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by | Jan 17, 2023 | Power Tools

How to pick the best plunge router available on the market? Check out the plunge router reviews and the buying tips! 

There are two basic divisions in the world of routers. We can name the ones that have a fixed base and a plunge base. Fixed base routers are great, especially if we want to take care of edges due to their superior maneuverability. What is more, they are universal products that can serve almost every purpose in a solid way. However, if we need much more precise work or we wish to work on a variety of patterns and shapes, then plunge routers are a way to go.

Plunge routers are great because of their precision, but choosing the best plunge router available on the market is quite difficult due to the range of parameters we all need to take into account. What is more, every brand declares their product to be the best. What is the reality? To show you how important it is to pick the right product, we created a list of top rated plunge router devices.

In there, we took into account such important elements as the motor and the rotary speed of the product. What is more, all the items had to be functional and had many regulatory features installed. Another important thing was to take into account the price, so we can also present a cheap plunge router.

The best, top rated plunge router and the winner for today is most certainly Bosch POF 1200 AE Router

• Very sturdy construction;
• Speed adjustments;
• SDS system included;
• Vacuum cleaning system.
• Relatively low power.

The product we are reviewing offers a lot of attractive options and functionalities. When combined with a great renown of a company as well as attractive price for such a robust finishing, we receive a highly rated and very popular product for every single DIY worker.

Model PO 1200 is the first, a bit weaker, but equally robust option provided by Bosch in terms of budget solutions for woodworking. The product’s power output is 650 W and it is certainly enough for most of the projects that include trimming, carving, and edging wooden surfaces.

Interestingly, such low power translates into rather large number rotations that is equal to 28,000 per minute. As a result, it allows us to efficiently work without worrying about damaging the tool. The product offers us a lot of options that improve the quality of work, like for example a depth step thanks to which we can set the depth precisely. It is also easily adjustable.

What is more, there is a spindle lock. Because of this, we can change the bits quickly, without wasting your time on demounting the entire components. Obviously, to make sure that we receive a very simple product to use, Bosch installed an SDS system, which basically allows us to insert the template guide without any tools.

It is; however, a pretty average tool in terms of power. As a result, very long tasks that require a maximum no-load speed without any speed loss will be too much for this particular model.

Another interesting option that guarantees cheap plunge router is Dremel 335 Plunge Router

• Very cheap option;
• Great precision of work;
• Smooth operation;
• Can convert other multi-tool into a router.
• Limited adjustments;
• Requires another power tool.

Although it is three times cheaper than the previously described product, this particular device seems to be one of the greatest options, especially if we don’t work on demanding projects and our tasks appear from time to time. In such cases, purchasing the rotary tool attachment seems the best option.
If you have a multi tool with quite amazing parameters, there is no need to purchase a brand new product, especially if you don’t need it for much work to do. In such cases, one of the best budget plunge router options you can have is simply an attachment.

The product allows you to convert your multi-tool into a mini plunge router. It offers two routing depth stops, thanks to which we can receive a consistent depth and results that are as smooth as in the case of budget plunge routers.

It is, obviously, only an attachment. Because of that this alternative is recommended only for those people who have other power tools that can be converted for a small period of time. In the case you need both tools, then it is much better to go for a typical solution, especially for more demanding woodworking surfaces.

If we don’t need the best budget plunge router, but the best router in general, Triton TRA001 – 2400V Dual Mode Precision Plunge Router 230V should also be taken into consideration 

• Incredibly powerful motor;
• Highly durable;
• Great adjustables;
• A lot of functionalities;
• Safety precautions.
• Large weight;
• Incredibly expensive;
• Low RPMs. 

This is one of the most expensive options you will find in the rankings 2024, but it guarantees great functionality and highly advanced settings thanks to which the product surely deserves its recognition. If you are looking for plunge router reviews fine woodworking examples, the number of features, regulations, and safety precautions in this particular model are ahead of its competition by far.

We need to bear in mind that the introduction of a very powerful motor cost quite a lot. This is by far the most expensive solution one could find, However, due to that, we receive 2400 W of power, which grants the best performance at any wooden surface we choose.
The authors made sure that we will find here all the basic features like, for example, variable speed settings and micro adjusters for advanced depth changes. Besides that, we can also hope for a dust extraction port that guarantees clear area while working.

Obviously, there are also several securities to make sure that we and the tool itself are safe while working. Soft start keeps the torque limited, therefore we do not risk too fast wear of the components. Besides that, there is also a safety switch.

