Best Screwdrivers Set UK

Any professional or tool enthusiast knows that screwdrivers are essential additions to work with. A good example is when opening or tightening screws in electronics, motor vehicles or other devices. Nails don’t hold better than screws and working with them requires one to have the best screwdrivers.

Loot at Our List of Best Screwdriver Set 2024 in UK

The following is a review of 5 best screwdriver sets perfect for mechanics and woodworkers.

FatMax 12 Piece Screwdriver Set

best screwdriver set
The shape is ergonomic and have slip resistant texture that fits well into one’s palms
Handles are made of high-quality plastic that is resistant to impact as well as chemicals. Coupled with the alloyed steel tips, they are bound to hold up for age
They are versatile and come in 12 pieces with flat head drivers and Philips head driver pairs to fit different tasks
They are color coded for quick identification between the Philips and the flat head tips
They are products of a reputable company that offers a lifetime warranty on all their tools
They do not come with Torx head drivers
If magnetic drivers are what you want, the FlatMax Screwdrivers are not for you. They are not magnetized.
Some do not have an elegant finish as some premium screwdriver

Equipped with a chrome vanadium steel bars, these screwdrivers have a high torque, which reduces the risks of tip breakage, making them the best quality screwdriver set. They have handles that have been directly molded to the shaft offering a nearly unbreakable bond for long life and durability. The handles have a soft grip that aids in fatigue reduction and are color coded for easy identification with ends, which are smoothly domed for comfortability and easy spinning. Furthermore, the handles have a large diameter for efficiency when driving screws in woodworks.

Rolson Screw Driver Set – 58 Pieces

best screwdriver set reviews
The screwdrivers have beautiful designs, attractive to look at and they come cheaply
The handles are made of chemical resistant plastic and have a good texture and shape that allows for firm grips and ease of use
The screwdrivers are versatile; they come in a total of 58 pieces with one that has a magnetic holder for interchanging purposes
The set comes with an extension shaft for tight areas.
The set doesn’t have a ratchet, making the handles a bit bulky
Users complain of its terrible quality, especially the small ones that are easily bent
Comes in a screwed case, you need another screwdriver to get to them

Designed to meet the demands of the average consumer, the Rolson Screwdriver Set is beautifully designed with a massive number of items and is among the best rated screwdriver set. It is attractive to look at and with the 58 pieces it holds, there are four precision ones and one that has a magnetic holder for interchanging purposes. The handles have a rough texture that enables firm grips and are well insulated. All the 60 pieces are products of chrome vanadium steel and are packed in a plastic case with slots for each one of them.

Draper 28748 Screwdriver Socket and Bit Set (70 Pieces)

best screwdriver set uk
The screwdrivers are easy to use and are 70 in total with different designs; plain and crossed to fit many applications that we often carry out at home
Comes with a tester, a flexible extension shaft and a magnetic pickup tool with a telescopic design to reach for screws in engine bays or those that fall down the drain
The whole set is cheap, especially if you consider its decent quality
The carrying case has slots for holding the screwdrivers, sockets, and bits tightly in one place and one doesn’t need to fumble around finding a perfect one for a task
The metal heads could do with strong ones as they get chipped over time
The handles spin under extreme tasks
Some users complain of poor quality of the handles

The Draper 28748 set is a beautiful combination of a total of 70 pieces of screwdrivers with sockets and bits for a myriad of jobs in mechanics or woodworks. It comes in a package that has been molded to support the bits, sockets and all the screwdrivers. Of all best screwdriver set uk, it comes highly rated and with 11 precision screwdrivers, coming in all sizes and with a cross, plain and Draper TX-STAR slots, which make the assembly and disassembly of small electronics and other tasks that require screwing so easy. Furthermore, the Draper 28748 comes with a magnetic bit holder, a chief tester and a flexible extension shaft used for reaching screws in awkward places.

Silverline Insulated Soft-Grip Screwdriver Set Slotted & Phillips

best screwdriver set review uk
The screwdrivers have a perfect grip, enabling fast work and efficient performance
They are all color coded for easy identification of tips, which saves on the time one would have wasted fumbling around to find the perfect one
The screwdrivers are strong and have been chemically blackened to ensure that they do not rust easily
The whole set comes at a good price and are the perfect choice for daily home uses like small workshop projects
Doesn’t come with many options in regards to the sizes
A user complained that they get chipped easily
The quality isn’t the best there is; many might consider other options

Made of hardened chrome vanadium steel shanks with chemically blackened magnetic tips to withstand corrosion, the Silverline Screwdriver set is another one of the best quality screwdriver sets on the market, and one that competes well in best screwdriver set uk ratings. The handles have an ergonomic design specifically crafted for high-grip textured panels to enhance efficiency in control and torque transition. The feature also enables fast screw removal and insertion and are ideal for use around the home, workshop, garage and the garden. They are all color coded allowing you to identify the tips easily. The set contains three slotted screwdrivers and three Philips screwdrivers.

