Get Yourself The Best Pruning Saw UK Has To Offer in 2024

Growing plants and trees around you can be therapeutic. Gardening can keep you occupied and calm you down like no other activity and the best benefit is, you can have a beautiful garden and even harvest your own fruits, vegetables or even flowers. In order to keep these plants in shape and well maintained, you need to prune them from time to time. A saw cannot fit into most areas when the plants are small or thin. A pruning saw would be the perfect option for such needs.

Finding the perfect saw for your needs can be quite a task. This is why here we have the best pruning saw review that throws light on five of the best pruning saws in the market today.


There are a number of pruning saws available in the market today. It can be quite difficult to select such a tool. Here is the best pruning saws review that compares five of the top pruning saws in the market.

SHINE HAI Premium Folding Pruning Saw

best pruning saw
The carbon steel blade is 65mm thick and 7 inch long. It is a triple cut blade with very sharp teeth that aids quicker cutting with lesser friction and more precision
The secure lock system locks the blade in place when in use or when folded. This ensures you don’t cut yourself or anything by mistake or suffer cuts while pruning. The blade is kept in place with this mechanism.
The handle is ergonomically designed with a curve that offers comfort while using the tool. The soft touch and anti-slip handle ensures you have a firm grip throughout and don’t suffer from any hand pain due to the continuous use of the saw.
The angle of the teeth is not very convenient for long sawing activity. Despite the sharpness, one may not get the perfect cut.
The blade quality is not very impressive for it tends to break when used on thicker wood.
There is only one cutting position, contrary to the manufacturer’s claim of two positions. The second position is the closed blade position.
With a sturdy and sharp blade, this pruning saw could easily be the best folding pruning saw that can get your work done effectively and efficiently. not only will your work get done quicker but your plant will thank you too, for pruning the right areas and sparing the rest.

Wilkinson Sword Pruning Saw and Holster

best pruning saw uk
The saw comes with a holster that aids effective storing of the saw without causing any untoward accidents
The triple ground teeth offer a more precise and cleaner cut that is quick and easy to make

The TPR non slip grip offers you a steady and firm grip throughout your pruning session. When you are cutting, a good grip is highly essential, to ensure you don’t cut other branches or even yourself.

The blade is 250 mm thick, thus enabling you to cut thick or stronger branches, without bending or breaking. Thicker blades tend to withstand higher pressure.
The blade cannot be folded and put inside your pocket. When you are cutting, it can be quite tricky to get the holster in place and put the saw inside, every time, rather than just folding it up
It comes with a curved handle, which may not be suitable for cutting saps or green wood that is soft and delicate
It cuts effectively on the pull stroke and not so much on the push stroke. This may take you more time and effort than anticipated, for your pruning activity.
With a non slip grip and a good sized blade, this pruning saw is easy to use and does the work efficiently. Manufactured by the famous swords and guns manufacturer, the quality is expected to be top notch and easy to use. The manufacturer backs up its claim with a 10 year warranty that ensures all issues are solved as and when they arise.

Pro Pruning Saw

best folding pruning saw
The blade is 7 inches long and is made of carbon steel, which prevents rusting.
The triple cut blade offers extra strength while cutting and the coating reduces the friction and resistance.
Fitted with an anti- slip soft grip, this saw can be used efficiently without suffering from any hand pains
It can used for other purposes like camping, hiking, part of a survival gear, etc
The blade position can be adjusted as per need and convenience
The blade may not last long when used to cut hard surfaces frequently
The folding mechanism tends to give way after a few uses
For those who are looking for a high quality pruner that can be used for professional purposes too, this pro pruner saw from Davaon could be the one. Fitted with a carbon steel blade that is well grooved to ensure it does not get displaced while cutting thick branches, this pruner can be used for more than just cutting shrubs and branches.

Pro 250mm Wood Cutting Pruning Saw

best pruning saws review
The ergonomically designed handle allows you to hold the saw in multiple positions.
It can be used even to cut wood such as the fences or other DIY projects
The quick folding mechanism with a secure lock ensures your safety and also that of others around you
The saw is not too big, and though it is easy to carry with you, it may not be suitable for larger cutting
The 10 inch blade can bend or give way if it is used on blunt surfaces, this makes it unsuitable to be used to cut slight thicker branches
When time is of essence, you need an equipment that can get the work done fast. This particular pruner from Davaon, is not limited to just garden use. It is one equipment that you can use in most situations.

