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The best sander for skirting boards? Choose your option wisely in 2024!

Skirting board, also known as a baseboard, is an essential part of almost every house. It is this piece of wooden or vinyl board that we place between the floor and the wall in order to hide the joints or to simply protect our walls from kicking. However, from the very beginning skirting boards were also a quite important piece of decoration because it allowed people to mould shapes or apply special designs and colorings.

For this reason, the appropriate device that will sand all the skirting boards without any hesitation is of utmost importance for every single amateur and professional builder who also deals with finishing and painting works around the house. Sadly, it is not an easy task to choose the right sander for skirting boards. This is the reason why we created this list 2024.

Today our specialists prepared for you a set of 10 interesting products that offer utility and functionality, and in most cases a budget-friendly price. To make sure our ranking is filled with quality products, we paid attention to such important characteristics of sanders as compact design, lightweight, powerful motor, the possibility to adjust the angle, versatility, and many more.

The best electric sander for skirting boards is surely Black+Decker BEW230-GB Detail Mouse Sander

• Low price;
• Rich additional kit;
• Quick replacement system for sandpaper;
• Compact size and lightweight.
• No advanced features.

The today’s winner offers us a lot of interesting solutions that make the product incredibly comfortable to use. We receive here up to 6 additional sanding sheets, and the product itself is so small and lightweight, it allows us to sand precisely every piece of skirting board.

Besides the comfort Black Decker offers us, we should also remember about the dust extraction system that allows us to vacuum the area in order to clear the entire place of work clean.

Let’s not forget about the fact that the product is featured with a very easy sandpaper replacement system. Obviously, it is a budget option, so we won’t find here any other functionalities. Still, for such a low price, it is a quality tool that wins the comparative analysis.

Another option worth considering is Meterk Random Orbital Sander 125W

• 16 pieces of sandpaper included in the kit;
• Very compatible;
• Rubber-covered handle for reduced vibrations;
• Collection system with adapter.
• Unique design of sandpapers make it difficult to replace them.

Meterk is a brand that guarantees a quite powerful device with a bit higher price range. Nevertheless, it is still a compact sander with a very rich kit that consists of up to 16 pieces of sandpaper with different grits. As a result, we have the option to sand the surface in a very diverse condition.

The product is equipped with a collection system that is very effective. What is more, there is a dust removal adapter thanks to which we can connect it directly to a vacuum cleaner. Due to that, it is much easier to clean the area we are sanding.

Let’s not forget about the compactness as well as comfort. We can easily use the tool with one hand. However, bear in mind that its shape does not allow us to grab it entirely, because the head is a bit large.

Still, with the use of two hands, we can find a very comfortable position to effectively sand. There is also the rubber cover on the handle that reduces vibrations. Sadly, the company used unique design to prepare sandpaper, as a result it is difficult to find the right alternatives.

Also, take a look at a bit more expensive device, namely Bosch PSM 18 LI Cordless

• Cordless device;
• The possibility to change sandpapers for alternative replacements;
• Highly durable;
• Microfilter system.
• Very costly device;
• It is necessary to buy a battery separately. 

Bosch is definitely much more expensive than two previously reviewed products. Nonetheless, we receive here a cordless sander that allows us to work in places where we do not have access to a power outlet. What is more, it is a bit more advanced and offers interesting functionalities.

The product is equipped with a special delta plate with sds system. It basically offers a very economical usage because we can change the sanding attachments from the original ones to the alternatives. What is more, the sanding plate itself is incredibly durable.

In terms of comfort, we should remember about a compact size and ergonomic shape. Interestingly, the authors applied a Softgrip handle. It is quite large, but if we are to use both hands, it improves the stability and precision by a lot. Interestingly, there is also a microfilter system box.

It is, unfortunately, a very expensive option, which is additionally available without a battery. Due to that, the costs will significantly rise after purchasing.

JELLAS Compact Sander Machine for Wood is yet another interesting offer 

• A lot pieces with different grits to choose from;
• Powerful motor;
• High no-load speed;
• Can be used for aggressive sanding.
• The dusting system tends to kick out some of the dust away. 

At average price we receive a pretty rich kit, where we find a powerful motor with incredibly high no-load oscillation per minute speed. It also allows us to use it quite aggressively due to its power. The authors made sure we receive a functional software with everything required for efficient sanding.

In terms of useful additions, we receive here up to 16 pieces of sandpaper. It means that we can enjoy different type that start from 80 grits up to 240 grits. As a result, we can adjust our sanding paper to the condition of the surface.

The manufacturer made sure that the design is ergonomic, making it very easy to use. The comfort is additionally improved by the rubber cover on the handle. Another thing to note is the vibration reduction, which is guaranteed by the afore-mentioned rubber.

