How to choose the best tool bag for plumbers? Here is a list of useful tools and a guide with tips that most of you will surely appreciate in 2024!

Every professional plumber or even amateurs should have special containers that can hold quite a lot of useful tools and gadgets for plumbing. Obviously, picking a classic bag that isn’t specifically designed for power tools and other devices is not smart, since it isn’t adapted to the requirements. That is why we should always look for specifically designed and at the same time the best rated tool bags.

In today’s review, we will present both modern as well as traditional plumbers tool bags that surprise us with their unique design as well as numerous functional solutions. Obviously, it was necessary to take into account such parameters as waterproof characteristics, durability, the amount of as well as localization of additional pockets, and some other attractive accessories.

The best tool bag you can buy is Rugged Tools Field, which is at the same time the winner of today’s ranking 2024

• Water resistant;
• A lot of slots and pockets for tools – even for large ones;
• Very durable handle.
• Quite large;
• No additional hooks included.

The first option that we put in the ranking is a model prepared by Rugged Tools. This particular tool organiser guarantees a lot of additional pockets and tool slots that are adjusted for both smaller and larger accessories. What is more, the option was made of rubber, so it is also water-resistant.

The first positive thing regarding this option is, obviously, its durability. The option guarantees tarpaulin bottom with rubber feet, which basically means that the product is resistant to water. What is more, the use of thick material for the handle makes it resistant to tears or rips.

What other plumbers tool bag uk can offer? CLC Custom Leathercraft 1570 should be an attractive alternative

• Attractive design;
• Great, compact size;
• Sturdy and reliable.
• Handle is a bit awkward to use.

This particular device was made in China, yet its craftsmanship is of a high quality. What is more, this option features a lot of additional pockets and its overall size is relatively smaller than in the case of the winner of the ranking. The option created by Custom Leathercraft is made of Polyester, which is quite a useful solution with a very low weight.

This particular product can also boast with many attractive pockets thanks to which we can store a lot of tools and gadgets without any troubles whatsoever. The only disadvantage one can say is related to the construction and the location of the handle. It is not the most comfortable feature overall and it also blockades access to the main pocket.

If you don’t want to buy traditional plumbers tool bag, then think about Pnochoo Waterproof Tool Bags

• Incredibly large amount of pockets – both large and small ones;
• Very wide open top mouth;
• Waterproof.
• Very big – not a compact option.

This is one of the most attractive tool organisers one can choose, especially if we care about light weight, high water resistance level, and durability that is definitely better than in most of the competition in a similar price range.. It is also quite a sizable solution for the price and for its weight.

The authors from Pnochoo studio prepared for us a product that is waterproof and guarantees quite large capacity. This product, made of polyester, guarantees a lot of pockets – of both large and small size, so we can allocate many different tools. What is more, the option grants a wide open top mouth, which basically guarantees easy access to the essential parts of the kit. It is; however, a very large option, so if we look for compact ones, we better pick another one.

Do you look for other plumbers tool bag uk has got in their offer? Then DEWALT DG5543 16 in. 33 Pocket Tool Bag might be the perfect solution

• Very comfortable to carry;
• A lot of pockets to use;
• User-friendly and modern design.
• Quite large and heavy.

This is one of the best options in terms of design one can get. Easy access to the tool thanks to large openings, easy to use pop-open design, and large compartments inside the bag make the DG5543 model one of the best on the market. Though it is also a relatively large option, there is nothing standing in our way to pick a smaller version with all the features and attributes.

The reviewed organiser is 16 inches, which is quite a lot. However, thanks to that we receive 33 pockets, which are quite useful and can be used for a variety of tools. The option was made of heavy duty poly fabrics, and as a result it is incredibly durable and resistant to rips and tears. To make things even better, it is quite comfortable thanks to the use of an additional carry strap.

McGuire-Nicholas 22015 is surely worth choosing if we think about the best rated tool bags at a low price

McGuire Nicholas 22015 1
• Tapered pocket design;
• Sturdy, yet comfortable in use;
• Lightweight and compact;
• Great value for money.
• Small amount of pockets inside the bag. 

This particular option is a bit smaller than the one before, because it is approximately 15 inches. However, the number of pockets is also lower, because we receive here 14 interior loops for tools and 14 pockets of different sizes. Noteworthy is the fact that despite using tubular steel for the construction, this is a lightweight solution with only 2.2 pounds of weight.