Bahco 396-Hp Folding Pruning Saw

best folding pruning saw uk
The blade is made of heavy gauge steel which is designed to withstand more pressure and aid more cutting jobs
It can be used to cut both branches and wood, thus making it versatile and useful on trekking trips
Can be safely folded away when not in use
The safety lock mechanism is very good when it comes to locking. However, to release that lock, requires more time and patience
The blade can be very sharp and being made of gauge steel, it can dig into your skin if not used carefully
This pruning saw from Bahco is featured in this best pruning saw review simple because it can be used for cutting both green and wood. When you have an equipment, multiple uses are preferred. This way, not only can you use it for the purpose bought, but can come in handy at other situations too.

Why Do You Need A Pruning Saw

When your plant is not very big or thick, the branches don’t need an electric or wood saw to be cut off. At the same time, they may be too thick for a hand pruner or a lopper. In such cases, a pruning saw is what gets the work done effortlessly.

The blades on a pruning saw can either be straight or curved and is securely attached to a small handle. Saws with curved handles are easier to use due to the convenient angle offered. These days, the blades are strong and sharp enough to cut through thick bushes and sometimes even trees.

Types And Uses

Here is a brief about various types of pruning saws and where they can be used.

Pole Pruner

As the name suggests, there is a pole involved. The pruning saw is attached to a pole that enables you to reach places that cannot normally be reached by hand. These saws come with an aluminum blade, which prevents it from rusting and reduces the weight of the entire equipment. The blades are stronger, thus allowing you to cut thicker bushes or even tree branches easily.

Handheld Pruning Saw

These are small in size and are generally used for domestic purposes. If you have a small garden in your backyard, you can make use of these pruners to ensure the plants are pruned on time and kept in shape. These are small, compact and come with either a curved or a straight blade.

Straight Blade Saws

These saws can be used to prune green wood and sap, which are generally softer than tree wood. These are delicate and require a straight cut, for pruning. Hence a straight blade saw with 6 to 8 teeth per inch would help you cut them with ease.

Curved Blade Saw

When the branches to be cut are tough but not big enough for a wood saw or an electric saw, the curved blade saw can be used. These saws offer a clean cut and thus enables you to prune very effectively. However, if you are opting for this type of a blade, more care must be taken. The maintenance of these saws are more demanding than that of the straight blade pruners.

Large Pruners

There are small pruning saws like mentioned above and there are larger versions of the same, for cutting larger branches. These are used for commercial purposes rather than domestic gardening. In crop cultivation, the plants need to be pruned regularly to get the best out of the plants. These big pruning saws can effectively cut the big branches clean and precisely. When the cut is clean and precise, the crop or plant grows better.

Care For Your Saw

These pruning saws need to be maintained well, to get the best out of them. If you want them to last long, it is important to not only clean them but to conditioning them as well. The blades need to be oiled once in every few uses, to ensure they don’t rust or become blunt. The blades need to be sharpened by hand as well. This will ensure you get a clean cut with your saw, without much effort.

While using your saw, ensure you don’t place is directly on the soil as the mud will tend to cling on to the blades, requiring you to wash and clean it, else the blade will become dull more quickly.

Once you are done using it, always remember to tap the saw gently to get rid of all the loose mud that is clinging on to it. Next use a sturdy cloth to wipe away the remaining dirt. Storing a clean tool will ensure they don’t corrode or become dull easily.


Here are some useful tips to ensure you get a good pruning done on your own:

• When you are ready to prune, study the plant or branch carefully. Notice how close the other branches are. You may want to preserve these and hence it is important to ensure you don’t cut them by mistake. Saws tend to slip and cut quickly, hence it is important to be aware of the other branches.
• Pruning saws come with both straight and curved handle. Choose the one suitable for you, so that you don’t suffer any pain while pruning your plants.
• Choose a comfortable direction to cut in. only if this is comfortable, can you get a good clean cut.
• Cutting a big branch can be tricky as, the branch or limb can break off once you cut a major part of, leaving you with an uneven cut. Hence, cut out the extra branches to reduce the weight of the main branch, so that it does not break away due to the weight.

Conclusion – 2024 edition

Pruning your tree or plants is very important if you want them to grow well and look beautiful, rather than look like some wild growth. Whether you are looking for the best pruning saw UK or the best folding pruning saw UK, your search can end with this review.

SHINE HAI Premium is our clear winner with its 65 mm thick, 7 inch long blade that is made to last. With a secure lock system to ensure safety and ergonomically designed handle, this pruner saw can be very efficient and comfortable to use.

Though the other saws are also featured in the Best pruning saw UK reviews, this particular saw is one of its kind and very convenient for both men and women, young and old to use.