Choosing the best skimming trowel – learn how to pick it in 2024!

As we all know, plastering is quite a difficult task to do, especially if we are an amateur without any tools. In order to distribute plaster evenly and efficiently, we need to have the appropriate device to do that. This is one of the reasons why people take some time while picking the best skimming trowel – they just want to make sure that the next several hours they will spend on blistering will be as easy as possible.

Sadly, there are hundreds of plastic trowels for skimming that, because of their material, will not last long. Besides material used for the production, we have so much to worry about while picking the best plastering trowel for skimming. For this reason, we decided to create a tutorial and the list of five great options to help you make a well-thought decision.

In the list you can find a skimming trowel that will suit your expectations thanks to durable construction, comfortable grip, appropriate size of the product, as well as flex that is responsible for even greater skimming. Obviously, another important thing to remember is the comfort of use and the weight of the product.

The best plastering trowel for skimming you can currently buy and, therefore, the winner of the ranking is Refina 16″ Superflex Trowel

• Very large size;
• Incredibly durable;
• Can flex quite a lot;
• Very thin blade.
• Very heavy. 

One of the most interesting options and a great quality – Refina is a finishing trowel with great size that is one of the most comfortable options you can buy on the market. The product can boast with a superflex construction, which is at the same time incredibly durable. It is all due to the fact that the blade was made of stainless steel.

The advantage of this particular skimming trowel is obviously the fact that we are dealing here with a very thin blade that is only 0.4 mm thin. It means that the flexibility of the product is quite advanced, yet we don’t have to worry about any shape changes due to durable, high-class material.

In terms of comfort, the handle was made of soft composite. Because of that, we can hope for a great grip that is at the same time ergonomic and reduce the possibility of fatigue. Let’s also remember about the weight, which is, unfortunately, not the lightest. 570 g of an item of this kind is quite a lot.

Another option worth checking out is Toolty Ultra Flexible Plaster Finishing Skimming Trowel

• Slightly less expensive than the others;
• Very comfortable to use;
• Soft grip with ergonomic handle;
• One of the best flexibilities on the market.
• Very small size.

This particular finisher is much lighter than the predecessor. As a result, it is a great option for people who are going to work hours while plastering. Obviously, we should not forget about the fact that it is also an ultra flexible and slightly cheaper solution than in the case of the competition.

Though it is very light, it was still made of high quality stainless steel. It guarantees thickness at the level of 0.3 mm. As a result, the product is very flexible and, at the same time, durable. Because of that, we can expect the same shape of the product even after quite harsh and robust use.

Another thing that can be regarded as an advantage of the product, is its soft grip. Thanks to that, it is very comfortable to use, even for quite a long time. Obviously, the handle is also ergonomic, which is yet another reason for the reduced fatigue during longer projects. It also comes with a double blade with rounded corners.

Sadly, the product is much smaller than the previously reviewed skimming trowel. This option only has 11 inches, which is 5 inches less than the previous one and much more than any other presented in the ranking 2024.

A bit different option in terms of design and use is OX Speed Skimming Stainless Steel Flex Finishing Spatula

• A lot of sizes to choose from;
• Very universal;
• Can cover large area and increase the speed of plastering;
• In spite of the large weight, it is very easy to use.
• Quite expensive, especially the larger sizes;
• It weighs quite a lot. 

This particular option guarantees access to diverse products with many different sizes. The smallest option available has the length of 300 mm. However, it is important to notice that thanks to versatility, we can purchase a highly specialized, professional item, which is 1200 mm long and that’s about 47 inches.

OX Tools provide us with a product that looks like a gigantic rule. It is great for skimming, taping, jointing, and of course for drywalls. The most important thing as far as this particular product is concerned, is its construction. The entire rule is made of stainless steel. As a result, we can hope for a premium design that is durable and at the same time reliable.

The ergonomics is also quite good, since we can use the option without any efforts thanks to its special design. Due to its double grap feature, we can work much faster and cover larger areas, making sure that the entire skimmed area is smooth and even. The weight is, obviously, dependent on the size of the product. The smallest ones, which are very small and have nearly 12 inches, weigh 460 g. This might be a disadvantage, especially if we are interested in a bit larger option.

Also, Marshalltown MPF16D 16 x 5-Inch seems like an interesting option 

• Size versatility;
• Quite flexible;
• Highly durable;
• Can be up to 18 inches.
• Quite expensive;
• Very heavy.

If we care about large coverage and great finishing, then you should surely try out the MPF16D, which is provided by Marshalltown. The producer made sure that we receive access to many different sizes, so it is possible to adjust the product to our preferences. However, it is quite an expensive option and weighs a lot.

The first thing to consider as far as picking this particular finishing trowel is concerned, is its size versatility. If we don’t want to buy a rather big 16 x 5-inch product, we can always pick one of the smaller ones. However, the problem is that we will have to pay approximately the same. Still, it is a good thing to know that in the case of even larger, an 18-inch option, the same remains similar.

In terms of construction, the authors decided to use metal, which is widely used because of its durability. This particular option is also quite flexible. Known as perm flex plasterer trowel, the option is also equipped with a duraSoft handle, which improves the grip and makes it more comfortable to work on longer projects.

