How to make sure you pick the best chainsaw gloves on the market? Here is a chainsaw gloves review and a buying guide in 2023!

Safety comes first – everyone heard about that and everyone realizes how important it is to protect yourself, especially when you use such a powerful and at the same time dangerous device. Nonetheless, picking the right chainsaw protective gloves requires much more than just the right size or design.

It is important to see safety glove ratings just to make sure you can enjoy the equipment for quite a long time. Obviously, there are many other factors of utmost importance and that is why before we choose the best chainsaw gloves there are, we have to make sure they fulfil all the requirements and they meet all our expectations. Only then will we be able to enjoy the product that is not only as safe as it can get, but it is also comfortable in use and features many interesting additions.

That is why we prepared a number of different chainsaw protective gloves in the ranking. However, every single element needs to be verified first just to make sure that we select the most appropriate product. That is why these safety glove ratings include products that guarantee great quality material, a number of interesting attributes and key characteristics, many different sizes to choose from as well as opinions and prices.

The best safety gloves one can choose is surely Wells Lamont 1019, a winner of today’s ranking


• Water resistant;
• Very universal;
• Very comfortable;
• Relatively attractive price wise.

• Not as durable as other purely work gloves.

Made of split cowhide, these leather work gloves are surely one of the most solid options one can currently buy. The manufacturer (namely Wells Lamont) guarantees a number of different attributes that make the option suitable for a wide range of projects – including cutting branches or even trees with a chainsaw.

One of the most important things that we should know about is connected with the weather-resistant characteristics of the gear. Thanks to the introduction of the tanning process, the so-called HydraHyde leather guarantees high resistance to water that is additionally durable enough to not rub off over time.

Interestingly, wrists are quite elasting, which makes it easier for the user to put on and then take off them. It is also quite crucial because it secured us from getting dirt and debris in there. Sadly, its durability is not at the highest level.

A lot of people consider Vgo 1-Pair Chainsaw Work Gloves as the best safety gloves and here is why

• Highly durable – enhanced with PVC palm patches; • A lot of certificates and standards as a proof of quality; • High quality goat leather that improves dexterity and comfort of use.
• Larger sizes are a bit expensive.

If we don’t care about many other works and we are good with purchasing gloves for heavier use, then we should surely consider choosing VGO Gloves store as they offer us the best selling garden gloves currently available on the market with more than three sizes to choose from.

The price for the smallest gloves is relatively competitive to the winner of the ranking. However, if we are to purchase larger ones, it is much more expensive. Obviously, it is a normal state of affairs since we need more material to prepare the gloves. Speaking of preparing, they are made of goat leather, which is a much more durable solution than using spit cowhide, a cow leather split in two.

The option is great for any garden and forest works because its genuine goat leather guarantees much better dexterity and durability, which is also enhanced by the introduction of textured PVC palm patches. Another thing to consider is the fact that cut resistance is also improved and it suits the EN381-7 standard, which is class 1,20 m/s.

Obviously, Ironclad Ranchworx Work Gloves RWG2 seems like a reasonable alternative 

• High quality materials used during production; • Kevlar reinforcements for improved durability; • A lot of sizes to choose from; • Genuine goat leather for increased dexterity; • Patented technology that improves the sturdiness of the gloves.
• Not as universal as others; • Very expensive.

Though the option offered by Ironclad is one of the most expensive ones, it comes with a number of different sizes to choose from and, what is even more important, incredibly durable material that is made of nylon, spandex, leather, and rubber for even greater quality.

This particular option is surely one of the most durable hand protecting equipment in the world. Thanks to the introduction of kevlar reinforcements, these are great for a number of different activities.

Let’s also not forget about the main material which was used for the production of the tool. It is a genuine goat leather, which is known for its increased dexterity and the possibility to get the glove on in the proper position in a swift and problem free way.

The device also guarantees patented rolltop seamless fingertips, which is double layer protection and the highest quality feature. Sadly, all these additions cost quite a lot – even the smallest pair.

