The best cordless screwdriver? Take a look at our ranking!

Would you like to learn more about cordless screwdrivers and how to pick the best one on the market? How do they differ from each other? What makes them better or worse from cheaper or more expensive counterparts? In fact, it is rather difficult to gather all the necessary information regarding cordless screwdrivers by someone without the proper knowledge or experience in the given field. That is why the article you are about to read was prepared by the professionals. We believe that you will value their opinions and this help will proved to be enough for your choice. So, let us now introduce you with the five recommendations, starting from the winner of the ranking.

List of Best Cordless Screwsrivers in UK

Best-selling, valued by performance, the winner of our ranking – Bosch IXO Cordless Screwdriver with Integrated 3.6 V Lithium-Ion Battery!

best cordless screwdriver
Highly functional
Powerful for small DIY jobs
Rich accessory with more expensive choice
The lack of variable speed

Bosch is the company no one needs to be introduced with. It creates highly efficient and very popular among both amateurs and professional users tool that can be used for DIY work of any kind. In case of this particular cordless screwdriver, we can see interesting solution in terms of charging time. German developer has installed an innovative Micro-USB charging system, which provides us with fully-loaded tool within 3 hours. We cannot forget about such addition as forward/reverse operation and of course Li-on battery, which holds its power for longer time. As for functionality, a very attractive feature that improves functionality of the tool in darker rooms is built-in light in two modes. Thanks to that we can see the whole work place much better. Another addition that will appeal to you is indicator with charge and direction lights.
The price for a stand-alone high quality product is within a mid range tools. For additional pieces and bits we will have to pay some extra.

Another interesting suggestion is Duratool D01673 4.8V Cordless Screwdriver with Accessories (102 Pieces)

best cordless screwdriver uk
Very rich accessory kit
Resistant to damages
Great for smaller jobs
Battery doesn’t last long

Except for immensely large kit with accessories, where we receive up to 102 pieces, Duratool gives us 4.8 battery voltage, becoming very powerful and durable option with power to work longer than any other tool. The tool guarantees such features as forward/reverse options and quite important for battery lifetime overload protection. As the name suggests, it protects our battery from overloading, which could decrease the durability of battery and reduce its working time. Despite the fact Duratool uses rather old-fashioned Nickel-Cadmium battery technology, it is an improved version of what we could see in previous years. Yes, they can still break out rapidly, but their reliable and resistant creation occurred to be very interesting option for amateurs and people, who tend to break things very easily.
Taking into account the number of accessories, it is a very interesting offer for everyone, who doesn’t want to purchase more products.

Ryobi CSD4130GN 4V 1.5Ah Li-Ion Screwdriver with Gripcase and Accessory Set (30 pieces) – the third suggestion you should consider

best cordless screwdriver drill
Compact and light
Essential accessories included
Easy to use
Variable speed
Bits lose quality very quickly

Ryobi gives all-in-one package that is a bit smaller than in case of Duratool. Yet, it is still one of the most attractive offers in the group of screwdrivers. We receive here 30 accessory kits that are much more durable than we could expect. What’s more, the tool itself is robust and powerful enough to take care of almost any DIY job. Compared to the winner of our ranking, Ryobi gives us lithium-ion battery with slightly bigger battery voltage. It increases the working time of the tool without the need of charging. This model is probably best lithium-ion cordless screwdriver also praised for its compact size and light weight. We cannot forget about variable torque settings as well as LED light and charge indicator. Bits are very easy to change, user-friendly change mechanism.
The price, unfortunately, is the only disadvantage one can notice here. It costs approximately twice as much as the winner of our ranking.

Looking for something more professional? Take a look at DeWalt DCF680G2 Dewalt 7.2 Volt Screwdriver!

best lithium-ion cordless screwdriver
Very powerful
Nicely packed, durable case
Variable torque settings
Two batteries in pack
Very expensive

This is the most powerful tool you can see in the list. Nevertheless, it also comes with much higher price. DeWalt prepared for us 7.2 Volt screwdriver, which can also characterize itself by high no-load speed, 4Nm torque with 16 variable settings, and a very interesting option, motion-controlled system. It basically lets you control the running of the tool by simply rotating it on the left or right (depending whether you want it to be forward or reversed). Another interesting fact regarding this model is that we receive here two batteries, so when one is out of energy, we can replace it with another, charge the first one, and carry on with our work. Thanks to greater control over speed as well as torque, we can choose to which activities the tool will be used. LED light that shines in front of bit improves its functionality even more.
As for the price, it is significantly more expensive solution, but it was foreseen for more demanding work.

