What to do in order to enjoy the best chainsaw trousers uk has got to offer? Here is a quick buying guide and a review of great lightweight chainsaw trousers

Protection outfit is surely very important when it comes to working at heights or we are simply dealing with saws, chainsaws, and other sharp or even heavy tools. That is why no one should be surprised that in order to work safely with a chainsaw, we have to buy the best chainsaw trousers there are available on the market.

But to do that, we should know a thing or two about protection clothing as well as workmanship behind. Sadly, not everyone realizes how tough it is to find the perfect pair. So, we created a review with the best chainsaw trousers uk can currently offer. There, you can find five different products with great designs and, what is even more important, safety precautions to keep you safe during work.

While completing the list, specialists took into account such factors as certificates and standards. What is more, it was important to look at the materials used for the creation. We couldn’t forget about the functionalities of the trousers as well as their comfort. Besides that, the price as well as the general opinions of the product had a particular influence on the final choice.

Forester Durable Chainsaw Safety Chaps with Pocket

• A lot of standards and certificates;
• Oil and water resistant oxford outer used for the production of pants;
• Very attractive price.
• Not as functional as the competition. 

This pair of bestselling trousers is surely one of the best options to consider if we don’t want to spend too much. With a budget price and a number of certificates, Forester prepared a durable product that is available in a wide range of colors and styles. And all of that with positive feedback from the customers!

The authors provide us with trousers that are safe to use. They also received several certificates. First of all, it is important to know that they meet OSHA regulation 1910-266, and as a result they are officially recommended for chainsaw operators. Besides that, they were also tasted and classified for ASTM F1897. There are other standards they meet, like for example ASTM F1897-2008 39JY.

As far as the material is concerned, it was made of oil and water resistant oxford outer. It guarantees safety and, at the same time, comfort at a very high level. The only disadvantage is a fairly limited number of pockets we get. Still, functionalities include adjustable belt that should increase the comfort of wearing the pants.

You can also look at CharleyPants Cargo Work Pants with Built in Tool Belt

• Very attractive price;
• Reinforced Cordura knee pockets;
• A lot of functional solutions.
• No certificates to back its safety features.

If the cheapest chainsaw trousers is not something we wish to try out, then perhaps a better option will be a model prepared by CharleyPants. This one is also friendly to our budget, but guarantees a number of other interesting solutions and functionalities we are not going to find in the previously reviewed winner of the ranking 2022.

First of all, let’s talk about material. This time the producer from CharleyPants Work Wear decided to use polyester and cotton to ensure great comfort. As a result, the combination is very soft and safe for our body. Also, it is important to notice that the option has reinforced knee pad pockets. These ones were made of Cordura, a highly resistant material.

Another advantage this pair can boast with is a number of functional solutions. For example, the option is fitted with multi-function pockets where we can easily store tools, screwdrivers, utility knives, our phone or other accessories. One of the biggest disadvantages of this product is the lack of certificates that prove its safety.

Also, we should think about Blaklader X1600 Highvis Trouser

• Heavily reinforced with Cordura;
• Very lightweight;
• Certificates that prove the safety of the product.
• Quite expensive.

If you look a bit more expensive chainsaw trousers uk can offer, then this particular option is perfect for you due to its slightly bigger price, yet at the same time much better safety due to high quality materials as well as standards that meet the requirements of most major centers that verify the safety and security of chainsaw trousers. Interestingly, these are incredibly lightweight chainsaw trousers, which can be considered as yet another positive thing!

Let’s start from the beginning, namely materials. In this case, we also have a combination of polyester and cotton with additions of Cordura. Pants themselves are very comfortable and breathable. Thanks to its great design, they are very lightweight as well – their weight is at the level of 9-10 oz, which is approximately 0.25 – 0.30 kg.

To make sure the option is safe and appropriately designed for heavy duty work (including chainsaw use) the authors added cordura elements in order to enhance durability of the product. However, comparing it to the previously reviewed product, we receive many more reinforced elements here. For example, Cordura was used to reinforce nail pockets, back pockets, a ruler pocket, leg pockets, as well as thighs and knees. Sadly, these reinforcements are quite costly.

SIP Protection Canopy W-AIR Hi-Vis Chainsaw Pants might do the trick

• Stretchable material for improved comfort;
• Highly durable and dirt and water repellent;
• Waterproof smartphone pocket.
• No certificates or standards to back up its durability and safety.