Besides the price, another problem with this particular product is its electronic speed, which ranges from 8,000 up to 21,000 RPM. These are definitely smaller numbers than in the case of the competition, but the values represent under load speed, which is always lower than the no-load speed.

Silverline 329863 – 1020W DIY ¼” Plunge Router 230V

• Quite low price;
• Small weight;
• The biggest no load speed in the ranking with high power;
• Adjustable speed.
• Poor maximum depth. 

The option prepared by Silverline Tools is much cheaper than the previous gadget. What is more, it guarantees the highest no load speed out of all reviewed products. If we take into account its cheap price, this is surely one of the best products if we consider value for money.

The product ensures compatibility with two different collets, namely 1/4″ and 8 mm. What is more, it is also a very powerful plunge router that gives us 1020 W. As you can guess, it’s top-mounted speed is 34,000 RPM. As a result of the installed variable speed control feature, we can change it. The range starts from 11,500 RPM.

If we decide on purchasing this particular model, then we also receive a set of additional guides as well as a collet spanner. All these things make the product much more versatile of a tool than the competition.

It is also a rather light device. Its functionality is improved by the introduction of a dust extraction system. Still, the maximum depth we can acquire with this product is not the greatest.

What made plunge router reviews so attractive to read? Learn how to pick the right option by yourself!

You don’t need to spend hours reading reviews and recommendations of others. Once you realize what to do in order to find top plunge routers, you will find the best option that suits your needs. Thanks to that you will also be able to save some pennies and purchase the product that is not only powerful, but at the same time comfortable and versatile.

For this reason, we have to look beyond the standard parameters such as power of the tool and the revolutions per minute. In addition to these two, it is recommended to look at the depth adjustments and the precision of the product.

It goes without saying that we should also examine functionalities and securities that make the product safe for us in use. This is the best way to determine top plunge routers and choose the ones that suit you best. Let’s also familiarize ourselves with the article presented below:

About the motor and how it influences the efficiency of the work

Everyone needs a strong, robust product. One of the best ways to guarantee that is by simply purchasing a powerful motor. It indicates that we are dealing with a device that can work at the highest rate for a long time without risking any damage or sped up wear.

For this reason, we need to look at devices which present very powerful motors that range from 700-800 W up to even 1500-2000 W. It all depends on the difficulty of the projects, the type of surface we are about to trim, and obviously the length of the work.
Moreover, powerful routers will not be so labored, so we do not risk wear of engine components.

Triton TRA001

plunge router reviews

Bosch POF 1200 AE Router

best router under 100 uk

Comfort and safety

Light weight of the product and, obviously, the number of different options that facilitate the use of the item make it a much more valuable product. Obviously, all these things are there to make it as simple as possible.

The comfort can be influenced by such aspects as the ergonomic grip and, of course, the right balance of the tool, so we do not feel fatigue too often. Let’s also remember about soft start, which guarantees smoother operation of the product.

The feature mentioned above is also responsible for reducing the wear of the engine because we reduce the initial torque. As a result, we can hope for much longer use of the product. Other security options may include a safety switch.

Regulations and functionalities

Even if we purchase a product with the right power and all the comfortable features, we should remember about versatility of the device. Thus, we should choose those traits that allow us to change the depth of the cut as well as the speed of the rotation.

The maximum depth as well as very precise adjustments guarantee highly precise trimming and carving, which is of utmost significance in these types of works. Let’s keep in mind that functionalities should also include dust extraction system, so the working area is transparent and we know what we do.

Silverline 329863

plunge router reviews fine woodworking

Let’s also remember about the opinions and the price

Plunge router reviews showed fine woodworking tools mainly because of their great technicalities. However, positive opinions as well as feedback of other customers allowed us to prepare a full, in-depth description of these tools.

If we additionally remember about the cost and focus on the quality to price ratio, we will be able to determine the best value for money, especially for our own expectations and for our own requirements.

Summary and conclusion – best plunge router 2024

It is difficult to indicate which plunge router seems to be the best. All the products can surprise us with different advantages, and as a result they are all great in their own way. Still, we should remember that the winner of the ranking 2024, namely Bosch POF 1200 AE Router, combines great quality, attractive price, fine precision and, obviously, efficiency at really high level.

You can always look for other alternatives. However, to do that, you need to learn more about the most important components, which were presented above. This is the most efficient way to buy a product that suits us all.

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