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How to choose the best home wood chipper? Here is a quick wood chipper review and the buying guide for 2024!

Having a garden, a yard, or simply a green area outside the house is surely wonderful. It allows people to spend time in the fresh air. Besides that, we can enjoy lovely natural decorations made by mother nature and facilitated by our own hands. However, besides these positives, there are also some downsides. Every now and then we will have to clean the field from fallen leaves, branches that wind tossed all around the garden and, also, other debris of natural origin. That is why we have to pick the best wood chipper and get on with the job as quickly as possible.

Wood chippers are certainly great and for many people these are essential elements of their garden equipment. Without any troubles whatsoever, it allows us to convert wooden elements of pretty significant size or simply leaves into wooden chips. Sadly, picking the best wood chipper on the market is not as easy as it may seem. There are products powered by combustion engines or the ones equipped with electric motors. What is more, there are many different parameters. That is why we decided to review wood chippers and provide you with the list of the most attractive options.

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CRZJ Electric Wood Chipper




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T Mech 15HP Petrol Wood Chipper

T-Mech 15HP



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Mac Allister Garden Chipper

Mac Allister



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TACKLIFE Garden Shredder Wood Chipper




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In order to pick the best wood chipper for a small farm or for a large field, we had to take into account a number of specifications. One of the most important ones was, obviously, the power of the wood chipper. Also, we put quite a lot of emphasis at cutting capacity as well as other working parameters. Moreover, it was necessary to examine the comfort of use as well as additional functions in order to make sure that you can find here the best home wood chipper for your own use.

The winner of the ranking and the best wood chipper for small farm is surely CRZJ Electric Wood Chipper

• Very compact in size; • Lightweight; • Quite powerful; • Great value for money.
• Unsuitable for larger branches and logs.

The product that conquered the hearts of many users is pretty simple and easy to use. CRZJ offers us a great culture of work and compact size. As a result, it is a perfect solution if we look for a decent chipper or shredder for small areas. The material used for the production of the tool is simply ABS, which is a hardened plastic. Though it seems like not enough, it makes the tool much lighter than in the case of its competition.

In terms of basic parameters, we have to remember that it is considered to be the best electric chipper not because of its enormous power, but because of great value for money and relatively good performance for the size of the product. As far as the parameters are concerned, the engine produces 2500W, which is more than enough to shred most elements made of wood.

The engine produces 4500 RPM, which increases the speed of shredding by quite a lot and allows us to get on with the job at a quick pace. Obviously, there are some downsides we should be aware of. For example, the compact size means that its maximum branch size is fairly limited.

If you don’t mind very poor culture of work, T-Mech 15HP Petrol Wood Chipper might be the best option out of them all

• Incredibly large power; • Adjustable blade speed; • Gigantic cutting capacity; • Can be used to shred almost every wood element.
• Extremely heavy; • Quite expensive.

Another interesting option presented in the article comes from T-Mech. It is a manufacturer that guarantees high quality products made for the most demanding shredding jobs. This particular wood chipper is fueled by petrol and produces 15 HP thanks to the introduction of a 4 stroke, 420 cc motor. The maximum blade speed is at the level of 3600 RPM, but there is even an option to adjust it!

One of the biggest advantages of this particular device is, obviously, its power. The 15 HP motor produces so much strength it can shred any and all wood elements you wish. It translates into roughly 11 kilowatts, which is three, sometimes even four times more than the regular product powered by electricity.

Noteworthy is the fact that this object is not going to be transported very often. Because of its incredibly high weight, we will most likely leave it in the same place for quite a long time or, if we have enough strength, the users will try to pull it a few meters further. The main reason hiding behind that is, obviously, the weight. It is more than 100 kilos, which is 8 times more than in the case of electric tools. Nonetheless, such a huge efficiency cannot be overlooked or underrated.

Let’s also remember about incredibly large maximum width of the branches. The cutting capacity is 102 mm, which is over twice as much as in the case of standard tools.

Some people consider Mac Allister Garden Chipper as the best electric chipper and that is why it is also worth checking out

• Very durable – overload protection; • Efficient – up to 100 kilos of material in an hour; • A lot of functional options and easements; • Powerful engine for this price.
• Quite heavy for an electric device.

