thickness is concerned, it is about 7.5 inches, so we should be fine with even thickest branches, logs, or smaller trees.

The only disadvantage this product seems to have is the fact that it is a corded solution, so we have to have quite a long extension cord. Besides that, Sun Joe offers a great value for money.

In need of a battery powered option? Then have a look at Greenworks 40V 8-inch Cordless Pole Saw

• Quick charging speed;
• Relatively powerful;
• Cordless option;
• 8-position pivoting head.
• Very heavy;
• Full package is quite expensive.

This particular option comes with several different additions included in one kit. As a result, we will pay a bit more than just for the pole saw itself. However, we can hope for a number of additions thanks to which we are fully ready to use the product and, obviously, enjoy all the comfort-related gadgets we wouldn’t get otherwise.

First of all, the most important thing that distinguishes this option from the winner of the ranking is its power source. This is a cordless option, so we just need to use a lithium ion battery in order to work without the need of a power outlet. What is more, there is a charger included and, if we want, several other options like, for example, extension pole, carry case, or chain oil.

The product itself is quite heavy. However, a steel dual action blade that has 20 inches guarantees reliability and performance at a desirable level. The charging speed itself is at the level of 60 minutes, so surely it will be ready for use in no time. Still, we have to bear in mind that the tool itself, even without batteries, is quite heavy.

Scotts Outdoor Power Tools PS45010S 10-Inch 8-Amp Corded Electric Pole Saw should be taken into account just as well

• Very long extension pole;
• Several features that ease the use of the product;
• Very comfortable and relatively light.
• Not with brushless motors, therefore long use of the product may result in issues with brushes. 

Those who are in need of a very long electric pole saw and don’t bother using corded tools should think about the model PS45010S. The option prepared by Scotts Outdoor Power Tools offers a powerful electric motor that is great for cutting both branches and limbs, and can even take out smaller, thinner trees or logs.

The pole itself offers a maximum length of 9’5″, which is one of the largest extension poles in this price range. Another important thing that can be considered as an advantage is an oiling system with an oil level window as well as a tool-free tensioner, so we can adjust the chain. All these things make the product much more reliable and comfortable in use, without worrying about damaging the engine.

The only issue connected with this particular device is that it is a classic brush engine and, as a result, it is not as effective and free from defects as brushless motors.

Also, remember about Ryobi ONE+ 8 in. 18-Volt Lithium-Ion Cordless Pole Saw

• Cordless device with great compatibility;
• Very sturdy and robust;
• Quite large extension regulations;
• A lot of positive opinions.
• Very heavy;
• Small batteries.

Ryobi One+ is definitely one of the best cordless options that you can currently buy on the market. The manufacturer itself is well known for creating products that don’t require a power outlet to work. This battery powered pole saw guarantees reliability and sturdiness at the highest level, which is additionally confirmed thanks to positive feedback.

One of the best things related to this particular model is the fact that it is a part of the ONE+ Tools system, which features more than 100 tools and, therefore, we can purchase a Ryobi battery and then use it with several dozens of various power tools available from the manufacturer.

As far as the product itself is concerned, it comes with 1 small, because only 1.3 Ah lithium ion battery. Though it is not much, it should be enough to cut several branches or logs without any breaks for the battery charge. The true disadvantage of the product is its large weight – almost 14 pounds.

TACKLIFE 20V 8-INCH Cordless Pole Saw is another alternative worth trying out

TACKLIFE 20V 8 INCH Cordless Pole Saw
• Quite powerful motor;
• Wide range of operation of the telescopic rod;
• A lot of functional features;
• Very comfortable in use.
• Cutting parameters are only average;
• Corded device.

Tacklife is definitely a manufacturer worth recommending. All the products designed by this make can boast with quite functional features and attributes that keep us safe and in a comfortable position throughout the entire working time. The option can boast with high efficiency because of the use of a 6 A pure copper motor.

Thanks to its no load speed at the level of 6000 RPM and 11.3 m/s chain speed, we receive fust cutting of wood that is 6 inches in diameter. As a result, it makes all the logs, branches and other green growth very easy to cut with the use of the reviewed tool. As far as the adjustments are concerned, we can change the length of the telescopic operating rod from 67 up to 90 inches, which is more than enough to cover all the work at home and garden.