The authors from McGuire-Nicholas took into account the issue of comfort by introducing a  foam padded handle for a bit more comfortable use. Also, it is important to mention that the pocket design itself is tapered, so it is more flexible and, therefore, can contain much more products inside. The last but surely not least positive thing about this particular tool organiser is its low cost – this is surely one of the best value for money one can buy in 2024.

Klein Tools 554158-14 Tradesman Pro Tote is yet another option worth trying out

Klein Tools 554158 14
• Very durable material;
• Quite capacious for its small size;
• Pretty compact in size;
• Molded bottom for increased safety and stability.
• Quite expensive;
• Very heavy.

This tool organiser offers us a large zipper pocket thanks to which we can keep quite small parts and accessories safe – without worrying that they will fall off. This is a relatively small bag, because it is only 8 inches. However, noteworthy is the fact that they still managed to include 20 pockets for greater tool storage.

One of the biggest advantages is; however, the introduction of the so-called molded bottom. Thanks to that, we can increase the stability of items kept inside and protect them from other accessories. As far as the durability of the item is concerned, it was made of 1680d ballistic weave. However, it made the product very expensive and, at the same time, heavy.

How to choose the best tool bags for plumbers? Here is a quick tutorial

Every professional needs an organiser for tools. Not only does it help with more efficient work, but transparency guarantees peace of mind and it provides us with a much clearer field of work, making sure that we are not going to lose any of the pieces during the job. For this reason, tool bags for plumbers should be chosen carefully, with the thought of every single detail, so it fits the purpose perfectly.

This is the main reason why we created today’s buying tutorial. Based on such factors as materials, utility, comfort, size and weight, and price to quality ratio, we prepared a guide thanks to which we can clearly identify a product that will fulfil all the requirements and without any troubles whatsoever let you store all the gadgets and accessories with ease. For the most demanding users, we recommend the following reading:

Tool bag for plumbers 2

First of all, pick a product with the best material

There are many different approaches as far as choosing the right material for an organiser bag is concerned. Every product should be durable enough to withstand the weight of all tools we are going to store in the selected bag. What is more, it has to be a bit more flexible in order to be more capacious.

There are two different materials much more popular than the competition, and these are polyester and rubber with a mix of artificial materials. Both materials can be waterproof and offer durability at a desirable level. Needless to say, they both have to be designed in an appropriate way to guarantee safety and comfort.

Rugged Tools Field

tool bag

Klein Tools 554158-14 Tradesman Pro Tote

best rated tool bags

Also, remember about utility

How many items do we wish to store in the bag? Usually, it is necessary to take a number of accessories and gadgets, as well as some other, larger items. For this reason, we have to pick a product that offers both small compartments as well as large pockets. That is why it is recommended to look for products that are capacious not only because of their large size, but also because of their design.

Utility includes a number of compartments and storages that are prepared for either small parts or larger tools. Obviously, there also should be webbed loops and some of the pockets should have a tapered design. Utility also means the possibility to access the main parts of the organiser with ease.

Comfort is another factor we have to take into account

The main reason why we have to purchase a useful organiser is because we want to save some time and take more gadgets without increasing the number of large and uncomfortable packages that we take. As a result, we can take the pieces from their respective kits and put them into one organiser bag. Since they can weigh quite a lot, we have to choose an option that won’t cause any troubles with transport.

Comfortable strap bags with cushions seem like the first thing to consider, and that is definitely true. However, in addition to that element, we should also take into account the weight of the product. One bag can weigh 2 pounds, the other can exceed 5 pounds. It is obvious to state that the first option will be much more comfortable for longer journeys.


DEWALT tool bags for plumbers

Pnochoo Waterproof Tool Bags

plumbers tool bag uk

Size and the number of pockets – these things are quite essential just as well

The more pockets we have, the better. Although it is a bit too simplistic, this is how more or less, buying a tool bag should look like. We all want to find a place for all the accessories and gadgets and we can’t do that if we don’t find a product with enough pockets.

Obviously, large numbers also mean large size and this, for some, may be troublesome. Sizeable tool bags take quite a lot of space and are not as maneuverable as smaller competition. What is more, this may also bring comfort problems, especially when we have to work in small, confined spaces.

Summary and conclusion – best Tool bag for plumbers in UK 2024

Choosing the perfect solution is definitely something difficult and requires a bit more knowledge – no matter what kind of product we wish to buy. In the case of tool bags for plumbers, we have to remember about versatility, their waterproof characteristics, and some other features related to this.

If we don’t have enough time or patience to look by ourselves, then there is always a choice presented in today’s review. We have several interesting things to choose from, that’s for sure. However, the most suitable option of them all is Rugged Tools Field because of its lightweight, water resistance, and appropriate size.