If you look at something cheaper, then here comes Wells Lamont 3207

• Versatile use; • Adjustable wrist control; • Waterproof design; • Budget friendly offer.
• Only light duty work; • Water-resistant feature applies mainly to palm coverage. 

This particular solution is recommended for all the people who need a budget friendly option, which is highly recommended by a wide range of users. The option prepared by Wells Lamont guarantees a grain cowhide material, which is sturdy enough to work for quite a long time without any troubles whatsoever. Let’s also not forget about additional features and attributes that make these gloves a recommended gear.

First of all, the implementation of a combination of grain cowhide leather with spandex allowed producers to obtain a water resistant coating thanks to which it is possible to use the tool safely even during rain. We don’t have to worry about getting our hands wet and, therefore, feeling discomfort.

This solution can also boast with adjustable wrist controls. As a result, we can choose how tight the gloves fit, keeping them away from debris and dirt, and making sure that they don’t fall off during work.

Ironclad EXOT-PBLK-03-M Tactical Operator Pro Glove is yet another budget-friendly solution 

• Several colors and sizes to choose from; • Incredibly durable finishing; • A lot of functional features; • Safety at the highest level possible.
• Low cost because of one glove (not a pair) in the kit.

Though most Ironclad protection equipment is quite expensive and can boast with the highest quality finishing, we have to take into account one of their cheapest options, namely EXOT PBLK 03. These tactical operator gloves are great if you look for great engineering, comfort, and obviously safety.
The option is mainly made of neoprene, which is basically a synthetic rubber. Thanks to its great flexibility over a wide range of temperature and latex form, it is great for most woodworking jobs.There are special securities like for example the strengthening of knuckles that guarantees impact and abrasion protection.

Besides that, there is also a sweat management feature thanks to the introduction of terry cloth sweat wipe. Interestingly, this glove also guarantees the so-called hook & loop closure. In other words, we can get the gloves on and don’t worry about losing them during work. Sadly the only reason for this price to be so low is the fact that in the set we receive only 1 glove, not a pair.

M-Pact Tactical Work Gloves guarantees great quality, but costs quite a lot

• Machine washable; • D3O Palm Padding for improved palm safety; • Full-length fingertip protection and knuckle protection; • High quality finishing.
• Hands can easily sweat in these; • Very expensive. 

If we are not afraid of higher prices, then we should also think about choosing a product that is mainly made of rubber and supplemented with other materials. The option by Mechanix Wear is surely one of the most durable options that can be at the same time washed in the washing machine.

This particular pair of gloves was made with the use of thermoplastic rubber (known as TPR). Its knuckles were additionally reinforced for the improved safety. Let’s also remember that the same thing concerns the entire fingers because full-length fingertip protection makes the tool much better in overall protection of our hands.

Interestingly, there is also a D3O palm padding. This design has the goal to absorb and dissipate energy from high impacts. Last but surely not least positive thing regarding these gloves is the possibility to wash them in the machine.

How to make sure we pick the right chainsaw gloves? Here is a quick tutorial

Buying the right gloves for protection is quite important, yet very often we overlook this detail, which unfortunately can lead to serious injuries when working with a chainsaw or simply with any other dangerous tool. That is the reason why we should be thinking about looking at quality protection gloves.

But to make sure we choose the most appropriate option, we firstly have to know the parameters that influence the sturdiness of the product. What is more, we should look at materials that have quite an essential impact on reliability. Besides that, there are some other, additional attributes.

When searching for the perfect pair of chainsaw gloves, make sure that it is waterproof and guarantees a number of facilitations to increase the comfort of use. Moreover, we should draw our attention to facilitations that let us enjoy the product in a much more comfortable way. Opinion of others and the price for the pair of gloves is quite important just as well. For more information we encourage to look at the following article:

First of all, remember about standards and certificates

When looking at protection gloves, we cannot hope to get an all-rounder that can save our hands from every single dangerous substance there is. That is why producers prioritize creating specialized protection gloves that serve one particular purpose – to protect us from a set of dangers. To make sure that particular pair of gloves can do that, the authors need to comply with many different standards that are respected throughout the entire European Union.