Would you like to buy the best sanders for skirting boards? Meterk 200W Random Orbital Sander might be the case!

Meterk 200W Random Orbital Sander
• Very powerful motor;
• High no-load speed;
• A lot of accessories included in the kit;
• Very efficient dust cleaning system.
• Not so ergonomic design. 

Yet another average-priced tool that offers us a powerful engine and a lot of RPMs. This is also a tool made by Meterk, but in this case, we can also enjoy a much bigger packaging with plenty of sandpapers to choose from.

The manufacturer offers us a very powerful option with motor that produces 200 W. It translates into 12500 RPMs, what basically means that we don’t have to worry about any troublesome material while sanding.

Just like before, we receive here a dust collection system. It also guarantees a vacuum floor and the dust box. It can be easily removed and cleared. A very important thing to note is that we receive here 20 pieces of kit, including a large variety of sanding papers with different grit.

The only issue with this device is its awkward design that makes it a bit uncomfortable in use for some of the users.

Looking for something different? VonHaus Cordless Sander E-Series will definitely meet your expectations!

VonHaus Cordless Sander E Series
• Battery and charger already included in the kit;
• Powerful motor with high no-load speed;
• Long-lasting warranty;
• Reliable tool;
• Dust collection system with easy to remove dust bag. 
• Only 5 replaceable sandpapers;
• Very costly package. 

Von Haus offers us yet another tool with huge oscillating speed and a very powerful motor. To make things even more interesting, we receive here a 2-year warranty that proves the reliability of the product and some other features that make the tool interesting. Let’s not forget about the fact that it is a cordless sanding machine!

The authors offer up to 12,000 RPM of oscillating speed, which basically means that we can safely use it in order to sand many different materials. What is more, in the kit we receive 5 sandpapers with three different grits. As a result, the surface on which we work will be detailed perfectly.

Another important element of this device is its design. The hook and loop pad offers quick and easy sheet changes and its shape allows us to reach even the most difficult corners and areas. It is; however, a very expensive option.

Make sure to check WORX WX648 D-Tail Sander

WORX WX648 D Tail Sander
• Very lightweight;
• Compact in size;
• Dustop micro filter and dust collection box included;
• A lot of additional pieces in the kit.
  • Not as powerful as others.

It is less expensive than the previous option and still offers a lot of options that most of us will surely appreciate. It is ergonomical and compact in size. What is more, its lightweight design will surely appeal to the taste of most of the users. Bear in mind that it has a hook and loop easy paper change and a shape that will sand any place no matter how difficult it is to reach it.

The product weighs only 1 kg, what makes it one of the lightest devices in this ranking 2024. In the package, we can hope for a very large amount of sanding papers of different grits. In total, it is 21 pieces. Additionally, we receive a finger pad and a dust collection box for easy cleaning once we end our sanding process.

Bear in mind that it is not as powerful as some other devices reviewed in this ranking. As a result, we might need something more powerful for more demanding projects.

Let’s also take a closer look at Ferm DSM1009 280 W Delta Sander

Ferm DSM1009 280 W Delta Sander
• Very low price;
• Powerful motor;
• The possibility to adjust the oscillating speed;
• 3-meter long cable.
• Very large;
• Heavy product, not comfortable while doing longer tasks. 

This is one of the least expensive options you can find on the market. Although it is much larger and heavier, it offers variable speed and universal dust extraction adapter. To make things even more interesting, its motor is very powerful, so the sanding process will surely be very fast and efficient.

Ferm guarantees a motor that offers 280 W power input. It guarantees only decent maximum no-load speed. However, it is definitely one of the cheapest products you can find on the market. It gives us a variable speed level, which ranges from 6,000 up to 11,000 RPMs.

What is more, the manufacturer guarantees a 3-meter long cable thanks to which we don’t have to worry about unplugging the device and plugging it again.

We should bear in mind that in spite of ergonomic, soft grip, it is a quite heavy and large product. As a result, sanding small pieces will definitely be difficult. What is more, there are plenty other such large sanders available on the market. It doesn’t change the fact; however, that it is a very cheap offer.

Another interesting option will be Evolution Power Tools Precision File Sander

Evolution Power Tools Precision File Sander
• Very solid device;
• Variable speed function;
• Adjustable sanding arm with the possibility to change the angle of sanding;
• 2-year warranty of the UK citizens.
• Quite heavy;
• Expensive. 

The product offers us a bit of a different design. However, its comfort features and plenty of other functionalities as well as variable speed makes the device prepared by Evolution Power Tools one of the greatest to use.

he authors guarantee us a 2-year manufacturer’s warranty. Unfortunately, it is available only for the citizens of the United Kingdom. Bear in mind; however, that this product is equipped with an adjustable sanding arm.