2800 W of power, long service life as a result of advanced technology, and relatively low price for such a well-designed and sturdy device – this is what MAC Allister is all about and this is also why it is one of the most interesting options for everyday users and novice gardeners.

The engine is capable of converting 100 kilos of material in an hour, which only shows its amazing efficiency.The tool itself is relatively heavy, because it weighs 20 kg. However, it is all due to the introduction of high quality materials. In terms of the blade type, it is a typical cutting blade.

One of the most important parameters, besides the power of course, is the maximum diameter of the shredded branch. In this case, it is a standard option that allows us to convert everything that is no larger than 45 mm. Producers made sure that the product is durable and to ensure that, they introduced an overload protection. Besides that, quite an attractive feature is reverse facility.

TACKLIFE Garden Shredder, Wood Chipper is another interesting solution you should try out

• Collection box included in the kit (60L); • Turbine cutting system instead of regular rotary plate blades; • Pure copper induction motor that increase the longevity of the product; • A lot of protection features to keep the product and the users safe.
• Quite a big price; • Poor maximum cutting diameter. 

This particular device can boast with a relatively high power and standard for this price range cutting capacity. However, the thing that distinguishes TACKLIFE from its competition is a collection box that is already available as standard. What is more, the cutting blade can be adjusted and the motor itself is quite silent for such a device.

60 litres of collection box included as a standard is something we couldn’t get in the previous tools. As far as other parameters are concerned, this particular option offers us 40mm of maximum cutting diameter. It is not the greatest, but will definitely be enough for minor and medium jobs. Another thing we should mention is its efficiency. Even if the shredder can’t handle the largest branches, it allows us to shred 240 litres of wood chips an hour.

Other things that may influence your final choice is great design that is sturdy and reliable. Though it increases the weight up to 29 kilograms, the product pays back with great work and very good efficiency.

How to make sure that the shredder you pick is the best in 2024?

The list offered four different, yet very interesting options. Usually, these devices could fulfil expectations and meet requirements of almost everyone. But what if you find them not enough to enjoy the process of shredding? What to do if you wish to get something else? Without proper knowledge you are bound to purchase a poor quality tool. That is the reason why you have to familiarize yourself with a buying guide.

The second section of this article shows you the most important things to consider when looking for the best wood chipper out there. Obviously, we remembered many nuances that would be overlooked by others or simply forgotten. Besides that, we also put emphasis on the core aspects of every purchase just to make sure you know how to pick the right tool. That is why you can expect to see some advice regarding the choice of the power source as well as the power itself.

Other things worth noting concern the cutting and working parameters as well as the comfort of use. Transport and weight of the product is another thing to consider – just like its culture of work. Let’s not forget about functionalities and reliability – two other crucial things we all have to take under consideration. More information regarding chippers for wood can be found here:

First of all, decide whether you want an electric or petrol wood chipper

As we all know, it is possible to choose either a wood chipper powered by electricity or fuel. Both options have their supporters and opponents simply because of different characteristics and, therefore, different advantages or disadvantages. It is important to know which option suits us better.

Electric options are great if you care about ecology and lower noise pollution. Usually, it is also much easier to use because you don’t have to worry about refuelling it and making a mixture of oil and fuel. What is more, electric wood chippers are usually lighter and, therefore, can be transported if there is a need. Sadly, their power is significantly lower and sometimes they can’t cut larger branches into pieces.

Petrol engines are the complete opposite. They are incredibly large, heavy, and produce a lot of noise. However, it all comes down to the power they offer. It is several times larger and, therefore, the possibility to shred even the most durable elements made of wood is not a problem. What is more, they tend to offer gigantic cutting capacity. Sadly, besides the previously mentioned downsides, they are also a bit more expensive.

CRZJ Electric Wood Chipper

best wood chipper

Obviously, take into account the power of the tool

Power is the key element to many aspects. From this particular parameter depends the general efficiency of the product, its speed of work, its possibility to shred larger and thicker pieces of wood and, obviously, reliability of the product. That is why before we make a purchase, compare the power of every chipper that suits our needs.