There are five different standards widely used and several less popular ones. Mechanical protection gloves need to comply with the EN 388 standard. Those for chemical protection, EN 374. There are also two types of thermal protection gloves (EN 407 for heat and fire and EN 511 for cold), as well as electrical protection gloves (EN 60903).

As you can see, the thing that interests us the most is the first one, namely gloves that can protect us from mechanical threats. There is also an EN 381-7 standard that guarantees extra cut resistance protection, which can be also presented in the form of class.

Vgo 1-Pair Chainsaw Work Gloves

Ironclad Ranchworx Work Gloves RWG2

Then, look at the material

Once we take care of the formalities, now the time has come to pick the product based on its material. Work and protection gloves, just like any other item, can be made of many different fabrics, plastic, rubber, and so on. It is entirely dependent on us whether we wish to buy a pretty expensive solution made of the highest class materials or rather we can settle with inexpensive options.

The best ones are made of genuine leather (it is usually goat leather or cow leather). However, to make sure that the product is sturdy enough, this leather is additionally enhanced by a number of strong synthetic fibers, including kevlar.

Remember about additional reinforcements

We have to make sure that the gloves we chose to protect ourselves need to be fully resistant to cuts and other mechanical threats, and therefore we cannot forget about special reinforcements that are applied at the most fragile elements like, for example, knuckles or fingertips.

We have to choose a product that guarantees additional protection. Because of that, we know that they will keep our hands safe throughout the entire work. What is more, these enhancements improve the durability of the entire glove and, as a result, it can endure much more even at the harshest conditions.

Ironclad EXOT-PBLK-03-M Tactical Operator Pro Glove

Wells Lamont 1019

The comfort of use is quite important as well

If you are to purchase leather based or rubber based gloves, then you have to remember about troubles related to the comfort of use. Namely it will be really sweaty inside, especially if you are to work on hot summer days. Luckily for you, many producers realize they have to fix the issue and that is why they introduce several comfort-related functionalities.

For example, we can find products with a sweat management system, which provides us with much better ventilation and, also, the possibility to soak the humidity without feeling uncomfortable. Obviously, we have to remember about special closures that can be adjusted and, at the same time, lined with a special coating that guarantees a very simple application, and after removing the tips, you will not have to worry about the gloves falling off excessively.

What about other facilitations and easements?

As we all know, there are dozens of different ways of helping users to cope with everyday life. As far as protective gloves are concerned, we have to remember about universal use, which is quite important if we have to deal with many different garden activities.

Besides versatility, let’s also remember about convenient design and appropriate construction. The ability to wash the gloves in the washing machine is surely important. The same thing concerns dexterity, which can be improved by the introduction of roll top seamless fingertips.

M-Pact Tactical Work Gloves

Opinions and price play essential role just as well

Feedback is quite important and it is obvious to everyone. Nonetheless, we seem to forget that comments are subjective and, as such, they can provide us with imprecise information. It translates into unreliable product verification. Therefore, we must treat these comments with a grain of salt.

Of course, we cannot forget about one particular advantage of many comments and popularity, namely the possibility to verify its reliability. If there are hundreds of opinions that share the same, positive feedback regarding particular aspects of the product, and the same amount of information regards some other elements, then we can consider them as positive or negative things.

Summary and conclusion – Chainsaw Gloves 2023

One of the most versatile options that will surely appeal to our taste is Wells Lamont 1019. Though they are not the sturdiest protective chainsaw gloves on the market, their universal use as well as comfort and easements they provide is surely noteworthy. Also, attractive price is yet another reason why we should be thinking about picking that particular pair.

Obviously, there are many other equally interesting options. If you look for a bit more durable or the one that can be easily washed in a washing machine, then see the alternatives. You can either pick one of the products available from the review list or use our advice and pick the product with accordance to the tips provided in the buying guide.