Buyer’s Guide

Screwdrivers are the most convenient tools in our homes either for our workshops, garages or simply fixing electronics or furniture. For this reason, it is critical that the tools be always available whenever the need arises. It will also be a disadvantage if you had a special screwdriver that doesn’t fit a particular task that you want to perform, as such, owning a set of screwdrivers is the best option there is.

As opposed to buying a screwdriver one by one, which could be costly, buying them in a set that contains all the sizes that you need plus bits and slots for storing them would be nicer. However, the daunting task of choosing best screwdriver set is what many people often drown in. Even from the above best screwdriver set reviews, it is still a difficult thing to do. Therefore, the following considerations should help you make the decision.

Driver Heads

While choosing a kit, even for the best screwdriver set in the world, you should put into consideration the reason why you are buying it in the first place. The obvious reason is that you want different assortments of screwdrivers in a package. Therefore, ensuring that the set you decide on has all the types of heads and tips you want, is the first thing to look into. How many screwdriver heads are there? Are they compatible with your home devices, appliances and other tools you need to work on? Are there flat-heads, Philips screwdrivers, hex heads, bits, Torx, and so on?

Ensure that all the heads and accessories are present and that they conform to your needs and preferences.

best quality screwdriver set

Type of Set

Screwdriver sets come in varieties and with different components. Before you buy any, you want to confirm whether you need a handheld screwdriver set or a screwdriver bits set. If you choose to go with a handheld screwdriver set, then you should know that it probably might not have a broad range of options. As such, it could be exactly what you are looking for to take care of your regular fixtures. On the other hand, the set will only have a few screwdrivers in it and if it is the ideal one for you, buying a set of bits is commendable. Of all the best screwdriver sets, the ones that stand out are those with bits, which provides options for the detailed fixtures like phones, laptops, among many more devices in your home.

Purpose of the screwdriver set

Screwdriver sets are suited for many uses. You wouldn’t venture out to the market looking for best screwdriver set if you don’t have a particular task in mind. There are those meant for wrist watches, construction works, the automotive industry, as well as the standard ones for electronics. The purpose to which you are buying the screwdriver set influences the type of kit you will purchase.

Material Type

Another important thing to consider is the type of material that makes the screwdrivers. You should choose a set that contains premium quality materials that are resistant to rust and are durable. Chrome vanadium steel is an excellent example of a quality material. It is strong and highly resistant to corrosion and has a long life. It should be noted, however, that a screwdriver is only as strong as it can be when used for its particular purpose.

Number of screw heads

Purchasing a kit that has as many heads as possible comes in handy when handling various tasks in your garage or your workshop. A set that contains many heads and bits will allow you to deal with many types of fixtures without a hassle.

Price of the set

If you can lay your hands on the best cheap screwdriver set that has premium quality components, you are in luck. Quality screwdriver sets have varied price range; and as a precaution, you need to ensure that the deal you got doesn’t cost you your money. Ensure that the screwdrivers and bits are of high quality.

The ease of use

A screwdriver’s grip is an essential thing to consider, why? If the grip is slippery, you will accomplish zero work. An excellent grip has a rough but a comfortable to hold texture, this ensures that they do not slip from your hands. The grip should be comfortable to handle, fits well on the palms and doesn’t harm your hand in the process.


The heavier the screwdriver, the better the grip. This is one reason why you should consider the weight. Furthermore, lightweight materials are often associated with poor quality. While considering weight, it is also important to consider the portability of the whole set. You shouldn’t get one that is too heavy to the extent that you can’t lift it off the ground.


Finally, you should look at the manufacturer’s reputation and the quality of brands that they offer. Brands that come from reputable companies are often provided in good quality. How do you know that a manufacturer and his or her products are of the best quality? Go online and browse through thousands of reviews. This will tell you what the others think of the product and the company as well.

The bottom line in 2024 year

Now and then, we are faced with needs to screw small or large devices or even substitute the never holding nails with screws. This is the reason why you need to get the best screwdriver set that accomplishes all the tasks in front of you. Because deciding on a particular set is often a hard thing to do, the above reviews and buying guide should help you get the best there in on the market. From the review, our winner is the FatMax 12 Piece Screwdriver Set. They are versatile and will fit many purposes save for the lack of Torx heads and magnetism, which are a trade-off. However, should it not satisfy you, the other products are there for you.