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by | Jan 17, 2023 | Power Tools

Wood router reviews and standings – see how to choose the best wood router in 2024!

Woodworking is one of the most rewarding hobbies in terms of craft one could imagine. Every single piece we create can be later on used as a decorative object or a useful thing for our kitchen, our workshop, or anywhere else. Quite often we need to hollow out the area. In order to do that, we need a special tool, which in most cases is now a power tool. This device is known as a router.

Unfortunately, it is not as easy as you may think to find the right tool. There are hundreds of different woodworking projects that we may deal with. To add more, there are many different wood materials, with different thickness and size, and as a result, they require a unique router machine for the proper work. For this reason, we prepared for you a set of wood router reviews.

In this list, we took a closer look at 6 products prepared by most prominent producers around the globe. While choosing the appropriate devices, our specialists took into account the most important aspects of router tools, like for example the power of motor, the speed of the tool, the functionalities and regulations, and, obviously, the reliability.

The winner of the standings and the best wood router you can currently buy is surely Bosch POF 1200 AE Router

• High power; • Great precision; • Easy to use and control; • RPMs up to 28k; • Dust extraction feature.
• No hose for the dust extraction option; • Very heavy.

The product is available in two different versions. Both of them are; however, incredibly powerful and well constructed. As a result, we can hope for stable and efficient work for quite a long time. Interestingly, Bosh devices are also well known for their reliability and long-lasting warranty.

The product we receive here is equipped with an SDS system thanks to which the insertion of the template guide is very easy. In terms of parameters, it is important to notice the power output, which is around 650 W. Though there are much more powerful products available on the market, it guarantees smooth work at a variety of wooden surfaces.

The authors made sure that the product is as functional as it can become. Due to that, we can hope for adjustable options to change the depth stop. What is more, there is a spindle lock button. Obviously, the product guarantees a clean working area due to the dust extraction feature.

In terms of precision, there are several mechanical instruments that allow us to fix the depth stop the way we want. The ergonomic handle is surely a nice addition, especially if we take into account the fact that this router tool is quite heavy – it weighs almost 3.5 kg.

Another router machine worth recommending is surely CtopoGo 800W Electric Hand Trimmer Wood Laminator

• Powerful motor; • High no load speed; • Set of accessories included; • Very low price.
• No adjustable speed; • Plastic elements break down easily.

In the case you are looking for a bit more powerful option than the winner of the ranking 2024, CtopoGo is definitely an interesting solution with great parameters and high precision of work. It is, at the same time, lightweight and comes with several accessories.

The product works well with not only wood, but also soft metal. We can either carve or groove inside it. It is; however, important to pick the right bits before we do that in order to avoid any failures. Obviously, there are plenty of positive things about this product, such as universal use. We can use this electric trimmer in order to carry on with many different DIY projects. Due to its high precision, it is easy to prepare almost any surface the way we want.

Obviously, we should also remember about the premium quality of the product. Most of the components are made of aluminum, which ensures toughness and hardness of the product. Interestingly, it is also very lightweight. Still, there are several plastic parts, so we need to be careful while using it, so it doesn’t break down. It is also great value for money, especially when we take into account high power and high revolutions per minute the product can offer.

Another very good if not the best router tool you can currently buy is Makita RT0700CX4 240 V Router

• One of the highest quality constructions; • Motor can can produce up to 30,000 RPMs; • Great adjustables; • up to 4 different base assemblies.
• Poor design of the handle; • No accessories included; • Rather expensive.

The possibility to adjust the speed with a control dial, great precision of depth as well as plenty of adjustments in this respect, and obviously flat top for enhanced stability when changing the bits – all these things make Makita product one of the best trimmers out there.

RT0700CX4 is the model that guarantees rather average wattage at around 610 W. However, the product can deliver up to 30,000 RPMs, which is one of the best results in such a motor we can find.
What is more, this particular Makita guarantees a lightweight design. The only thing we cannot hope for is an ergonomic handle that will make the product easier to operate, especially during longer working days. It is still one of the best options you can currently get because of its constant speed control and trimmer base assembly.

What is more, it is double insulated. As far as the construction itself, the body housing is made of aluminum, which is known as a sturdy option. Another benefit of this option is that we can get up to 4 different base assemblies. There is also a dust extraction feature that we can connect to cleaners. Unfortunately, it is compatible only with Makita products.

Let’s bear in mind that this is a costly solution, which is another negative besides the previously mentioned poor design of the handle.

What else can catch our eye? It surely has to be VonHaus 710W Palm Router

• Great value for money; • Can be used with ¼” and ⅜” shanks; • Very large no load speed; • A lot of adjustables.
• No dust extraction system; • Fairly limited accessory base.

This particular product provides us with 710 W of power, which is capable of producing up to 32,000 RPMs. In this respect, it is one of the best options that will surely increase the work speed. Obviously, the authors made sure that this no load speed can be controlled and changed to our own likings.

VonHaus offers us electric trimmer with average power, but with great effectiveness due to its construction. As in the case of all other products of this kind, we receive here chuck collet with a diameter of 1/4″ and 3/8″. It means that we can work with 1/4″ and 3/8″ shanks.

Another positive of this woodworking router is that the weight does not exceed 3 kg. It means that we shouldn’t have any problems with using the model while woodworking in time-consuming projects.

Merry Tools Electric Hand Wood Router is yet another interesting option you should consider

• The cheapest options you can find; • Great at small woodworking projects; • High comfort of using; • The base can be easily changed.
• Low power; • Poor functionalities.

In the case of searching for a budget friendly option, Merry Tools is surely one of the greatest solutions one can think of. It is great for trimming wooden materials that are 3-5 mm thick. What is more, in spite of a low power motor, it can produce up to 28,000 RPMs, giving us quite an efficient product.

