Beko Fridge & Fridge Freezers – Not A Long-Term Purchase

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Beko Fridge & Fridge Freezers keeping food too hot that it rots. Beko fridges keeping food too cold that it freezes.

Beko Fridges causing the electricity to cut out.

Beko Fridge doors literally falling off their hinges.

Those are just a few of the many many issues that customers are reporting about this range of Beko appliances.

As we have discussed a few times on this site Beko customer service leaves a great deal to be desired. Check out our post on how to file a complaint with Beko to give you the best chance of success.

But let’s leave the customer service talk to afterward. This post is primarily about fridges. And also about fridge freezers.

We are going to look at the most common issues that customers are reporting about Beko’s fridge/freezers and see what options there are for the average consumer to remedy.

How Many Years Does A Beko Fridge Last?

Long gone are the days when you could expect all white goods to last a decade or more. Particularly if you are buying Beko goods, you should really anticipate that you will be back in the market again in a few years, or even less!

Howards claim that a refrigerator should last between 10 and 20 years. Someone should probably tell Beko.

Beko itself usually only provide a manufacturer warranty for 6 or 12 months. Buying Beko appliances is basically just a gamble on how far past the 6/12 month marker your appliance will last before it hits the landfill.

Let’s see some of the issues that customers are reporting.

Beko Fridge Poor Temperature Controls

Two fridge freezers FAULTY

Bought 2 of the same fridge freezers, one for myself one for a family member. BOTH have the same issues- temperature doesn’t stay the same (ruining food) the back of the fridge over fills with water all the time, ruining veg in the veg draw and leaving a pool of water beneath it.
Extremely disappointed and total waste of money.

Disappointed with Beko.

I have had no end of trouble with the appliance since purchase nearly 2 months ago. The freezer continually gives temperature high warnings, rising to above freezing on occasions without any intervention. Having had a repair visit and the electronic control board replaced the problem did not resolve itself. The freezer has more than enough space around it and not overloaded inside.
Having no confidence in the ability to resolve the problem with this particular item Beko are unwilling to replace the appliance with another, only to return to try and repair. Fortunately my local retailer has kindly offered to replace the item with another model and remove the Beko. So sad because the freezer looked ideal for my purpose.

Very disappointed with appliance and customer service

Unfortunately for me this is the worst fridge/freezer and service I have ever experienced and I am very disappointed.
The fridge doesn’t get cold enough so the meat goes off.
The freezer section works fine, it’s just the fridge that doesn’t work properly.
I contacted Beko after only having the appliance for a week and was told the following:
1) it cannot be next to a wall
2) it can’t be near a heat source
3) it can’t be near a washing machine
4) it can’t be near an oven
5) it can’t be near a boiler
4) it can’t be near a radiator
3) It needs a minimum of 2 inches each side of the appliance
4) although only a week old I will be charged £50 if an engineer attends to tell me this in person.
So don’t buy a Beko appliance if you have a small kitchen and want to have your radiator on or use your washing machine and oven.

As you can see quite the laundry list of issues related to the temperature controls within the appliance. Too hot or too cold, either only the fridge works or only the freezer works, or sometimes neither.

It is also clear from these reviews that Beko were not too forthcoming with repairing the issues in their own products. Let’s see what the customer’s could do for themselves.

How To Fix Poor Temperature Controls

There’s a few straightforward things that you should check before you start to look eleswhere:

  • Is the thermostat in the correct position and is it still connected?
  • Are any of the compartments overfilled?
  • Is the door fully closed and the seals intact?

Next thing you want to do is check to see if the entire fridge/freezer is impacted or if it is just certain sections. Fill a lot of cups up with water, 2 per shelf for both the fridge and the freezer.

Leave them in overnight and come back the next day with a thermometer. You should now know whether your temperature issue is isolated to certain areas or if the whole appliance is impacted.

If the whole appliance is impacted then your issue is likely with the thermostat which can be easily replaced (search for your appliance instructions online)

If it is certain areas only then it likely means some of the cooling cells in the appliance have malfunctioned or broke. This requires an engineer visit and I suggest you file a complaint with Beko

Flimsy Beko Fridge Door

Dangerous products awful customer service

Truly awful company and truly dangerous products. Bought a Beko washing machine, fridge and freezer less than 3 years ago. Had to hand back the washing machine within less than a month and buy a different brand, because it was faulty. The fridge was doing fine until the door started disintegrating. Unfortunately, the warranty ran out last November, so when the hinge disintegrated and the door came off in my hands (luckily not on top of my 3-year-old, or that would have been a wrongful death lawsuit!), the company refused to replace the door for free or even get it repaired free of charge. Shoddy products and awful customer service. Beko should be ashamed!

Door falling off is definitely not ideal.

The bottom of our our fridge door has…

The bottom of our our fridge door has started to rot away. Under a year old. No help from Beko Customer Service – still not resolved. Would not buy a Beko Product again

Just for awareness a fridge door should never rot away, let alone in under a year.

If you have the means and skills you can buy and fit a new door yourself. Here is a good video showing how to replace a fridge door.

If you don’t have the required tools or experience you could hire a local odd job man who should be able to complete the task. Else you should probably just ditch the whole thing and buy a new fridge. Preferably one that is not made by Beko

And then get Beko to pay for it

Beko Fridge Faulty Electrics

Faulty fridge AGAIN!

Bought a large freestanding fridge back in September 2021, Boxing Day it started to trip out the main electrics. Eventually got an Engineer to find the fault and replace faulty part on 1 March! The customer service is absolutely shocking. So after a few weeks of fridge working okay I am having the same issues with it tripping the electrics – it is definitely the fridge! I simply cannot face phoning their dreadful team yet again to be on hold for half an hour, only to be cut off! The fridge was £319 – I just want a refund but it’s like getting blood from a stone. Will never use them again. Fine if your appliance is working okay but having to deal with customer service is just not worth the hassle – maybe that’s their plan, I don’t know… really disappointed as I am without a fridge yet again.

If your fridge is causing electrical faults within the rest of your home this is a potentially dangerous situation and you need to stop using that appliance immediately.

Electrical faults in fridges have been known to cause fires. Fires in an appliance that contains compressed gas is a recipe for disaster.

Report the issue to trading standards and get Beko to collect the machine for inspection

Complaining to Beko – How to Get a Refund

Getting Beko to admit that their appliances are faulty is damn near impossible (they don’t even admit fault when their machines literally explode)

But there are some steps you can take to give you a better chance of getting your money back for the faulty goods.

-Check your warranty period and do not allow them to delay past this time

-Know your rights

-Use Social Media – Here is their TwitterInstagramFacebook and YouTube accounts

-Email them and their CEO –,

-Email their parent company CEO –

-Take them to small claims

-Submit review to Trust Pilot

Read our full post on how to make a proper complaint to Beko and get a refund for everything you are owed

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