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by | Jan 17, 2023 | Best Saws

How to find the best reciprocating saw uk at this moment 2024 edition? Have a look at some tips!

Preparing sawn timber requires a lot of experience and knowledge. However, without proper equipment the whole process will surely end up in failure. That is why it is always mandatory to be prepared the best you can. The following article will familiarize you with six interesting options as well as give you a glimpse of how to look for best reciprocating saw. What are the best reciprocating saws on the market? How to find the one? Here’s a quick review of what to expect from particular products, where to look the right model, and which aspects are the most important in regard of choosing professional and long-lasting product!

The winner of our ranking and at the same time one of the best reciprocating saw uk is Makita DJR186Z Reciprocating Saw!

best reciprocating saw uk
Very efficient
A lot of protection measures
Quite expensive
While working with planking, we ought to remember that the most important thing is safety. That is why Makita DJR186Z fulfils its purpose amazingly. It does not only guarantee electric brake or tool-less blade change, but also lock-off lever, making this particular model very safe and very effective. Why? In here we can see 450W 18V motor, which is very powerful and efficient, even during long-lasting procedures. Let’s not forget about the possibility to adjust speed. As a result, variable speeds guarantee work comfort and even better results. As for comfortability, we should pay attention to ergonomic handle. Steady grip during working increases our experience from using the tool. Of course there are some downsides we should be aware of. One of them is its quite high power consumption. However, lucky for us, the producers anticipated that and introduced us with high-capacity battery. The real problem is its price. Even without the battery itself, the product is quite expensive, what may be a real problem for some of you.

Other offer you should be looking at is a bit cheaper tool VonHaus 710W 115mm Reciprocating Saw Vari Speed Corded Recip Sabre

what is to the best reciprocating saw
Very powerful
Very heavy, two-handed
Compared to the winner of the ranking, it is a corded reciprocating saw, what provides us with both positive and negative sides. Of course one of the negatives is the restriction caused by the cable. While using corded tool, we cannot allow ourselves to cut anywhere we want. In addition to that, we need also watch out for our cable, so we won’t get tangled or stumble against it. However, we believe that the number of positives coming from that aspect will appeal to some of you. If you look at the reviews, best reciprocating saw uk reviews are very powerful. VonHaus guarantees 710W of motor, whereas Makita, the winner of our ranking, could offer 450W. Of course for the basic use of reciprocating saws it should be enough. Nevertheless, specialists, who prepare a lot of planking, should equipped themselves with the most powerful machine. Its amazing advantage is the price. It’s possible to find VonHaus twice cheaper than Makita!

Another cheap suggestion is Einhell TE-AP 18 Li Solo Power X-Change 18 V Lithium Cordless

best reciprocating saw uk reviews
Very cheap
Easy and comfortable in use
Long-lasting battery
Not powerful enough for harder jobs
As it was in case of first proposition, the tool made by Einhell lets us choose blades without interfering with tools. What’s more, we can see here authorship X-change system. It means that we can use here variety of Einhell batteries, without any problems with compatibility. The tool requires Lit-Ion battery since it is cordless device. However, thanks to the use of modern technology while manufacturing the tool, we can hope for longer battery life. When it comes to comfort, all tools are equipped with ergonomic grip, letting us use the tool seamlessly and effortlessly. If we care about weight, then you will be surely to hear that this is one of the lightest tools available on the market. It weighs only 2 kg (approximately 4.5 pounds). Unfortunately, the tool is not well-known for its amazing effectiveness against more demanding jobs. Still, in the given price range, it is one of the best affordable reciprocating saw currently available on the market.

Looking for cordless best reciprocating saw for cutting trees? Have a look at DeWalt 18V XR Lithium-Ion Body Only Reciprocating Saw

ranking of the best reciprocating saw uk cordless
Extremely powerful
Capable of cutting through hard wood
A lot of adjustable options
Quick recharge
Extremely expensive
When it comes to cordless tools, this is one of the best sabre saw available on the market. Its motor is comparable to the corded ones, giving us extreme power capable of cutting small trees! It is also worth to add that we received here XR Lithium Ion Technology, which is the latest generation of system used for suppling the tool with power. As if that was not enough, this powerful motor can generate up to 3000 strokes per minute, what maximises the productivity and effectiveness. Let’s not forget about the fact that it is fan-cooled and offers replaceable brushes. Feature that surely distinguishes this model from other saws is reciprocating mechanism as well as magnesium gear case. Both of them gives us excellent power to weight ratio. Unfortunately, we need to pay much more than in case of any previous suggestions, without hoping for batteries, charger, or even box.

