Beko Washing Machines – What a Leaking Nightmare

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Beko Washing Machines leaking from the drawer, leaking from underneath, leaking from the door and leaking from behind.

Beko Washing Machines not spinning.

Beko Washing Machines door not opening.

Beko Washing Machines not draining.

Beko Washer Dryer not drying.

This is just the start of the issues that people are reporting about this particular line of Beko products.

Are you impacted by any of these issues? It will probably be little comfort to you but you are definitely not alone. Check this out:

beko washing machine leaking from drawer search volume

The above Google report shows that in any given month between 100 and 1000 people use their search engine to query a leak from the drawer on their washing machine. Just Beko brand machines, just in one month and just from the UK alone!

It really is remarkable.

In this post we are going to look in depth at each of these causes of failure. We will look to explain the issue using real examples where available, we will try to look at what justification or solutions that Beko have provided for the issue (or not provided as is often the case). Finally we will talk about your options going forward should this issue be happening to you.

Let’s get started

Leaking Beko Washing Machine

From the Drawer

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Photo courtesy of Andy J

As you can see from the above photo there is a clear trail of water running down from the detergent drawer. Over the course of a full wash this would result in a few litres of water escaping into your kitchen. And that is exactly what happened to the person above.

Andy J bought his Beko washing machine and wished he didn’t. The leak from the machine soaked into his suspended floor and was responsible for thousands of pounds of damage due to rotten floorboards.

When he contacted Beko they sent out a new detergent drawer claiming it was user error when using the detergent drawer (how that is possible is anyone’s guess). However Andy never used the detergent drawer, instead he used those pods that go in the tumbler itself so clearly Beko was just making up any old excuse.

When the new detergent drawer did not work Beko sent around engineer after engineer (4 in total). Each engineer told Andy that the issue was a known issue with Beko washing machines and that if a ‘maintenance wash’ failed to correct the issue that there was nothing to be done.

Beko’s response to this was:

As no fault was found with the appliance during the engineer visits, we can confirm that we do not accept liability for any damage caused.

Beko claims that a leak coming from the drawer of their washing machines does not constitute a fault.

This is not an isolated incident. Here is a customer having the same problem

And another

And another

I could do this all day. Just look at how many google results there are for Beko leaking from drawer

The top result there is Beko giving their usual dismal Customer Support. “Check the drawer is closed”.

How to Fix a Leak From the Drawer

So what options are available to fix this particular issue?

  1. Perform regular maintenance washes – Remove the drawer and any other removable parts to soak in warm water and clean thoroughly. Return all of the parts and run an empty wash on the highest heat setting on your machine.
  2. Raise the front legs so the machine is not tilted downward.
  3. Replace the detergent drawer.

Unfortunately as in the case of Andy J none of these options worked and he was left with just buying a new machine from someone other than Beko

And then trying to get his money back from Beko

From Underneath / From Behind

beko washing machine leaking from underneath

Useless customer service

On our second Beko washer in six months. First finally written off after 6 engineer visits. The new machine broke and leaked within the first couple of months. Engineer arrived after two weeks only to tell us he didnt have the necessary parts and that he would be back in a week (and not convinced he will actually be able to fix it). Nearly three weeks without a washer. Denied a refund or compensation for the ruined clothes stuck in the machine or the damaged floor caused by the leak.

This is a pretty common complaint about Beko washing machines. They are very prone to leaking (from all over) and the customer service offered is poor. Many people report that they believe the customer service role at Beko is not to actually help the customer but to stifle and prolong the experience until the customer gives up and just buys a new machine. The above review from Simon T would substantiate this, 6 engineer visits! Why not just replace the machine after 1 or 2?

Check out more Beko leak reviews to see how this is not an isolated issue

So what causes these leaks? 

A few things can be wrong here but the most common causes are:

  • Broken pipes
  • Broken door seal
  • Clogged pipes

How to Fix a Leak from Underneath / From Behind

  1. Remove all external parts (pipes, hoses, drawers, etc.) and give a thorough cleaning to remove any build-up and blockages
  2. Perform a maintenance wash (empty load on highest heat) while observing for the origin of the leak. Pay particularly close attention to the pipes and the door seal.
  3. Replace the source of the leak (if it is the door seal see below video for how to replace)
  4. Request Beko send out an engineer if it persists

Unfortunately based on the experience of many customers none of these things will be provided to you by Beko and you may need to just bite the bullet and get a new machine (one that isn’t made by Beko!)


Beko Washing Machine Not Spinning

First off let’s see what the official Beko website has to say:

Ah. Check that the door is closed and make sure the load is evenly distributed.

Not that helpful. Let’s see what customers are saying about the issue:

Faulty Washer Dryer

Washer dryer purchased via AO in August 21, has stopped spinning and error code appears. Very little flexibility with repair visits. Eventually engineer visited and hoped he had solved problem but ordered part just in case. Error code returned immediately so I text him as he suggested. No response so called Beko again! I feel as washer dryer less than year old should be replaced but they insisted engineer visit again! Engineer called this morning on day of visit to say part is not available so he will not be out. I stressed to him I want new machine but he states this doesnt happen after 2 months! This drags on and I have a big family and a busy job and a machine that doesnt work, I am relying on family to do my washing. I dont have enough hours in my day for this and appear to be just going around in circles

Machine stopped spinning while throwing an error code. Beko sent an engineer around but was unable to source the part and gave the customer the run-around. It appears again that the customer service team at Beko were deliberately stalling the issue in the hopes the customer would give up.

If I could rate a zero I would

Even one star is too good for this company.

