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How to pick the best wood router under 200? Here is a quick review in 2024!

There are plenty of wood routers which you can choose from. They differ in terms of efficiency and in terms of reliability. However, they all need to trim wooden surfaces flawlessly and smoothly in order to satisfy us and ensure great decorative shapes and patterns.

Still, picking the right product when we have a fairly limited budget is quite difficult. There are dozens of different parameters to remember about. What is more, we have to keep an eye on a price and decide on which elements are more important, especially when we find ourselves stuck.

For this reason, we prepared for you several wood router reviews. These products are presented in the form of a ranking created by specialists on DIY woodworking. While picking the right tools, we had to remember about their power and no load speed. What is more, it was crucial to remember about the comfort of use and their functionality, and in this particular case, the price.

The winner of the ranking and one of the best wood router under 200, if not the best, is surely Makita RT0700CX4 240 V Router/Trimmer

• Very durable product; • Long-lasting warranty; • A lot of options to adjust the settings; • Very low weight; • The possibility to change the rotation speed.
• No additional accessories included in the kit.

If you look for reliability, endurance, and obviously high quality of the components, then you should surely choose this particular Makita model. The Japanese producer prepared for us a compact product with ergonomic handle and great one-hand comfort of use. It is also equipped with several adjustables to make things even more attractive.

We should bear in mind that the authors wanted to give us a special control dial thanks to which it is possible to enjoy variable speed. It is quite important, especially when we work at different projects that require different trimming precision. Another great thing that improves the adjsutability of the product is the adjustment of the depth.

This particular model is also equipped with a flat top thanks to which it is much more stable when changing bits.The product does not offer the most powerful motor, but it is more than enough because it delivers up to 30,000 RPM.

In terms of comfort, we can see here double insulation. Interestingly, we can also purchase additional base assemblies instead of the standard, trimmer type, making it one of the most versatile options currently available on the market.

Another good wood router under 200 comes from Bosch Professional GKF 12 V-8 Brushless Router

• One of the most comfortable products out there; • Very low weight; • Cordless use; • High precision and above-average performance.
• Available without battery; • Quite costly if we include the price for the battery.

Bosch is a well known producer that guarantees a list of extraordinary products. As you can guess, this is yet another example of such tools. Interestingly, this is one of the first professional cordless edge routers available on the market, thanks to which you can improve the comfort of your work even more.

First thing to know about this particular model is that it guarantees high comfort thanks to its compact size and incredibly lightweight. What is more, the authors applied the ergonomic handle. Together with the balance point, we receive a perfect option if we care about the comfort of use.

One of the biggest differences between this Bosch model and the rest of the products in the ranking 2024 is the fact that it is a cordless solution. It means that we don’t have to worry about plugging the device into the power outlet just to work. We can freely use it anywhere we want.

Obviously, we should remember about the efficiency of the motor, which is slightly less powerful than what we received earlier on. However, it should be more than enough for simple tasks and mediocre projects. Still, it requires an additional battery, making the product quite an expensive option that is barely under $200.

Another option from Bosch is Bosch 060160A171 GKF600 Palm Router with Accessories

• Very high no-load speed; • Incredibly durable housing; • Sturdy carrying case in the kit; • Several accessories to choose from.
• Quite expensive; • Average motor power.

This time we receive a standard, corded product. Still, it is one of the most expensive solutions. However, we receive here an incredibly high no-load speed as well as one of the sturdiest components available in the market.

GKF600 is a model that can be operated with the use of only one hand. It provides us with a power of 600 Watts, which is rather average for a product from this price range. Still, we should remember about the fact that the no-load speed peaks at 33,000 RPMs, making the product one of the best ones in this particular field.

If we decide on this particular offer, we can also hope for a very sturdy carrying case as well as several additional accessories in the form of tilt base and roller guide. Sadly, the product is not equipped with a speed control, and it is only adjusted for 1/4″ collets.

Silverline 264895 Plunge Router 230V is yet another, very good wood router under 200

• Very high power; • A lot of regulations and adjustments; • Four different collets sizes at our disposal; • Soft start function.
• Very heavy; • Average quality of specific components.