Sadly, we are dealing here with a very heavy, 600-gram trowel. As a result, it might be a bit difficult and tiring to work with such a device.

Another offer worth checking out is NELA PLASTICFLEX Finishing Trowel, which is surely one of the lightest options out there

• Very compact and light;
• Attractive price;
• Great flexibility;
• Comfortable in use.
• Not as durable as steel-based counterparts. 

This particular option, known as PlasticFLEX, is a premium option that has one of the best flexibilities out of all finishing trowels presented on the market. The product is at the same time one of the lightest and thanks to the 14-inch blade, it can be used in a number of situations.

In terms of design, it is a typical plastering finishing trowel. The design is composed of a handle that is ergonomic as well as the special enhanced base that stabilizes the product. Interestingly, the finishing blade was made of plastic, and this is the only plastic trowel for skimming on the market.

One of the advantages of such a construction is incredibly lightweight. The option is also very flexible and as a result of that, it guarantees smooth and even distribution of the applied materials, including plaster of course.

The only problem regarding this particular option is its durability. Due to plastic blade, using the device more forcefully and applying pressure for better distribution may damage or permanently bend the blade.

How to pick the most appropriate skimming trowel in 2024? Here is the quick purchasing tutorial

The products presented in the ranking above offer a lot of interesting attributes. Their parameters are above average and because of great construction, can serve for quite a long time without any troubles or complaints from the buyers. However, not everyone knows which particular feature seems to be the best for a specific type of job. For this reason, it is important to know the characteristics of trowels, so your final choice will be well-thought.

That is why the first thing to consider while picking the trowel is the type of design. Another thing worth noting is the material used for constructing the trowel. Also, a very important aspect we should remember about is related to the size of the option.

Every device of this type should also offer above average comfort. We mean here not only the design of the handle that reduces fatigue, but also the weight of the product itself. Also, make sure to remember about opinions and prices of particular trowels. More information regarding the subject can be found here:

Remember about the design

The first that comes to our mind is the shape of the blade as well as the type of the handle. There are dozens of different producers. Most of them decide to use a typical type of trowel design with a large base and very thin blade that is great because of its flexibility. However, that is not always the case, especially if we think about much more efficient work.

Sometimes it is much better to choose a spatula, a rule-like product that is much wider than the typical skimming trowel. These options are great, especially if we want to distribute large amounts of plaster on the wall. However, it is less accurate and requires more experience in order to be as effective as it can really be.

OX Speed Skimming Stainless Steel Flex Finishing Spatula

best plastering trowel for skimming

Construction and the material of the blade

Once we take care of the design, it is time to think about the material that was used to create a blade. Usually, we are dealing with plastic skimming trowels or the ones made of steel. There are, obviously, many different subdivisions in the world of materials, but this is the most basic one.

Steel like options (including carbon steel and stainless steel) are characterized because of their great durability. They are; however, not as flexible as plastic ones. It can be fixed by applying a very thin blade that is no thicker than 0.5 mm.

Refina 16" Superflex Trowel

plastic trowels for skimming uk

The second option is plastic. Though it lacks the durability of steel counterparts, it is much lighter and more flexible, and as a result using such trowels can be beneficial in terms of larger projects or even in the case of using the tool by an amateur or an inexperienced person.

Size is quite important as well

The size of the blade (or a spatula) can vary quite significantly. The smallest options are as small as 11 inches, which translates into approximately 28 centimeters. These are the best for very small projects that do not require applying larger amounts of material.

Obviously, we can pick extremely large options that are as large as 16 or 18 inches, which is basically 40 – 45 centimeters. Such a product will work great for people who have a lot plastering to do and for those who are professionals or simply work in the building industry.

Bear in mind that the versatility that the producer offers is of utmost importance. It simply allows us to pick a quality product that is well adjusted to our expectations. Also, remember that in most cases smaller skimming trowels should be less expensive, but it doesn’t always work in that way.

Marshalltown MPF16D 16 x 5-Inch

skimming trowel uk


skimming trowel

What about the comfort of the product?

Everyone wants to pick an option that will be very easy in use. That is probably one of the most important things to consider for amateurs and inexperienced users. All these people should pay attention to two particular features of the finisher like this, namely the handle and the weight of the product.

Handles can be made of wood, which is quite a sturdy option resistant to premature damage. As a result, it improves the general durability of the product. However, it isn’t a soft option and, as a result, some users may get blisters, especially untrained ones. Another material used for handles is surely much more comfortable, namely soft ABS plastic. Sometimes we may even find handles that are filled with foam for increased cushion effect.

Summary and conclusion – best skimming trowel in UK 2024

As you can guess, there are several things worth noting before you decide on a particular product. Bear in mind that before you make a final decision, it is imperative to familiarize with all the additional parameters and attributes. Only then will you be able to select the most appropriate device that is suited for your use.

If you are not interested in your own search, you can always rely on the ranking of products prepared by our specialist group. The winner of the ranking, namely Refina 16″ Superflex Trowel, guarantees a very durable option that is at the same time quite comfortable given the size and the weight of the option.