The last option is 3.6V Lithium-ion Cordless Screwdriver with 104 Piece Accessory Kit

best cordless screwdriver review
Very rich accessory kit
Lack of variable speeds

This particular screwdriver doesn’t provide us with such power since its torque is 2.5 Nm. However, if we are looking for cheaper alternative for previously mentioned tools, this might fulfil your expectations. We receive here 1.3 Ah lithium battery, LED light that gives you better visibility in darker spaces. Moreover, forward and reverse function will let you use for both screwing and unscrewing everything you come across. Obviously, we cannot forget about accessory kit that gives us 104 pieces. It is by far the most interesting choice in the given price. Another interesting feature is the battery indicator showing how much battery we have got left.
As mentioned above, the price is comparable to the winner of the ranking, but additionally it guarantees 104 piece accessory kit!

How to find the right cordless screwdriver in UK?

As you can see, the screwdrivers mentioned above vary in many terms. Nevertheless, all of them fulfil the requirements most of amateur and professional DIY workers put before them. It is because they are not only effective, but also durable, functional, and they appeal to users with their size and weight. All these things need to be fulfilled for the tool to be operable. Now is your chance to learn more and fight the tool by yourself!

Size and weight

You can find lightweight tools that weigh only 0.6kg but there can be also cordless screwdrivers 2kg and more. Of course, light tools are at the same time more comfortable for longer jobs. However, if you care about the right balance and smaller vibrations, you should think about a bit heavier screwdrivers. As for the size, the most important thing regarding size is its impact on balance and stability. In most cases, however, we do not need to worry about that aspect, because in general cordless screwdrivers are compact, hence they will usually be rather small, perfect for variety of cases.
best cordless screwdriver review uk

Functionality of best cordless screwdriver drills

While screw driving, we need to take into account factors of different range. Starting from the visibility in the environment where we operate, going through different bits, and ending on information regarding battery life. That’s why look for light indicators – you can find indicators regarding charge status, battery life, or both. Of course LED light that provides us with better vision is also interesting option for darker spots. Nevertheless, the most important element regarding functionality is the access to different RPMs and torque settings. These two not only prove to be very useful, but they also improve lifetime of the tool. Last but not least we should consider while looking for best cordless screwdriver is of course the forward/reverse function. Other functions like motion-activated system are also an interesting addition.


Next element we should pay attention to is the materials used to create screwdriver. In most cases they are made of durable materials, but in order to make the tool lighter, there are plastic elements that can break very easily. What’s more, cheap tools used for DIY work like the ones presented above can be quite often mistakenly used for heavier jobs. Of course setting the right torque will surely help, but we cannot forget for what tasks the tool was chosen. Another great indicator how durable the tool is can be warranty. Three years or more for such tool is more than enough to be sure that the producers are certain their tool will be robust and operable for longer than you expect.

Power and battery

Power of the tool can also be measured by its torque power. Torque defines how powerful our tool is and to which materials we can use it. Of course the higher power and torque, the more energy it drains. That is why you should also look at high-capacity batteries. In case of cordless screwdrivers, we can see two types of batteries – old-fashioned NiCd as well as li-ion types.

Opinions about best cordless screwdriver review uk

Effectiveness of the tool can be also measured by looking at the feedback. If the model we have chosen receives only positive comments and there is a small number of neutral or negative opinions, we should expect the product will fulfil our expectations. Of course we need to look for pages, where all the comments are written just to increase the ratings. Therefore, it is recommended to use reviews from online shops, where you can see the buyer was verified. In other words, use other opinions but don’t forget this tool needs to fulfil your expectations.

Summary of best cordless screwdriver reviews available in 2024

Overall, there are a lot of options, functions, and features we need to take under consideration. Choosing the best cordless screwdriver is almost impossible, since they specialize in different areas and they do not always give you everything you need. So, choose the tool carefully, think about your demands. Sometimes it is better to pay more and enjoy the tool for 2-3 years rather than change tools every 6 months. So, pay attention to durability, weight, size, power, and of course to opinions of others if you really want to find your own tool. If not, we recommend choosing one of the tools mentioned above!