Which is the best gasless mig welder you can actually buy? Take a look at the list for 2024!

A lot of people decide on purchasing the so-called gasless welders because they quite often weld outside, their budget is low, or they simply begin their journey with welding. Although these types of devices do not provide us with great quality in terms of visuals, it is definitely a much better option for the DIY or learners.

Unfortunately, choosing the right gasless mig welder is not as easy as it may seem. We need to take into account a lot of different parameters and, obviously, know a thing or two about things we are going to weld. That is why we decided to compare mig welders and help you in choosing the best.

In this list, we will look at five different products that managed to surprise us with their low cost and quite high efficiency. During the review, we took into account such important factors as the input voltage as well as amperage. Another important feature that indicates the efficiency is a duty cycle. We also drew our attention to such aspects as the weight of the item, their warranty.

The best gasless mig welder and the winner of this ranking is surely GASLESS MIG 130 AMP Welder 

• A lot of adjustable features;
• Quite vast amperage range;
• Low weight;
• Heat-resistant motor.
• Low duty cycle at both the maximum and minimum amperages;
• Short warranty. 

The winner of the ranking 2024 offers us an average product in many aspects. However, we should bear in mind that its functionality is quite astonishing, the weight is not as high as in the case of the competition, and because of that, it is easier to use the product without any troubles whatsoever.

The authors equipped their welder with an adjustable power setting and the possibility to set the wire feed speed. What is more, we can see here a turbo fan cooling system that makes it much harder for the tool to overheat.

We should bear in mind; however, that duty cycle at the maximum amperage is only 10%. In the case of minimum amperage, the duty cycle is 35%, so it is still a bit low parameter. Another disadvantage as far as the purchase of this product is concerned is a short warranty.

It is still a very good option that lets us choose the amperage from 60 A (the minimum) up to 120 A (the maximum). Together with low weight and user-friendly manual and the use, it is certainly a product worth recommending.

Another option worth considering is Röhr MIG-250MI-11

• High amperage;
• A lot of accessories included in the kit;
• Great duty cycle;
• A lot of safety precautions to choose from.
• Very expensive;
• 1-year warranty.

The product presented in the list is a bit heavier than the winner of the ranking 2024. Nonetheless, we receive here much greater amperage capacity. It is also important to note that the voltage is different, so we are dealing here with a more advanced device.

ROHR prepared for us a very successful model that gained a lot of positive reviews. First of all, it offers us a large number of safety precautions that make the product much better and safer in use. For example, we receive here a hot start, anti stick, arc force stabilisation, and even thermal overload protection.

Another important thing is that there are plenty of accessories like for example earth clamp, clipping hammer, wire brush or even a mask. Interestingly, the parameters of this particular option are much more desirable.

A duty cycle for the minimum amperage, which is 50 A in the case of MIG working, is 60%, so it is much better than in the case of the previous option. What is more, its efficiency is around 85%, making the product much better for more demanding projects.

Unfortunately, we need to remember that the price for this MIG welder is much higher. As a result, it is not the greatest solution for DIY workers and amateurs who just started their welding journey.

Do you look for the best gasless mig welder uk? Then surely take a look at Reboot MIG Welder MIG130 1KG Gas/Gasless 220V

• Can work in a gas and gasless mode;
• Voltage adjusted automatically to the chosen current;
• A lot of different welding methods to choose from;
• Very low weight.
• Quite expensive;
• Only “medium” amperage range.

It is yet another option that distinguishes in terms of functionality and, what is even more important, safety. However, bear in mind that at a rather high price we are receiving medium amperage range. Still, it is quite an interesting solution that allows us to either work gasless or with gas.

The product can boast with a very low weight. It’s by far the lightest device you can choose in this ranking. Interestingly, the authors made sure that we can control digital current and voltage. When we change the first one, the voltage will adjust automatically.

As a result, we don’t need to worry about the high complexity of the product. It provides us with a variety of different welding methods and because of that, it is great in many different projects. The biggest positive of this product is; however, the possibility to work with or without gas.

Still, it is a bit expensive solution and offers “only” decent amperage range. However, because of its universality, it is one of the best devices for both amateurs and semi-professionals.

Iropro 130 MIG Welder Gasless Welding Machine is a great cheap gasless mig welder you should think about 

• Very cheap;
• Variable speed regulations;
• Compact size;
• Adjustable power settings.
• Poor duty cycle at maximum and minimum amperage;
• Quite heavy. 