The option prepared by SIP Protection is surely one of the most durable pairs of paints one can currently purchase. It is at the same time very comfortable and thanks to the introduction of high quality and dirt repellent materials, we can use it without worrying about comfort issues whatsoever.

First of all, this pair of chainsaw trousers is made of full stretch TeXXion HV, which is a copyrighted name for a material that has great stretching characteristics and distinguishes it from the competition thanks to its great durability. Besides that, we have to remember about the addition of Teflon. As a result, the pants have water and dirt-repellent properties.

Another thing to mention is the introduction of integrated gaiters. As a result, it is a much better option as far as keeping the inside of our boost clean from sawdust.

In terms of functionalities, we receive a pretty standard package of pockets – two inset pockets that can be closed with the use of a zip as well as two smaller – accessories and smartphone pockets. One of them is additionally covered with waterproof material (the smartphone one) to keep our phone safe.

Portwest Workwear Mens Chainsaw Trousers is yet another alternative that may appeal to our tastes

Portwest Workwear Mens Chainsaw Trousers
• Several certificates and standards that prove its safety;
• 6 pockets in total;
• Elasticated waist.
• Very heavy.

If the main thing we care about is purchasing pants that are fully certified and have a number of standards that guarantee safety, then we should definitely think about a pair provided by Portwest. This particular model guarantees basic functionality. However, it goes without saying that in this price range, this will be one of the best options to choose.

The first thing to notice is, obviously, a number of certificates and standards these trousers meet. They are CE certified and offer UPF 50+ rating. Besides that, we should also look at the comfort elements of this product. Besides 5 standard pockets that can hold quite a lot of accessories or gadgets, we should also remember about a phone pocket. To make things even more comfortable for us, there is also an elasticated waist feature included.

Sadly, we have to remember about the pretty large price. Another thing to notice is weight. It is definitely not the lightest chainsaw trousers uk may offer.

Also, Notch Armorflex Chainsaw Protective Pants

• Incredibly durable;
• Number of safety precautions to increase leg protection;
• The best materials used for the production;
• A lot of standards and certificates.
• Quite heavy;
• Very expensive. 

For those who are not afraid of huge prices, a pair prepared by Notch is something worth taking into account for sure. This is a product made with the greatest care that guarantees the best protection against a number of different dangers. Tanks to its high quality construction, it offers great properties and serves as an ultimate protection kit for our legs.

The first thing to mention is the use of a 5-layer high performance protective fabric that is known as Avertic Engtex. It guarantees the best protection thanks to the introduction of 4 way stretch stitching. Its main characteristics are high abrasion resistance and huge freedom of movement that it provides due to its flexibility.

Obviously, the durability of these paints doesn’t end here. Let’s also take a closer look at knee protection, which was reinforced thanks to Armortrex. It is also abrasion resistant fabrics with the addition of DuPont Kevlar fibres. To make things even more reassuring, the manufacturers also made sure that the option is classified in accordance with ASTM standard that relates to leg protection. It also meets ANSI, ASTM, F1897, and CAN/BNQ Class 3 standards. Sadly, it is an extremely expensive solution, so it’s recommended only for heavy duty work and for professionals.

How to make sure we pick the right chainsaw trousers? Here is the list of all tips

Everyone should take care of protection, especially if we are to work with dangerous tools. Chainsaw is certainly something most of us would consider as dangerous or, at least, relatively hazardous. To make sure that we are safe during work and that nothing bad will happen to us, we should look at a protection kit. Especially important element of the outfit is pants. But what should we consider before we make a final decision?

The first thing that is quite crucial for us to understand is that there are many different factors that influence the quality of the product. Materials are essential, that’s for sure. Besides that, we should also make sure the product meets all the standards and it receives great ratings and certificates.

Also, we should think about our comfort. Together with that aspect it is necessary to also find trousers that will be highly functional. Once we take care of those elements, the time has come to compare their additional characteristics and take into account the price. Also, feedback from other users can be of high significance just as well. More information regarding this subject matter can be found in the article below: https://www.gardendad.co.uk/best-chainsaw-safety-trousers/

Take into account type and class

When we look for chainsaw protective pants, we have to remember that there are many different classes and types of protection clothing. Bear in mind that the better class, the more expensive the chainsaw trousers will surely be. It goes without saying; however, that they are even more protective and can assure complete safety.