This particular option is much less expensive than the previously described Bosch products. In spite of that, it is equipped with a lot of functionalities and options that will surely appeal to our taste. First of all, it guarantees up to four different collets. Another important thing to note is its huge power and also regulations.

In terms of parameters, we should mention a motor. In this particular model, the authors installed a very powerful unit that provides us with 1500 W. It translates into maximum no-load speed that is 26,000 RPM. As a result, we can freely use the product to smoothly work at any project we want.

Obviously, we need to remember about its performance. Silverline guarantees a 50 mm plunge depth. Together with very easy to use and read adjustment dials, we can perfectly set everything up.
There are four collets to choose from. As a result, we can use 1/2 inch, 1/4 inch, 8 mm, and 12 mm collets. In terms of other functions, we receive here soft start for safer work. Sadly, it is a very heavy option. Due to that, it will be much more difficult to use this particular product for time-consuming work.

FlowerW Soft Start Compact Router Kit is yet another solution worth recommending

• A lot of functions; • Soft start feature; • Variable speed; • Easy to use.
• Very heavy.

Variable speed with soft start and many other functionalities at decent price? This is exactly what we receive from the FlowerW brand. Though the motor doesn’t surprise us with its high power, it still beats some of the more renown products and is surely enough for most of the DIY work.

The product guarantees 710 W, which translates into the maximum no load speed of 30,000 RPM. It is obvious to say that it is quite high peak speed. Interestingly, the speed range can be regulated and set in the range of 10,000 – 30,000 RPM.

Another positive of this solution is its set of functions. The most important one is, obviously, a soft start feature. Due to that, it starts slowly and reaches maximum speed in a safe way. What is more, it is an incredibly important feature that creates less torque and, therefore, protects the product from too fast wear.

The design is yet another advantage of the product. It is robust and very durable. Interestingly, there are plenty of additions that ease the use of the product. For example, we have accurate depth setting thanks to the introduction of the quick-clamp system. The product itself is designed to work with 1/4″ and 3/8″ collets. It is; however, a very heavy product.

If you are looking for the highest quality tool with great performance, then you will be definitely satisfied with DeWalt D26200 1/4in Compact Fixed Base Router

• Variable speed; • Dust extraction system; • Very durable option; • Several bases available as accessories.
• Quite heavy; • Average maximum no load speed. 

The product guarantees quite good parameters. The S26200 model offers variable speed control as well as a special adapter that allows you to collect dust without any efforts whatsoever. It is also a very durable and wear-resistant alternative.

The range of no-load speed is estimated at 16,000 to 27,000 RPM. Thanks to that, we can fully optimize the product and make sure that it works perfectly at particular projects. Obviously, we should remember that the engine installed in this woodworking router is one of the most advanced options available out there. You see, there is a special full wave electronic speed control. As you can guess, it makes sure that the previously selected speed will be maintained under any load.

One of the most attractive features that we are not going to find in any other place is, obviously, the dust extraction adapter. Thanks to this gadget, we can work and at the same time maintain a clean area around the project, making DeWalt D26200 a much more precise offer than some of its competition.

Best woodworking router in 2024? Learn which parameters are crucial when picking the right option

There are plenty of different things that we need to consider while picking the right product. You see, we need to make sure that our device is powerful enough to use it at all the woodworking projects. Obviously, it is also important to indicate what kind of surfaces we are going to carve into, since the harder material, the more power we need. Together with power, we should also consider the no-load speed of the product.

Another important thing to note is depth adjustment. If you care about high precision of the tool, then you should choose a product with great adjustments. Thanks to that, we will be able to work efficiently and precisely.

Key elements that we should also take into account is the comfort of use and the weight of a router. Safety precautions and special features that keep not only the product, but also the users safe is of utmost importance as well. Obviously, when we want to buy the best router under 200, we should consider the price of the product as well. For more information, we encourage to read the following article:

The type of device and its collet

Before we decide on a particular model, we should take a closer look at its groups. You see, there are two different wood routers we can choose from, namely the fixed base type and the plunge router. As you can guess, both of them have advantages and disadvnatages.