If looking for something cheaper, then Ryobi RRS1801M ONE+ Reciprocating Saw will suit you best!

best reciprocating saw for cutting trees
Very comfortable while using
Poor cut accuracy
It is quite powerful tool that stands out from all other tools. What makes it so characteristic? Even though it is small and light tool, it is very durable and ensures comfortable cutting. It is possible thanks to the use of anti-vibration technology. In other words, we won’t be feeling any exhaustion resulted from vibrations. Another amazing feature that improves durability of the tool is the application of adjustable shoe, what increases the life of blade. Of course with such small and light tool comes some inconveniences. The producers also offer us additional blades! It is solely for small DIY. The issue with this model is inaccuracy. Trying to get the right cut will be harder, especially if this is going to be the first reciprocating saw you will be using. It is reciprocating saw under 100, so you won’t be complaining about poor quality to price ratio.

Bosch PSA 700 E Sabre Saw – the sixth suggestion we are offering you today

what is the best affordable reciprocating saw
Very durable
Comfortable in use
Simple, without any facilitating functions
If you wish to find Corded best reciprocating saw uk, then choosing Bosch might really be a good idea. It offers basic functions that are available in almost all tools reviewed in this article. For example, we’ve got ergonomic soft grip that makes it much more comfortable to hold the tool. In addition to that, we can also hope for bow design handle that ensures safety and easy working. The tool offers 710 watts, which doesn’t guarantee amazing experience while cutting through hard materials. Nevertheless, it is still quite a lot that will positively surprise us. As it befits for Bosch, it is robust and very durable tool that won’t break down so easily. When on discount, it is an average price for high quality tool without fancy functions and other additions.

What makes these tools excellent option? How to find the right tool? See the list of aspects we should look for when trying to by best reciprocating saw for logs!

There are plenty of manufacturers that offer us their tools and claim that their electric reciprocating saw will be the best in given price range. However, they forgot to mention about other, incredibly important elements, which make all the tools currently available on the market either good or bad. If you wish to find out what makes reciprocating saws good choice, here’s a comprehensive explanation:

Corded or cordless?

The first thing we should take into account is whether the tool of our choice will be corded or cordless. Just like any other tools, they vary in terms of weight, power, and application. Cordless are usually smaller and weigh much less than corded models. It’s because they are designed for less demanding jobs.
best sabre saw

How powerful motor is?

There are two basic distinctions we need to have in mind. If we look for cordless reciprocating saw, then the average power of the device is 350-500 Watt. Thanks to that we can hope for effective cutting without any troubles or jagged blade. When it comes to corded tools, the power of the motor used in corded saw can reach up to 800-900 Watt. However, we need to remember that some of more powerful tools are two-handed, what makes them quite heavy and difficult to work with for a longer time.

How functional the tool is?

Another element we should take into account is the functionality of the tool. Basic features each and every tool should have is of course ergonomic grip. It greatly facilitates the use of the tool and reduces fatigue. Anti-vibration system comes very often together with comfortable handle. Other quite useful elements that will definitely increase the attractiveness of our choice is adjustable shoes, tool-less blade change, electric brake, and adjustable speeds. We should also look for such facilitations as adjustable sole plate if we wish to reduce the use of blade or reciprocating mechanism and magnesium gear case.

What kind of blade to use?

The right type of blade is also very important. That is why we always should look for blades that are destined for the right materials. For example, choosing high-carbon steel blades will do the work with almost all types of wood. If you wish to cut through metal, then we will need a diamond-grit blade or carbide-tip. If it is possible, make sure to review all reciprocating saw blades and choose the one that is recommended the most for your type of work!

What is the opinion of others?

Review of best reciprocating saw should also distinguish good products from bad ones. OF course there are plenty of misleading feedback, where people leave fake positive reviews. The same thing concerns haters, who just want to sow discontent. In order to find legitimate comments and opinions of professional users, we should look for verified purchases. They will most likely provide us with great point of view and they will be more impartial than the assurances from official sites of manufacturers.

Summary and conclusion – which solution would be best in 2024?

Despite the fact there are plenty of things we should pay attention to, it is quite easy to figure out which tool is best. Of course if you don’t want to delve into details and just purchase the right tool, you can use the ranking we prepared and use either the winner, which is Makita DJR186Z or five other products that we have given you. Of course you can always try to find your own tool. However, it is mandatory to remember about each and every aspect, so you won’t be disappointed with what you receive!

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