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When looking for a heavy duty drilling tool, a corded hammer drill comes second to none. You might consider a cordless hammer drill when drilling soft wood, but when it comes to drilling metal, concrete and hardwood, definitely a hammer drill comes in handy. It drills with a hammering action. Choosing the best corded hammer drill can be a daunting task; not with all the brands promising to offer the best in terms of features and affordability.

Find Our List of best Corded Hammer Drill available in UK in 2019

Best Corded Hammer Drill Review

Bosch PSB 650 RE Corded Hammer Drill – Best All-Round Hammer Drill


Offered versatile, making it ideal for all tasks


Enough power to be used professionally


Ergonomic build, lightweight for comfortable use


Easy to store with a hanging hook

Relatively heavy

If you are looking for a powerful and versatile corded hammer drill, you might consider this option. It runs on a 650W motor. This offers enough power to drill through concrete, metal sheets, and any wood. It has a maximum drilling diameter of 14mm on stone. You can select the speed of rotation, depending on the piece you are drilling. The speed used to drill concrete is not ideal for drilling on pine. Trigger switch and setting wheel are handy buttons when the drill is in operation.

It is designed with a single sleeve keyless chuck that holds the drill steady when in operation. After use, you can hang the drill, thanks to the cable guide with a hanging guide. This drill comes handy for screwdriving, hammer drilling, and drilling.

Black+Decker KR604CRESK Percussion Hammer Drill – Best Hammer Drill for Medium Duty Drilling


Variable speed for versatility


Keyless chuck still holds the bits steady


Designed with a secondary handle for comfortable use


Buttons ergonomically placed for ease of use

Relatively low power for professional use

This is a simple tool, but with enough power to drill through masonry, steel, and wood. It has a 600W motor with enough power for DIY projects at home. It can also be used for medium duty professional drilling. It features a spindle grip that allows easy bit change. Its great geometry allows comfortable use. With its secondary handle, you can hold it all day without feeling fatigued. Even better, you can adjust the speed to match the project you are carrying out.

A lock on button is fitted on the drill to make it stable during operation. This also enhances comfort as you do not have to stop mid-operation to adjust the bits. It has a keyless chuck that holds bits steady for a swift operation.

Silverline 265897 Hammer Drill – Best Budget Hammer Drill


Generous 3-year guarantee


Offered versatile to take any task


Adjustable side handle coupled with its light weight makes it comfortable to use


Great price for budget buyers

Not ideal for professional projects

If you are looking for a hammer drilling to buy while on a shoestring button, you might consider Silverline 265897. It is a great tool running on a 500W motor. This gives you enough power for home drilling. For professional use, you need a driller with a more powerful motor. You can change the direction of the rotation to drill, drive screws, and remove screws. Its variable speed allows you to take on different tasks while its lock-on button gives you a smooth drilling experience.

The drill sports a 13mm keyed chuck. Just lock the chuck in place, and you do not need to worry about bits anymore. On wood, the drill can do up to 25mm in diameter, 16mm in masonry, and 13mm in steel. It is offered compact and with a fully adjustable side handle for comfortable drilling. The unit weighs only 1.9Kg, which is light enough for use all day. Even better you get a 3-year guarantee.

DeWalt D024K 240-Volt Percussion Drill – Best Hammer Drill for the Money


Offered with a carrying case


Powerful enough to handle professional work


Depth stop and adjustable speed for precision drilling


Keyed chuck for stable drilling

Relatively high price

If you are looking for the best corded rotary hammer drill for professional projects, this is one you might consider. It has been designed for everyday users and, therefore, comes light in weight for all-day drilling. Its compact design makes it easy to hold and also access edges and tight spaces. It has a 650W motor; in corded hammer drill comparison, it is in the same drilling power range with the Bosch PSB 650 RE Corded Hammer Drill.

The hammer drill comes with a sensitive soft trigger, which allows you to adjust speed for drilling on different surfaces. Its rubberized handle keeps it comfortable during use, while its lock-on button allows it to remain in operation when you have different tasks. It is an all-around drilling machine. You can use it on steel, wood, fixings, masonry and concrete. It features an adjustable side handle and a depth gauge, letting you operate comfortably and with precision. A carrying case accompanies the package.

Hitachi DH26PX SDS Plus Rotary Hammer Drill – Bets Heavy duty Corded Hammer Drill


Offered with a side handle for comfortable use


Powerful motor for professional use


Adjustable speed


Adjustable side handle


Great power-size ratio

Relatively high price

This is an upgraded model, which might be a good choice if you are shopping for the best corded SDS hammer drill. It has the highest power input in this corded hammer drill review at 830W. This makes it an ideal tool for heavy-duty hammer drilling. Being an upgrade from a previous model, this hammer drill comes with a highly durable hammering mechanism. Not only that, it has up to thirty percent more drilling speed.