Obviously, there is a tool-free installation feature with a user-friendly design to make sure we can use the product with ease. Still, it is quite a corded device, which means we may stumble upon some problems while working outside without any power outlets nearby.

Obviously, WORX 2-in-1 Attachment Capable WG349 20V Pole Saw seems like an option worth trying out

WORX 2 in 1 Attachment Capable WG349 20V Pole Saw
• Great functionality;
• Very powerful product;
• A lot of adjustments and comfort-related features;
• Very long telescopic pole.
• Quite expensive;
• Brushed engine.

If you are not afraid of more expensive solutions, then WORX has got something interesting to offer. This particular model, namely WG349, offers a number of features we are not going to find in any other product. Obviously, we still receive some functional and practical traits like, for example, a tool-free system that allows us to adjust the tension. But besides that, there is more.

Let’s begin with some features. This particular option is quite advanced in terms of its functions, because besides the fact that the chain tensioning system is tool-free, it is also automatic. Another automated element of the product is chain lubrication. Both options take care of the proper setting of the product. Besides that, the device is fitted with quite an advanced telescopic pole. Thanks to that, we can reach green growth that is located up to 13 feet above the ground. The adjustments to the pole can be done without any tools just as well. Also, the head attachment has got three different positions, so we can change the cutting angle. As far as the handle is concerned, the rear one is rotatable, so we can work vertically or horizontally – depending on our own requirements.

How to select the best pole saw? Take advice presented below under consideration before purchasing a product!

Options presented up above are quite advanced, that’s for sure. Still, we can’t forget that in order to pick the best pole saw, we have to remember about our own requirements and expectations, and the type of work we will perform. That is why we have to pick either a cordless option or the one with a corded power source. Besides that, we also have to remember about the power of the product as well as cutting parameters.

Attributes that are of quite high importance also concern the pole itself. Here, we have to include regulations of different kinds as well as the possibility to select a perfect angle for our future work. The comfort of the product, together with the reliability and robustness are essential just as well. More information can be found in the following link: https://toughsaw.com/how-to-pick-the-right-pole-saw/

Remember about the engine

There are brushless and brushed engines and besides quite complex and advanced definitions, the most important thing an amateur user needs to know is that brushless options are more effective and less prone to damages. Obviously, they are more costly.

If we search for a budget-friendly device, then we can go ahead and pick an electric pole saw with a brushed engine. We just need to select a tool that is quite powerful, so we don’t have to worry about overheating or cutting through wood that is just too thick and too hard for the item.

Scotts Outdoor Power Tools PS45010S 10-Inch 8-Amp Corded Electric Pole Saw

top rated pole saws

Greenworks 40V 8-inch Cordless Pole Saw

best pole saw

Also, pick a product that is comfortable

Size and weight of the pole saw matters quite a lot. The heavier the product is, the more difficult it is to handle it, especially on a large pole that has pretty large length. Comfort should be quite important for everyone, so we better choose a power tool that guarantees a number of functionalities that improve the user’s experience.

For example, look for tools that have an auto-tensioning system because they adjust the position of the chain, so it is at the most effective level all the time. Besides that, an auto-oiling system as well as the oil indicator for its low level is quite useful just as well.

Don’t forget about telescopic pole

Regulations and adjustments are quite crucial, especially if we work at heights. The higher the green growth we would like to cut, the more precise a telescopic pole has to be. For this reason, it has to offer tool-free adjustments to make it as long as possible (up to 13 feet or only 3-4 feet).

Besides that, we should also look at products that offer different head rotations for cutting at different angles. Rotating handle is also an obvious necessity, since it allows for vertical and horizontal cutting.

WORX 2-in-1 Attachment Capable WG349 20V Pole Saw

best pole saw

Now you know which options to choose – best Pole saw in UK 2024

Sun Joe SWJ806E 8-Inch is the winner of the ranking and one of the top rated pole saws. It guarantees huge versatility, the possibility to work smoothly for a long time, and also all the necessary features and functions for great performance. It is also great value for money.

If; however, our expectations are a bit more demanding or simply we need a telescopic pole that has much more adjustables, then we should choose one of the alternatives or, better, find a product based on the knowledge provided in the article. If you ever thought about what is the best pole saw, then you are definitely aware of that now.