Any other no gas mig welder? Röhr MIG-135A is also a great pick! 

Rohr MIG 135A 1
• Quite high amperage capacity;
• Robust and reliable finishing;
• A lot of accessories included in the kit.
• Poor duty cycle at all amperage ranges. 

Rohr is a manufacturer that prepared for us a rather cheap offer. It gives us plenty of accessories and 135 A maximum current available, making it a rather good option for all the DIY and amateur welders. There are some extra functionalities and, also, very easy to use interface with some basic safety precautions.

In terms of specifications, we receive the maximum amperage of 135 A, which is a bit more than in most other budget-friendly welders. Unfortunately, its duty cycle is only 15% at that amperage, which is only slightly better and still a poor result. The minimum amperage is 79 A, and it translates into the duty cycle of 35%.

It is important to note; however, that Rohr used the highest quality materials in order to construct the welder. Due to that, we can hope for robustness and reliability at the highest level. Sadly, the manufacturer grants only a 1-year warranty.

How to choose the best no gas mig welder? Here is a quick guide!

There are plenty of different projects to which we need a decent mig welder. A lot of people decide to choose more popular products that are gas powered. It is by far the most efficient way and their utility is surely outstanding.

Nonetheless, if we are going to work outside or we are just starting the journey with welding, it is much better to pick a gasless one. Though it does not offer such a high quality of weld, it is still great in what it does. In the analysis above we managed to compare mig welders that do not need gas to work.

But if you want to buy the product on your own, it is necessary to pay attention to the amperage the product offers. What is more, make sure you see the duty cycle and its efficiency. Another important thing to note is warranty and reliability of the product, as well as regulations. More about that can be found here: https://www.mig-welding.co.uk/buying.htm

gasless mig welder

First of all, let’s remember about the amperage and voltage

These two parameters are quite crucial for the efficiency of welding, especially when we are about to work for quite a long time. There are two the most popular voltages as far as MIG welders are concerned. It is quite crucial to know if we have the right electric outlets installed, because the difference between 110 volt and 220 volt is quite large.

The first type of welders are usually quite low on power. We can easily plug them onto any household 110 volt outlet and it will work smoothly. It is very convenient to have such a product because usually it is lightweight and great for not demanding projects. If; however, we are planning to work a lot and with high amperage, then we should be looking at 220 volt products, which require 220 volt outlets. They give us much more power and can be used for very thick metal.

Röhr MIG-250MI-1

Rohr MIG 250MI 11 1

Röhr MIG-135A

Rohr MIG 135A 1

The amperage range provides us with the quickest distinction between a low and high power welder. The amperage is simply the heat the product can produce and then work with. Usually, 220 volt welders offer much higher amperage ranges. As a result, they are great for very demanding tasks.

Duty cycle is the number 1 parameter in terms of efficiency

If you want to work for quite a long time without many breaks, then you should look for a product that offers the best duty cycle on the market. This element basically tells us for how long we can weld without taking a break, which is necessary for the device to cool down.

The parameter is mostly presented in percentages and it shows for how long the product can operate without overheating. If the duty cycle is 60%, then it can work for 6 minutes during a 10 minute period.

Bear in mind that the higher the amperage is, the shorter the duty cycle. It means that we should look at the duty cycle at the maximum amperage and the minimum amperage. Often it happens the manufacturer provides us with only one duty cycle parameter, which concerns the minimum amperage.

Functionality and regulations

The possibility to change the amperage and, interestingly, automatically adjust the voltage for our welding is surely one of the most essential elements every single gasless MIG welder should offer.

Additional elements that also might be crucial for the proper work of the product are a large number of safety precautions such as auto hot start, anti stick, arc force stabilisation, or thermal overload protection.

Obviously, the possibility to change from gasless into gas MIG welder is definitely an interesting feature. However, in most cases such a product will cost more than the regular gasless solution.

Reboot MIG Welder MIG130

Reboot MIG Welder MIG130 1KG GasGasless 220V 1

Summary and conclusion – best gasless mig welder 2024

If you familiarized yourself with gasless mig welder reviews, then you know how many interesting options there are for you to choose from. However, bear in mind that the guide presented above still offers a lot of interesting information that can help you choose your own, unique and adjusted for your requirements product.

GASLESS MIG 130 AMP Welder is definitely one of the best options you can currently buy if you really care about low price and decent efficiency. Though its duty cycle might not be the greatest at the maximum amperage, it provides us with extra accessories and user-friendly interface, which is great for amateurs and DIY users.