T-Mech 15HP Petrol Wood Chipper

wood chipper review

To measure the power of the tool, we use either watts (in the case of these machines kilowatts) or horsepower. Manufacturers decided to use kilowatts in order to depict the power of the electric devices and horsepower for petrol ones. The more ecological ones are usually inferior to combustion motors. Still, they can shred quite a lot of objects. We just need to look at products with the power higher than 2500 W, which is 2.5 kW.

Petrol engines are usually more powerful and can offer strength to deal with even the most demanding object. As far as values are concerned, quite often it happens that we receive models with more than 12 HP. Sometimes it is even 15 HP, which basically is over 11 kW. It only shows the power that hides behind these powerful and sturdy machines.

Next, think about the cutting parameters

Once we take care of the issue of the engine and its power, we have to remember about other elements that influence the final efficiency. To make sure that we can get rid of all the unnecessary wood accessories and rubbish, we have to have a product that has a very large maximum cutting diameter. Thanks to that, we can throw almost anything at it (that is made of wood of course).

It is difficult to indicate the exact numbers because depending on the type of device as well as the budget we have prepared for the purchase of wood shredder, it can be quite diverse. For example, using the compact product doesn’t necessarily offer us the option to shred wide branches. Such products can offer the cutting capacity at the level of 40 mm at max.

T-Mech 15HP Petrol Wood Chipper

wood chipper review

The standard width for an electric chipper is considered to be 45 mm, and that is more than enough for most of the work. However, sometimes we need to use the tool in much more demanding situations and that is when huge petrol chippers come in. They can shred wood elements with a diameter up to 100 mm.

Obviously, have in mind reliability of the product

When you look at such an expensive and heavy-duty product, then it is obvious that we want it to last for as long as it is possible. Sadly, more and more manufacturers release models that have quite limited lifespan. Nowadays, it is much better and easier to buy new equipment rather than fixing the one that has been damaged. If you don’t want to look for another shredder for your garden tasks in the next 2 years, then it is quite important to see how durable and reliable the given product really is.

TACKLIFE Garden Shredder, Wood Chipper

best home wood chipper

Sometimes it is easy to assess the durability – we just need to look at the case as well as the material used to produce components. If it is of poor quality, then it is probable that in the next 1 or 2 years you are going to look for a new product. If; however, the components are made of the highest class materials, then you may look at 3-4 or even more years of continuous use – even in the case of a very demanding load.

It is difficult to verify the material used for the inner parts, but we can easily look at features and functions that extend the longevity of the product. One of such examples is the protection against overheating that shutdowns the device automatically. Another way of determining the reliability and durability of the product is by simply looking at the warranty – if it is for a long period of time (say at least 3 years), then it is an additional assurance from the producer.

Let’s not forget about the comfort of use and functionality of the shredder

As in the case of many other products, we need to make sure that the wood chipper we choose will be as functional as it can get. By that we mean a list of features and easements that make the use of the product much more attractive in the long run. For example, we should be able to change the speed of the blade speed or adjust the entry pit to the branches and other wood components that we wish to convert into chips.

Obviously, we cannot forget about the collection box, which should be able to gather quite a lot of chips before we empty it. Functionality doesn’t limit to simply interesting adjustments or collection boxes of large capacity. We should also look at things that can ease the operation like, for example, interlock design or the instalment of waterproof switches that guarantee problem free use of the chipper even during heavy rain.

Mac Allister Garden Chipper

best wood chipper for small farm

Summary and conclusion – best Wood Chipper in UK 2024

As you can see, there are quite a lot of things you have to look at before you make the final decision. However, with such a descriptive tutorial and tips, it is much easier to find your beloved chipper that will shred all the wood components you throw at it. That is why make sure you look at the engine type, its power, cutting parameters as well as other factors described up above. Once you do that, you will surely be satisfied with what you receive.

Alternatively, you can always choose CRZJ Electric Wood Chipper. The winner of the ranking can boast with all the necessary options and functions, and it additionally guarantees reliability like no other in the given price range. You can always look at other products reviewed in the event you search for larger power or wider cutting capacity.

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