Brought a washing machine back in September and within 2 weeks the trouble started! The washing machine stopped spinning within weeks leaving me with nothing but uncleaned wet items.

Then it nightmare begins with customer Service.

I was calling customer service almost every day to be told coronavirus is delaying loads of calls etc etc. Being on a low income I can’t afford to stay on hold long therefore had to disconnect after an hour,

My neighbor found me another number that I could ring which was great but again the waiting time and responses received was still rediculous

After finally getting through an engineer come out, he was there for a few minutes to be told it was a faulty machine and that I would just have to wait for a part. He told me to call beko in 2-3 hours where they can tell me how long I would have to wait for the part

I contacted in the time given, just to be told there was no record on my account of a faulty product or the engineer visit. I was told someone will look further into the case and call me back within 48 hours….no call was made.

After calling back again, I was told the part was ordered but I would just have to wait ( how long is a piece of string)?

I have not been able to wash my clothes in weeks and being disabled with bladder issues has caused my mental health to suffer dramatically. Not being able to change my bedding every day as my daily routine but also many days sleeping with no bedding at all.

My anxiety levels hit the roof and I had no choice but to fork out extra money to get my clothes cleaned at the laundrette. My Carer kindly took things, as I do not drive nor have the strength to do so myself, and did my washing.

When I called Beko again to see when the part would arrive, I also explained this to the agent. I was shoved off and told someone will call me soon ( how soon is soon?) Is it that hard to get a replacement and let me get on with life?

I again contacted after 48 and was told someone from the team will contact me with further information within 48 hours, again this did not happen.

At this stage, I was so stressed that I had my daughter visit currys to see if they could help or get through on the phones quicker than me. For some reason when the agents cannot help- the phone disconnect or should I say they hang up

(Took 2 trips to the Curry’s)

After being on hold for almost an hour in-store, my daughter was told someone will call me within 24 hours with an update, and our chat transcript
(because I wish to take matters further). Again, this did not happen and no call or email was received.

When I phoned about this two days later, I was then told no transcript would be sent until 30 days of the request
(again, lied to).

I can’t believe a big company like Beko can treat people in this way. I’m not saying having a disability makes me more important than others but at least allow me to keep my dignity by allowing me to sleep in clean bedsheets and clean clothes that don’t smell like urine!!!

I would never recommend this company to any friends or family.

Truly disappointed 🙁

“Even one star is too good for this company”. I love this review.

How to Fix the Machine Not Spinning

  • Switch the machine off and on
  • Ensure the machine is stable (all legs are equal)
  • Attempt to wash with fewer clothes

Unfortunately other than performing the bog standard checks and fixes there doesn’t appear to be a lot you can do to fix this issue yourself. The issue is with a part within the machine and you need an engineer to fix. Continue to request assistance from Beko customer service and try to get them to give you a refund (why would you want a new machine from them!) and then buy a new machine from someone other than Beko

Beko Washing Machine Door Not Opening

Let’s see how customers are reporting this issue

Bekos policy for customer is wrong

Bekos policy for customer is wrong. Everyone should avoid Beko. Beko doesnt care much about their customers.
I bought a washing machine less than a month ago. Suddenly I cant open the door and lots of water inside. After having insurance and warranty Beko told me to clear out all the water. The system for clearing water means you have to let water go to your floor(lots of water). I did it and call them back. Then Beko told me earliest engineer can come after 7 days from today. It means I cant wash clothes next 7 days. Machine is faulty, I am paying for insurance and I have warranty. After explaining to Beko, they said that’s our policy(customer like it or not).

 Hmm, so the door wont open and the only solution provided was to deliberately flood your own kitchen? That doesn’t seem like a good idea.

Washing machine less than 3 months only¦

Washing machine less than 3 months only not draining. Original engineer cancel and repair subbed out to local company. Came today to say door catch faulty and need new pump. Going to be 5 working days for part!. Been without a machine for over two weeks. Tried ringing Beko and got automated message saying all working from home so email them . Poor poor service.

 Beko have helpfully created the below video that shows you the correct way of opening a door on a washing machine

There is no mention in the video of what to do if the door still does not open OR if there is water still in the drum like customers are reporting. But don’t worry the good people at “How to Repair” have us covered in the below video. Here are 3 ways to pop open a door when it is not opening:

How to Fix the Machine Door Not Opening

Unfortunately unless you are an engineer with the necessary parts you will not be able to fix most of the problems.

If the issue is caused by there still being water in the machine you can look to drain the water by running another drain cycle or by using the drain hose at the back or sometimes front bottom corner of the machine.

Otherwise you need to contact Beko for an engineer to come out. The other possibilities will require parts to fix:

  • The door handle could be broken
  • The interlock system (the electronic locking mechanism) could be faulty
  • The pin holding the door in place might be jammed

Persevere with contacting Beko and if need be consider buying a new machine from someone other than Beko

 Complaining to Beko – How to Get a Refund

 Getting Beko to admit that their machines are faulty is like getting blood from a stone (they don’t even admit fault when their machines literally explode)

But there are some steps you can take to give you a better chance of getting your money back for the faulty goods.

-Check your warranty period and do not allow them to delay past this time

-Know your rights

-Use Social Media – Here is their Twitter, Instagram, Facebook and YouTube accounts

-Email them and their CEO –,

-Email their parent company CEO –

-Take them to small claims

-Submit review to Trust Pilot

Read our full post on how to make a proper complaint to Beko and get a refund for everything you are owed

 Had an issue with a Beko Washing Machine? Leave a Comment…



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    Beko are awful. My washing machine was broken and the person on the phone called me a liar and hung up. They need to be shut down.


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