There are three types of protections. Type A is usually a group of budget-friendly trousers that provide us with protection only on the front. In the case of amateur users, this might be a great option to keep us safe. Type B chainsaw safety trousers are quite similar to the previous type, but this time we also receive additional protection for our thighs, back pockets, nail pockets, and some other areas.

The best protection is offered by trousers that belong to type C group. It is an overall, complete protection – from toes to waist. Such an option is fully reinforced and made of incredibly durable and abrasion resistant materials.

In terms of classes, we also have a three-way division. Safety gear for chainsaw use is categorized depending on the maximum chain speed. As you can guess, the larger the maximum speed the chain gets, the higher class protection gear is needed. That is why Class 1 is effective up to 20 m/s, Class 2 for 24 m/s, and Class 3 for up to 28 m/s.

Notch Armorflex Chainsaw Protective Pants

Notch Armorflex Chainsaw Protective Pants

Blaklader X1600 Highvis Trouser

Blaklader X1600 Highvis Trouser

Also, remember about materials

Once we familiarize ourselves with categorization, types, and classes, now the time has come to look at the materials used for the production of our protective pants. The most basic option is the combination of polyester with cotton, which may not be the sturdiest and most reliable, but it guarantees great comfort. If it is additionally reinforced with Cordura or other heavy-duty materials, then we receive a great piece of budget-friendly gear.

If we can spend more for our safety, then it is better to look at options that are even more reinforced thanks to Cordura or any other fabrics that are distinguished by their heavy-duty resistance and water or oil-resistant properties. Another great option to consider is using water and dirt repellent material that is specifically designed for protective workwear.

Think about certificates

The more certificates and ratings the option has, the higher probability there is that it will be safe and nothing bad is going to happen to us. Certificates are there as a proof of the protection features and to make sure that the safety apparel we are interested in will keep us safe from all the dangers.

There are several certificates to consider. The first one is, obviously, the standard CE certificate. However, the more demanding one is the ASTM standard for leg protection. We should also look at ANSI, ASTM, and CAN/BNW standards. Also, we can’t forget about Class and Type division, which is also controlled by non-affiliated agencies that guarantee a relatively high level of trustworthiness.

SIP Protection Canopy W-AIR Hi-Vis Chainsaw Pants

SIP Protection Canopy W-AIR Hi-Vis Chainsaw Pants

Forester Durable Chainsaw Safety Chaps with Pocket

Forester Durable Chainsaw Safety Chaps with Pocket

Let’s not forget about comfort

We all want to feel safe, that’s for sure. However, it is also quite important to be comfy in pants, especially if we are to work for hours. This is why we should always look at the comfort aspect just as well just to make sure that the protection equipment we pick is as pleasant to wear as it is possible.

The first thing to consider is, obviously, the material. The combination of polyester and cotton is surely one of the comfiest ones. However, they are not as durable and protective as, for example. Cordura or other fabrics that were specifically designed for protection purposes. That is why, in search of compromise, we have to pick the one that is both durable and gentle for our skin.

Another thing that can influence the comfort of use is definitely the weight of the pants. Interestingly, it can vary quite drastically. The lightest options available on the market are as light as 0.2-0.4 kg. However, the ones that are heavily reinforced can weigh up to several kilograms. That is why we should always have lightweight options on our mind.

Utility is essential just as well

Just like in the case of comfort-related features, utility is of a high importance just as well. We always have to look for products that guarantee a lot of spacious pockets. 4 standard ones is definitely worth taking into account, because it allows us to keep a lot of necessary accessories and gadgets at close proximity.

What is more, some products are also equipped with additional pockets that were specifically designed for holding more valuable items. For example, there are phone pockets that are additionally covered with a waterproof layer thanks to which it is possible to keep the phone safe during heavy rain.

CharleyPants Cargo Work Pants with Built in Tool Belt

CharleyPants Cargo Work Pants with Built in Tool Belt

Summary and conclusion – best chainsaw trousers 2022

It is difficult to indicate which option will suit you best. There are many different factors we all take into account and only when we determine them will it be possible to indicate an offer that seems like the most suitable one. That is why it is important to select protection apparel according to our own demands.

Alternatively, we encourage you to look at today’s list. There are six interesting options, which, admittedly, differ significantly from each other. However, it makes them ideal for a broad range of people. Particularly interesting is Forester Durable Chainsaw Safety Chaps with Pocket, a winner of this ranking. It offers a lightweight design that is at the same time quite durable and resistant to damage. It is also inexpensive.

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