The unit has low vibration impact with a double moulded side handle for comfortable use. It has a 3-mode action with a large change lever for swifter operations. The hammer drill allows angle adjustment for chisel blade alignment to take on different tasks. Bit mounting has been made easier with one-push action. A side handle, a depth gauge and a carrying case accompany the package.

Buyer’s Guide

The best corded hammer drill UK for you is one that will meet your needs. These hammer drills are classified based on their power and their price. Low priced hammer drills have a low power input, and are ideal for home DIY projects. High priced corded hammer drills have powerful motors, and are ideal for professional projects. You can choose a hammer drill based on corded hammer drill reviews UK, but you still need to know what to look for.

Features to Consider When Shopping

The best corded hammer drill will have a combination of features that will allow you to take on different tasks. Among the primary features to consider include:

corded hammer drill comparison


Over-moulding, in the case of drills, is the addition of a layer on the drill to reduce the impact of vibrations when the drill is in use. This ensures that you use the drill comfortably without having your hands shaken during operation. Over-moulding is becoming a standard feature in hammer drills and other types of drills, but it is still paramount to ensure that the drill you choose has this feature.

Keyed or Keyless Chuck

Most corded hammer drills sport a keyed chuck; here, there is a key that tightens the chuck to keep it stable during operation. However, the latest models are designed keyless but still remain stable during operation. In case of a hammer drill, thanks to the bouncing and bumping, a keyed chuck comes handy to hold the bits tightly.

Depth Guide

Just how long deep do you want to drill? You can regulate how much you drill with a depth guide. This is important when you are drilling a lot of holes with the same depth, either on concrete or on any other surface.

Speed Adjustability

In this best corded hammer drill review, all products are offered with adjustable speed. It is becoming a standard feature on drills. With adjustable speed, you can start with a low speed and increase as you progress, thereby, enhancing precision drilling. Drills are offered with different ceiling speed and some can go as high as 3000rpm. High speeds are ideal for drilling on concrete and other hard surfaces, while lower speeds are ideal for drilling on soft wood. The degree or hardness of a surface will determine the speed you choose.

Motor Size

The motor determines the power of your drill. The larger the motor in your corded hammer drill, the more the power delivered. Standard motors are rated 7 Amps while larger motors are rated 10 Amps. You will need to choose a motor, depending on your needs. For professional heavy duty drilling, choose a powerful motor.

Geometry, Grips and Handles

Most corded hammer drills are offered with the promise of being compact and lightweight. Most drills are light, weighing about 1 kg, but some, especially professional grade drills, are heavy, weighing about 3 kg. Irrespective of the weight, a hammer drill with a good geometry, great power-size balance, ergonomically placed buttons and triggers, and rubberized handles will be comfortable to handle. Some hammer drills are offered with a secondary handle for more comfort. Most hammer drills sport a pistol grip; grip in form of a pistol, but heavy duty hammer drills are offered with a D grip.

Uses of Corded Hammer Drills

The best hammer drill in UK will offer you two functions; hammer drilling and normal drilling. You can choose either by just turning a knob. Normal drilling is for light duty tasks such as drilling on soft wood, while hammer drilling is drilling with a hammering or thumping action. The latter is used for heavy duty drilling.

Hammer drilling is normally done on masonry materials; concrete, stone and bricks. Hammer drilling is not ideal for other materials such as wood and metal as it may cause slippage, which can result to accidents.

Conclusion – what to choose in current 2019 year?

If most of your projects involve drilling on masonry, then a hammer drill is a handy tool for you. If you need high power for heavy duty tasks, a corded hammer drill will not disappoint you. These tools will never run out of power unless your power is cut out. When dealing with outdoor projects, you will need a long cable or an outdoor socket.

The Bosch PSB 650 RE Corded Hammer Drill is the winner of this roundup. First off, it is an all-round drill that is easy to use for professional drilling as well as DIY projects at home. It comes with all standard features for swift drilling and comfortable use. Its over-moulded body reduces vibration, keeping it comfortable when in operation. Its price is relative to its performance. The great geometry gives this hammer drill a great balance of size, weight, and power, and you will love it more when on your hands. It is easy to store and carry around.

Best Corded Hammer Drill in UK 2019 – Reviews
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