Thanks to the possibility to change the angle of the work within 120-degree range, we can adjust the product to the particular shape or a position of the skirting board. Moreover, there is one more functionality worth noting, namely a variable speed. As a result, we can change the speed from 300 up to 1,700 RPM.

Unfortunately, the product is quite heavy and its cost is high. Due to that, we are not going to enjoy it for a long period of time without taking a break.

Surely DeWalt D26430 240V 300W DetaiL Sander will be an interesting alternative

DeWalt D26430 240V 300W DetaiL Sander
• Large range of speed control: 14,000-22,000 RPM;
• 360 degree rotating base plate;
• High performance motor for long life;
• A lot of adjustable options;
• Very efficient dust collection system.
• Extremely expensive product;
• Quite heavy. 

The last but surely not the least product included in this ranking 2024 is high performance product with incredibly powerful motor and long life. It gives us the biggest power out of all products, all the functionalities that the previous tools included, and many other functionalities and regulations.

It is; however, the most expensive option from the entire ranking. Because of that, we receive a variable speed control and large orbit size. Let’s not forget about the dust collection feature that extracts all the dirt.

Thanks to that, our work is much more pleasant, and we also extend the sheet life. Let’s not forget about the fact that the product is equipped with a rotating base plate. It means that the access to the device is much easier.

How to pick the best sander for skirting boards? Learn more with our shopping guide!

The appropriate device for sanding skirting boards is essential if we really care about the highest quality detailing and we wish to finish the job with the highest precision. Because of hundreds of tools available on the market, the final choice is not the easiest one.

For this reason, we prepared for you a tutorial that will show you which parameters are the most important ones. In the guide, we talked about the functionality of the tool as well as the oscillation speed. Besides that, we had to take into account the size and the weight of the product.

Still, there were many other important things such as durability of our sander, the package and the number of accessories it offers, and obviously the opinions of other users. More information about sanding sanders and the process of sanding skirting boards itself can be found here:

While choosing the right electric sander for skirting boards, remember about the functionality

If we choose to buy a very functional product, then we can change a lot of different adjustments and make our sander as easy in use as it is possible.

Obviously, make sure that your choice offers you a powerful motor thanks to which we can smooth every surface effortlessly. What is more, remember about the features that keep the sanding area clean such as dust extraction system as well as microfilters.

Evolution Power Tools Precision File Sander

small sander for skirting boards

DeWalt D26430 240V 300W DetaiL Sander

electric sander for skirting boards

Let’s remember about the oscillation speed

Another important aspect we should all remember about is the speed of the product. The number of oscillations per minute indicate how long the smoothing process will take. Obviously, the rougher the surface is, the higher speed it requires to make it as even as possible.

Needless to say the variable speed level is of utmost importance for the high quality finishing because we need to regulate the oscillating speed depending on the condition of the surface.

Compact size and the shape of the pad is also important

Another crucial element in terms of choosing the right device is its size. In most cases, working on skirting boards requires flexibility and the option to sand very difficult to reach areas. For this reason, we need to find a tool that will be able to safely sand every corner and every joint.

VonHaus Cordless Sander E-Series

best sander for skirting boards

WORX WX648 D-Tail Sander

Best detail sander for skirting boards

Comfort and how weight influences it

Small sander for skirting boards is definitely one of the most important features for most of us, because while working on these panels, we tend to take very uncomfortable positions in order to sand every area of the surface right. For this reason, every single element that reduces our fatigue is very essential.

The smaller weight of the tool, the better! Obviously, we should remember that there are several interesting gadgets that can enhance the comfort of work, like for example the ergonomic handle as well as rubber coating that additionally reduces vibrations.

Durability and warranty

There is no point in purchasing a very functional and light device if its motor won’t be able to work for as long as we expect or it will break after a month or two.

That is why it is incredibly important to see whether the housing of the product is robust.

A great way of seeing whether we are dealing with a legitimate product or not is by its warranty. If the manufacturer is willing to give us even a 3-year warranty on the product, then it shows their confidence on its reliability.

Bosch PSM 18 LI Cordless

sander for skirting boards

Summary and conclusion – best sander for skirting boards in UK 2024

Black+Decker BEW230-GB Detail Mouse Sander is the winner of today’s ranking because it guarantees a rich package with extra accessories, powerful motor, compact size, and comfortable handle that makes all the sanding very easy. It is also a budget-friendly product that will suit most of your needs.

Let’s bear in mind that there are plenty of other products available in the ranking 2024. If none of them suits your expectations, then one of the best options you can do is to familiarize yourself with the shopping tutorial presented above. There is a list of all key information you need to take into account if you want to buy the right tool.

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