Obviously, for such a low price range, we cannot hope for highly advanced functions that allow us to regulate the speed. Still, it would be a nice addition to have facilitations of some kind.
Interestingly, the comfort of use is quite attractive as a result of the low weight of the product and ergonomic handle that makes it easy to use it. Together with a quick release lock system, we can easily adjust the depth and, also, remove or install the base.

We should bear in mind; however, that the mechanical bit responsible for the precision and the possibility to work on the straight line loosens quite a lot. What is more, the instructions are badly written.

Last but surely not least product worth recommending is VonHaus 1600W Router Tool

• The highest power in the ranking; • Great regulatory features; • A lot of protection and comfort settings; • High precision and depth up to 50 mm.
• Very expensive; • It weighs more than 5 kg. 

There are many different types of work one can do with the use of woodworking piller. It means that if you wish to apply the product in a variety of situations, it has to be flexible and versatile. This is the reason why we recommend purchasing much more powerful and much more capable products.

VonHaus offers us yet another option. This time; however, it is much stronger than all the competition. However, we should bear in mind that it is equipped with 1/2″ and 1/4″ collet, which basically means this is the product for larger shanks.

In terms of parameters, the motor guarantees up to 1600 W of power, which translates into no load speed of 26,000 RPM. The value may not be as high as previous options, but as a result of huge power, we have full control over the project. There will be maximum smoothness without any troubles whatsoever.

Obviously, we receive here all the cool functionalities like for example variable speeds function with the possibility to work at only 6,000 RPMs, and of course soft start feature for better protection. Moreover, there is a variable plunge depth that is up to 50 mm. There is even a micro adjustment dial.

This is, unfortunately, one of the most expensive options available in this list. Therefore, not recommended for most of the amateur or DIY projects.

What are the necessary criteria to buy the best router tool on the market?

If you wish to equip yourself in the best woodworking router currently available, then you need to take into account a list of different features and parameters. Thanks to them, we can calculate whether the product we choose will be powerful enough to perform all the tasks we would like to do.

That is why we need to always pay attention to the motor and its power. Similarly, we have to remember about the no-load speed, which is also of utmost importance for the efficiency of our work. There are, obviously, many other aspects that should catch our eye, such as the maximum operating depth and adjustables.

The possibility to regulate the power or the depth of the trimming is really important for the purposes of versatility. However, we cannot forget about less important elements like, for example, opinions of others – including professional woodworkers. More information can be found here:

First of all, let’s take a look at the motor

When we talk about efficiency, the first thing that comes to our mind is the motor. It is the core component of every power tool that serves as a device to facilitate trimming, carving, and any other woodworking projects.

The stronger the engine is, the better for our tasks. It is simply because the motor is responsible for the maximum speed the product achieves. Therefore, we should always think about the tool with the highest power there is.

In terms of particular values, it all depends on the types of tasks we are going to do. If we are an amateur DIY worker who just wants to complete not sophisticated designs, then we will be more than fine with a product that offers up to 1000 W.

VonHaus 1600W Router Tool

VonHaus 1600W Router Tool

VonHaus 1600W Router Tool

VonHaus 1600W Router Tool

After that, we should remember about the no-load speed

RPMs, namely revolutions per minute, indicate how fast the product rotates. It has a direct impact on the efficiency of our work and the possibility to finish projects much faster if we can achieve great no-load speed.

It is obvious to say that the maximum speed with which our woodworking router tool rotates is dependent on the power of the tool. As a result, we need to remember about both parameters while picking the best tool for our tasks.

If we don’t need a very powerful and, hence, fast-rotating option, we can simply pick a budget friendly tool that guarantees up to 26,000 RPMs. However, the more demanding tasks, the higher no-load speed is recommended. It can peak at 32,000 RPMs in the case of stronger tools.

Obviously, adjustables are of utmost importance

Even if we equip ourselves with a very powerful motor with great maximum RPMs, we still have to remember about regulations. The possibility to adjust the depth of the work as well as the rotation speed is quite handy. It allows us to pick the right settings for the given material.

Let’s also remember that there are many other options that improve our comfort, such as an on/off switch on a handle. It basically guarantees one-hand use of the tool. We should also remember about the fact that there are special vacuum adaptors that allow us to connect it to the dust extractors to keep the area clean.

Bosch POF 1200 AE Router

best wood router bosch

Makita RT0700CX4 240 V Router

best woodworking router

What parameters should we pay attention to?

Besides previously mentioned parameters that regard the efficiency of the product, we should also take a closer look at the maximum depth that we can operate on. It can vary from 40-60 or even 70 mm of a maximum depth, which is quite useful for much more advanced functions.

Another important parameter that we have to pay attention to is the weight. As you know, this is a one-hand power tool. As a result, we need to be able to keep it steady for quite a long time. Depending on the projects, it may take several hours. That is why we should always choose as light products as possible. Everything below 3 kg is considered lightweight.

Let’s also remember about the kit

Interestingly, we should always remember about additional accessories. A lot of gadgets included in the kit allow us to work at a variety of surfaces and prepare different projects. We should look for such accessories as wrenches, chucks, sub-base plates, and even template guide adapters of different kinds. Obviously, you should hope for carbon brushes, manual and some other additions.

CtopoGo 800W Electric Hand Trimmer Wood Laminator

router tool

Summary and conclusion – best wood router 2024

The best woodworking router that you can currently find is surely Bosch POF 1200 AE Router. It guarantees the access to high power and high no-load speed. As a result, we can work smoothly at any project we want, without any efforts whatsoever. It is also a very light product with great reliability and long-lasting warranty.

If; however, we wish to find a bit more advanced solution or we don’t need such an expensive pick, then there is nothing standing in our way to look for budget products that are equally interesting and their performance will be more than enough for housework.

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