To put it as simply as possible, a stationary base is available in the case of a fixed base, which is great for the beginners, because they can perfectly cut at the edge. They are also preferable when preparing designs with straight lines that require high precision.

Plunge router is equipped with a spring loaded base, is a perfect option because contrary to what we find in fixed base devices, this particular type allows us to change the depth while running. What is more, plunger routers are great when cutting in the middle of a piece of wood. Its versatility makes them; however, more expensive and it is difficult to find a well-designed, highly durable plunge wood router.

Another important element of these devices is the right choice of collets. We use them in order to hold bits. There are two often met diameters that we need to remember, namely 1/4 and 1/2 inch. Obviously, we should also keep in mind that there are 3/8 inch solutions.

The bigger the diameter, the more stable the bit is. Also, 1/2 bits produce less chatter than the 1/4 and 3/8 ones. Still, we should remember about choosing an option that can suit multiple sizes. Thanks to that, it will be possible to adjust the bit for the surface and the work itself.

Silverline 264895 Plunge Router 230V

wood router price

Bosch 060160A171 GKF600

best woodworking router

The power and its speed

These two parameters are related to each other, since the more power the product has, the higher speed it can achieve. The maximum no-load speed can vary from 25,000 RPM up to even 35,000 RPM and it is quite an important value if we care about precision. Small bits do not require variable settings and slower RPMs. However, in the case of larger pieces, it is substantial to have regulations, which we will discuss later on.

As far as the power of the motor is concerned, we should remember about the wattage. Depending on the goal we wish to achieve and the type of surface we are going to trim or carve into, we should choose wood routers with at least 600 W.

Most of the all-around devices provide us with at 1,000 W or more power, which is capable of working with huge bits at thick materials. For this reason, we encourage firstly to determine the difficulty of woodworking and then think about the wattage.

How comfortable is your router?

The weight of the product is the first thing to consider as far as the comfort is concerned. Any product that weighs less than 2 kilos can be easily used with one hand for quite a long time. Obviously, we also need to make sure that the product we choose was made of sturdy material that at the same time reduces vibrations. They are the key reason why we feel fatigue.

The comfort is largely influenced by the type of handle the producer applied. This is why all the wood router reviews mentioned this particular subject just to make sure that once we get the tool, we will be more than happy to use it.

Obviously, the purchase of a cordless product is also quite important for the comfort of use. We need to remember; however, that it is connected with much bigger prices and slightly less power.

Bosch Professional GKF 12 V-8 Brushless Router

best router under 200

Makita RT0700CX4 240 V

wood router under 200

Functionalities and safety precautions

As we all know, there are dozens of different options we can find in woodworking routers that can help us to work in a more convenient way. Their goal is to increase the durability and accuracy of the tool by quite a large margin. For example, we can use the soft start feature to lower the torque and wear of the motor components, and at the same time enjoy safer use.

Let’s also remember that we can choose variable speed control and constant speed control – these are features that let us choose the right speed for the project that we decide to choose. These regulations are quite significant, especially if we change smaller bits into larger ones.

The price and how it influences the option

The best woodworking router will be the one that suits our budget, and in the case of products under $200, we should be aware of the price of the selected solution as well as the features and parameters.

Obviously, we should remember about the fact that the most important thing to consider is the quality to price ratio. Sometimes it is much better to pick a less popular brand that offers much better functionalities and is supported with positive feedback rather than purchase the product from a renown company that is deprived of any comfort or functional traits.

FlowerW Soft Start Compact Router Kit

best wood router

Summary and conclusion – best wood router under 200 in 2024

While picking the right production, we need to take into account all the afore-mentioned elements just to make sure we get the best router under 200. In this case, it is surely Makita RT0700CX4 240 V Router/Trimmer because of its great quality, functionality, and versatility.

If; however, we are interested in a more powerful item or we simply want to buy a cheaper or more expensive one, then make sure to read the above-presented tutorial with tips. There are quite valuable elements we should draw our attention to before making a purchase.

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